Fanfiction user PhineasFlynn24 makes a small cameo appearance as a character named Blake

I also make a small cameo appearance as the writer

Jessie, Tony, and Luke from Jessie make special guest appearances

Bertram also appears but only for a few seconds

At the Simpson house, Bart and Lisa walk in from their last day of school

Bart: Alright no school for 3 months.

Lisa: What are you going to do this summer, Bart?

Bart: The same thing I do every summer. Absolutely nothing.

Marge: Kids get in here.

Lisa: What did you do this time Bart?

Bart: Nothing I swear.

Homer: Relax nobody's in trouble.

The kids walk into the kitchen

Lisa: What's this about?

Marge: We're sending you kids to a summer camp.

Bart: Are we going to Camp Krusty again?

Homer: Hell to the no. That was only for one episode.

Marge: We're sending you kids to a camp all the way in Moose Rump, Maine.

Lisa: Wait is it Camp Kikiwaka?

Marge: That's the one.

Bart: But isn't that on a different network?

Homer: Yeah, it is. It's on Disney Channel.

Bart: How the fuck is that possible?

Lisa: Well we are a cartoon so anything is possible. Plus we are on Disney + now.

Marge: Lisa's right. Now theoretically we're all supposed to be stay quarantined because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic but since we're a cartoon, we're not.

Lisa: Hey the show we're crossing over to is called Bunk'd. Which is a spin off to the popular show JESSIE.

Bart: So are we staying animated for the whole crossover or are we going to be live action once we get to the camp?

Homer: We're staying animated because the writer is too lazy to make us live action.

Lisa: Well are the crossover characters going to be yellow? Or their normal color?

Marge: You'll find out in the next scene.

Milhouse walks in

Milhouse: Bart I heard you're going to a camp in Maine.

Bart: How did you know?

Milhouse: My parents are sending me there too.

Lisa: Is Maggie coming too?

Homer: No she's staying here with us.

Marge: Yeah she's only a baby.

Bart: Lucky.

Marge: Alright the first scene is running out of time so get your bags and get in the car so we can flip to the next scene.

Homer: You better get a move on.

They get their bags packed and they get in Marge's car

Marge: Next stop Camp Kikiwaka.

Milhouse: Wait what's a Kikiwaka?

Lisa: An unknown creature.

Bart: Stop making the first scene too long. You'll make the episode too long.

We now cut to Moose Rump Maine and yes they're animated

Lou: Well we're animated again so that means we're doing another crossover with an animated show.

Emma: What's the crossover show this time?

Ravi: The Simpsons.

Zuri: I love The Simpsons.

Destiny: Isn't that the longest animated show ever?

Matteo: Yes, yes it is.

Finn: But wait aren't they on a different channel?

Ravi: Enough of these fourth wall breaks.

Zuri: Don't be a fucking downer.

Emma: Zuri watch your language. This is a kids show.

Zuri: Well this is a crossover with an adult show.

Lou: She has a point.

Destiny: Wait are all the Simpson family coming or is it just the kids?

Ravi: It's only going to be Bart, Lisa, and that Milhouse kids. Unless if a crazy plot twist happens, the parents will be here too.

Finn: What plot twist would have the parents here?

Matteo: Maybe their car will break down.

Lou: Well this is an hour long special so maybe a plot twist might happen.

Emma: Okay I've been told that the second scene is almost up so I'll hold up the sign that says "flip to the next scene".

We now cut back to The Simpsons who by cartoon logic are just 10 minutes away from the camp

Lisa: How the hell are we in Maine already?

Homer: By the power of cartoon logic.

Milhouse: What are you going to do at camp, Bart?

Bart: I might make some arts and crafts.

Marge: That's the spirit.

Lisa: Wow Bart Simpson actually wants to do something?

Homer: There's a first time for everything.

Bart: Wait where's Maggie?

Marge: We left her with Patty and Selma.

We quickly cut to Patty and Selma

Patty: Aren't you a cute thing.

Selma: So is this all the screen time we get for this episode?

Patty: Apparently.

Selma: That sucks.

Maggie: (sucks on pacifier)

Patty: Better make the most of it.

Selma: Cigar?

Patty: Please.

Patty and Selma take out their cigars and they start smoking

Selma: Alright you can cut back to the others.

Back with The Simpsons family and Milhouse

Homer: Ha ha. Patty and Selma have minor roles in this episode.

Marge: Homer don't be rude.

Homer: Oh please it's not like they can hear me.

Lisa: But this is a cartoon.

Milhouse: All cartoon characters know everything.

Bart: We also know how long this crossover episode is going to be.

Lisa: And that this has multiple fourth wall breaks.

Milhouse: How long is this episode?

Homer: Are you dumb? This is a one hour special.

Marge: Homer he didn't know. He wasn't there.

Homer: Oh yeah.

They pull up at the camp

Marge: We're here.

Homer: So long kids.

The kids get out and they go up to the entrance

Emma: Hi welcome to Camp Kikiwaka.

Marge: Where's the owner?

Lou: You're looking at her.

Homer: Aren't you a little young to be the owner?

Emma: No, no I'm not.

Marge: Well these are our kids Bart and Lisa.

Homer: And that's Milhouse.

Emma: Alright. We'll take good care of them.

Marge: Have a great time kids.

Lisa: I will.

Homer and Marge get in the car and they drive off


Emma and Lou take the kids to the cabins

Emma: Alright Bart you and Milhouse will be in the Grizzly cabin.

Lou: And Lisa will be in Woodchuck cabin.

Lisa: I knew I was a Woodchuck.

Destiny: That girl is so cute.

Zuri: You going to befriend her?

Destiny: Oh yeah.

Bart: Hi I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?

Ravi: I'm Ravi Ross. These are my campers Finn and Matteo.

Finn: Hey.

Matteo: Sup.

Milhouse: Waz up!

Zuri: Oh great another geek.

Ravi: Hey?

In the Grizzly cabin, Bart and Milhouse are unpacking

Bart: Wow this place is cool.

Milhouse: You can say that again.

Ravi: You guys can take these bunk beds.

Matteo: You're going to love it here at camp.

Finn: It's our home away from home.

Bart: At least there aren't any bullies here.

In Woodchuck Cabin, Lisa has unpacked her stuff

Emma: So Lisa where are you guys from?

Lisa: Springfield.

Zuri: What state?

Lisa: Unfortunately I can't say.

Lou: Are they ever going to reveal the state you live in?

Destiny: Yeah it's been about 30 years.

Lisa: That is up to the creator of my show.

Back with Marge and Homer

Homer: We should have thought of this a long time ago.

Marge: We did send the kids to camp a few seasons ago.

Homer: A summer free camp with no kids.

The car starts to buffer

Marge: Oh dear.

Homer: What happened?

Marge: Our car broke down.

Homer: D'oh!

Marge: No worries. I'll call a tow truck and we can stay at that hotel.

The hotel happens to be the Ross family penthouse as the Jessie transition theme plays in the background

Homer: Well let's go in.

Homer and Marge walk in and they approach Tony as the audience cheers

Tony: Hi how can I help you.

Marge: Yes hi are car just broke down.

Tony: That's terrible.

Homer: Can we stay here until it gets fixed.

Tony: Well of course you can. I'll call a tow truck right now. Here's your key.

Marge: Thanks uh.

Tony: Tony.

Homer: Thanks Tony.

Marge: Let's head to our room.

As they go to the elevator, we cut back to the kids at camp

Emma: I just got off the phone with your parents.

Bart: I didn't do it.

Emma: Relax. Their car broke down so they're staying at our penthouse in New York.

Lisa: You guys have a penthouse?

Zuri: Oh yeah.

Milhouse: How rich are you?

Ravi: Extremely rich.

Destiny: They are loaded with cash.

Bart: Must be nice.

Lou: Hey they bought the camp back when Gladys left.

Lisa: Who's Gladys?

Zuri: A mean nasty old lady.

Ravi: This is what she looks like.

Ravi shows a live action pic of Gladys

Bart: Yikes she's ugly as fuck.

Zuri: You can say that again.

Finn: Was she that ugly lady you told me about.

Lou: Yes.

Destiny: If she hated the camp, why was she the owner?

Zuri: So she can torture kids.

Emma: She's worse than our neighbor Mrs. Chesterfield.

Ravi: And she's a cranky ass son of a bitch!

Emma: She likes to hit on our butler Bertram and tortured our ex nanny Jessie.

Matteo: Ex?

Zuri: Back in 2015, before we came to camp, she left for Los Angeles to finally fulfill her dreams of being an actress.

Ravi: I hope it's going well for her.

Lisa: How long was she your nanny for?

Emma: 4 years. From 2011 to 2015.

Ravi: Just so you know, we do have an older brother named Luke.

Milhouse: Why isn't he here?

Zuri: He got stuck in summer school.

Lou: How can you get stuck in summer school for 3 years?

Zuri: Have you met Luke.

Emma: He is a big fan of your show.

Ravi: I bet he would freak out seeing you guys.

Finn: Who wouldn't.

Luke suddenly appears out of nowhere

Emma: Luke?

Ravi: Where the hell did you come from?

Luke: I used cartoon logic to teleport myself here.

Zuri: Why?

Luke: Ravi texted me saying The Simpsons are here.

Lou: Well they're right there.

Lisa: Hi.

Milhouse: Waz up!

Bart: Yo.

Luke: I can't believe The Simpsons are at Camp Kikiwaka.

Destiny: Wow he is a fan of The Simpsons.

Bart: Glad you like the show.

Luke: I liked the time where you crossed over to Family Guy.

Finn: That was their only crossover to date.

Ravi: Nuh uh.

Lisa: We had a crossover with Futurama.

Milhouse: Wasn't that when Bart created those aliens?

Bart: Yes, yes it was.

Matteo: That robot looks like your father.

Lou: So does that clown.

Emma: Your creator seems to lazy to draw different bodies for characters.

Luke: Why did they give that clown a third nipple anyway?

Bart: So people won't mistake him for Homer.

Zuri: Are you guessing?

Bart: Maybe.

Luke: Another question, why does the dad strangle you?

Lisa: Apparently dad learned it from his dad.

Destiny: Didn't you watch that episode?

Luke: Jessie made me miss it since I was young at the time.

Finn: Who's Jessie?

Ravi: Our ex nanny.

Emma: We went over this back when we were talking about our cranky ass neighbor.

Finn: Whoops my bad.

Luke: Chesterfield is the worst. Remember when she broke my football?

Zuri: She shut down my lemonade stand.

Lou: That's terrible.

Zuri: You have no idea on how I wanted to rip her head off her body.

Ravi: We all wanted to do that.

Emma: Even our parents wanted to.

Luke: I heard your parents are staying at our penthouse until their car gets fixed.

Bart: Yeah. I guess that's the twist the writer was including.

Lisa: Well they better not get yelled at by their neighbor.

Milhouse: I'm sure Homer will strangle her.

Luke: I hope he does.

Zuri: She deserves to die.

Emma: Zuri?

Ravi: She has a point.

Emma: I know. I was going to say that she's right.

Lou: What building would let a mean person like her in?

Emma: What camp would let Gladys in?

Gladys is watching from the view

Gladys: So this is what those creatures have done with the place. I want the camp back but they won't give it to me. Oh I can take those boys hostage and force Emma to give the camp back.

Gladys hides so she doesn't get noticed

Ravi: Hey I'm going to take my campers out for a walk.

Lou: Wear sunscreen.

Matteo: We going to give Bart and Milhouse a little tour?

Ravi: No. Well yes but I'm bored.

Bart: I'm up for a tour.

Milhouse: Bart Simpson up for a tour?

Lisa: Who the fuck are you?

Bart: Hey it's still me. I'm actually liking it here.

Finn: Let's go for that walk.

Luke: I'm down for that.

Emma: Just go to the next scene already.

The boys are on their walk

Luke: Tell me more of this Gladys chick.

Ravi: Trust me brother, you don't want to know anything else about her. But she is the aunt of Hazel.

Luke: Was she that blond girl that hits on Xander?

Finn: That's Emma.

Ravi: Actually Hazel does have blonde hair. She was a former Weasel until she left camp.

Bart: Why?

Ravi: So Emma and I couldn't boss her around.

Luke: Oh yeah you told me on that. I think I know about Gladys. Doesn't she have a massive crush on dad?

Ravi: Yep. And she hates Mrs. Mommy.

Luke: You know you can call them mom and dad. It feels weird that you call them that.

Ravi: Well they aren't my biological parents.

Luke: They aren't either.

Ravi: Okay I'll start calling them mom and dad.

Matteo: Ravi how old are you?

Luke: He's 18.

Milhouse: And you still call your parents mommy and daddy?

Bart: You sleep with a stuffed animal for girls.

Milhouse: Shush.

Luke: You sleep with a girly toy?

Ravi: You sleep with a stuffed kalola.

Luke: You leave Kenny out of this.

Gladys jumps out

Gladys: Remember me?

Ravi: Gladys?

Luke: What are you doing here?

Gladys: Taking you hostage.

Gladys uses a laser which knocks out Ravi, Luke, Finn, Matteo, Bart, and Milhouse

Gladys: Phase one complete. Now to complete my revenge.

Gladys drags the unconscious boys to her car and she drives off

Back at the camp, it has been a few hours since the boys left

Lou: Are the boys not back yet?

Emma: No.

Lisa: Bart better not have gotten them lost.

Emma: Same with Luke.

Destiny: I'm sure they're on their way back.

Zuri: You need to calm down.

Lou: Well it's been over 3 hours.

Emma: You think they would have called in.

Zuri: I'm sure they're fine.

Lisa: They better be.

We now cut back to the boys who are trapped at the bottom of a wishing well in an abandoned house

Bart: Where the fuck are we?

Ravi: It appears we're trapped down a wishing well?

Luke: How did we get here?

Matteo: The only thing I remember is a hideous girl knocking us out cold.

Gladys approaches the well

Gladys: Aw look who woke up.

Ravi: Gladys?

Gladys: Did you miss me?

Ravi: Hardly.

Finn: Let us out!

Gladys: Hmm. Let me think. Oh yeah. NO! Oh by the way Bart, your guys show sucks ass!

Bart: Why you little!

Luke: I don't even know you that well.

Gladys: Well I hate your mom and siblings. So you're part of my bait.

Matteo: What do you even want from us?

Gladys: I want the camp back.

Ravi: You ain't getting it.

Gladys: Then have fun being trapped down there. I'm going to go make a phone call. Ta ta.

Gladys walks away as Milhouse wakes up

Milhouse: What happened?

Bart: We've been kidnapped by the ex owner of the camp.

Back at the camp, Emma's phone begins to ring

Lou: Is that them?

Emma: No.

Destiny: Who is it?

Emma: Unknown.

Emma answers

Emma: Hello?

Gladys appears on video

Gladys: Hello Emma.

Emma: Gladys?!

Zuri: Gladys?

Lou: What does she want?

Gladys: You're probably wondering where the boys are at.

Emma: Uh yeah.

Gladys: Well I kidnapped all of them.

Lisa: You what?

Destiny: What does she mean she kidnapped them?

Gladys: I took them hostage. If you ever want to see them again, you'll give the camp back to me.

Emma: I'd rather die than give the camp back to you.

Gladys: Well then you'll never see the other campers again.

Gladys hangs up

Lou: This is so bad.

Zuri: Why did the writer choose this as a plot twist.

Lisa: There's no time for that.

Destiny: We got to save our friends.

Blake: Why would Gladys want to kidnap them?

Zuri: She's a psycho.

Emma gets out her phone and dials a number

Lou: Who ya calling?

Emma: You'll see.

We cut back to the Ross family Penthouse as Jessie is visiting Tony for the week

Jessie: Hello this is Jessie.

Emma: Jessie it's Emma.

Jessie: Hey Emma. How do you like being the owner of the camp?

Emma: Fun. But we have problems. We have the Simpsons staying with us.

Jessie: I know.

Tony: They're staying with us.

Emma: Well the ex owner Gladys is back and she kidnapped Ravi, Luke, Bart, Milhouse, Finn, and Matteo.

Homer: What?!

Marge: My baby's been kidnapped?

Jessie: Thanks for telling me. We'll be there soon.

Emma: Okay see you soon. Bye.

Jessie: Bye.

Call ends

Tony: Hey the car's fixed.

Homer: Our son got kidnapped at the camp.

Tony: What?

Jessie: I'll tell you during the cut scene. Let's go.

Marge: My baby better be okay.

Jessie: Bertram we're going out. Don't make a mess.

Bertram: No promises.

Back at the camp

Zuri: Who did you call?

Emma: I called Jessie.

Lisa: Is she coming?

Emma: Yes. So is Tony and your parents.

Lou: What about that Bertram guy?

Zuri: I doubt Bertram would want to come.

Emma: He'll say "I love you. But it's so far".

Destiny: Well they better get here soon.

Lisa: Yeah. Who knows what torture that Gladys girl is doing to the boys.

Back with the boys, Milhouse is seen playing with the Clacker toys from Drake & Josh and Zoey 101

Bart: Ugh I'm so bored.

Luke: How long are we supposed to stay down here.

Finn: I got to go potty.

Gladys: There's a sink behind you.

Matteo: Ew.

Ravi: You are a sick person Gladys.

Gladys: Gee you're just now realizing that now?

Luke: How do you sleep at night?

Gladys: Like a baby.

Bart: They have every right to lock you behind bars.

Gladys: But they didn't.

Finn: You know when someone sees that we're missing, they're going to come for us.

Gladys: Oh I highly doubt that. As you can see it has been 5 hours since I took you 6 hostage. And no one seems to be looking for you.

Milhouse: Shit.

We now check back in with the campers as Jessie, Tony, Marge, and Homer have arrived

Jessie: We're here.

Marge: Where's my baby?

Emma: Finally.

Lisa: They're at an old abandoned house a few miles from here.

Tony: How did we not see that?

Destiny: It doesn't matter.

Lou: We got to go save them.

Marge: Everyone hop in.

Zuri: Can you drive fast?

Marge: Oh I'm going to drive more than fast.

Homer: Please let my boy be okay.

Jessie: So how long until we get there?

Lisa: It's a few miles away but since this is a cartoon, I'm sure we'll be there in 2 scenes.

Marge: 2 scenes my ass!

Homer: If she drives fast, we should be there in the next scene.

Tony: Can the writer just go to the next scene already?

Davey: Fine!

We now cut to the next scene

Luke: Wait if this is a cartoon, then can't the writer draw us a way out?

Ravi: No because he has guest stars from our previous show coming to save us.

Finn: They better get here soon.

Bart: You can say that again.

Matteo: Everyone close your eyes.

Milhouse: Matteo are you going to pee in that sink?

Matteo: I can't hold it any longer, Milhouse.

Bart: Ugh now I have to pee. Move over, Matteo.

After Bart and Matteo pee in the sink, Gladys walks back up the well

Gladys: Having fun peeing in that sink?

Luke: Why can't you just let us go?

Finn: Yeah!

Gladys: Because I'm the antagonist. I can't let you go. Not until Emma gives me the camp back.

Ravi: But you hated the camp.

Gladys: I know I do.

Matteo: Then why do you want it back?

Gladys: So I can torture the kids again.

Ravi: I knew it. You just want the camp so you can make it boring again.

Gladys: Aw shut it you annoying bastard!

Luke: Nobody talks to my bro that way!

Gladys: Whatcha going to do? It's not like nobody is coming for you.


Lou and the others have arrive

Gladys: Aw man you're here.

Emma: Where's my brothers?

Marge: And my son!

Bart: We're down here!

Lisa: You trapped them in a wishing well?

Gladys: Where else am I supposed to hide my prisoners?

Homer: You're gonna get it!

Jessie: So that's Gladys?

Zuri: Uh huh.

Destiny: Man she's uglier in person.

Gladys: Hey! What are you going to do to me?

Jessie: I'm going to take the 10 and 2 out of you.

Tony: Get her baby.

Finn: Baby?

They all start to kick the living shit out of Gladys as Homer begins to strangle her

Homer: This is for kidnapping my kids!

Gladys goes down as Marge and Emma throws down a rope

Emma: Are you guys okay?

Ravi: Pretty much.

The boys climb out of the well

Marge: She didn't hurt you did she?

Bart: Well besides knocking us out, I don't think she did.

Luke: Hey Jessie.

Jessie: Hi Luke.

Lou: Alright let's get out before Gladys wakes up.

Homer (thinking voice): I don't think she will wake up.

The final scene takes place at the camp

Lisa: This has been a great summer.

Milhouse: Other than being kidnapped, I had fun here.

Bart: This place is so fucking awesome.

Lou: This is the best camp ever.

Emma: It's like a second home to us.

Destiny: We couldn't trade it for the world.

Jessie: So this is where Morgan and Christina met?

Zuri: Uh huh.

Tony: I thought they were joking.

Jessie: So was Bertram.

Marge: I'm glad you kids are okay.

Matteo: I had to pee in a sink.

Milhouse: It was so weird.

Luke: Eh not for me.

Zuri: Yeah because you are weird.

Jessie: Zuri that's not nice.

Homer: Well don't worry.

Marge: You won't have to pee in sinks ever again.

Ravi: Good. It felt disgusted.

Destiny: Okay I just imagined it. Gross.

Emma: I just hope Gladys is out of our lives once and for all.

Ravi, Zuri, and Lou: Here, here.

Lou: Can I get a "best summer" on 3? 1. 2. 3.

Everyone: Best summer ever!

The End