Megumin Ruins the Sports Festival

The advancing students wince as the leading group has a purple haired student from general studies smacked off the students carrying him by an executor class villain bot.

"The zero pointers from the entrance exam!" A student yells.

As the remaining students stall just outside of the robots reach, an eye-patch wearing student at the back notices the targets.

"This is my chance to shine!" Megumin shouts, thinking about returning to the hero course. "None can stand before my lethal explosion magic. Could I resist the urge to unleash explosion magic when faced with such a massive enemy?"

With the start of the chant, Izuku who was behind the pack, notices and retreats towards the mage, hoping to stop the inevitable disaster.

"No, I can't!" Megumin decides, "Oh, blackness shrouded in light, Frenzied blaze clad in night, In the name of the Crimson Demons, let the collapse of thine origin manifest! Summon before me the root of thy power hidden within the lands of the kingdom of demise!"

Izuku, arriving too late to stop the mage, dives for the ground.


With this final shout a streak of fiery energy flies to the leading robot and explodes with such force as to destroy all robots in the area and knock out all but the trailing business and general studies students, the unconscious bodies of the hero course lain haphazardly upon the field.

"What have you done!?" Izuku shouts, but Megumin's response is blocked by a blissful cry from the center of the explosion.

A tall, blond and well endowed general studies student stands up among the unconscious hero students.

"Who brought me such pleasure... I mean pain!" the woman shouts.

"Why, it was I Megumin! Foremost mage of the Crimson Demon Clan!" Megumin shouts from the ground.

Ignoring Izuku's protests, the woman, introducing themselves as Darkness, agrees to carry Megumin to the finish in exchange for more explosion practice later.

"And the winner of the obstacle race is Izuku Midoriya! From class 1-A, followed by Megumin and Lalatina Ford Dustiness!" Present Mic announces, pretending everything was ok.

"Rounding out the 42 finishers is Satou Kazuma!" Present Mic says, "For the first time in UA sports festival history only one student from the Heroics course makes it to the second round!"

"Well, the next event will be a cavalry battle." Midnight announces with little energy.

Izuku had teamed up with his friend of sorts, Megumin, along with Darkness and Kazuma, who had explained that his steal skill should be able to help them, he also used some kind of stamina transfer skill to recharge Megumin.

As the round begins team Megumin, who was too weak to do anything else but ride, points her staff at the advancing general studies students and bored business students.

"Prepare yourselves for another one of my legendary explosions!" Megumin yells, "crimson-black blaze, king of myriad worlds..."

Unfortunately for Megumin and fortunately for everyone else, the other teams, well acquainted with the power of the coming explosion, threw their headbands to the ground and gave up, running for cover.

"Team Megumin wins by default." Midnight groans, crying internally.

"Well Eraser, have you ever seen anything like this?" Present Mic asks, trying to bring some levity to the situation.

"Kill me." Aizawa says.

"One of your students is well poised to win the entire festival, what are his chances?" Present Mic asks.

"... He hasn't used his quirk yet, so we will see." Aizawa says.

"There you have it folks, not even his homeroom teacher is sure of the remaining heroics students' chances. This is going to be one for the history books!" Present Mic announces.

"For all the wrong reasons." Aizawa says.

After a longer than usual lunch and side activities, where the heroic students tried harder than ever before, since it was their only spotlight for the year, it was time for the tournament.

"It's time for the first round of the tournament!" Present Mic announces, "We have the boy with the worst attendance in UA history, in fact it's his first day! Satou Kazuma, from general studies 1-D vs. The girl that has turned this festival on its head, General studies one and only explosions mistress, Megumin also from 1-D!"

"So Izuku, who's going to win this one?" Ochako asks from the 1-A student box.

"Yeah, you were on their team, what do you think?" Kirishima adds.

"Well, Megumin is a glass canon as you all know, but Kazuma is lazy, and told us he only has support skills." Izuku explains.

"So it could go either way?" Momo comments.

"Yep, it may take a while, or it may be over fast." Izuku says.

"And Start!" Present Mic announces.

"Ha, your powerful spell will be useless after I take your staff!" Kazuma shouts, "Steal!"

Unfortunately, Kazuma didn't steal Megumin's staff. In his hands was some black silk of obvious origin.

"Are you some kind of pervert?" Megumin asks weakly.

"Ahhhh!" Kazuma yells, dropping the garment. "Damn you Chris! What kind of skill did you teach me!"

Kazuma then flees the stadium screaming about how he should never have left his room.

"Uhh... Kazuma left the ring, Megumin wins." Midnight says, not even standing up from her chair.

"Well, I didn't expect that." Sero says.

"Enemy of woman everywhere." Jiro says, plotting to murder the boy if she ever saw him.

"You know this festival is going like the historical year 2020, aka it's a trainwreck!" Present Mic announces, causing most of the audience to check what happened on their phones, with affirmations coming not much later.

"I want to go home." Aizawa says.

"Well, let's see if this next match can save the festival!" Present Mic Announces. "It's the last hero standing, he hasn't done much yet, but he's still in the hero course, Izuku Midoriya, class 1-A vs. the only one to survive that explosion and finish the race, General Studies' not so closet masochist, Lalatina Ford Dustiness!"

"You know, I'm looking at her file, and with her quirk this isn't going to go any better than the last fight." Aizawa says.

"What do you mean?" Present Mic asks.

"Well might as well explain it so the audience doesn't get the wrong idea. Dustiness' quirk changes any damage taken into arousal, so she never gets hurt."

"A natural born tank!" Present Mic says, "Let's see how she fares, Start!"

"Come on, show me what a heroics student can do!" Darkness yells, spreading her arms wide inviting a hit.

'Remember the feeling, hold back the power.' Izuku thinks, rushing Darkness and throwing an enhanced punch right into Darkness' stomach.

"Oh, that was nice." Darkness comments huskily.

Izuku proceeds to punch Darkness with increasing confidence as he gets used to the feeling of One for All.

"Well it's a fight of sorts." Present Mic says, after ten minutes of one sided fighting.

"She could at least try to throw a punch." Aizawa says.

"Are you still holding back?" Darkness asks, blushing heavily.

"What?" Izuku asks, losing concentration and falling back temporarily.

"You're only using your arms. You should know I can take it by now, give me everything that savage hero body can give!" Darkness says, hugging herself strangely.

'My body?' Izuku thinks, 'wait, if I spread One for All across my entire body, I don't need to turn it on and off for each limb.'

"What's this, the combat has stopped? Is Midoriya exhausted? Or has Dustiness decided to give up?" Present Mic announces.

"Get on with it." Aizawa says.

With that encouragement and tired of all the edging Darkness races towards Izuku, but her punch misses when Izuku inexplicably bows.

"Thank you for your advice!" Izuku says, not noticing Darkness' attack, "Full Cowling!"

Izuku glows with power as he lets One for All flow across his form.

"What's this a massive power up from Midoriya! Has he gone Super Saiyan?" Present Mic shouts, deafening Aizawa.

"Yes! This is what I've been waiting for." Darkness shouts.

Not letting anything distract him, Izuku rushes forward with a roundhouse kick to Darkness' face, pushing her back for the first time.

"Oh!" Darkness breaths.

Continuing his assault of kicks and punches Izuku pushes Darkness to the edge of the ring.

"And Dustiness is on the ropes for the first time this fight, who could have expected this!" Present Mic Announces, "A real fight for the first time this festival!"

"It's still a one sided beat down." Aizawa says, as Darkness had yet to land a hit.

'Time to finish this' Izuku thinks, charging One for All to his limit.

With a yell of "Smash" Izuku sends Darkness flying with a massive forward kick to the jaw. As she flies off stage, she releases another blissful cry, clearly enjoying this defeat, to the consternation of the audience, even Midnight thought she was a bit too forward with her kinks.

"Dustiness is out of the ring, Midoriya wins!" Midnight shouts with energy not seen since the festival started.

"And with the break over its time for the final round of this festival!" Present Mic announces, "With the excitement from last round, do you think this will continue?"

"No." Aizawa answers.

"Well, it's time to find out!" Present Mic shouts, "The Explosion Mistress herself, Megumin, vs. The one that brought energy back into this festival, the Super Saiyan, Izuku Midoriya!"

"He's not a Saiyan." Aizawa says.

"We'll find out now, Start!" Present Mic shouts.

"I am Megumin! Master of explosion magic..." Megumin begins, but is interrupted when Izuku appears next to her and picks her up in a princess carry.

"I'm sorry Megumin, but this is my win." Izuku says, walking her to the edge of the ring.

"I-Izuku!" Megumin says, flustered by her position.

"I win." Izuku says, placing Megumin on her feet at the edge of the ring."

"How gentlemanly!" Midnight yells, "The winner of this year's sports festival is Izuku Midoriya, from class 1-A!"

"I, Yunyun, future leader of the Crimson Demons, have arrived to win the sports festival!" A girls shouts from the entry hall.

"Wait, it's over?" Yunyun says, reading everyone's looks.

AN: Well, this came into my head a few nights ago, and I couldn't sleep without getting an outline written. It's just as stupid as ordered of course.