This is the story of a young woman, named Lana Jackson. Daughter of Sally Jackson and Poseidon, god of the seas, and twin sister to Percy Jackson, hero of the Titan and Giant wars. But her story stretches beyond this.

Who is she? She is like her brother, not only in looks, but in soul, and-

Okay I think that enough of that.

What the- how did you get in here?!

Doesn't matter I'm here now. And you are SO telling my story wrong

I haven't even started telling it. Get out of my office!

Nope. If you didn't want any visitors you should have locked the door.

You insufferable little- GET OUT!

Let me thinkā€¦ NO. Know what else I think?


You need to go.

What do you- wait, stop. Get away from me you little- unhand me, I SAID UNHAND ME!

[Rapidly disappearing screams]

Right. It's my story, I'll do the talking. And don't worry about Karin. She'll be back. Probably with backup. Let's see if I can get this story told before she does that!

So first, saying my brother was the sole hero of the wars is a humongous lie. That boy relies on sheer dumb luck, maybe a little talent, and would get lost in a paper bag. He has gotten lost in a paper bag.

Other than that, mostly correct. But I'm not like my brother. We may look alike, but that pretty much ends it. He's all sunshine and rainbows, while I'm more Fields of Punishment, talking to giant wolves. We both believe in second chances though.

Don't get me wrong! I never fight against my brother, I just sometimesā€¦ go completely against him to do what I think is right.

And I've blown him up. Several times. Mostly on accident, mostly on purpose.

My brother stayed in his little nook, not wanting anything to change after the war. Look where he ended up. Kidnapped by Hera, had his memories wiped, and dropped in the middle of another war. No thank you.

I know what you people are thinking.

'Wow Lana, being a demigod must rock! I want to fight monsters and titans and-'


Just no.

Being a demigod SUCKS. From the moment you realize who you are, you become hunted. Doesn't matter where you are. Even if you're safe, you'll never be able to leave that place.

Demigods have a death sentence on their heads. And battles and war are the last thing you should want. People die. People get hurt.

I've lost a lot of friends. My brother has almost died several times. My mom was literally kidnapped to the underworld. Friends of mine have gone missing, have been tortured, or maimed.

Fighting leaves you scarred, whether you're fighting, or just spectating. There have been nights where I wake up screaming, and nobody can calm me down until I'm literally gasping for breath and shaking like a leaf in a gale. You're always worried about losing those you love because of who you are, but you know deep down, theres nothing you can do.

There never will be.

Life is pointless.

The constant battles we wage today are pointless.

Monsters are archetypal forces. They will always come back. Demigods won't. You may have won a battle against the hydra today, but in 30 years, you son or daughter could die fighting that same beast. And thirty years from then it will be their kids.

It will continue on into eternity, long after your gravestone has crumbled into sand that will drift into the ocean and become the sand your descendants walk on at the beach.

In the end, everything is pointless.

But we never stop fighting.

Aaaaaaaaaand that's enough sappy 'way of the world'. You're tired of hearing about that. You want Cute Baby Percy and Lana.

Sure, I could ramble on and on about how I discovered my powers, develop them, avoided monsters, protected my brothers innocent mindset, blah blah blah.

Sorry, but if you want baby photos, go jump in Tartarus. Sure, learning about powers is fun character development, but it was boring as hell to do. What is fun however, was the story of how I first started putting the pieces together.