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Chapter XXIII: Zillo Beast.

The Most Dangerous Beast Is The Beast Within.

Relaxation! Naruto Uzumaki has completed a mission given to him by the Sandiame (Third Fire Shadow) Hiruzen Sarutobi before his death in killing Danzō Shimura and his hidden group Root. Now he's spending time around the village and meeting friends….

Meanwhile, In one of the longest and fiercest battles of the war, Separatist forces are on the verge of claiming the planet of Malastare. If the Republic loses this planet it will cost them vital fuel resources necessary for maintaining their armies.

In a final effort to turn the tide of this battle, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has authorized the use of the Republic's newest weapon: the ELECTRO-PROTON BOMB. Now, at the Imperial Palace of Doge Urus, the leader of the Dugs, the Jedi count down the minutes until the detonation of their doomsday device...


Naruto was walking the streets of Konoha before coming to a restaurant. The shop's sign is in the form of a stick with a white-colored dango running through it. The hiragana for dango is painted red on them. The inside of the shop is simple with wooden tables, rectangular-shaped lights, and menus that hang all over the walls for customers to look at.

He then saw Anko eating dango at a table with Hinata who had her back to him. He then walked up getting Anko to smirk with a stick in her mouth. "Back already huh?"

Hinata looked confused at her sensei's words before hearing a male voice. "Yeah, finally found a way back home. Hey Hinata." Hinata looked to see Naruto before quickly jumping up to hug the blonde. "I missed you too." He said before leaning back and blinked as he saw her attire. 'Wow, I can see her nip-"

"Hey, wait until night to hump him," Anko said before dropping the stick on her plate.

Hinata blushed at that before they both sat down as BD jumped on the table and looked at the two. Naruto explained what he was before BD scanned them. "What's he doin'?" Anko asked before Naruto smiled.

"Getting info on you like measurements height blood type Etc." He said to tease her only to blink at her smirk.

"Well, we're both pushing on E-Cups."

"I see you haven't changed."

Anko stretched as she smiled and had her coat pulled back off of her showing him her breasts and had him see her nipples due to also not wearing a bra. "See something you like~?"

"Oh absolutely," Naruto replied with a smile as she leaned forward and had her breasts jiggle.

"Well… I think you can get it~ Especially as you grew into quite a looker yourself."

"Plus it wouldn't be weird as I'm turning twenty and you're what? Twenty-two?"

"Sure, let's go with that," Anko said, crossing her legs under the table as she enjoyed the banter.

After talking for a while, Anko suggested that they have a spar to see how Naruto's improved before walking to a clearing behind the shop. Naruto had BD walk down as he took off his armor and belt citing that it would protect him from a very strong jutsu before he and Hinata got in front of each other and each shot in a stance.

Naruto was in a basic horse stance as Hinata brought a hand up. "Byakugan! (White Eye!)" Veins appeared around her eyes as she got in her stance by leaning back with her left foot forward along with her hand as she pulled her right arm back.

'The Jūken. (Gentle Fist.)' Naruto thought as he stared at her. 'Attacking a person's chakra pathway and even the simplest touch can damage it hence the name.'

She then dashed forward to attack only for Naruto to sidestep her thrust. He then took a step back for another dodge dropped and elbowed her in the stomach. Getting up he then grabbed her wrist and pushed her hand away before punching her and jumped back.

"Good isn't he?"

Anko jumped before looking to see Zule standing by her. "You're orange."

"You can see color, good for you."

"I don't like you," Anko said as they continued to watch the spar with Naruto dodging or countering Hinata's moves.

"I don't care, I see Master can handle himself," Zule said as Anko raised an eyebrow.

"Master, huh? That's your kink?"

"No, he's my teacher, that's what we call them."

"Keep telling yourself that," Anko said as they watched for several minutes before stopping.

"You've gotten better Hinata."

"Thank you, so have you. I've never seen that style before. I think Gai-sensei would like it."

Naruto took a breath at that as he remembered the Jōnin who would always shout about the flames of youth before Anko broke him from his thoughts. "Hey, hot stuff I wanna crack at your brat here."

Zule's eyebrow twitched at that. "I'll take you on bitch!"

"Bring it!"

Naruto sighed as he sat under the tree that Anko had stood under before the two women walked out to where he and Hinata were. 'Hopefully, this won't go too bad.' He thought before talking with Hinata who had removed her jacket leaving her in only her mesh top and short shorts having him take a calming breath.

A calculated risk! Following a costly victory on the planet Malastare, Chancellor Palpatine orders Jedi Knights Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker to transport a fearsome Zillo Beast captured during the battle back to Coruscant. After seeing that not even a lightsaber could harm the beast, Chancellor Palpatine hopes to unlock the secret of its invulnerability to create new armor for the Republic's clone troopers.

Tensions run high as the most dangerous life form in the galaxy touches down on the Republic's most populous planet...


Naruto appeared in a portal by the hanger as his men and Zule followed. "Well, let's see how much time passed, maybe that's fixed as well," Naruto said before walking inside and saw Aayla. "Hey, how long were we gone?"

"About two weeks."

"Oh good, that was how long I was home then." Naruto said before looking forward." Anything interesting happened while I was gone?"

Aayla then started explaining about a mission to Anakin, and Mace had that to get fuel and test the Republic's latest bomb super-weapon, on Malastare and found it did work, annihilating the Separatist forces with a massive blast. But the blast woke up a massive reptilian creature. She continues that the clones fired at the beast with no effect as it just shakes them off and chases them until Anakin distracts it by flying around it in circles, allowing Windu and the clones to escape.

And after the beast hits his ship forcing the Jedi out, he strikes the monster with his lightsaber, only to find that its armor-like scales are virtually impervious to even his lightsaber. She continues explaining the mission that the Dugs bomb the Zillo Beast fruitlessly while Mace and Anakin find the Dug Urus and the council observing the ancient script showing the weaknesses of the Zillo Beast.

And that Mace and Anakin argue that they will exterminate an innocent life form if they continue, but Urus threatens to cancel the treaty if they try to protect it. After talking with Palpatine shows that he supports the extermination of the Zillo Beast, but Dr. Sionver Boll and Anakin additionally support the idea to preserve it for replicating its seemingly impenetrable armor for military use and propose an idea to stun it in the gaps of its armor using Stun Tanks.

She finishes that they stunned the beast so the Dugs would assume it is dead and sign the treaty, while the Republic could move it to a secure location before it reawakens, where they can study the creature and possibly copy the armor. She then finishes by explaining the Zillo Beast is transported to Coruscant for study. Mace Windu is skeptical and fears that the creature is too dangerous to have been brought to the planet, though Supreme Chancellor Palpatine assures him that determining the secret of its invulnerability will bring a closer end to the war.

Only for Mace to bring his concerns to Obi-Wan, who believes that, regarding what the Zillo Beast is capable of, bringing the creature to Coruscant is not worth the possible military benefits. When Mace explains that the Chancellor failed to heed his warnings about the danger, Obi-Wan suggests they let someone else try. Therefore, the study of the Zillo Beast is taken under a personal study by Doctor Sionver Boll, who has it sedated and restrained.


A female alien in white clothes was on a platform overlooking the operation on the beast to get its scales off. She has maroon skin, a slender body, a long thin neck, and a crested head with eyestalks.

This is Sionver Boll.

She looked up as the beast screeched in pain. It's 97 meters long and has a roughly serpentine body with a long tail that trailed behind its form. It uniquely possesses a third arm protruding from its back and has plate-like armor. And its eyes are glowing a pale yellow-green and its nostrils are located on the top of its skull.



"That's enough," Sionver said, having the droid who was pulling scales off, and the one who was administering sedatives stop working. "Its scales are remarkably strong and light. If we could examine their composition, we might be able to synthesize them to reinforce our clone armor." She said looking to her right to see Palpatine and Amedda on another platform.

"And what is stopping you?" Palpatine asked, looking at the doctor.

"We need to remove the scales first. It's very difficult, not to mention painful." She replied looking at a tablet.

"Would it not be more efficient to simply kill the Beast?"

She looked up at that before Amedda spoke. "Kill it? Are you sure?"

"Chancellor, I must protest. Besides being the last of its kind, this creature may be intelligent."

"I find that hard to believe. It is, after all, just an animal." Palpatine said before the Zillo beast growled.

"It didn't seem to like your comment."

"I applaud your high moral stance, Doctor. After all, principles are in short supply these days. However, every passing minute of warfare brings countless deaths, deaths that could be prevented once the Beast's secrets are unlocked. If there is any way to hasten that process, it is our moral duty to explore it." Palpatine said causing Sionver to sigh.

"I serve at your pleasure, Chancellor. I'm just not sure where to begin. The fact remains that the Beast is indestructible."

"Nothing is truly indestructible, Doctor. Wasn't there something in Malastare fuel that affected the Beast?"

"It weakened the Zillo, yes, but…" She trailed off as Palpatine nodded

"Excellent. I suggest you start there. Doctor, you need to find a way to kill that Beast, or we shall replace you with someone who can." Palpatine said before leaving.

Later, she started working on the gas before Palpatine came upon a hologram. "Ah, Doctor Boll, I trust you have some progress to report."

"Yes, Chancellor. I was able to convert the Malastare fuel toxin into poison gas. I believe it's now strong enough to kill the Zillo Beast if that's still how you wish to proceed." Sionver said, gesturing to the canisters by her.

"I wish I saw an alternative. However, sadly I must ask you to proceed with your assignment." Palpatine finished before the hologram cut off and she looked to the beast.

"I'm sorry. Don't worry, it will all be over soon. Begin the procedure." She said putting a canister on a flying droid and it moved up to the beast to spray gas on its nose. "Vital signs are dropping."


It started groaning before breaking out of its restraints.


"No. It should have been enough."


The beast then tore through the hanger and attacked the clones outside.

"Take it down! Take it down!"

"Man down!"

"You in the black, let's go!"

"Heads up!"

"Go, go, go, go, go, go!"

"Hold. Everyone, back!"

Sionver limped outside to see the wreckage and that the beast was close to the city.

"Oh, no." She said before she had a call and brought up a hologram of Palpatine sitting on his chair.

"Doctor, were you successful?"

"We have a problem, sir." She said as an air raid siren went off having Palpatine look back before turning she spoke. "We need time to convert Malastare fuel into more toxin, Chancellor."

"I suggest you hurry, Doctor."

She then heard Padmé talk to C-3PO. "Evacuate the staff to the underground shelters."

In the city, the Beast started tearing through bridges, shops, and apartments as it rampaged with a warning from Palpatine coming up on billboards to evacuate. It then started attacking the gunships that started shooting at it before roaring as it hit an apartment with its tail.

Palpatine's Office.

Palpatine with Anakin and Padmé looked out the window of his office. "It's coming this way!" Padmé said as she saw the beast quickly making its way to them.

"Perhaps now would be a good time to evacuate to the lower levels," Anakin said as the Beast landed on the building and looked in the room at Palpatine.


"Yes. We are going now." Palpatine said as they went to another door to an escape ship. "My security staff insisted on adding this emergency escape route," Palpatine said as they and guards got in and sat down before the doctor came up on a hologram.

"Chancellor, I think we may have enough toxin now."

Palpatine nodded at that. "My guards will be with you shortly. Hand the gas over to them immediately."

Padmé looked to the Chancellor before speaking as they started hovering. "Does it have to be destroyed? The Jedi stun cannons-"

"Will not eliminate the problem. Our advanced technology simply cannot contain it."

She sighed at that. "I wish we had never brought the Beast here."


"Pardon me, Mistress Padmé," 3PO said as he saw the beast outside. "But I believe something is following us." The beast then grabbed the ship and roared. "We're doomed!"

Naruto And Aayla.

Naruto was eating with Aayla as they continued to talk about the beast."I feel like that's going to bite us in the ass," Naruto said as he held her hand.

"Why do you say that? I thought you would be glad for better armor for the clones."

"Of course but not at the expense of a living creature, especially one that's the last of its kind." Naruto then looked out the window before Alpha came up on BD's hologram.

"Sir, a beast is attacking the city."

"There's that Karma," Naruto said, pinching the bridge of his nose. "We'll be right there then," Naruto said before seeing Yoda on a floating chair going to the communications room before following Yoda talking to Mace. "Desperately needed the tanks are."

"We're almost at the loading dock, Master Yoda."

"Dire the situation has become. Before more lives are lost, act quickly we must."

As they left, Naruto then brought his comms up. "Alpha, Fordo, order everyone for a search and rescue mission ASAP."

"Roger sir!"

They then met up with Mace and Obi-Wan where the gunships are as Mace was ordering clones on his comms. "All tanks acquire solutions and prepare to fire on my order."

"Hold your fire."

Mace and Obi-Wan looked to see Yoda, Aayla, and Naruto walking up to them. "In the Beast's clutches, the Chancellor is."

"Anakin might be with him, and Senator Amidala," Obi-Wan said as they stopped in front of him as Yoda sighed.

"If the Beast falls, at risk their lives shall be."

Naruto crossed his arms as a clone ran up to them. "Sir looks like the General's up to something."

Mace walked up to look to see the Zillo Beast then used binoculars to see it was holding a ship and trying to destroy it. "What is Skywalker doing?"

Naruto looked up as well. "It appears to be one of Anakin's improvised plans."

"How can it be a plan if it's improvised?"

"Not to worry. Just catch them when they fall." Naruto said, putting his binoculars away.

Rex had walked up at that when noticing the crowd. "A lot of the General's plans involve falling."

"Distract the Beast we shall, to give Skywalker more time," Yoda said as he, Aayla, and Naruto walked to a gunship and flew up to the beast.

Yoda and Aayla jumped out to attack and as Naruto was going to follow suit, but stopped as Kyūbi spoke.

"Wait, Naruto, try using the Force on it… Maybe it's sentient."

Naruto placed his saber back on his belt and held his hand out as BD had jumped down and looked at the beast. "(Boop.)"

Naruto attempts it but it's difficult due to the Zillo Beast being enraged. However, he manages a small connection seeing memories of the Zillo in the containment facility being poked prodded and having some scales forcibly removed, and Palpatine ordering it killed to harvest its scales more easily.

Right before the first Gas rockets hit the Zillo Naruto was able to fully establish a connection confirming it is Sentient.


"Use the gas bombs!"

"Copy that."

"Bombs away!"

Naruto then gained a connection and saw it was Sentient just as other gunships fired gas canisters at the beast.


"No, hold your fire it's sentient, it's sentient!"


The beast groaned as it fell where Naruto saw Palpatine Padmé, Anakin, R2, and 3PO by the others.

Naruto then ran to the beast that was dying Naruto rushed over to Zillo comforting it as it died. "It's a tragedy that the Zillo Beast paid with its life for our mistakes," Anakin said before Palpatine spoke.

"I will make certain that sacrifice was not made in vain."

"The blood is on your hands," Naruto said walking up to Palpatine. "I saw you ordering it to be killed after trying to remove its scales that caused the beast pain doing so. YOU are responsible for the extinction of a SENTIENT species and the 100,000 deaths and injuries today." Naruto then turned to leave before speaking over his shoulder. "I'm going to help my men search for the injured and dead before I do something I'll regret."

As Naruto left, the Jedi followed before Palpatine turned to the doctor who was working on the beast. "Doctor, a word if you please." He then handed her a tablet. "Your new orders."

"What is this?" She asked as Palpatine got in a gunship. "You want me to clone the Beast?"

To Be Continued.

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