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My dearest Elijah,

I did it. I got the cures that were needed to wake you and your siblings and bring you all back home to your brother. It had taken some time and the world has changed in the last five years. Even with me visiting you from time to time, I couldn't stand to be apart from you. The thought of it now scares the hell out of me. But knowing you were safe was what kept me going. Finding a way to bring you back to me was motivation as well. And I never truly stopped until now. You've heard me rant about them during our visits, I shouldn't rant about them here.

I wanted to write to you before I left to give the cure to you and Kol. I hoped that sitting down and writing to you would make the guilt that I have felt ease in some way. Of course it didn't though. I still feel it. This does help me ease my mind in some way though. I never would have thought this letter would be the first thing you would see from me once you woke. But I'd rather you have this than nothing at all and you'd be forced to wonder what is was I was thinking or even what went through my mind as I sat here and wrote this. I do not expect there to be a positive outcome for me after you wake. But I know I will feel better knowing that you can wake up and be with your family despite the mistakes I have made.

Klaus is still safe and hidden. He is and has been in good hands. Upon your arrival back into New Orleans, it will not be hard to find his whereabouts and of course it will not be hard to release him from his own sleep he has been in. When he is well, tell him that the only thing I ask for him to do is to keep the city as it has been. I've helped keep New Orleans in the best shape it has ever been. I've managed to get the wolves and the witches to live in peace with the vampires. It was a lot of work, but I managed to do it. Even as I worked and maybe even threatened a few people to get those cures, I never stopped making sure that our home wasn't destroyed in your family's absence. The Mikaelsons have allies now. I ask that you help keep the city the way it has been. Don't let him mess it up.

I want to say that no matter if we had been together in person or inside the dream world Freya had created, my time with you was amazing. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you Elijah. And because I love you I had made decisions that will lead me to be a part of something that I had hoped I would never have to be a part of. When you wake, you will only feel my presence for a moment. As much as I would love for you to know my presence is constantly there, I cannot allow you to feel what ever pain may come with my decision. My humanity will be off Elijah. But I will continue to feel yours. I will feel when you wake and I will feel when you begin to worry. I only ask that you continue to have some hope in me returning to you. That will keep me going. That will keep me fighting against what is to come. Having my emotions off protects you from knowing and feeling the torment that will come. I am not shutting them off just to spare you from the endless pain that I will feel, but it is also a part of the deal that has been made. It all makes it harder for you to find me. But knowing you, you will stop at nothing until I am in your sight again. And don't take it out on Hayley, she knew nothing about my plan for this. She's been surprised by the manpower that was recently used to get your cure. Without it, this would have taken so much longer.

But with this manpower that has been used, it leaves us at the one point in time that we continuously worried about. I knew this whole time, Elijah. I may have not known exactly when it would happen, but I knew that the moment I had the cures, this is where we would be. I've known since the very night you were placed in the spell you have woken up from. I couldn't tell you. I couldn't bring myself to. I didn't want there to be a countdown for you or for you to even sit there and worry about what I could possibly be doing to be bringing you home. So I carried it on my shoulders alone for just a little longer. I believe it was the best thing to do. But we are here, Elijah.

Promise me that you'll find me. When you do find me, no matter how broken or how far gone I am, bring me back. Fix me until all of my pieces are back together. If I say things that are hurtful or do things that may cause situations to become difficult, don't let that stop you. You once told me while I was human that many things happen for a reason. Those hidden reasons hold forgotten pasts, forgotten alliances, and untold futures. We can only hope that our past comes back to help us, not harm us. I had been your forgotten past and your forgotten alliance. I came back and helped as much as I could, even though I have made a bit of a mess. Now, I need your help with the untold future. My deal with the Devil is done and it is time for him to collect. You know where my future would lead to. Save me from them.

Always and Forever,


The letter felt heavy in Elijah's pocket. The message that he must have read over a hundred times in the last hour seemed to weigh more than earlier before. It was the words that were written in them that made the letter heavy. The weight of the world had been on Elizabeth's shoulders when she wrote it. And now, as it was neatly placed into his jacket pocket, he could feel the same weight.

The numbness that surrounded him would never compare to the feelings that surrounded him the night before. The comfort, the love, the warmth she gave him was now gone. It was replaced by a fuzzy feeling that only made him grow agitated.

Save me from them.

Those words written in the black ink had weighed the most to Elijah. He wanted to be angry with Elizabeth. He wanted to be mad that she had even thought about giving herself up as she had. For not including him in on her plan and making him believe they'd be together without any interference.

But Elizabeth hadn't. She carried it all on her shoulders without including any of the Mikaelsons in on the plan. The devil was in the details, and Elizabeth wouldn't have been able to live with herself if they had known. It was what made it easier to leave that morning unnoticed. To know that her family would be safe, even if she wouldn't be.

But no matter how much he wanted to be angry, he knew he couldn't be. He could be angry with the very person that was holding her captive. He could be upset with himself for pushing her in the direction of turning off her humanity. He could even blame his older sister for the events leading up to Elizabeth shutting off the best part of herself. But he couldn't bring himself to.

"Here," Hayley's voice broke his thoughts. As Elijah turned, he found Hayley handing Freya a map. One that he had seen hanging in Hope's room. "It's the best we've got."

"We'll make it work." Freya said with a nod. Her eyes moved over to Elijah for a moment. She wanted her brother to know that this was going to work. That with a locator spell, they'd be able to find Elizabeth.

Elijah took a step closer as Freya took black sand into her hand and began pouring it onto the map. Sighing, Freya looked over at Hope and took the child's hand. The moment their hands came together, they began chanting a locator spell.

The others watched as the black sand stayed still for only a moment before it began moving. But instead of moving to a specific location on the map, the sand spread out across it. The sand scattered across the map, giving the indication that there was nothing to find. As if Elizabeth couldn't be found at all.

Realizing the spell hadn't worked, Elijah's anger got the best of him. He turned away and knocked the items off the nearest shelf. As he did so, everyone else looked down at their feet or away from Elijah. They didn't know what to do or say to bring him comfort.

"Why didn't it work?" He asked as he ran a hand down his face. His eyes never landed on his siblings or the map.

"I don't know." Freya said with a shake of her head. "She's cloaked, but whatever magic that was used to do it, I can't get passed it."

"Why would she do this?" Even though he knew the answer, he couldn't stop himself from asking. He knew Elizabeth had done it to fix the wrongs she made. She had done it to bring him back to his family. Elizabeth made it so that Hope wouldn't have to grow up without a father in her life. She did it because she was willing to do anything for her family.

"She was keeping her promise." Hayley said with a sigh. "She promised your brother that no matter the cost, she would find a way to save you all."

"And that cost being what?" Elijah asked, taking a step towards Hayley. "Our lives for the cruel and sadistic torment they will put her through for what they call 'research'?"

"Wait a minute," Kol said as he looked over at Elijah. "What torment?"

It had been the first time Kol, Rebekah, and Freya had heard of it. Elizabeth had never brought it up around them. Elijah had been the only Mikaelson to know the details of her past and what awaited her.

"Years ago, Elizabeth had been captured by humans." Elijah began. "They used her as if she had been some science experiment. She had been tormented for almost ten years before she escaped. It wasn't until recently when Jess had shown me the visions." He shook his head at the thought. "At some point, Elizabeth would return there, willingly. Elizabeth never thought she would make it out of there alive the first time."

"But she survived," Rebekah said, walking over to her brother and placing her hand on his shoulder. "She wouldn't have made it back to New Orleans if she hadn't. "

"That doesn't explain why she willingly handed herself over to them now." Kol noted.

"You were in danger." Hayley said, looking over at Kol. "She did the one thing she thought was necessary to help bring you back."

Elijah shook his head and started making his way towards the door. "I'm going to go and find her. She couldn't have gotten far." Hayley grabbed hold of his arm as he walked passed her. He looked towards her, confusion on his face as to why she had stopped him.

"She did this so you could see your family together again. That includes your brother." Hayley hoped she could talk some sense into him. "Elizabeth's sacrifice was so that the Mikaelson's would be together. Shouldn't you let him see that you are alive and well before deciding to run around like some mad man?"

"Hayley's right," Rebekah said, taking a step towards her brother. "We know you are fine. What Elizabeth did would be for nothing if we don't come together at least once."

Elijah gently pulled himself out of Hayley's hold before bringing running his hand down his face. "We wouldn't be complete. Not without Elizabeth. And you two are asking me to go in the opposite direction of where she went."

"'Lijah, we'll find her." Freya promised. "Being back at home gives us an advantage. I'll have access to my supplies and have a better locator spell. But you running off as you'd like, we both know Liz wouldn't want that."

Taking in Freya's words, Elijah sighed as he nodded. He hated the idea of whatever Elizabeth could potentially be going through. He wanted to find her right away. His mind could only keep seeing the same words over and over in his head. Save me. Elizabeth had wanted him to save her from whatever it was they would do to her. But as much as he wanted to run off and look for her, his family had been right. Elizabeth had done all of it for them to be together again.

Today, he would head home and see his brother. To assure him that his family was together once more. But come tomorrow, he would be out there looking for Elizabeth. And he wouldn't be stopping until she was home with him.

Veronica had been pacing the courtyard of the compound in New Orleans. Her cellphone was in one hand as she gently tapped it against the palm of her other. She was growing worried. Elizabeth left and never came home last night.

"Anything?" Malakai asked as he walked in through the entrance. He had been out half the night looking for Elizabeth. After seeing Elizabeth with Jax the night before, he knew she wasn't just out and about. Something was wrong, he could feel it.

"No." Veronica shook her head. "Her cellphone is going straight to voicemail. Jess won't answer either. Locator spells aren't working."

Veronica was panicking. Malakai wouldn't tell her what was going on. The only thing he mentioned was there was 'bad news' in town, and he was worried about Elizabeth. Without any details, her mind was going in several directions.

"How are they not working?" Malakai asked with a raised brow.

"It's not picking up her location. A few of us tried different spells, and none of them can pick up on Elizabeth's whereabouts. What is going on, Kai?" She wanted answers. She wanted to know how worried she needed to be.

"We reached plan Z some time ago, and Elizabeth didn't tell us we did." Malakai rubbed the back of his neck. "While you were keeping the witches safe, Jax was here."

Veronica's eyes widened at that. "The secret meetings away from town. We should call Hayley."

"I would, but I never got her number. I always called Elizabeth if anything." Malakai said, shaking his head.

"No need to worry about calling." Hayley's voice carried into the area.

Both of them turned to watch as Hayley stepped into the courtyard. But what they weren't expecting was the Mikaelsons following her in. Their eyes took in the siblings, wondering how they were all standing there in front of them.

"She was with you." Veronica said the moment her eyes landed on Elijah. "Is she-"All of them shook their heads before she could even finish her question.

"She left this morning. " Elijah answered for her. "Witmore."

Malakai shook his head. "And you let her go?" He asked, taking a step closer to Elijah. "After everything she has told you about that place."

Veronica grabbed hold of Malakai's arm. "It's not his fault. If this was Plan Z, we knew the outcome already." She said, looking up at Malakai. "Even if Elijah tried stopping her, we'd still be here right now."

Elijah watched the interaction between the two for a moment. As Malakai looked at the girl, he simply nodded his head. But it was something Elijah understood. These two were as much of Elizabeth's family as his family had been.

"You must be Veronica." He said as he took a step towards the two.

Veronica looked over at Elijah and nodded her head. "Yeah. I'm assuming she told you about me?" Elijah nodded. "I promise I wouldn't do anything to be a threat."

"Threat?" Rebekah asked, taking a step closer towards her brother.

Elijah looked at his siblings for a moment before looking back at Veronica. "This is Veronica, Elizabeth sired her. She's also a descendant of Elizabeth."

"Sired her?" It was Kol's turn to ask the question. "Before or after the serum?"

"After." Both Veronica and Elijah said at the same time.

"Bloody hell." Kol said, shaking his head. "One wrong move, and we'll be back right where we started."

"I would never be a threat to you. Not after everything Elizabeth has done for me." Veronica said, shaking her head.

"We know that." Hayley said with a nod. "You went out there and tried helping Liz get the cures. I am grateful that you were willing to help us."

Hope moved through the adults that were in front of her. She was curious about the person that had helped Elizabeth. And if she had been anything like Elizabeth, Hope knew she would be a friend.

Seeing Hope, Veronica looked over at Malakai for a moment. He nodded his head in confirmation to the silent question that had been asked. Sighing, Veronica took a few steps closer to Hope before kneeling in front of her.

"I heard you are looking for a sleeping King." She said with a small smile pulling at her lips.

Hope's face lit up at that. "Aunt Liz said my dad was behind the blood spell."

A smile pulled at Hayley's lips as she watched Hope. This had been the moment she had been waiting for. Hope understood who her father was. Now she'd be able to meet him.

Veronica placed her hand out in front of Hope, offering it to her. With no hesitation, Hope took hold of it. Standing straight, Veronica began leading them up the stairs. As she did, she looked back from time to time.

As they reached Klaus's room, Veronica let go of Hope's hand. "This part I need to do on my own." She said with a small nod.

While any other time Veronica had felt confident in her siphoning skills, it was this moment, with having the Mikaelsons watching her, that she doubted them. Taking a deep breath, she placed her hands on the door and began absorbing the magic.

The reddish glow that surrounded her hands caused a Hope to gasp in surprise. She had never seen that happened before, and it had been exciting to see. As for the other adults, they weren't sure how to react. Here was a vampire, that not only had the effects of the serum but could practice magic if she wanted.

When Veronica's hands stopped glowing, she grabbed hold of the doorknob and opened the door. The door quickly opened, allowing them entry into the room. But when the Mikaelsons walked in, they couldn't see Klaus anywhere.

"Where is he?" Rebekah asked as she tried to keep calm.

"Elizabeth had Jess put a cloaking spell on him." Veronica said as she looked at Rebekah. "He's hidden in plain sight."

With a wave of her hand, Veronica quickly mumbled a spell. The moment she stopped, Klaus appeared on the bed, just as Veronica remembered he was. He looked no different than the last time she had been in that room.

"I'm sure one of you would like to have the honors." Veronica said as she stepped back. She wasn't going to be the one that pulled Papa Tunde's blade from Klaus. She wanted it to be done by his family. "If you'd like, I can take Hope out of the room for a moment?"

Hayley looked down at Hope, who pouted slightly. Sighing, she looked back at Veronica. "No, I think she'll be able to handle it."

Veronica gave them a smile. "I'll leave you to it." Without another word, Veronica stepped out of the room to provide them with privacy.

"I'll take care of it." Elijah said a moment later.

He moved over to the bed and sat down beside Klaus. He knew that this was going to hurt. From the experience of the removal on himself, Elijah hoped to make it as quick as possible. With one swift movement, Elijah pushed his hand into Klaus's chest. A cry of pain left Klaus's lips as he had done so. As Elijah grabbed hold of the blade, he quickly pulled it out, hoping to give Klaus the relief he needed.

Those that stood close enough could see the open wound begin to heal quickly. Once it did, Klaus began to stir. As his eyes opened, he had been surrounded by his siblings and Hayley. The family he believed he wouldn't see for a while longer.

"She did say you would take some pleasure in waking me." Klaus's voice was rough, but it had caused his siblings to laugh.

Elijah helped Klaus sit up. "I'll give it to Liz, she does keep things interesting." He said with a nod. "But before we get into details, there is someone who's been waiting to see you."

As Klaus looked around the room, his eyes landed on Hayley. Standing right next to her had been Hope. His eyes began to water as he took her in. The last time he had laid eyes on her, she was an infant. Now she was an older child.

The moment Klaus gave Hope a smile, she left Hayley's side and went straight for Klaus. He pulled his daughter into his arms and held her tightly. Her small arms wrapped around him as best as she could, neither of them wanting to let go.

The moment was something they all needed. Hayley, Freya, and Rebekah had tears in their eyes as they watched the two. For as many times as they had talked about the reunion with Hope, this wasn't what they pictured. Yet, it was exactly what they needed.

After Klaus had a few moments with Hope, they gave Klaus space to get out of bed and feed. Just as they had, blood was needed to restore his strength and control his hunger. Once he felt like himself, Klaus called Elijah into the room.

"While we are having a reunion, we are one short." Klaus began as he looked at his brother. "I had expected you to go after her and leave our siblings to wake me."

Elijah looked down at the ground. That had been exactly what he wanted to do. "There was a moment where I would have. And then I was told this is what Elizabeth would have wanted."

Klaus sighed and walked over to his brother before pulling him into a hug. While it was rare for the brothers to have a moment such as this outside of troublesome times, it still was needed. "The universe did right by picking her for you."

Elijah chuckled as he hugged Klaus back. "I would believe I was dreaming if I hadn't pulled the blade out myself."

"Having a blade in your chest for five years will do that to you." As Klaus pulled away from his brother, he sighed softly. "There is something you should see." Elijah's eyebrow raised slightly as Klaus lifted his hand up to his brother's head. A moment later, a memory played through Elijah's mind.

"What do I owe this unexpected surprise?" Klaus asked as he moved away from the balcony.

"I wanted to check-in and see how you were doing in your own head." Elizabeth said with a smile. "I'm sure it gets lonely here with no one to talk to."

"My mind has a particular way of coping with that little detail." He said as he pulled Elizabeth into a hug. "It is great to have someone real to talk to if I must say."

She hugged him back for a moment before pulling away from him. "That's actually what I wanted to speak to you about."

She watched as his eyebrow rose. "You have news." A small smile grew on his lips. He was hopeful. His own head had been his private prison, and if she was about to tell him what he had longed to hear, things would get better.

"Yes." She said with a nod. "I have a test trial that I will be taking to your brothers shortly." She smiled at the thought that this was finally over.

"So, that means that you can remove that bloody blade from my chest now." He said with a smile on his face.

"Oh, I could do that, but why deny Elijah the chance to shove his hand in your chest." She said with a smirk.

Klaus laughed as he shook his head. "I have no doubt about it."

"That's not the only reason I won't remove it." Klaus's eyebrow raised at that. "Because I know you would try to stop me once I did."

"What did you do, Liz?" He asked, watching her.

"I kept my promise." A sad smile pulled at her lips before it was gone. "He'll come for you soon to pull the blade out. But I won't be there with them."

"You know as well as I do, he'll go looking for you the moment you're gone." Klaus shook his head.

"He'll come to you first. I know he will. And when he does, you can tell him all about how I tormented you in your own head." She shrugged slightly before a small smile pulled at her lips.

A smirk pulled at his lips. "Anything else I should tell him?"

Elizabeth thought for a moment before sighing. "Not all things can fit in a chest."

His brows furrowed in confusion. "What does that mean?"

She shook her head slightly. "He'll know what that means. And that's all that matters."

As the memory ended, Elijah shook his head as he looked at Klaus. "She came to you before she left."

"With a rather confusing message, I might add." Klaus said with a nod as he moved his hand away. "What did she mean?"

Elijah tried racking his brain for anything that might recognize what Elizabeth had meant. But nothing came to mind. None of it had made sense to him at that moment. " I honestly do not know."

"That might be something you might want to figure out." Klaus said as he placed his hand on his shoulder. "There is something she wants you to know."

"Now, it is just a matter of finding out what." Elijah said with a nod.

Veronica stood back and watched as the Mikaelson's had their reunion. They were back together after the last five years. She now knew why Elizabeth always carried the world on her shoulders. It was to have the people she cared about back together. Sacrifices have to be made at times to protect the people that they love. Klaus had made that sacrifice for five years while Elizabeth fought with herself on which way to go about things. She was willing to try and go through every possible plan in the book. It just came down to the one thing that she hoped she would never have to do.

When Elizabeth told her that it was time, Veronica knew that the visions had finally caught Elizabeth. When something is set in stone, you can only avoid it for so long before you eventually reach it. Veronica leaned against the door frame watching the family before her, with smiles and joy to be reunited. It did not stop the heavy feeling that began to set into her chest. This was just the beginning. There was no telling what could happen to Elizabeth or what would happen when she would eventually return home. Veronica knew that there were still sacrifices being made, and Elizabeth was the one making those sacrifices. Elizabeth had seen part of the end to this. She just never told anyone what would happen after she walked passed that wooden door.

Malakai walked up to Veronica and sighed. He had been out all day looking for Elizabeth from the moment Veronica told him what she was doing. But there had been no luck in doing so. He leaned against the wall next to Veronica and turned his attention towards the Mikaelsons. They were still enjoying being together. But to Malakai, he knew something wasn't the same. Not everyone was where they should be.

"The family isn't complete." He said softly.

"I know," Veronica said, looking towards Malakai. "She will return home at some point."

"But until then, we have no idea where she could be or if she is even okay." He said, shaking his head.

"We can only have hope." Veronica said with a small nod. "That is what she wants us to have, so we will."

Dimmed lights made it hard to see anything. But it wasn't like it really mattered on what Elizabeth could see or not. For once in the five years since she had taken the serum, she felt weak. Elizabeth could no longer stand on her own. Maybe that was why it took two men to drag her out of the cell she had been sitting in.

After several hours of travel, Elizabeth had been thrown into a cell. One that reminded her so much of the ones back at Witmore. The only different thing was that the bars were thicker. Moments later, she had been hit with vervain mist. Enough of it to immobilize her before someone injected something into her.

Her head had been clouded enough that she couldn't tell what was up and what was down anymore. She felt numb, and that was the best part about it. She needed to feel numb to it all. Turning off her emotions, this time was to protect the person she cared about most. She needed to feel nothing so he wouldn't feel any of the feelings that would follow. There was no stopping what was to come.

"We put enough of that solution you gave us into her that she doesn't look so well." A man said as he and a colleague dragged Elizabeth into a room a bright room. Once they were inside the room, they lifted Elizabeth up and strapped her to a table.

"That's exactly how it should be, Allen." Another man said as he was drying off a set of scalpels and setting them on a tray. "She isn't like the others."

"What is she then?" Allen asked, looking at Elizabeth.

"From what she has told me, she is supposed to be an upgrade of the original vampires. She's stronger, faster, and even can bite and kill a vampire." Allen's eyes widened at his words.

"How the hell did any of the guys catch her?" Allen asked, looking over at Elizabeth.

"They didn't. We had a deal, and Elizabeth here is now paying her end of it."

"Why would she make a deal that would land her in this place?" All of the other vampires that came and went never came willingly. It was different to hear that someone wanted this.

"Because she did it for love. Love of one of the original vampires."

"Won't they come to try and get her?" Allen knew plenty about the original vampires. If the stories had been right, he was afraid of what could be waiting for them.

"Oh, I am hoping for that." The man said as he took a few steps towards the table Elizabeth was strapped to. He looked down at her and smiled a little. The man enjoyed the look of her being out of it. He reached his hand out to her cheek and patted it to get her attention. "How are you feeling, Elizabeth?" He asked as he watched her roll her head towards him. She smirked at him through the haziness of what they injected her with.

"Ready for your worst, Jax." Her voice was scratchy, but the message had been clear to Jax. He turned and grabbed the largest scalpel he had. Without hesitating, he turned and began slicing at her skin. Elizabeth tried holding back her scream. She hadn't wanted to give the satisfaction of hearing her screams from the pain. But the more he cut into her, the more it had been too much to handle. Her cries became louder with each new tool Jax switched to test out on her. Soon, her screams had been loud enough that neighbors or anyone nearby would have thought someone was being murdered if they had not been in their secluded location.