Chapter 0
The obligatory Prologue appears.

An Analysis on Relationships
Hikigaya Hachiman
Class 2-F, Hiratsuka Shizuka.

Relationships between people are predicated on hollow truths and concealed deceptions. Friends lie to each other. Classmates put up humble facades. Strangers falsify first impressions. As such, these relationships cannot be, in any sense of the word, honest.

Anyone who claims to find meaning in these shallow connections are lying to themselves as well as others around them. Befriending someone grants the other the illusion of companionship so that one may be able to further their own self-interest in the end. Because such bonds are established for the purposes of nothing other than comfort and validation, these relationships are groundless and easily shattered. As such, mistakes, deception, and betrayals tend to follow.

However, that is not to say that it is impossible to form relationships based on real connection. What is fake can be made real. With time, as each person familiarizes themselves with each other's personalities, they begin to slowly move towards mutual understanding; with time, the falsities that one puts up around themselves will slowly weather away to expose what is truly real about them.

Through friendly competition, through mutual experiences, and through honest conflict, one begins to understand their friends. Despite their different wants and desires, people begin to move towards a middle ground, a compromise for which all can attempt to search for the thing they desire from the others.

With each interaction, everyone changes. As they change and their personalities warp, the way they view the world and the way their desires intersect will also change. I am no different. And perhaps, one day, I'll look upon the monochrome past and the blank future and see the color within it; one day, maybe I'll be able to catch a glimpse of what I desire.

In conclusion: Amongst the mountains of lies that are human relationships, something genuine exists.

~~This is a Line Break~~

This world surprised me in several ways. For one, even though this was a generic European-imitation world, people still spoke Japanese. Clearly, whoever designed this was either a RPG wannabe, or a cheap isekai novelist who couldn't be bothered to design his own unique world and thus copy-pasted the most generic high-fantasy template anyone could expect. A mishmashed chimera of walking high-fantasy background tropes that even Zaimokuza would weep at. And that's saying something, alright, considering that the pasty chuuni was a master of mishmashing tropes.

Another thing: the people. Well, more specifically, the females–and female adventurers, at that. How could one wear an outfit so risque and yet expect that armor to protect them from the Dungeon?

Even now, as I sit here in the bar of the Hibachitei monologuing, there are countless female adventurers Author-san has put here whose presence serves nothing more than eye candy for the males. Seriously, how are any of these people alive with gear that… lacking?

Well, only lacking in some parts… wait, Hachiman, no. Bad thoughts. Purge them from your mind.

Self-inflicted comedy routine aside, it was unnerving for the world to be so… predictable. Like seriously, this world could've come out of an isekai anime, for all I knew.

If this were an anime, than what the audience would see is this:

First, the camera would show a front shot of a run-down tavern with the sign of a red wasp hanging in front. A subtitle would provide the translated title from Koine into Japanese: Hibachitei. Cut inside to reveal a large, dimly-lit room full of chattering adventurers, some dressed in armor that covered them from the neck-down, others wearing only the bare minimum, and even some females–Amazons– wearing the skimpiest of outfits imaginable. The camera pans slowly from left to right before finally the scene centers on a gray werewolf, his ashy tail swishing from side to side as he downs drink after drink. To his left, a different party sits, eagerly watching their own companions and cheering them on as they continue drinking. There's no need to bother with the character to his right because that's a background character who has absolutely no relevance to the plot whatsoever, and it's been made clear by that through the very ordinary-looking attire that the character wears. The werewolf with the swishing tail and white-gray jacket is clearly the main character of this story, judging from how the scene appears to center around him, right?


With a camera twist that absolutely no one in the audience sees coming, the screen abruptly jolts to the right before resuming its course, now focused on the unremarkable adventurer. That's me.

Alright, let's rewind just a bit. About, say, 8 months back.

Hello. What you see here is a fic that I have decided to make as my main project. This work was inspired by two similar crossovers, which I equally recommend to you: My Trans-Dimensional, Overpowered Protagonist, Harem Comedy is Wrong! by Sage of Eyes, and My Daily Life as a Dungeon Crawler is More Grindy than I Expected by With Death Comes More Death. Just click the links if you wanna go there; they're both masterpieces in their own right(their own write, hahaha).

Honestly, I'm not particularly skilled as an author yet, so I hope you guys can provide advice as I stumble my way through this. I'm really hoping I can nail the fine touches that both Wataru Watari and Fujino Omori have brought to their own works.

Anyways, hope you enjoy it. Leave a review and tell me how I'm doing, how you think the story is going to go, or whatever. Or just shoot me a private message. This fic updates every one to four weeks or so, depending on how my life goes.