People wanted an R/B ficcie! Well here it is!  Not a real R/B fic more like a Bakura's Thoughts on Ryou and..Icecream  ^_^;; Dont harm me! My first B/R fic!

Disclaimer: Seth no own YuGioh....Seth Wish she did...but she doesnt..*sigh*

Sex Food

Icecream is good. It's just as good as creampuffs. Of course there isn't Creampuff Icecream...feh. I don't see why. I mean Creampuffs are delicious...not as delicious as my pretty girly light. But delicious none the less.

Hmmm...Creampuffs and my light..combine them and its sweet, sweet bliss. To me anyway, I don't think my light would appreciate being covered in Creampuffs...Icecream he wouldn't mind. My aibou has a thing for icecream. 'Sex Food' he calls it.

Feh, Creampuffs! That's sex food...that and chocolate syrup. Hmm..good advice for the Pharaoh. He's a chocolate addict like I am. At least we agree on some things.

Chocolate is definitely 'Sex food' along with whipcream...and creampuffs. Well I add creampuffs to it...

I want some creampuffs now.

Maybe tonight I'll add creampuffs..and chocolate syrup. Ow yes very delighful sight! My  small hikari naked with creampuff and chocolate syrup. Such a delicious thought!

Hmmm..Bad Idea..Bad thought..I'm horny and hungry.

Bah! Why did I wear tight leather pants today! Uncomfortable really. I miss egyptian clothing. No underwear or constricting pants! Even if these pants make me look sexy as hell!

Ego? me? No thank you, got one already.

Ow yeah. Creampuffs first, then go screw aibou silly untill he can't walk for a few days.

Let us see what the fridge has to offer us!!

Hmm Freezer had creampuffs! Yes! and Icecream! Several Icecream containers...My light's favorite...but we didn't go shopping...did we?  Hmm..Who cares We have Icecream...My light's 'Sex food'...

The way he  swirls his tongue around the spoon and licks his lips. The way he closes his eyes to savour's each bite. The way he drips the cold sunstance on my stomach and navel and licks it up with his hot wet tongue...

The way his lips and mouth taste when I plunder his mouth. The way he smells like chocolate and caramel.

Sex food indeed.

Damn I'm hard thinking about it. Hmmm.

Chocolate syrup! yes! I knew we still had some! Got the three  sex food's in my arms.I only  need my main ingreedient.

Namely my tasteful little light.How much fun fun fun we'll have!

Of course he'll have to clean the sheets after wards. We always make such a mess...with or with out sexfood...

Nip. Bite. Suck. Lick. Delighfull. Tastefull. Delicious. My light. My aibou. My sin.You taste so good with chocolate syrup. Sweet chocolate and the slightly salty taste of you're skin. Yummy.

And all mine! This scrumptious [N/A: Bet ya never thought Bakura would think that would ya? ] body and soul all mine!

So good. So gorgious. So Beautiful. So...perfect.

Perfect chocolate and icecream covered sin. My Sin.

Oops..hmm Bottle don't do well on a moving matress..ah well they're only sheets right? And the rest of the syrup I can lick away...

Still sticky my sweet addiction? hmmm...We can always shower together...Showers are fun to! They are what I call a great Sex Place.

Now let us finish the Icecream before that gets sticky to!

~ Owari ~