Chapter 25

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(Gremory Train)

Issei's trip to the Underworld was off to a roaring start. The moment they got to the train, Valerie pulled Issei into the room and told him firmly that they'd be spending the time having sex, not that Issei was going to complain. That was two hours ago, and the pair were still going strong, "CUMMING." Valerie screamed as Issei shot yet another load into her already soaked pussy. The pair were currently in the cowgirl position, on the middle cushion of a green 5-piece, U-shaped couch with a small table in front of them, surrounded by a small U-shaped wall that would act as a separator. To their right was a series of chairs and tables and to their left was an identical sectional. Thanks to being in the air instead of on traditional tracks, Issei and Valerie had sex various places including the table in front of them and the walls behind them.

"Sex on a train was pretty fun. I do feel bad for Rias since we're dirtying up her train" Issei chuckled as he just enjoyed the moment. The Gremory family lent Valerie the train to bring Issei over, but he doubted Rias would be happy if she knew what Valerie had in mind

"That's what the spell is for." Valerie chuckled as she got up showing his latest release cum leaking from her pussy and traces of dried cum all over her body including from her ass. She cast a single magic circle and all the traces of their romp were gone from the room and from Valerie.

"If only I could get rid of the actual trip that easily" Issei groaned. Issei's trip consisted of two days in Lilith before he'd spend two days each in the Sitri and Gremory territories. His awkward relationship with the Sitri clan and the tense relationship between him and Rias were going to make his time in the two territories uncomfortable and the Youth Devil Meeting was guaranteed to annoy him. Even the fact he was sharing a hotel room with Valerie wasn't enough to change that fact.

"Look on the bright side Issei. You just spent the last two hours having sex with somebody who would be trying to kill you in another universe" Valerie teased as she sat next to him on the couch and propped her head on his right shoulder.

"In another universe you'd probably be a dude. If that was the case, I'd rather us be fighting then having sex" Issei deadpanned.

"True, but in this one I'm a girl and we're fucking." Valerie smiled leaning up to kiss him on the cheek.

"I wonder how Raynare and the others are doing." Issei said cheekily.

"Geez Issei I'm trying to have a moment here." Valerie pouted.

"A little late for that considering that I fucked you against the windows, on the table in front of us, and in a few positions on this couch. Trying to be romantic now just ain't going to work." Issei deadpanned.

"He's got a point." a draconic voice teased.

"Shut up Albion, just be glad I don't fuck him with you on." Valerie frowned.

"You tried that once Valerie. I nearly broke you because your sacred gear absorbed our combined pleasure." Issei smiled recalling their first time together.

"I was an amateur back then." Valerie blushed.

"Compared to me you still are." Issei teased before kissing her on the cheek.

"Let's just get dressed. We should be arriving in Lucifaad soon." Valerie pouted.

"Works for me" Issei said cheekily. This was a nice start to the trip, but he doubted the rest of his trip would be this pleasant.

(Scene Skip)

"Maybe the Underworld isn't so bad after all." Issei thought to himself as he relaxed on the king-sized bed that he would be sharing with Valerie during his time in the Underworld capital. A naked Kalwarner was on his left with Raynare on his right and Mittelt on top of him as they recovered from his latest romp. Not even five minutes after he finished unpacking his things, Raynare walked into the room with Kalawarner and Mittelt by her side ready to help welcome him to the Underworld in their own way.

"I'm just glad Valerie didn't drain you completely" Raynare smiled.

"I've always got a few rounds for beauties like you girls, but I get the feeling this wasn't a private show" Issei admitted. During his time with the girls he sensed an unusual presence outside of their room. It wouldn't have been a big deal normally, but he didn't recognize the presence and it made him wonder if somebody was after him.

"It wasn't but trust me it's not an enemy." Raynare smiled. Unlike Issei, Raynare knew exactly who the person was, and she knew it would be fun when Issei found out.

"Alright." Issei smiled.

"So, now that you've fucked the shit out of us and Valerie, what are you going to do" Mittelt wondered.

"Don't know. I guess I should go see Zaz, but I need to get something to drink." Issei smiled. Satisfying Valerie and the three fallen took a lot out of him and he definitely needed a drink before he decided what to do next.

"I could use some booze myself" Raynare smiled.

"Maybe later but right now we need proper hydration" Issei frowned.

"So are you gonna call room service or" Kalawarner asked but all of the sudden there was a knock on the door to the room.

"I think room service already came." Raynare chuckled.

"Let's see" Issei smiled as he left the girls tender embrace before grabbing a towel from the bathroom and going over to the door. To his surprise, a silver tray with 4 large jugs of water and a note was waiting for him.

'Thought you could use this. Would've gotten food but I didn't know what you guys wanted' the person left no name, but the message was clear. It was from his little voyeur and she wanted to help him recover. Issei simply smiled before grabbing the tray and walking back into the living room portion of his room with Valerie as he once again marveled at the room. Walking into the room which had a door on the northwest side you saw a U-shaped sofa just like the one on the Gremory train with a large brown table in front of it facing a large TV that was currently on a small stand. There was a separate small table and chair but Issei didn't care for it

Issei was about to bring the jugs to the girls but behind him the door to the bedroom opened revealing a naked Kalawarner, "So, did room service come?" Kalawarner smiled her naked body on full display without a towel.

"Sort of. My little voyeur decided to give me a gift and I want to thank her, but I don't know who she is." Issei said calmly before placing the jugs of water on the table.

"That's a shame" a naked Mittelt spoke up as she walked out of the bedroom to join the pair. Much like Kalwarner she was completely naked, displaying her body to Issei.

"Maybe, but if she wants me, she knows where to find me." Issei replied before grabbing one of the jugs and drinking from it.

"You really don't care, do you?" Raynare said with a bit of surprise finishing the trio of naked fallen in the living room.

Issei stopped drinking for a second to answer the question, "I had sex with Valerie for two hours and another two hours with you girls. I'm good on sex for a bit." Issei said nonchalantly.

"You're something else Issei" Mittelt smiled as she grabbed a jug for herself.

"Yep and I like it that way" Issei replied as he went back to drinking his water.

"Whatever" Raynare frowned as she got up and grabbed the water with Kalawarner getting a jug for herself. Once everyone was finished with the water, the fallen got dressed and left Issei alone to his thoughts.

"Aren't you at least a little bit curious who it is" Ddraig wondered.

"Of course, but like most things, it will be revealed in time." Issei smiled as he went to take a badly needed shower.

(Scene Skip)

Issei returned to his room after a video game session with Bikou. During the session, he spoke to Gasper who revealed that he took Issei's advice and told Rias about his change in personality. She loved it and she was helping him become a much more dangerous fighter. Opening the door to his room, he was surprised to see that an unfamiliar face sitting on the couch

"Hello Red Dragon Emperor." A young woman said in a light voice that did nothing to hide her nervousness as she stood up to greet him. The girl in question was around Issei's age and height with ice blue eyes and long blonde hair that went just past her shoulders. Her outfit consisted of a light blue v-cut dress that showed off a pair of breasts that rivaled Akeno's and had a slit on the left side that showed off her shapely legs. The dress also had a silver slash with a blue line in the middle. Completing the outfit was a pair of silver boots that wouldn't look out of place on a witch and a pair of light blue arm guard with silver decorations at the end (AN: Older Le Fay's outfit is based off of Ultear of FT). It took him a second, but he recognized who it was, and his eyes widened with admitted glee.

"Well this is a pleasant surprise. I would've never guessed little Fay was my voyeur" Issei chuckled walking into the room. When he first saw Arthur's little sister Le Fay, he couldn't resist calling her little Fay which she didn't like at all.

"As you can see, I'm not very little at all." Le Fay pouted a slight blush adorning her cheeks.

'No, you are not' Issei thought to himself with a hungry gaze. The usual Le Fay was cute in her own right, but this Le Fay was a bombshell, "Before we get to why you're really here. Care to explain why you look like THIS instead of well… how you usually look." Issei asked curiously.

"Among our group, I'm the one who can go out and handle normal tasks the easiest because I wasn't as well known as my brother. The smaller form was to ensure the few people who did know about me and my brother couldn't trace us back to our family. The reason I used this form when we first met was because Valerie asked me to, and I owe her for helping us leave the Pendragon."

Issei put the part about Valerie to the side for now in favor of finding out why she was doing what she did, "So what made you decide to become a voyeur." Issei said calmly.

"It isn't like that. The Pendragon family used to work very closely with the church before I left. Because of that I became friends with Irina. She told me plenty of stories about her life before she joined the church and most of them involved you. When you started spending time with Valerie and our team, I figured I'd get to know you myself, but you usually spent time with Bikou or Valerie." Le Fay explained.

"So, you decided to wait for me in my room and reveal your real self in a very sexy outfit knowing it's late at night and I would probably be going to sleep soon." Issei said with a raised eyebrow. He fully believed Le Fay was friends with Irina due to the Excalibur connection, but the rest of her explanation was bogus. He knew why she was there, he just wanted her to say it.

Le Fay was about to respond but she was beaten to it by somebody else, "That's quite enough of this." Valerie frowned as she stood in the doorway dressed in a silver short sleeve top and a pair of light blue sweatpants that acted as her sleep clothes.

"Lady Valerie!" Le Fay gasped.

"Jealous" Issei teased.

"Not at all since I share you with plenty of girls. This is just me looking out for a girl whose practically my little sister and preventing her from making a huge mistake" Valerie insisted.

"And what's that supposed to mean" Issei said with mock anger.

"Le Fay is a pure-hearted girl and I don't need her getting caught up in the shenanigans you pull Issei."

"Says the girl who spent two hours fucking me on a train." Issei reminded her.

"Yes, and an hour later you were having a foursome with my stepsister and two other girls." Valerie replied trying to hide her annoyance. After Issei checked in she wanted to tell Zaz they had arrived before going back and taking a nap to recover from her time with Issei on the train. Unfortunately, when she opened the door to their shared room. she heard Kalawarner's moans and had a good idea of what was going on even if she couldn't see it. Fortunately for her, Raynare left a key to her room in the living room so she went over to Raynare's room to nap.

"Umm… I'm going to get going." Le Fay said with a blush before leaving the two alone. Clearly there was something going on between the two Dragon Emperor's.

"You'll thank me later." Valerie huffed before focusing on Issei.

"I'll say it again, jealous much" Issei smirked.

"Issei be serious!" Valerie complained.

"And you need to be reasonable Valerie. When you started sleeping with me you knew I was with Raynare and others" Issei replied with a smile on his face.

Le Fay is off limits Issei. She's a sweet girl whose been caught up in plenty of bullshit already in her life and she doesn't need your brand of bullshit."

"According to Le Fay she just wanted to talk." Issei smiled.

"That talk would've barely lasted five minutes before your tongue was in her mouth and her clothes were on the bedroom floor" Valerie retorted.

"That's probably true and it would've been her decision. She was listening in on that foursome you were talking about and left jugs of water for us. She knew exactly what she was getting into when she came over and the fact she came over as her real self proves it" Issei countered.

"Just promise me you won't try and sleep with her." Valerie groaned in frustration. She couldn't argue his point no matter how much she wanted to. She hid the real Le Fay from Issei knowing this would happen in due time and now it was there. She only hoped Issei would be willing to back off.

"Very well Valerie. I won't try and sleep with Le Fay Pendragon." Issei said calmly.

Valerie's eyes widened since she didn't expect him to agree so easily, but now she had him, "Ddraig and Albion can hear us which means you can't deny this later." Valerie insisted.

"I won't deny it. I'm a man of my word and I promise I won't go after Le Fay." Issei smiled knowing that this deal was pointless. Le Fay wanted him and just because he didn't go after her, didn't mean she couldn't come after him again. It wasn't a matter of IF he slept with Le Fay, but WHEN.

"Good now let's go to bed." Valerie huffed glad to put this behind them.

'After all that we're going to share a bed. You really are something else Valerie' Issei chuckled to himself as they walked over to the bedroom to sleep. This trip was proving far more interesting than he expected and it was only the first night.

(Scene Skip)

Later that night, the door to the bedroom opened, and the younger Pendragon sibling walked in ready to finish what she started earlier. Gone was her flowing dress, replaced by a light blue sheer v-cut nightgown that showed off her impressive bust.

The bedroom had a king-sized bed with a large dresser on the left side and the door to the bathroom on the right. Issei was currently on the far left side of the bed with Valerie on the right nowhere near him. It was no doubt, a result of their earlier argument which meant Le Fay could make her move with very little concern. "I won't be denied again Lady Valerie" Le Fay smiled before casting a spell that put Valerie in a special isolation dome that would prevent her from interfering with her. With Valerie trapped, it was time for Le Fay to make her move or at least it would have been if the person she desired wasn't leaning up and smiling at her. From what she could tell he was wearing a white shirt, but the covers hid the rest of his body.

"Now that wasn't very nice" Issei smiled.

"She interrupted us before and I don't want to be interrupted again." Le Fay pouted.

"Perhaps, but before you go down that rabbit hole perhaps it's time for you to understand what you're getting into, or rather who." Issei smiled before getting up revealing his tan jean shorts.

"What do you mean?" Le Fay wondered. She was positive that Issei would simply take her but clearly that wasn't the plan.

Issei went over to the dresser right next to his side and reaching into one of the drawers grabbed a small laptop, "Follow me" Issei smiled as he walked back into the living room.

"If you're going to reject me, just say so" Le Fay pouted although she still followed him into the living room.

"Please sit down and I'll explain everything." Issei said calmly as he pointed to the large couch.

"Fine" Le Fay pouted sitting down with a frown on her face.

"As Valerie was right to point out, I do have plenty of shenanigans in my life and the viewpoint you have of me is based off my relationship with Irina as kids which is far different from how things are now."

"And" Le Fay said flatly.

"And you sound like you're attached to the Issei I was." Issei replied before sitting next to her and putting the laptop down and turning it on. "So, I'm going to show you the Issei I am and if you still want to continue after that, it's on you" Issei smiled.

"Fine" Le Fay pouted as Issei opened up the internet and went onto the Hottie Magnet Hyoudou website.

"We can resume our fun after you take a look at who I am, but at least this way you're making the decision on your own." Issei smiled.

"Very well. I'll play this game of yours." Le Fay frowned. Issei was stalling for some reason but she would play this game.

"Good" Issei smiled before leaving Le Fay to look at the website without him watching over her shoulder.

'You're very sneaky partner. You promised Valerie you wouldn't pursue the girl knowing full well that she would probably try something anyway. This way you keep your end of the deal and still get the girl.'

'Exactly' Issei smiled as he walked over to his bed and lied down not bothering to pull up the covers. Twenty minutes passed before the door to the room opened again and Le Fay walked over.

"I've made my decision." Le Fay said with a smile as she stood in front of him.

"What have you decided?" Issei asked curiously moving to the side of the bed to face.

Le Fay walked over to Issei and smiled, "I decided to sign up for that website of yours and although I can't list myself as a student yet, it shouldn't be too hard to arrange transfer to Kuoh." Le Fay smiled.

"Works for me." Issei replied happily. His plan worked and now Valerie had no complaints.

"By the way, I won't be transferring in as little Fay either. Get used to this blonde beauty as your classmate Issei." Le Fay smiled before getting up and walking away swaying her hips in order to taunt Issei.

"Oh, she's good" Ddraig chuckled.

"Definitely." Issei smiled as he turned to his side and watched as the spell blocking Valerie from seeing what they were doing was destroyed and an annoyed Valerie looked around just to see a smiling Issei and nobody else.

"I have a feeling I should be very angry with you even though you did absolutely nothing wrong." Valerie pouted.

"Sounds about right. Now get back to sleep" Issei smiled.

"Whatever" Valerie huffed before going to sleep with Issei not far behind. It was an odd ending to his first day in the Underworld, but it was one that worked out pretty well for him.

(Scene Skip)

The next morning Issei woke up early decided to get breakfast for the two of them as an olive branch. Since he didn't want to wake up Valerie, he chose to use another method to figure out what to do, "Hey Albion are you there."

"What do you want brat."

"Since Valerie's still pissed, I figured I'd go get breakfast from the hotel. Any preferences for her."

"Yes." Albion replied as he explained what to get.

"Thanks" Issei replied before leaving the bedroom. Unfortunately for him, his plan to get breakfast hit a bit of a snag in the form of Momo Hanakai sitting on the couch wearing some casual clothes.

"I got an application from the website for a Le Fay Pendragon who looked a lot like Valerie's servant but older. Care to explain what the hell is going on" Momo scowled.

Issei twitched since Le Fay did say she was joining the website which meant Momo was naturally informed, "Le Fay is a friend of Irina's and she heard stories about me from before my Hottie Magnet days and fell for the image of me. As for why she looks like she does, it's because she uses the smaller form to hide from her family and this is how she really looks."

Momo looked at Issei's face and was stunned to discover he wasn't lying, "You've got to be the luckiest guy in the world. Either way she'll be approved and since I'm guessing she wants to come to Kuoh that's another thing for me to arrange." Momo grumbled with annoyance.

"Hey, it was her idea not mine. I honestly figured the website would turn her away from me." Issei said bashfully. It was a lie but telling Momo the real reason would annoy her even more.

"Not that this isn't hilarious but partner you have to get breakfast for you and Valerie." Ddraig spoke up saving him from being called out.

"Oh… yeah… right" Issei said bashfully.

"Since you're going down get some breakfast for me since I'm technically not supposed to be here. I'd like to discuss what you want to do for the trip to the Sitri family's home tomorrow." Momo said calmly.

"What would you like" Issei replied glad to change the subject. An hour later they were back in the hotel room and Issei and Momo ate breakfast while using a spell keeping Valerie's food warm.

"I'm sure you probably know this, but you won't be able to have any 'fun' with us during your time with the Sitri."

"I figured as much." Issei groaned eating some bacon.

"Yep. It's gonna be annoying but there's nothing we can do." Momo frowned eating some bacon herself.

"So, is there anything else I need to know?"

"Well Azazel gave us all sacred gears to help us get stronger. Well besides Saji and Tsubaki for obvious reasons."

"Right" Issei replied. Saji had a dragon sacred gear like he did but in his case, it was the Prison Dragon Vritra. Tsubaki's sacred gear was Mirror Alice which reflected any attack back at her. He'd have to ask Ddraig about Vritra but Tsubaki's gear had potential if used right.

"In case you were wondering, Valerie was asked to help us by Azazel which is how we know Le Fay. Valerie kicked Saji's ass all over the territory while me and Reya worked with Lea Fay. Arthur worked with Karlamine and Tsubasa and Bikou worked with Xuelan and Tsubasa.

"Right." Issei replied nonchalantly.

Valerie picked that moment to walk into the room dressed in her sleep clothes, "Where's my breakfast Issei?" Valerie scowled.

"It's over there" Issei said calmly pointing towards the other table.

"Thanks." Valerie replied before grabbing her food and sitting down away from the two.

"Did I miss something?" Momo said in confusion.

"Yesterday Le Fay decided out of nowhere she wanted to sleep with lover boy here. Since she's like a baby sister to me I figured it was my job to stop her from making that mistake by getting our friend here to agree to not pursue her. Naturally, Le Fay decided to try again and this time she locked me in an isolation dome to stop me from interfering." Valerie replied angrily.

"It's too early to deal with this. Let's just eat." Momo insisted in order to stop this conversation.

"Fine with me. I intend to take it easy today." Issei smiled knowing he got away with one.

"Let me guess, you're only going to have sex with one girl instead of your usual three or four" Valerie huffed.

"Who knows if I'll have sex with anybody" Issei shrugged.

Much like with Le Fay the night before Momo was slowly being dragged into an awkward situation, "Umm should I go." Momo wondered.

"No" Issei and Valerie replied at the same time though Valerie's was noticeably angrier.

'Hottie Magnet strikes again' Momo thought to herself. Issei's ability to attract people he shouldn't was terrifying to say the least.

"I have a question for you Issei and I hope you'll be honest."

"I will" Issei replied calmly.

Valerie took a deep breath, "If I told you that I could take Ddraig away from you without you dying, but in exchange you'd have to stop your relationship with everybody connected to the supernatural, would you do it?" Valerie asked curiously. In other words, if he was asked to choose between being Hottie Magnet Hyoudou and the Red Dragon Emperor, which would he chose.

"What sort of question is that?" Momo screamed not expecting this at all.

"The type of question I ask when I want to figure out if Issei's here in the Underworld because he wants to be, or because he has to be." Valerie spoke up.

"Huh?" Momo said in confusion.

"He doesn't care about the Khaos Brigade or about any of the politics we have to deal with. All he cares about is sticking his dick in us and whatever happens, happens." Valerie shouted.

Momo was about to respond but Issei spoke up, "It's about 10 years too late for you to ask me that question Valerie."

"Huh" Valerie said in confusion.

Unlike Valerie Momo knew exactly what Issei was referring to, "The moment Irina entered your life as a kid, your fate was sealed." Momo said knowingly.

"Exactly. Irina befriended me because of the power that lied inside me. Her father taught me about my burden and made me isolate myself from everybody else because he knew that it would be child's play (pun not intended) for somebody to kill me to prevent me from becoming a threat down the road. From that point on I was a slave to this power and even now that power controls my every situation."

"That's not true Issei." Momo protested.

"Is it Momo?" Issei said with a flat expression. "I may have quite a few supernatural lovers. but you're the only one I didn't get without a supernatural plot being involved." Issei said coldly.

Momo froze since that was true in a very twisted way based on the girls she knew about. She didn't know the story behind him and Valerie, but it was certainly true of the other girls. Raynare plotted against him and he turned the screws on her Kalawarner and Mittelt. Akeno was to help Rias while Ravel Xuelan and Karlamine were because of Riser. Reya was spying on Issei for Sona, and saw them on one of their rare dates. That led to Sona finding out about Hottie Magnet Hyoudou and her role in it. Reya officially joined a few days later. Tsubaki was torn between him and Kiba but Sona nudged her his way, no doubt in order to make it easier to get him to join her peerage. There were two others that Issei was forgetting, "But what about Irina and Xenovia?" Momo protested.

"The church may be arrogant, but even they knew Irina and Xenovia were on a suicide mission against Kokabiel. Thanks to old man Touji, the church knew about me and my strength and figured that I'd only get stronger over time. They knew Irina and Xenovia were screwed and counted on me helping them because of our past together." Issei said coldly.

Momo and Valerie froze again since that was a very distinct possibility, "Sounds like you hate the supernatural." Momo frowned.

"Can you blame me for that Momo. Raynare targeted me because I was a potential threat and Rias allowed her to do so because I could potentially help her get away from Riser. Even after I did just what I promised, they still dragged me back into it by forcing me to fight Riser even though the only thing I did was call him out for something that was pretty obvious to all parties involved."

"Issei" Momo sighed knowing he was absolutely right.

"To the supernatural I'm not Issei Hyoudou, but I'm the holder of a sacred gear. Even now you've dragged me to the Underworld because my Sacred Gear means I have to have input in a battle I never cared about in the first place with a group of people who don't care whether I live or die. Not exactly something I should be happy with"

"And you wonder why I don't want Le Fay anywhere near you. I'm sure you'd be just as happy picking some random girl off the street fucking her brains out and never seeing her again." Valerie scoffed.

"And if that was the case that would've been their call. If somebody wants to sleep with me, I'm not going to say no to them. Worrying about things like what happens after is Momo's job." Issei retorted.

"So, If I told you that, I won't sleep with you for the rest of the trip, what would you say." Valerie said angrily her patience with Issei waning.

"I'd say your loss and move on. Raynare Kalawarner and Mittelt would all gladly take your place and you forget that Le Fay would've also if I didn't show her the website" Issei said dismissively.

"Bastard" Valerie yelled before walking over and slapping him in the face.

"Feel better" Issei smiled ignoring the small mark.

"I'll be in the shower." Valerie huffed before leaving the two of them alone.

Momo looked at Issei's calm expression and was angry herself, "Who are you and what have you done with Issei Hyoudou?"

"I've been this way for some time Momo. You just haven't seen it because I'm good at hiding it." Issei replied calmly.

Momo was stunned by this and got up, "Bye Issei. I'm sure Sona's probably wondering where I am at this point."

"Alright" Issei replied and Momo left just like that leaving Issei all alone.

"Partner… are you okay" Ddraig spoke up using a green circle on his left hand to communicate with him.

Issei simply slumped on the couch and sighed, "No I'm not Ddraig no I'm not" Issei sighed.

(Scene Skip)

Luckily for Issei, the morning slowed to a crawl after the early craziness and Valerie left to handle some other business which meant Issei really could spend the day relaxing. As he went to grab his video game system somebody knocked on his door. When he went to answer he found Azazel with two glasses, one with some ice and a bottle of bourbon, "You and I need to talk kid."

"And the alcohol?"

"Do you want some or not?" Azazel smiled.

"Get in here." Issei smiled as he opened the door. A few minutes later and Issei and Azazel had a glass of bourbon each with Azazel choosing to not use ice while the amateur Issei had some to help things along.

"Valerie seemed pretty angry before she left to help the devils. Care to explain why?" Azazel said calmly.

Issei simply sighed and grabbed the drink taking a sip and allowing his body to adjust to the liquid, "Short version is that Valerie's beginning to see Frankenstein's monster." Issei smirked.

"So, what does Frankenstein's monster think of it all?" Azazel smirked drinking his bourbon like a pro.

Issei activated his sacred gear and looked at it with a mix of anger and sadness, "I hate it Zaz. Ever since old man Touji taught me how to activate my sacred gear I've been a pawn in a war I don't care about, fighting for people who don't care about me. I tried ignoring it by becoming Hottie Magnet Hyoudou and for a while it worked. Then your daughter approached me, and the rest is history."

"That's the fate of being a sacred gear holder. No matter what you do, the supernatural will eventually catch up to you." Azazel frowned.

"You would know considering how many holders your fallen killed." Issei said icily.

Azazel frowned before taking a drink, "We've been over this Issei."

"Yes we have, you simply let them do what they wanted because 'it's just a few humans' I can only imagine how many people's lives your fallen ruined because you didn't care." Issei replied with a drink of his own.

"You don't get it Issei. The Fallen are victims of the supernatural world also but nobody realizes that because the church controls the narrative."

"I see" Issei said solemnly unsure of what else to say.

"Enough about that though, we're supposed to be talking about you." Azazel said calmly before taking another sip.

Issei finished his bourbon before reaching out to get a refill, "There's nothing to talk about."

Azazel smiled before refilling the drink along with his own, "What about the next few days in the Sitri and Gremory territories. After what happened with Serafall your situation with the Sitri is a mess and Rias needs a powerhouse like you for her peerage.

Issei smiled before taking another sip, "Sona's mother can make all the moves she wants, but Sona holds all the cards because of what happened with her last fiancée. Her mother tried something to get her to play ball, but I've already got a way around it. As for Rias, I don't need to worry about her at all." Issei smiled.

"How do you figure." Azazel wondered.

"Think about how my schedule is arranged and you'll realize something odd." Issei smiled.

Azazel took a second to think about it until his eyes widened, "The extra day" Azazel gasped. Issei was in the Underworld for six days with him returning home Sunday morning. He had two days in Lucifaad, two days in the Sitri territory and two with the Gremory based on the schedule he set up with the two peerages. Normally that wasn't a big deal, until you realized how the days are arranged. He gets two full days with Sona, but he only had one and a half days with Rias because of the Youth Devil meeting. In other words, the schedule screws Rias over completely.

"That's right. If the schedule was 'fair', I would have come in yesterday and spent today and tomorrow with the Sitri clan. That way I can have two full days with the Gremory and have the final day to prepare for the Youth Devil meeting and my departure Sunday morning. You worked out this schedule with both peerages right."

"Yes, but why would Rias agree to that." Azazel wondered.

"Any intimacy involving members of my website is controlled by the managers I've selected. The manager for the girls from Kuoh Academy, is Momo Hanakai." Issei smiled as Azazel realized the implications.

Azazel could barely hide the grin on his face, "You really do plan for everything don't you." Azazel smiled.

"I don't plan for everything, I simply let others do the planning for me and enjoy the results." Issei grinned.

Azazel could only smile as he realized just what a monster Issei really was. This was just another example of him manipulating things to his benefit even when it didn't seem possible. "Need a refill" Azazel wondered.

"Cheers" Issei smiled as Azazel refiled his glass. The trip was off to a topsy turvy start, but as with most things in his life, Issei was going to ensure that he came out on top.