Chapter 26

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(Gremory Train)

Much like he did during his initial trip to the Underworld, Issei found himself sitting on the couch of the Gremory family train naked as he entertained a young woman. This time, it was Le Fay Pendragon who was naked and between his legs bobbing her head up and down his erect manhood. Unlike his initial trip, this time he had company in the form of Bikou Arthur and a frustrated Valerie dressed in their typical outfits and sitting on the other couch in their section of the train. "I can't believe this" Valerie cursed.

Le Fay pulled off Issei for a moment and turned towards her grumbling leader, "What's so surprising Valerie. Issei is a very virile guy and considering he'll be blue balled for the next few hours because of Sona's mom and her scheming sister, I thought he could use a little something to hold him over." Le Fay smiled before her lips returned to his shaft.

Valerie couldn't believe the words coming from the young girl's mouth and turned towards her brother hoping that he could talk some sense into his sister, "Arthur can you say something to your sister" Valerie pouted.

Unfortunately for Valerie, Arthur wasn't willing to play along, "I don't care what you do Le Fay, as long as I don't have to see it. I'm used to Bikou bringing random women over during missions so I can dismiss the sounds of intercourse, but that's about it." Arthur groaned. He was aware of the ongoing war between Valerie and his sister and he knew better than to get involved.

"That's not what I meant!" Valerie scowled as a blush formed on her face. Bikou was the group's information specialist and he loved going to bars to get information. Thanks to his senjutsu it was easy to tell who the horniest girls were and with his own charm he usually rewarded those who gave information with his banana.s (pun absolutely intended)

"Look on the bright side. She's only giving him a blowjob now. She could be fucking him all over this room like you two did on his way down to the Underworld." Bikou smiled causing Valerie to blush.

"You told him about that!" Valerie screamed in Issei's direction.

"He didn't need to, I'm very familiar with how women walk after getting a proper pounding. Plus, I can still feel bits of your auras together from a few days ago." Bikou chuckled.

"Not fair" Valerie blushed.

As much as Le Fay wanted to enjoy the moment, she was no fool and that meant it was time to play peacemaker, "Sorry Issei, but I'm afraid we're done for now" Le Fay scowled pulling off Issei's member.

"Got it" Issei frowned. Simultaneously Le Fay and Issei reached for their clothes nearby and got dressed. Once they were both dressed, Le Fay cast a magic circle to switch places with Valerie

"What was that for Le Fay" Valerie scowled not appreciating the fact she was in front of Issei again.

"We'll be in the Sitri territory in about ten minutes. Until we get there, I'm locking you two in an isolation dome together. Work out whatever issues you two have and that's that" Le Fay shouted before creating said dome.

"Wait" Valerie protested but it was too late and soon they were locked away from everyone else.

"Well that's just lovely" Issei groaned. He was really enjoying Le Fay's ministrations and Valerie ruining it annoyed him.

"Like I want to do this either." Valerie pouted before moving to the left side of the couch away from Issei.

"Since we're here you might as well tell me what's really on your mind." Issei scowled deciding to move to the opposite side to face Valerie.

"You know what's on my mind. I don't want you sleeping with Le Fay." Valerie huffed.

"And why's that. You've shared me with other girls for some time now." Issei reminded her.

"Yes, but with Le Fay it's different." Valerie admitted.

"Why?" Issei wondered.

Valerie took a deep breath, "Why can't you just stay away from her?" Valerie protested.

"I didn't even do anything here Valerie. As far as I was concerned Le Fay was a little girl who was part of your team. She's the one who came to me as an adult hoping to make her desires known." Issei replied.

"Yes but"

"But nothing Valerie. Arthur is her BLOOD BROTHER and he has no problem with what we're doing. Me sleeping with Le Fay isn't going to affect my relationship with you or anybody else. It'll be very casual sex like it's always been."

"But what if I don't want that" Valerie shouted without realizing it and that's when Issei twitched.

"Unbelievable. You actually fell in love with me" Issei groaned.

Valerie had a huge blush on her face since the truth was out, "Yeah the secrets out. I fell in love with my rival and I hate watching him sleep around."

"Join the club" Issei sighed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Valerie said indignantly.

"You aren't the first person who has actually fallen in love with me during my time as Hottie Magnet Hyoudou and you won't be the last. Good grief this is a pain." Issei groaned.

"You ass. Here I am confessing my feelings and you almost seem annoyed by it." Valerie exclaimed. It was shocking that Issei was so nonchalant about her confession.

"What do you want me to do Valerie. The moment I became Hottie Magnet Hyoudou any chance of a conventional relationship vanished." Issei growled in frustration.

"I know that Issei. I know it's casual, but it still sucks. When I was with you, I wasn't Valerie Lucifer the White Dragon Empress. Hell, I wasn't Valerie Lucifer, the daughter of a freaking Super Devil. I was simply Valerie Lucifer, regular girl. I craved those moments of peace when I could ignore all the supernatural bullshit." Valerie said as tears formed on her face. Her relationship with Issei was one of the few moments she actually felt normal and it sucked.

Issei simply walked over to Valerie and wiped the tears off her face before sitting down next to her, "We can still have those moments Valerie."

Valerie looked up at Issei and it was hard to miss the sorrow in her voice, "But when Issei. Once this week is over, I won't get a chance for anything for at least a few months because of your damn schedule."

"Yes, but right now we're sharing a hotel room. I haven't heard anything from Momo yet, which means we can have some fun once I get back from the Sitri. Le Fay did say this was only to hold me over until tonight" Issei chuckled.

Valerie couldn't help but smile since he had a twisted point, "You've got a point Issei and like Le Fay said you're going to be blue balled after being unable to do anything to Sona's peerage."

"Which means, I'll need a girl with a lot of stamina to help me cope" Issei said cheekily.

"I think I know a girl who could help." Valerie replied with a smile.

"I can't wait to meet her." Issei said happily. The dome picked that time to fade revealing a smiling Le Fay Bikou and Arthur standing in front of them.

"Did you guys work out your issues?" Bikou smiled.

"We did" Valerie smiled.

"Good because thanks to this I missed out on some Issei time." Le Fay pouted ignoring the fact she was the one who did it.

"Then how about I make it up to you tonight Le Fay." Valerie smiled causing Le Fay's eyes to widen.

"What happened in there" Le Fay gasped.

"We worked out our issues." Valerie said nonchalantly. Issei simply smiled and moved to leave the train since they arrived at Sona's territory at last.

(Scene Skip)

"Very nice" Issei smiled as the group stood in front of the Sitri Mansion. The large mansion reminded Issei of a medieval castle without the moat or drawbridge with two large statues of mermaids above small ponds in front of it.

"Yeah it's something else." Bikou smiled.

Issei would've said something else but the door opened, and a woman walked out. Appearance wise she was Serafall but about 15 years older and lacking the baby fat in her face with her black hair framing her body. She was wearing a long V-neck dress that showed off a massive bust, that was a good two cup sizes higher than even Akeno. "Hello everyone, my name is Mei Sitri and welcome to my home."

"It's an honor to be here Lady Sitri" Issei replied politely before bowing in front of her

"So, you're the infamous Red Dragon Emperor" Mei said calmly.

"Yes I am. I'm sure you've heard many things about me from your daughter and her peerage." Issei smiled.

"Yes I have. Please come this way because everyone is waiting" Mei replied politely.

"Of course" Valerie interjected knowing that Issei was not a fan of the Sitri matriarch. The group walked into the mansion and Issei had to admit he was impressed by what he saw. They were ultimately led to a large room where the Sitri peerage was waiting. Most of them were in their uniforms with the exception of Sona who was in spaghetti strap dress that went down to her knees with a pair of blue gloves. "Welcome to my home Master Hyoudou" Sona said in a demure voice.

"Who are you and what have you done with Sona Sitri" Issei chuckled. It was obvious that Sona wasn't used to such an outfit and Issei was taking the chance to tease her.

"Watch it Hyoudou" Saji yelled out just to be smacked on the head by Momo.

"Forgive my interruption, but Master Hyoudou isn't the type for such formal things milady." Momo said calmly.

"I see. Well at any rate Mister Hyoudou is a candidate to be my darling Sona's fiancée. Perhaps he should get used to such things." Mei Sitri replied.

Issei rolled his eyes briefly but decided to play along, "Forgive my rudeness Lady Sitri I simply wasn't used to seeing this side of you." Issei smiled before walking over to Sona.

"Of course." Sona replied and reached out her right hand which Issei promptly grabbed but instead of planting a kiss on her hand, he pulled her into his frame arms something Sona accepted without any hesitation.

"We'll have to talk later my lovely Sona." Issei smiled deciding to turn on the charm.

"Oh my" Mei Sitri gasped not expecting that.

"O-Of course" Sona stuttered before Issei let her go.

"Tsubasa do you mind taking Mister Hyoudou on a tour of the home. Meet us in the training area afterwards" Mei spoke up.

Most of the group was surprised by that, but Tsubasa didn't hesitate, "Of course Milady." Tsubasa said calmly before focusing on Issei.

"Shall we" Issei smiled.

"Of course." Tsubasa replied and they left the others to do the tour.

(Scene Skip)

The tour went on without much conversation between Issei and Tsubasa and it was sort of uncomfortable if anything. "Um I'm sorry Issei." Tsubasa spoke up finally breaking the silence.

"For what?" Issei wondered.

"I'm sure you would rather have Momo or one of the others show you around." Tsubasa said bashfully.

"It's fine. To be honest, if Sona's mother chose anybody other than you, I'd be disappointed." Issei admitted.

"Why's that?" Tsubasa wondered.

"Momo Reya Karlamine or Xuelan would've definitely used the tour as an excuse for a quickie, particularly Karlamine and Xuelan since they're used to Riser having sex with them in the middle of their home. Tsubaki is a toss-up on that also. Ruruko is out because she's too nervous" Issei said bluntly.

Tsubasa was caught off guard by that, "What about Saji?"

"Saji wouldn't be able to do the job because he hates me, and Sona's mother wouldn't want any stupid drama" Issei smiled.

"In other words, I'm the only one that could reasonably do a tour with you because you wouldn't sleep with me." Tsubasa sighed.

Issei was pleasantly surprised by the response, "Who said I wouldn't sleep with you Tsubasa" Issei replied.

"But you just said."

"What I said was that you're a safe bet as far as Sona's mother was concerned. I'd have no problem sleeping with you if you wanted, but you haven't made any desires known up until now." Issei shrugged.

"I see" Tsubasa blushed not expecting this. She was a taller woman and not very busty compared to the others, so she thought she didn't have a chance.

"Based on that blush I'd say you're interested so why don't we finish the tour and you can tell Momo that you want in on my next student council orgy." Issei smiled.

"Okay" Tsubasa replied happily.

"Excellent." Issei smiled and the tour continued. Once again, everything was coming up Issei and he didn't need to do a thing.

(Scene Skip)

The tour came to an end when Issei and Tsubasa made their way to a large open area where the rest of Sona's peerage her mother and Valerie's team were waiting.

"I guess it's time for training huh" Issei smiled.

"Yes is it is. If you don't mind, I'd like to see a demonstration of your power." Mei Sitri said calmly.

"What did you have in mind?"

"I understand that my daughter's pawn has a dragon king Vritra sealed inside of him and we've recently been working on his sacred gear. I'm curious how the Red Dragon Emperor compares."

Issei was slightly caught off guard since he figured she would know that Saji wasn't a match for him, "If he's up for a spar I'm okay with that" Issei said calmly hiding a vicious grin.

"Umm mother perhaps that can wait until later" Sona said nervously. She could tell that this was a bad idea due to Issei's personality and Saji was no match for him.

"I don't see why we have to wait." Mei replied.

"Don't worry President, I'll show this guy what I can do." Saji said confidently.

"Sounds good but to make it a fair fight how about we don't use our sacred gears." Issei suggested causing Saji to smile.

"Scared Hyoudou" Saji taunted.

"I'm doing it because I don't want to destroy you too quickly. It wouldn't be much of a spar otherwise." Issei smiled as he walked into. He would destroy him anyway, but this would make it a somewhat fair fight. He was actually embarrassed that Saji forgot what he did to his shoulder only a few weeks ago.

"Is that so" Mei wondered.

"I'll be fine" Saji smiled and the battle was on.

Issei and Saji walked into the middle of the open area and stood about 5 feet apart from another with Sona acting as referee, "Last chance Hyoudou" Saji said cockily.

Issei deadpanned, "Spare me."

"Battle begin" Sona shouted trying to play a proper neutral. Then again, Saji didn't stand a chance. She knew it, he knew it, and her watching peerage knew it.

Saji made the first move running at Issei who stood there ready to go and not even taking a stance, "Take this Hyoudou" Saji shouted aiming to punch him in the stomach. Everyone watched the punch connect but Issei barely flinched.

"That it" Issei said calmly as he stared him down.

"What the" Saji gasped backing off.

"Please tell me you can do better" Issei said flatly.

"Why you" Saji shouted aiming a roundhouse kick at his right side once again Issei took the attack.

"That all" Issei deadpanned. He couldn't believe that even with devil training Saji was this weak.

"I'm not done" Saji shouted as he backed up and began attacking again. Sadly, the result remained the same to the dismay of the watching group.

'I knew the gap between Issei and Saji was vast but holy crap' Momo thought to herself as she watched the spar. At each turn Saji attacked Issei and he barely reacted.

"Impossible. He's just a human." Sona's mother gasped and nobody could blame her.

"Oh, this is nothing" Xuelan smiled recalling what she saw at the hot springs.

"What do you mean Xuelan" Mei Sitri wondered.

"Issei has incredible power but he holds it back." Xuelan explained and the current head of the Sitri had to wonder.

"Hold it" Mei shouted and the two stopped.

"is everything alright ma'am" Saji wondered.

"Yes, but I'd like to ask the Red Dragon Emperor something."

"What is it milady?" Issei asked calmly. He heard Xuelan's words and knew exactly what was coming.

"Show me your real power. I wish to see what the man my Sona seems to desire can really do." Mei ordered.

Issei smiled before doing a small stretch, "Let me warn you milady. This is just a taste of what I can do." Issei smiled as he allowed his power to flow freely again.

'Just as amazing as last time.' Valerie smiled as she recalled the day, she saw what he could really do. Karlamine and Xuelan had similar reactions but the Sitri peerage was in disbelief.

'How the hell is Issei this strong. He spends all his time having sex.' Momo thought to herself. She was so immersed in handling Issei's love life that she forgot that Issei dominated Riser Phenex and fought with Valerie against Kokabiel.

As Issei finally stopped allowing his power to flow as Saji looked on in shock.

"How!" Saji gasped.

"I've had my sacred gear for a long time Saji and despite my other activities I'm still more than capable as a fighter" Issei smiled.

"Yes you are, and it would seem that I need to have a talk with my daughter." Mei Sitri smiled. Issei's strength was an unexpected surprise.

"So, we were brought here for nothing huh?" Bikou sighed. The original plan was for Issei to fight Saji and after that was done train with the group some more.

Sona frowned because she did want her team to do the training session especially since Valerie and her group came all this way, "Tsubaki please take over the training session." Sona ordered.

"Of course." Tsubaki replied and everyone separated and continued training while Sona spoke with her mother.

(Scene Skip)

After training was over the group relaxed in a heated outdoor bath with the guys going in first. The girls were perfectly okay with Issei joining them, but he declined out of respect for Ruruko and Tsubasa although he was pretty sure Tsubasa wouldn't have cared. "Nothing like a nice warm bath." Issei smiled as he relaxed in a large bathhouse for the Sitri household.

"Yeah, but it's usually more fun with a lovely girl than a bunch of dudes." Bikou chuckled.

"I should be more insulted by that but I'm not" Issei smiled.

"Any women in mind Bikou." Arthur smiled.

"A few come to mind." Bikou smiled.

"You mean like Kuroka or perhaps Lady Valerie." Arthur said cheekily.

"Damn it Arthur." Bikou complained.

"Something I should know about" Issei said with amusement in his voice.

Bikou was caught and considering Issei's personality he might appreciate the story, "the first time I met her was at a bar I frequented for information. I tried to pick her up and she agreed only if I could beat her in a spar. She kicked my ass and told me that she was gathering a team and asked me to join. I figured I'd do it since she was strong, and I could get stronger." Bikou said shamefully.

"Ever try to get a rematch." Issei grinned.

"I met Kuroka and the rest was history" Bikou smiled.

"Makes sense" Issei chuckled. The missing member of their team was a beauty in her own right and Issei couldn't blame Bikou for falling for her.

"Enough about my lady issues. Why'd you turn down that group bath when pretty much all the girls want to sleep with you." Bikou asked hoping to change the subject.

"Figured I'd bond with you guys. I only see Bikou through video games and I don't see Arthur at all." It was a half-truth since he had his reasons for turning the girls down, but he also did want to have genuine male friends. Matsuda and Motohama were his protégé and Azazel was the cool Uncle of sorts, but he didn't have many male friends due to stealing most of the girls for himself.

"So, what do you want to know about me Red Dragon?" Arthur wondered.

"Call me Issei, I hate being referred to by my sacred gear." Issei shrugged.

"Very well. What do you want to know Issei?" Arthur smiled.

"Why did you join Valerie in the first place. We heard Bikou's story but what's yours" Issei wondered.

"Valerie and I both have issues with our families. In my case, they didn't approve of the woman I loved. I left and Le Fay followed because she knew without me, she would be put into an uncomfortable marriage."

"So arranged marriages are a supernatural thing huh?" Issei groaned having dealt with Rias's marriage.

"Yes, but you need to understand why they do it?" Arthur said calmly.

"I've always understood WHY they do it, I just think it's stupid. Supernatural beings can live forever, but they always want to do things quickly."

"It's because just as we can live forever. We can die in an instant." Arthur reminded him.

"In times of war yes, but in times of peace not so much." Issei countered.

"Dude we're in a constant war even if it isn't an active one. Nobody wants to really light the match, but the sparks are there. That Khaos Brigade group is proof of that." Bikou reminded him.

"True" Issei groaned. The supernatural world was constantly under threat and this was no different.

"Tell me something Issei, do you regret getting your sacred gear." Arthur wondered.

Issei smiled and activated his sacred gear keeping his arm out of the water, "That's a tricky thing to answer. I don't regret getting this power one bit, but I do wonder at times what would've happened if Irina and her family hadn't reached out to me as a kid and helped me develop my power."

"What do you mean?" Bikou wondered since that was an interesting thing to think about.

"Most of the power you saw today was cultivated during my time with Irina as a child and during a brief period after Irina left where I pushed myself to train out of rage. If Irina never reached out in the first place, I'd probably never have discovered this power and learned about the supernatural." Issei explained.

"Do you think you'd still go to Kuoh." Bikou wondered.

"Probably, I was always a pervert but most of the perverted energy went into training as a kid."

"Which means that you'd run into everyone again but instead of being Hottie Magnet Hyoudou you'd probably be some infamous pervert." Bikou chuckled.

"Makes sense." Issei shrugged.

"It makes you wonder." Arthur said whimsically.

"You mean what Issei Hyoudou would be without everything that happened. It's a nice thought, but I need to focus on what is instead of what could've been."

"Sounds good to me." Bikou smiled and the guys stopped talking after that. The rest of day 1 at the Sitri estate was a peaceful affair and now it was time to return to Lucifaad.

(Scene Skip)

The trip back to the hotel was a surprisingly quiet affair and when they arrived Valerie said that he should go back first. Considering Valerie promised to 'make things up' with Le Fay that meant one thing. "Here we go" Issei smiled as he relaxed in his room in his classic white shirt and brown shorts.

"Which will it be? Threesome or alone." Ddraig chuckled out loud.

"My guess is alone. If Valerie's accepted that I'm going to sleep with Le Fay, she probably wants her to have a first time to herself."

"And what about Tsubasa."

"I'll worry about that later." Issei chuckled. The real reason he turned down bathing with the girls was that he had a 100% chance of an orgy happening if they weren't supervised. He wanted Le Fay and Tsubasa to have good first times as opposed to it happening in the midst of an orgies which were chaotic affairs to say the least. Another ten minutes passed until the door opened to his hotel room.

"Issei where are you" Le Fay said with a sultry voice.

"I'm in the bedroom. Are you alone?" Issei questioned

"I am, and you know why I'm here" Le Fay replied happily.

"I do and I can't wait" Issei replied with a smile. Moments later Le Fay walked into the bedroom dressed in the Kuoh uniform without the shoulder cape or corset. It emphasized her breasts fantastically and Issei knew she would be a hit once she joined the campus.

"What do you think" Le Fay smiled before giving it a twirl showing off a pair of blue panties and a heart shaped ass.

"I think it looks absolutely beautiful on you." Issei smiled as he got up and walked towards Le Fay with a smile on his face and desire in his eyes.

"Thank you. During our bath, Momo told me that I'd be joining Kuoh Academy after vacation along with officially accepting me as a member of your website." Momo revealed.

Issei was pleased with the news and decided to confirm what both already knew, "And tonight, like most nights on this vacation, happen to be free nights. Which means I can have fun with whoever I want" Issei replied with a smile as he cupped her face and leaned in to kiss the blonde magician.

"Lucky me" Le Fay smiled as their lips connected.


Issei and Le Fay had a simple kiss, and although a part of Issei wanted to dominate the magician he was willing to let her dictate the pace this time around. When Le Fay tried to add tongue, Issei gladly parted lips and allowed her to sneak her tongue in. The soft clash of tongues lasted for about a minute before Le Fay pulled away. "How was your first kiss Le Fay." Issei smiled.

"It was nice" Le Fay muttered. Admittedly, she expected something much more intense but her first kiss was pleasant.

"Well we're just getting started." Issei smiled as he took her by the hand and led her to the bed. Le Fay prepared herself to be tossed onto the bed, but instead Issei sat on the bed calmly and pulled her between his legs wrapping his arms around her waist and holding her close to him.

"Issei? What's going on. This is…" Le Fay wondered. She expected Issei to be ruthless and aggressive, but this was nothing like.

"Light. Soft. I know" Issei smiled.

"Why" Le Fay questioned.

"Because it's what you really want." Issei answered.

"That's not true! I don't want you to treat me like glass. I want you to FUCK me." Le Fay insisted.

"Is that so" Issei smiled before taking his hands off her waist and moving them towards the buttons of her shirt slowly and carefully.

"Issei… stop teasing." Le Fay pouted.

"I don't think I will." Issei smiled as he began planting small kisses on Le Fay's cheek as he undid the top of her uniform revealing the creamy flesh below little by little.

"Issei!" Le Fay moaned enjoying the soft touch.

"Just relax and enjoy Le Fay." Issei smiled as he pulled her top of completely leaving Le Fay in a blue bra. Not done quite yet with the mage, Issei took off the bra with practiced ease before grabbing her ample breasts and groping them shamelessly.

"Issei…" Le Fay moaned at the new sensation.

"You have lovely breasts Le Fay. I'm going to enjoy using them more down the road." Issei smiled continuing to tease her breasts flicking her nipples with his fingers.

"Issei!" Le Fay moaned again as her body continued to give in to her touches. This simple groping was causing sensation's she admittedly never felt before. It was a different pleasure from when she was blowing him on the rain.

"Silly girl. You probably haven't masturbated once since you stopped being Little Fay. Big mistake" Issei smiled.

"Wha... Nghh!" Le Fay moaned as he pinched her nipples causing a shudder to come through her body.

Issei stopped his groping for a second so he could take things to the next level, "Take off your skirt" Issei instructed.

"Right" Le Fay muttered still in a bit of a haze. With a hungry Issei watching, Le Fay took off the skirt revealing her panties which had a small wet patch below her crotch.

"Looks like you were enjoying what I did to your breasts. Let's do something else" Issei smiled as he pulled her back to him before leaning down and licking her breasts with his tongue.

"Yes! They're… very sensitive." Le Fay revealed.

"I can see that. Based on how wet you are I don't even need to prep you too much." Issei smiled his assault on her breasts continuing. Each nipple was thoroughly teased by Issei's tongue as Le Fay moaned her approval.

'This… is so good.' Le Fay thought to herself. The feeling of Issei's tongue against her breasts was incredible and she was pretty sure she'd cum soon if Issei continued. Unfortunately for her, Issei stopped when she was on the verge of cumming and stood up. "Why?" Le Fay pleaded wanting more from Issei.

"Now it's your turn Le Fay use those wonderfully sensitive breasts of yours to make me" Issei smiled as he got up and slid off his shorts and boxers revealing his member at last.

Seeing his massive member reminded her of the fact she didn't finish Issei off earlier, "Okay" Le Fay said with a haze as she hunched in front of him and wrapped her breasts around his prick and began moving.

"Not bad Le Fay" Issei smiled. It was a good job for an amateur and in due time she'd become an expert but at this rate Issei would never come.

"You say that, but you're not reacting at all." Le Fay pouted. Even in the first few minutes it was clear that Le Fay was having no effect.

Issei leaned down and kissed her forehead, "Do you know how many different boobjobs I've enjoyed over the years. Feeling bare breasts against my prick is second nature at this point." Issei smiled.

"Then… why did you make me do it." Le Fay wondered.

"Because although my body doesn't react, I still enjoy it." Issei teased.

"Jerk" Le Fay pouted as she got up and walked around him.

"Something wrong" Issei said with a smile as Le Fay got onto the bed and laid down.

"Yes. You're not fucking me Issei. With the others you would've already been balls deep in them and fucking them senseless." Le Fay frowned as she slid her panties off revealing her drenched snatch and spread her pussy for him. "Enough games. Enough antics. FUCK ME!" Le Fay said with frustration. Issei made her go through all these hoops to get to this point and now it was here, and he wasn't giving her what she wanted. She didn't want warm and gentle. She wanted dominating.

Issei merely smiled before pulling off his shirt and tossing it to the side before crawling onto the bed, "I had my reasons for doing so but since you're getting impatient, I'll give you what you want." Issei smiled as he put his hand on her hips before lining up with her snatch ready to claim her virginity as his.

"That's right Issei fuck ME!" Le Fay screamed as he slammed into her with one swift thrust passing by her non-existent hymen and scraping the edge of her womb in an instant.

"Better" Issei said with a teasing smile.

"Give me a second you big dicked jerk." Le Fay pouted. Issei was huge and like he said she was still getting used to being her old self.

"Alright" Issei smiled taking a second to enjoy the feeling of being inside Le Fay and to lower his overwhelming defenses which were up before hence why Le Fay's breasts didn't affect him. After a minute or so Le Fay looked up at Issei and smiled.

"I'm ready." Le Fay said warmly

"Alright but the kiddie gloves are off" Issei smiled as he began moving inside her at a relatively quick speed.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! So good!" Le Fay cried out as he pummeled her insides. This was what she was hoping for before and now she was getting it.

"How does it feel to lose your virginity to me." Issei smiled happily.

"Good! It feels so GOOD!" Le Fay cried out. This was pure pleasure and Le Fay was relishing the opportunity. If this was what the other girls enjoyed, she would make sure to get this as much as she could.

"Then how about I make you feel even better." Issei smiled and before Le Fay could ask how, Issei bent down and began licking her nipples again.

"AH!" Le Fay screamed the new sensation sending shockwaves through her body.

"How's this. Is this what you wanted." Issei smiled never slowing his thrusts.

"Yes! This is what I wanted! This is what I needed!" Le Fay cried out as Issei pummeled her body. His assault was relentless and whether it was his dick slamming into her with each thrust or Issei's tongue taunting her nipples she was feeling pleasure like no other.

"Then scream for me Le Fay. Tell everyone in this hotel that you're mine."

"Yes! I'm the woman of the Red Dragon Emperor. The women of Issei Hyoudou!" Le Fay cried out her face slowly morphing into an ahegao from Issei's relentless assault.

"That's right Le Fay. You are my woman now. Nobody can touch you, but me!" Issei growled.

"Yes! Yes! YESSS!" Le Fay screamed as her first orgasm arrived, coating Issei's dick with her fluids.

Issei was pleased to see Le Fay get her first orgasm but he was far from done with the young witch. Pulling out briefly he grabbed Le Fay and flipped her over before pulling her ass into the air as her breasts pressed against the bed.

"What… now." Le Fay muttered slowly recovering from her first orgasm and wondering what was going to happen next.

"Now I'm going to try a fun little position." Issei smiled as he took the chance to fondle her ass a bit.

"Do it. Make sure that nobody but you can please me" Le Fay moaned wanting to see what Issei had planned. Le Fay was nearly at her limit already, but she knew Issei hadn't come yet. She would do whatever it took to survive until Issei came and if she was broken for it. So be it.

"That's the plan" Issei smiled as he slid into her again and started moving at a quick speed from the start.

"Mhmm! Keep… going!" Le Fay moaned. Thanks to the new position Issei's massive dick was finally able to pierce her womb as her hardened nipples rubbed against the bed. It didn't take long before Le Fay was back to being the same mess she was before.

"You're so tight Le Fay. I love it and I can't wait to paint your womb with my seed." Issei said in a loving tone.

"Yes! Fuck me harder Issei! Break me if you have to! I want to take it all!" Le Fay yelled even more. She knew it was insane to test Issei, but she wanted this. She wanted Issei to make her his woman the way he had Valerie. The way he had Irina.

"Are you sure" Issei smiled sending a particularly vicious thrust her way.

"YES!" Le Fay screamed enjoying the thrust immensely.

"Then get ready Le Fay." Issei smiled as he increased his pace again.

"Give it to me Issei. Fuck me as hard as you can" Le Fay pleaded. She was barely hanging in with only her determination keeping her conscious. Between her body getting used to being her actual self again and Issei's skilled thrusts she was experiencing a sexual frenzy and there was only one way it was going to end.

"Alright" Issei replied with a vicious grin as his pace increased even more.

As Issei pounded her insides Le Fay was truly being broken and she loved it, "This. This is unreal. How can… the others… survive this." Le Fay moaned with pleasure.

"They can't Le Fay. Many girls have wondered what it's like to be with Hottie Magnet Hyoudou after hearing about me from friends and when their chance arrives, I leave them the same drooling mess I'm leaving you. Girls wait weeks to see me again because I make them experience something nobody else can and I do it without trying. You're just the latest girl to experience what I can do." Issei smiled continuing to pound her relentlessly.

"Issei! Issei! Issei!" Le Fay screamed out. Her body was broken at this point with mini orgasms hitting her with every thrust and she wouldn't have it any other way.

"You've done well Le Fay and now I'm going to cum inside you." Issei smiled.

"Do it Issei. Mark me as your woman forever! Make sure my body never forgets you!" Le Fay cried out.

Issei picked up speed for one final blast knowing Le Fay wouldn't last much longer, "Alright Le Fay. Here. We. GO!" Issei roared as he sent his load into her pussy at last.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Le Fay roared as Issei's load flooded her womb and her body collapsed barely holding on.

"Well done Le Fay." Issei smiled as he pulled out of her with his member coated with a combination of love juices and semen and let go of her rear.

"That was… amazing." Le Fay mumbled before fainting as her body crumbled onto the bed. This was everything she wanted and more.


Issei smiled as he looked over the sleeping Le Fay, "Not bad for your first time Le Fay." Issei smiled before bending down to kiss her on the cheek.

"Another one for you, partner." Ddraig spoke out.

"Yes, but I'm not done." Issei smiled. Focusing his magic, he created a clone that would help deal with the elephant in the room or rather, the White Dragon outside of it. Valerie was never going to leave him alone with Le Fay. She would allow her a chance to enjoy her first time, but she knew Issei well enough to know she wouldn't last beyond one round.

"So am I on cuddle duty or am I going to have fun with our roommate whose been waiting outside." The clone smiled aware.

"You get to enjoy our roommate. Le Fay was at her limit, but she still pushed forward. I think that deserves a reward." Issei smiled.

"Got it boss and thank you" the clone smiled before walking outside.

With Valerie taken care of, Issei went over to the bathroom and cleaned off his cock before returning to cuddle with an exhausted Le Fay. His third day in the Underworld came to an end with the real Issei being serenaded by the sound of pleasure coming from his rival outside as his newest lover slept next to him.

(Scene Skip)

For his second day with the Sitri, Issei decided to go a bit more casual wearing a dark red zip up jacket with two pockets on the side that was currently open to reveal a black t-shirt with a red dragon in the middle. He was actually running late thanks to a morning threesome with Valerie and Le Fay; not that he was complaining.

When he arrived at the track where the train was normally waiting, he discovered that the train wasn't there yet, which struck him as odd, "Sorry for the confusion Mr. Hyoudou, but you'll be accompanied by two other people on your trip to the Sitri territory." The man explained.

"Is that so" Issei said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes. The two people are being picked up before you, so they'll be on the train when you arrive."

"Alright." Issei replied. It was a bit odd, but it wasn't a big deal.

"Any guesses partner." Ddraig wondered.

"No but it should be interesting regardless" Issei said calmly.

Ten minutes later, the train arrived and Issei was finally able to walk in. Going into the first of the two cars, he was pleasantly surprised to see Ravel Phenex sitting on one of the chairs at the far end of the room. She was wearing a long pink dress with white frills and a magenta bow. Completing the outfit was a pair of black stockings and white shoes. 'So much for a peaceful trip up.' Issei thought to himself well aware that this train trip would be just like the others.

Noticing his presence, Ravel ignored any level of decorum and shouted, "Issei!" before using her wings to fly into his arms.

"It's been a while Ravel did you miss me" Issei smiled cupping her rear as a way of greeting her.

Ravel rolled her eyes before closing the already short distance between the two and pecking him on the lips, "Does that answer your question." Ravel smiled as she wrapped her legs around his waist before dispelling her wings.

"It does, and we have some catching up to do" Issei smiled as he returned Ravel's kiss from before. Unlike Ravel's kiss, Issei was determined to make it last and Issei teased her lips with his tongue, something Ravel was perfectly okay with as her lips parted to give him permission to do more and he promptly slid his tongue inside. As they clashed tongues, Issei carried Ravel over the second couch before letting go of Ravel just in front of the table so they could comfortably strip.

"Yes we do. It's a shame we only have an hour until we arrive at Sona's territory." Ravel smiled as she undid her dress and slid it to the ground revealing that she was wearing only a set of crimson panties which quickly went off as well.

Issei snapped his fingers to create the barrier that would ensure the other party didn't have to listen to them have sex, "That should be more than enough time to catch up." Issei smiled as he began to strip himself ready to enjoy yet another one of his devil lovers. It was truly good to be Issei.