Chapter 27

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(Gremory Train)

"Ahh! I'm about to cum." Ravel Phenex moaned as Issei hammered her from behind. A naked Ravel currently had her hands against the side of the train with her feet on the floor as Issei held her breasts and slammed into her from behind. All around their little area were traces of cum as Ravel made up for lost time with the lustful dragon.

"Here we go Ravel. Hopefully you've got room in there for one more load." Issei smiled having already sent 2 loads into her pussy and one into her ass.

"Always" Ravel smiled as she felt her release arriving yet again.

"Then Here. We. Go." Issei smiled sending another load into her pussy.

"YES!" Ravel screamed as she sprayed even more of her juices onto the floor.

"That was fun" Issei smiled as he pulled out of Ravel knowing they were done for now. Issei's cock was glazed in fluids something Ravel noticed as she turned to face Issei. It was only due to her own stamina training on the side that she wasn't out for the count and now it was time to reap the reward.

"Yes it was, now let me clean you up. Need to make you presentable for Sona." Ravel smiled before hunching down and performing a cleanup blowjob.

"Thanks Ravel" Issei smiled petting her head as she sucked him off.

"Good grief. How much sex does one guy need?" a voice that Issei and Ravel both knew very well groaned in annoyance interrupting the cleanup blowjob.

'Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Serafall was the other person' Issei cursed internally as Serafall Leviathan walked into the room with her magical girl outfit on.

Ravel stared at the new presence in shock and quickly pulled away from Issei before standing up and facing their leader, "I can explain" Ravel said in a mix of nervousness and embarrassment before remembering she was naked and attempted to hide her breasts and pussy.

"It's too late to hide yourself Ravel. I just saw you with his dick in your mouth." Serafall said flatly. The fact she had a straight face despite everything was actually impressive.

"Sorry!" Ravel said with a massive blush on her face. To be seen mid-coitus by a Maou wasn't exactly pleasant and Ravel had a skew of emotions running through her mind.

"Just get dressed." Serafall groaned.

Issei and Ravel took a few minutes to get dressed though Ravel took far less time than Issei who had no problem showing off his cock to Serafall as he got his clothes back on. A now dressed Issei and Ravel stood in front of Serafall, the latter still embarrassed at being seen like she was. "So, did you enjoy the show Serafall and I'm not referring to just now?" Issei smiled.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" Serafall said with a trained smile.

"Issei, she's one of the most powerful people in the devil community. You need to show her some respect" Ravel lectured.

"But I'm not a devil Ravel, I'm just a stupidly powerful human." Issei reminded her.

"Emphasis on stupid." Serafall smirked.

"I'm smart enough to know that you had absolutely perfect timing Lady Leviathan. Ravel and I were having sex behind a privacy barrier. How convenient that you not only walk through the barrier but did so just as I was finished with Ravel." Issei replied calmly.

"At the same time, you're dumb enough to have sex on the way to see my sister with somebody completely different. How do you think my mother will react when she smells another girl on you?"

"She's got a point Issei. We still smell like sex and considering what's going on between you and Sona that won't look good for you." Ravel admitted.

"I'll be fine" Issei shrugged. His little display of power yesterday caught Sona's mother off guard, and he had a feeling today was going to be a bit different from.

"Are you sure?" Ravel asked nervously.

"Don't worry about it Ravel. I happen to know a spell to help clean everyone up so you two don't smell like a brothel." Serafall smiled before snapping her fingers and cleaning up the room. It was the exact same spell Valerie learned from Penemue which meant not only was the room clean, but so were Issei and Ravel.

"Thank you, Lady Leviathan" Ravel smiled in relief.

"Not bad Milky" Issei smirked.

"I did it for Sona not you. How she fell for a pervert like you is anybody's guess" Serafall huffed.

Issei wanted to reply buy he noticed they were starting to descend into Sitri territory and decided to give Serafall a break, "Your guess is as good as mine." Issei smiled wondering what today's trip to the Sitri would bring. If the start was any indication, he was definitely going to enjoy himself.

(Sitri Territory)

A good portion of the Sitri peerage sat in front of the gates to the Sitri home waiting for Issei to arrive. Sona wore the same dress as yesterday, but the rest of her peerage looked drastically different. Xuelan was wearing a blue sleeveless qipao style blouse with white trim, black shorts that barely went below her rear, black knee socks, and what looked to be black slippers. Karlamine chose a white shirt that barely contained her massive breasts and a grey skirt along with white socks and what looked to be a small pair of silver boots. Momo chose a silver halter top that emphasized her breasts with blue shorts while Reya chose a purple spaghetti strap top that showed off her breasts with a blue frilled skirt. Even Tsubasa was dressed in black sports shirt that highlighted her athletic frame and black knee length shorts. Tsubaki had a 'sexy version' of the classic miko outfit with a short sleeved hakama top with the top few buttons off to show off her breasts and a red skirt that was knee length instead of going all the way down. Saji and Ruruko weren't there to greet Issei since Saji hated Issei and he wasn't interested in Ruruko. 'What a difference a day makes' Sona thought to herself as she recalled how this craziness came to be.


After he showed off his power, Sona's mother dragged her into her private study. "So mother, what is it now." Sona groaned.

"The Red Dragon Emperor is unattached correct." Sona's mother said eagerly.

"Yes but."

"I don't care about buts Sona. That man is extraordinarily powerful for a human. If we can convince him to become a devil and join with you, we'll be set for life." Mei Sitri said with a massive grin.

'You've gotta be kidding me.' Sona thought to herself. One glance at her power and her mother's tune took a completely turn. "So, what would you have me do?"

"Seduce him obviously. He's sleeping with most of your peerage anyway so it's simply a matter of using them as an offering. Well along with yourself."

"In case you've forgotten, I can't have proper sex with him thanks to your spell." Sona said angrily. She wasn't against having anal but proper sex was still far better.

"I'm sure you've done anal once or twice but alright" Mei Sitri smiled before snapping her fingers.

Sona was stunned as the oppressive weight around her pussy faded, "You got rid of the spell."

"Yes I did. You need to seduce him as soon as possible and bring him to our side. Make him yours Sona and do what you have to do." Mei instructed.

"I'll do my best Mom." Sona sighed. This was going to be interesting.

Flashback end

"I still can't believe that your mother changed tunes so easily. I doubt even Issei could've planned this." Momo smiled. During breakfast Sona told her peerage about the conversation with her mother and the 'order' to seduce Issei. The fact she could join in properly helped make it a little less irritating, but the 180 didn't sit well with her.

"Don't underestimate him. I wouldn't be surprised if Issei knew that possibility existed and showed off on purpose." Xuelan replied.

"I'm not so sure." Sona dismissed. Issei was very good about showing off his sexual prowess, but they really hadn't seen him fight. His first solution to the chastity issue was anal which meant he didn't think his power was enough or that he didn't consider using it to help things along.

"Well it doesn't matter now. Lady Ravel probably helped him warm up which means when he sees us, he'll be raring to go." Karlamine smiled.

"We'll see" Momo replied unsure of what to think of the bizarre change. Moments later the carriage that was bringing Issei and Ravel appeared, and the girls looked on eagerly hoping that this would be a different day. Unfortunately, the first person who appeared from the carriage wasn't Issei or Ravel, but Serafall Leviathan.

'Oh boy' Sona thought to herself as her sister appeared followed by Ravel and Issei. "Welcome to the Sitri home." Sona said calmly unsure of who to say hello to first.

Serafall merely glanced at the girls and frowned before staring at Issei, "What did you do?"

"I have no idea why they're dressed like this." Issei shrugged. He wasn't against it, but he certainly didn't suggest it.

"How about we come inside and find a nice place to sit and chat." Sona suggested hoping to deal with the awkward situation as peacefully as possible

"Sounds good to me." Serafall smiled.

"Same with me and before anybody asks, nobody is sitting on my lap." Issei said firmly.

"Of course" Sona replied to the annoyance of a few of the girls. They moved to a simple parlor with a few chairs and couch with room for five people. Sona took the first chair with Tsubaki flanking her but to her annoyance her sister took the second chair leaving the couch for Issei, something he noticed and realized was going to be problem.

"Why don't I stand and let the girls sit down. That way there's no headaches." Issei said firmly.

"Agreed" Sona nodded and Reya Tsubasa Ravel Xuelan and Karlamine took the couch.

"Where will you sit Momo" Sona wondered.

"I'll stand next to Issei. In a way, I'm his queen so I should be by my king's side." Momo smiled.

"Really Momo!" Reya complained and similar complaints were felt by the other girls.

"That's ENOUGH" Sona roared losing her temper for a bit. Momo was her servant and it hurt her pride slightly to see her submit to Issei so easily. Slightly because she submitted to Issei just as easily when he wanted her to.

"Sorry Lady Sona" Reya pouted and everyone calmed down.

"So, what did I miss" Serafall said calmly trying not to twitch and the insanity going on in front of her.

"Short version or long version." Sona replied still unsure of what her sister wanted.

"Short" Serafall twitched.

"Mom saw Issei's real power and decided she wanted Issei in our corner." Sona sweatdropped.

"Seriously" Serafall deadpanned.

"I wish I was kidding." Sona sighed.

"So basically, I've got permission to screw your whole peerage again." Issei said bluntly.

Sona blushed at the blunt response, "Yes… and that includes me. Mom broke the spell when she told me to… seduce you." Sona said bashfully.

"So Issei, up for an Orgy Saturday featuring the Sitri girls." Momo smiled. It was Thursday, but that didn't matter.

Issei smiled, "Sounds good to me, but Tsubasa goes first." Issei smiled.

"Huh!?" Tsubasa spoke up not expecting that.

"So, I was right?" Momo smiled.

"Right about what?" Serafall wondered.

"Issei turned us down for a bath yesterday despite the fact he should have no problem with it. I figured the reason was that Tsubasa made her interest in Issei known and he probably didn't want to her to get caught up in an orgy for her first time. Issei's amusingly noble about that" Momo smiled. Issei was adamant about girls who are virgins having a special first time with him. She never understood it, but she and the others respected his wish.

"I see" Serafall nodded with a bit of respect. It seems Issei had some respect for women.

"Then let's stop talking and get to fucking. It was annoying having him with us and unable to do anything." Xuelan said bluntly.

Issei was certainly eager to go but he was focused on the big picture, "That's fine with me, but like you said I didn't want Tsubasa to get caught up in an orgy which means she goes first. So Tsubasa any requests" Issei smiled.

Tsubasa blushed heavily at being at put on the spot but gathered herself, "If… if it's possible I'd like to do it in the actual Red Dragon Room." Tsubasa said nervously.

"That may be a bit of a problem." Momo said nervously. Issei couldn't just use the room as he pleased. He had to call ahead and find out if it was available and since they were in the Underworld, they'd have to find a place to teleport to before meeting up with the group. Logistically it was too much to do this way.

Tsubasa frowned because she knew she'd messed up the plan for the day because they were unable to do her request. "Then how about-" Tsubasa started to say before the door to the parlor opened.

Everyone looked on in confusion as one of the maids walked in. She had white skin with light blue hair and matching eyes. Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless dark-blue Feather Dress with white trimmings, an extremely short dark blue miniskirt, a green bow around her chest with a blue sphere in the middle a translucent purple underskirt and detached white sleeves with blue and golden trimmings. She also wore thigh-high blue heeled boots over white stockings with blue trimmings.

"Aqua what are you doing here?" Sona wondered. Aqua was her mother's queen and the head maid of the household. The fact she was here and apparently listened in on the conversation was a real shock.

"I was originally supposed to guide Lady Leviathan over to Mistress Mei, but I overheard your conversation and I may be able to offer you a solution to your problem" Aqua said calmly.

"I see" Sona replied as everybody looked to Issei for guidance aside from Serafall.

"Why not. If she has a solution, I say we use it." Issei smiled.

"Alright" Sona replied.

"Then follow me." Aqua smiled as the group made their way through the mansion.

After around 10 minutes of walking they made it to the north end of the Sitri Castle and in front of a large black door. Aqua put her hand onto the door and after a small glow it opened, "Into this room mistress." Aqua said calmly and they walked into a massive room. It was an empty room with back walls which was a surprise given what they wanted right now.

"What is this room Aqua." Sona wondered.

"This is the Room of Requirement, a room that's typically for Lady Mei to use when she wants a moment to herself. You can make the room into anything you can imagine no matter what. The magic to activate it can only be used by a Sitri or a member of your mother's peerage but seeing as how you're here it will be fine."

"So, Sona can imagine the Red Dragon room and there we go." Momo smiled.

"I don't know what that room is but yes. I'll leave you girls to your work. Now come with me Lady Leviathan" Aqua smiled.

"Right" Serafall said before leaving. She wanted no part of what was coming and getting out was perfect.

With Serafall gone, there was an awkward silence as Sona tried to figure out how this works, "So all I need to do is imagine the Red Dragon Room and that's that huh." Sona said calmly before focusing her mind. With them standing there, the room became the familiar walls of the hotel and the bedroom was in front of them.

"It worked" Momo gasped looking at the very familiar bed of the Dragon room.

"Yes, but now it's decision time." Issei smiled before turning towards Tsubasa. "Do you want to go alone or do you want the others to help you." Issei said warmly. If she wanted to be alone that was fine but if she wanted an orgy, he would work with that.

"I… I want to be alone." Tsubasa said nervously. She didn't want to be compared to the others when she was naked with Issei.

"Alright" Issei smiled.

"Then we'll give you some privacy" Sona said calmly before focusing her mind again. A small partition appeared in the middle of the room leaving one portion as the bed and the other hidden.

"What's going on." Tsubasa wondered.

"The rest of us will go in here while you and Issei have your moment and when you're done, we can simply come in."

"How will you know when to join us." Issei snickered causing Tsubasa to blush.

"We'll just know" Sona smiled. The partition was one-way glass so they could watch Tsubasa be deflowered, but Sona wasn't going to say as much.

"Works for me." Issei smirked having an idea of what Sona was planning

"Now let's get out of here and leave these two alone." Momo frowned knowing that Issei probably realized what Sona was after. Well there was nothing they could do now.

Once the girls went behind the room Issei turned towards a still nervous Tsubasa with a smile, "So here we are" Issei smiled.

"Yeah" Tsubasa said nervously.

Issei frowned because despite everything Tsubasa was nervous, "Tell me what's bothering you." Issei said firmly.

"I'm not… worthy." Tsubasa said nervously.

"Huh?" Issei said in confusion.

"I'm tall and not girly at all." Tsubasa said nervously.

"So" Issei said with admitted surprise.

"How… how could you chose a girl like me."

"Quite easily actually. Especially since you have one of my favorite traits." Issei smiled.

"Huh!?" Tsubasa said in confusion.

"Irina was a major tomboy as a kid and since then I've always had a fondness for tomboys. Come to think of it, Momo is the only one of my current managers who isn't a tomboy." Issei smiled.

Over with Sona, the girls looked at Momo who smiled at the statement recalling something amusing, "Yep. Aya and Kaya are in the kendo club and Momiji used do karate but stopped going once she started to develop her body since the boys wouldn't properly fight her. Miyuki is a really good soccer player and she plays for Karasu's team during the fall."

"What about Momo. She's not a tomboy and she's a leader. What do you think of her?" Tsubasa wondered as the rest of the girls wondered that question themselves, particularly Momo.

"Let's not worry about that Tsubasa. This is all about you and I'm pretty sure the reason you wanted to have me alone is because you were worried that you wouldn't stack up to Momo and the others." Issei smiled avoiding the question.

"Right" Tsubasa frowned.

"Well that's not true and it's time for me to show you that." Issei smiled as he walked up to the tomboy and wrapped his arms around her waist ready to claim her as his own.

Tsubasa took a deep breath and smiled, "I'm ready Issei" knowing what was coming next as the two teens leaned in to kiss each other.


As Tsubasa's lips connected with Issei, the nervous tomboy seemed to finally accept the situation in front of her. She was in the Red Dragon Room with Issei Hyoudou the stud of Kuoh Academy and although it was a simple kiss, Tsubasa wanted to hold onto it and enjoy the moment for as long as possible. Ultimately, she pulled away after a minute to get some air. "Still nervous" Issei smiled.

"Yes" Tsubasa admitted.

Issei smiled back before reaching for her shirt and pulling it off with practice ease revealing a blue sports bra, "Nice" Issei smiled.

"Don't lie to me Issei." Tsubasa frowned as she attempted to hide her body from him.

"Look down and you'll see I'm not lying." Issei smiled.

Tsubasa looked down and noticed a small bulge appear, "That can't be." Tsubasa gasped.

"But it is Tsubasa. Seeing you is making me hard and it's because I can't wait to be inside you." Issei replied.

"Prove it" Tsubasa challenged. There was no way Issei was turned on by her. It just didn't make sense in her mind.

"Alright" Issei smiled and he lowered his pants to reveal his bulge which was almost hard despite Tsubasa having done nothing.

"No way!' Tsubasa gasped.

"Yes, and now it's up to you to get it all the way." Issei smiled.

Tsubasa nervously hunched down at the sight of Issei's manhood and wondered what to do. Her breasts were out since they weren't very big, but she reached and grabbed it with her hand being caught off guard when she felt it stiffen slightly. Although she was nervous, she continued and watched Issei get harder and harder. "I can't believe it." Tsubasa murmured.

"Well believe it Tsubasa. You're making me hard right now. Now how about you get me ready with your mouth and your breasts." Issei smiled.

"My breasts are small." Tsubasa said with a blush.

Issei kissed her on the head and smiled, "Just try it" Issei smiled.

A nervous Tsubasa nodded before pulling off her bra and revealing her breasts, "Here I go" Tsubasa said nervously and she tried to wrap her breasts around his prick. Although she couldn't wrap her breasts around completely, she was able to give it a small squeeze.

"See. It's not perfect, but you can give it a try." Issei smiled.

Tsubasa could see Issei's confidence in her and it made her want to give it a shot, "Here I go" Tsubasa smiled as she began rubbing his dick with her breasts using her nipples to make up for her lack of size..

"That's good Tsubasa. Use your mouth too." Issei smiled. Tsubasa nodded as she moved her lips above his crown and licked it.

"It tastes odd." Tsubasa squirmed.

"I've heard it grows on you." Issei smiled.

Tsubasa steeled herself and licked it again slowly getting used to the taste as she continued to lick. Issei grunts of pleasure steeled her and she decided to take the plunge, 'Here I go' Tsubasa thought to herself as she wrapped her lips around his shaft and began licking again.

"That's it Tsubasa. Keep going" Issei smiled. Her breasts weren't doing much but her mouth was wrapped tight around him.

'He's so big that my breasts are barely doing anything. I have to make this work.' Tsubasa thought to herself. To make up for the failings of her breasts Tsubasa was bobbing up and down as fast as possible. Her gag reflex was only able to keep six inches in before it became too much but she was trying her best regardless.

"You're doing great Tsubasa. You have such a good mouth." Issei said happily as he reached his hands out and began face fucking her which allowed him to shove his full length in her mouth.

'This thing is huge. How can the others take this?' Tsubasa thought to herself as Issei's full length moved up and down her throat. She was being pushed to her limit and luckily for her, Issei somehow reached his.

"I'm cumming Tsubasa" Issei roared as his cum rushed down her throat. It wasn't his largest load, but it was enough to reward Tsubasa for her efforts.

'Incredible' Tsubasa thought to herself as Issei's seed rushed down her throat bulging her cheeks slightly.

"Looks like you got me off after all" Issei smiled as he pulled out.

Now free of his dick Tsubasa was able to swallow his load causing her confidence to grow, "Then… how about I use something I'm sure you'll enjoy" Tsubasa smiled before pulling down her shorts revealing a pair of plain black panties which she pulled off revealing a soaked snatch.

"Looks like I wasn't the only one excited by the blowjob." Issei smiled as Tsubasa walked over to the bed with Issei following her athletic frame from behind. She wasn't unattractive by any means and as she got onto the bed and spread her legs, Issei could see she was more than ready.

"So Issei… are you ready to fuck me." Tsubasa smiled.

Issei crawled over to the bed and towered over Tsubasa with a smile, "Not quite" Issei smiled.

"What do you… KYAA" Tsubasa moaned as Issei leaned down to kiss her neck.

"I want to make sure you're ready to enjoy me Tsubasa so let's warm up." Issei chuckled as he began trailing kisses down Tsubasa's body taking a few extra seconds to tease her breasts.

"Issei! Ahh! This is!" Tsubasa moaned.

"I could just stick it in, but I want your first time to be special. That means I have work to do first" Issei smiled as he arrived at her snatch ready for some fun.

"Issei. AHH!" Tsubasa moaned as Issei's tongue invaded her folds causing her to cry out with pleasure. She never really masturbated and as Issei's tongue slid inside her she was feeling more pleasure then she ever thought possible.

"You taste lovely Tsubasa." Issei smiled before resuming her work as Tsubasa's cheeks lit up in embarrassment.

"This… is incredible." Tsubasa moaned trying to hold on. Little by little her body was giving in to Issei's ministrations and she knew when his dick got involved, she wouldn't stand a chance.

"The incredible one is you Tsubasa." Issei replied as he devoured her snatch enjoying the juices flowing from her, well aware his prize was on the way.

Issei's relentless assault was proving to be too much and the predictable result arrived after ten long minutes of him eating her out, "I'm cumming!" Tsubasa screamed and a massive spray of juices rushed into Issei's mouth and onto his face.

"Delicious" Issei smiled as he licked Tsubasa's juices off his face with no hesitation.

"How embarrassing" Tsubasa blushed.

"We're just getting started Tsubasa because it's time for me to fuck you" Issei smiled as he put his hands on her hips and lined up with her entrance.

"Be gentle Issei. This is my first time after all" Tsubasa reminded him.

"Yeah. I will" Issei smiled as he slid into her snatch slowly not wanting to rush things.

"NGHH!" Tsubasa grunted as she felt Issei slide in. Thanks to his efforts earlier she wasn't really in pain, but it was still uncomfortable.

"You need a minute" Issei said warmly.

"Yeah" Tsubasa smiled and they simply basked in each other's warmth for a while. For Tsubasa it was nice to know that her athletic body was appreciated by Issei and after a minute or so she nodded her approval.

"Here we go" Issei smiled as he began moving at a slow pace. He could go faster but he had a feeling Tsubasa just wanted to enjoy the moment.

"This. Feels. Good!" Tsubasa moaned as Issei's slow pace let her body get used to his length.

"That's how it should be. You're a lovely girl Tsubasa and I want to make sure you enjoy it."

Tsubasa was glad that Issei was being so kind but she knew Issei wanted more, "Issei. I want you to enjoy yourself so stop holding back." Tsubasa moaned.

"Tsubasa I am enjoying myself." Issei smiled as he continued his pace.

"Don't. Lie." Tsubasa moaned.

"But I'm not. You feel amazing Tsubasa." Issei assured her.

"Issei. We both know. You can do much more." Tsubasa chided. This was so slow it was practically kiddie pool level. There was no way Issei liked it this way.

"I could" Issei acknowledged, "But I want to enjoy the moment with Tsubasa Yura." Issei said warmly.

Tsubasa realized that he was doing this because it was her first time and he wanted her to feel good, but she didn't come for this. Leaning up Tsubasa kissed Issei on the lips briefly before pulling away with a smile on her face, "I wanted to have sex with Hottie Magnet Hyoudou. There's no way you could charm everyone going this slow. Fuck me hard Issei. Make me scream your name."

"Alright" Issei smiled deciding that it was time to get off the kiddie gloves.

'That's GOOOOOOOD" Tsubasa screamed as Issei's pace practically doubled in seconds. Her body went from a slow crawl to a rush of pleasure in an instant.

"How's that Tsubasa. Is this what you wanted?" Issei smiled viciously his speed increasing yet again until he settled on a pace that would ensure Tsubasa would feel constant pleasure from his thrusts.

"Yes! Yes! This is it! This is what I wanted." Tsubasa moaned happily. As Issei drilled her pussy, Tsubasa's body was barely able to contain herself.

"Well there's more where that came from. I love girls like you Tsubasa. You're gripping me wonderfully." Issei roared with pleasure as he continued to move inside her never slowing down despite the impressive speed.

"Issei! Keep going! Fuck me harder!" Tsubasa moaned.

"I will Tsubasa. I'll make you scream so loud everyone in the mansion can hear you!" Issei roared upping his speed again.

"YES!" Tsubasa screamed as another orgasm arrived. His thrusts were so fast that it was a blur and Tsubasa's body was barely able to contain herself.

"Now we're talking" Issei smiled as the release ensured he could keep up the pace without worrying about hurting Tsubasa or in truth him since he was moving inside her so quickly.

"Issei… I can't hold on." Tsubasa moaned. She was super sensitive from before and Issei was relentless.

"By the time I'm done with you, nobody will be able to make you feel anything but me." Issei smiled viciously. His hips were a blur against her snatch and each thrust was followed up so quickly that it felt like he never stopped.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Tsubasa screamed as her womb was pierced at last.

"Tsubasa! I'm just getting started!" Issei roared as he hammered her womb.

"Issei! I can't take it." Tsubasa moaned her body constantly orgasming at this point. They'd only been at it for 15 minutes, but it was an amazing fifteen. Her body was molded into Issei's shape and she was positive that nothing else would ever come close.

"I'm gonna cum too Tsubasa. I can't wait to fill you up with my seed." Issei shouted. He was more than ready to claim another girl and knowing the Sitri were watching and getting themselves ready behind the wall made him eager to finish off Tsubasa. Today was going to be an incredible day.

"Then cum inside me Issei. Mark me as your woman." Tsubasa moaned. This was what she wanted and now she was going to get it.

"CUMMING" Issei roared as his seed stormed into her filling her womb to the limit and forcing some of his seed to rush out as a result.

"CUMMING!" Tsubasa cried as she followed his release with another of hers. Their mixed juices spilled onto the bed and Tsubasa Yura was Issei's at last.


"That was incredible" Issei smiled as he grabbed Tsubasa and pulled her into a heated kiss. Unlike their timid first kiss, Tsubasa quickly opened her lips knowing Issei would slide his tongue in and he did leading to an incredible makeout session while his dick was buried inside her.

'Issei. You're amazing.' Tsubasa thought to herself. The kiss lasted for another minute until Tsubasa pulled away with a trail of saliva following.

"So how does it feel to lose your virginity." Issei smiled holding Tsubasa in his arms.

"It feels amazing, but I think the others are waiting." Tsubasa smiled. She was going to miss Issei's warmth, but she was pretty sure she'd have it again before the day was over.

"Come on out girls. I assume you're all ready to go" Issei smiled pulling out of Tsubasa at last before lying on the bed to face his girls.

The first to come out was Momo and she was not only naked but pretty wet from the looks of it, "That was fun Issei, but I hope you realize you've got a ways to go before you're done." Momo smiled.

"She's right you know. We've waited all summer for this moment, and we won't be denied." Xuelan smiled appearing next. One by one, his other lovers appeared, and each was naked and ready to enjoy Issei for as long as they could.

"Alright girls it's orgy time. Let's show the Red Dragon Emperor the power of the Sitri girls." Sona said cheekily.

"Hey!" Ravel pouted.

"Fine. The Sitri Girls and Ravel Phenex" Sona smiled.

A smiling Tsubasa looked at the girls with a smile before moving to clean Issei's cock of their shared juices, a task she accomplished fairly quickly, "So who's next?" Tsubasa smiled before allowing the girls to see Issei's cock was ready to go and clear of any trace of their fun.

"Well since she's the King, how about Sona shows her girls how to ride a dragon?" Issei suggested.

"You're just saying that because now you can actually fuck her pussy." Momo deadpanned.

"True, but Sona was going to pull rank anyway." Issei shrugged.

Sona walked towards Issei with a smile on her face and a sway in her hips, "You'd better believe it." Sona smiled as she hopped onto the bed crawling towards Issei with a hungry look on her face.

(Scene Skip)

"CUMMING!" Ravel cried out as Issei came into her for the third time in their latest orgy.

"And that's everyone" Issei smiled as he pulled out of Ravel who collapsed onto the bed with Xuelan and Karlamine next to her.

"That was incredible" Ravel muttered before collapsing from exhaustion.

"With pleasure done, it's time for business." Issei muttered as he got off the bed and walked past the small partition and into a room with blue square tile all over the floor walls and ceilings with a large pillar in the middle that contained 4 mini sinks and a small seating area where the Sitri girls were waiting. Off to the side was a small pathway that led to an overhead shower which was surrounded by blocks of ice.

Issei walked over to Momo and tapped her on the shoulder since they needed to talk. The white-haired bishop opened her eyes and saw Issei before cracking a smile, "Seeing as how you're finally done, how about we share a shower while we talk business."

"You realize we won't be able to talk business if we share a shower." Issei deadpanned.

"As long as you control yourself, we can." Momo reminded him as she got up.

"Alright" Issei shrugged as he and Momo walked down the pathway towards the shower. Thanks to a clone he created earlier, his clothes were in a private cubby which was true of the rest of the girls participating as well.

Issei got under the showerhead while Momo turned it on before tossing him some soap and a washcloth and taking a set for herself, "I assume this is to discuss your visit to the Gremory tomorrow." Momo smiled as the water slid down her impressive frame. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there was enough room so they could wash separately without being pressed against each other.

"Yep. Xenovia Akeno and Irina will be happy to see me, but Rias will be eager to make a move" Issei smiled bitterly.

"She's made it very clear she wants you, and the only thing stopping that is your odd desire to have her join the website first. Normally I would have to approve something before they move for you, but that's only for members of the website."

"And" Issei sad flatly.

"You claimed quite a few supernatural lovers including Sona without them joining the website. What makes Rias so different" Momo remind him.

"In my defense, you set Sona up by telling me to act as a judge forcing me to go to the locker. You knew how she'd react and that I would take advantage."

Momo could barely hide a smile, "Yes and you and Sona are better for it. That doesn't negate the fact that if Rias makes a move for you, I can't stop you." Momo shrugged.

Issei frowned before walking over to Momo and wrapping his arms around her waist placing his currently limp cock between her legs, "I'm asking you what you want Momo." Issei said calmly.

"Issei, behave" Momo chided her cheeks getting a small dusting of pink as his member began to harden again.

"I won't do anything unless you do." Issei replied with a knowing smile. Momo's wallflower nature was truly adorable and as much as he enjoyed the firmer and more aggressive Momo, knowing he could turn her into a timid mess after all this time was hilarious.

"Geez" Momo blushed again aware he was teasing her and taunting her into acting on her desires.

"In the end I am free to do what I want as you so eloquently put it, but I'm asking you what I should do." Issei replied.

Momo was glad that Issei was so accepting of her feelings, "If I had my preference it would be that you do not sleep with her, but I won't be too mad if something happens." Momo conceded. In other words, do what you please and I'll deal with it later.

"Alright" Issei replied as he let go and pulled away before willing himself limp again.

"I can't tell if I should be angry or pissed at you for actually letting go." Momo chided.

"You're the one who said behave." Issei smiled.

"Geez" Momo frowned bringing an end to their conversation as the pair finished their shower in silence. A few minutes later they left the shower and after getting dressed Issei left the room to get some food while he waited for the girls to recover.

(Scene Skip)

The trip home was surprisingly awkward as Serafall asked to speak with Issei alone on the trip back. Ravel protested but Issei said it was fine since nothing was going to happen. Issei was dressed in his regular outfit while Serafall was in the suit from before which amused Issei quite a bit, "So is this conversation between me and Maou Leviathan or me and Serafall Sitri." Issei smiled.

"Maou Leviathan" Serafall replied and Issei's expression became much more serious.

"Okay then" Issei replied knowing this was definitely business.

"As you know we're having a Youth Devil meeting at the end of the week. Do you happen to know why?"

"I have my suspicions." Issei replied.


"Yes. The Khaos Brigade was far too prepared for when they attacked that meeting. It was a coordinated attack and one that shouldn't have been possible under normal circumstances."

"Correct and that leads me to my next question."

"I'm not a spy" Issei quickly answered.

"I know you aren't a spy. If I suspected for a second you were a spy, I'd have killed you myself and worried about Sona's reaction later. But I do think that you know somebody who can tell me what I need to know."

"What makes you say that?" Issei said with intrigue.

"The Holy Swords of Excalibur. According to your childhood friend, the blades were simply placed on your doorstep and someone left a note claiming they killed Valper and Freed. No devil is responsible and if it was a member of the church, they would've taken the blades which means one of two things. Either the report is a lie and the girls know who did it or they don't know and a third party whose fairly skilled did it to help you."

"I didn't hear a question." Issei smiled.

"Who killed Valper and Freed and are they connected to the Khaos Brigade?" Serafall asked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" Issei smiled. He of course knew the answer to her question, but he owed it to Jeanne to keep her secret.

Serafall glared at Issei, "You are aware it would take me seconds to kill you."

"I am."

"Then why are you lying to me."

Issei sighed since Serafall wasn't playing games, "I know who it was who killed Freed and Valper and they are a part of the Khaos Brigade."

"And yet you won't tell me who they are."

"Why should I? This person went out of their way to kill Valper and Freed for me at risk of angering their organization. You doing something to them, would hurt me instead of help me" Issei smiled.

Serafall scowled because he had a point. If they were willing to betray the Old Maou they were useful. "What else have you learned from this person."

"Nothing you didn't already know." Issei replied.

"So, they told you about the attack on the Three Faction's meeting also."

"That's right."

Serafall frowned, "Looks like you have yourself a spy."

"Like I said, you doing something would hurt me instead of help me." Issei replied nonchalantly.

"If it comes to it, will you be able to kill them." Serafall frowned.

"If it comes to it, yes I will." Issei said firmly.

"I see." Serafall frowned not liking it.

"I know it's a lot to ask but." Issei frowned as he felt his phone ring.

"Hottie Magnet Hyoudou business." Serafall asked with intrigue.

"We'll see" Issei frowned as he reached into his pocket and took out his phone. A scowl formed on his face as he saw who the message was from, something Serafall noticed as well. As he read the message his eyes widened.

"If that isn't an ominous look, I don't know what is." Serafall said calmly but internally something was definitely wrong.

"Is the name Diodora Astaroth familiar to you?" Issei said frankly.

Serafall's normally friendly demeanor vanished completely, "It is. Why do you ask?"

"Because the same spy who killed Valper and Freed, along with telling me about the attack on the Three Faction's meeting, just said they saw a devil named Diodora Astaroth meet with members of the Old Maou Faction hours ago. They only told me now because they wanted to make sure nobody knew what they were doing." Issei replied.

"I see" Serafall scowled before getting up her expression turning downright glacial.

'It would seem Jeanne really struck gold with this news.' Issei winced feeling Serafall's aura surround the room.

"I… I need to go. Tell Ravel and the conductor an emergency came up." Serafall said quickly before leaving via a magic circle which helped to get rid of the downright oppressive aura she was putting out.

'Well that's not good' Issei said nervously as he gathered himself. It was the first time in a very long time he felt fear. Whoever Diodora was, finding out he was a traitor hit Serafall hard. Things just got a whole lot more interesting and unfortunately, it wasn't the good kind.