Chapter 29

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(Meeting hall)

Rias and Sona approached the meeting area for the Youth Devils ready for a headache, "So Rias. Think this will go off without a hitch." Sona wondered.

Rias looked at her best friend with an expression of disbelief, "We both know that's not going to happen. Megumi would've been a toss-up since she never liked Seekvaira, but with Zephyrdor there, it's guaranteed that something is going to happen." Rias sighed.

"Sad but true" Sona sighed as the two continued moving. They were minutes away from the meeting place when they heard a massive explosion. Both heiresses shared a sigh as they walked into the room ready for the chaos.

"I can't believe a pig like you leads the Glasya-Labolas clan Zephyrdor." Seekvaira Agares growled with annoyance. Seekvaira was young woman in her late teens with olive skin long, pale greenish blonde hair, long slit pink eyes, and glasses. Her outfit consisted of a blue long-sleeved shirt with vertical lines and matching miniskirt. Finishing her outfit was a pair of grey thigh high stockings and black combat boots.

"You won't be saying that after a few minutes with me Seekvaira." Zephyrdor replied smugly. Zephyrdor had dark red almost purple skin with blue hair and black magic tattoos visible. His outfit consisted of a long black and yellow robe over a red shirt and black pants with a black belt tying it together.

A watching Rias and Sona could only frown, "Zephyrdor hasn't changed' Rias sighed.

"No, he hasn't." a new voice interrupted causing Rias and Sona to look next to them. The person in question was a young man with black hair and violet eyes. His outfit consisted of a black and grey vest with a long black shirt underneath and black pants.

"It's been a while Sairoarg" Rias smiled happily. Sairoarg was her cousin and she hadn't seen him in a while.

"Yes it has. I'd love to say hello but." Sairoarg started to say before he was interrupted.

"Good grief. What is it with high class male devils and loud annoying personalities?" a voice spoke up out of nowhere.

"Who said that" Zephyrdor growled as he looked towards the voice which was coming from the side of the gathering crowd.

"I did." Issei Hyoudou smiled as he walked towards Seekvaira and Zephyrdor with a smile on his face. Despite the fancy outfits Issei was wearing one of his standard combination. In this case a black jacket with plain red shirt and black pants with black sneakers. It was as casual as it got but it was Issei.

'What the hell is Issei doing here?' Rias thought to herself. Next to her was an equally shocked Sona.

"I was wondering who was spouting that dribble and then I see somebody who looks like he doesn't belong. Now get going loser." Zephyrdor smiled.

Issei kept walking towards Zephyrdor and paused in front of Seekvaira, "Excuse me miss… um…"

"Agares. My name is Seekvaira Agares." Seekvaira replied calmly.

"Thank you Lady Agares. Tell me something, Are all male devils as arrogant and annoying as this one." Issei said nonchalantly.

"HEY!" Zephyrdor growled.

Seekvaira chuckled before replying, "Not all of them. However, the number of good men is in short supply."

"Should've known." Issei replied before focusing on Zephyrdor. "I probably have more grace and dignity in my pinkie then you do in your entire body. I only wore this because I was running short on time and I didn't feel like getting all fancy." Issei chuckled.

"Why you!" Zephyrdor growled as he charged Issei with a straight right who simply smiled.

"Time for an important lesson for a young noble and one you would do well to learn."

"What's that" Zephyrdor growled as he closed in on Issei.

"Manners" Issei said calmly before catching his fist with his right hand and pulling him down so his face was exposed.

"Maketh" Issei said again before cocking his left fist back.

"Man." Issei finished before sending a brutal left hook at his face sending Zephyrdor into the wall with crushing force to the shock of the group. Zephyrdor's buddies quickly grabbed him and took him away.

"Very Impressive. May I ask the name of this fine gentleman." Seekvaira smiled.

Issei looked towards Seekvaira and chuckled, "My name is Issei Hyoudou and I am many things, but a fine gentleman is not one of them." Issei said smoothly.

"Is that so" Seekvaira said with a raised eyebrow. Considering his lecture, it would've suggested otherwise.

Issei walked towards Seekvaira with a grin on his face, "That's right. Here I am at this fancy party in front of such a lovely young woman and I'm wearing the same clothes I'd wear for a casual Sunday. My actual dress clothes would be much nicer." Issei said calmly as he stopped right in front of the Agares heiress.

"You have me curious. What would a dressy Issei Hyoudou look like?" Seekvaira replied.

"Do devils have cell phones or is that just a human thing. I can use magic circles for a few things but I'm much better with technology."

"Most don't but I do since I have friends who are in the human world I do." Seekvaira answered happily.

Issei reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone before handing it to Seekvaira, "Then you can put your number in here and we'll be in touch."

Seekvaira took the phone and put in her number before handing it back to Issei, "There you are. I hope we'll be in touch Mr. Hyoudou." Seekvaira said happily.

"Gladly. Now if you don't mind, I need to find the restroom." Issei smiled before walking out of a side door as the crowd looked on in shock in particular two heiresses Issei knew very well.

"Rias… am I seeing things or did Issei just appear out of nowhere, knock out Zephyrdor with one punch, and then successfully flirt with Seekvaira." Sona said in disbelief.

"No Sona, you aren't seeing it." Rias sighed.

"You two know him." Sairaorg said in disbelief having watched the unusual scene in front of him.

"It's complicated" Rias and Sona said at the same time. They expected a lot of things to happen tonight but issei's arrival wasn't one of them and in typical Issei fashion he had stolen the show.

(Scene Skip)

It was time at last for the main conference and Rias and her peerage sat at one of the circular tables with Sona not far away. Up on stage was her brother, Serafall, and the other two Maou. However, Azazel Raynare and Valerie were nowhere to be found. Rias and Sona glanced around for any site of Issei but found that he wasn't here either. 'Where is he' Rias thought to herself wondering where Issei went after he went to the restroom. Her musing was broken as her brother came forward to speak.

"Welcome everyone to this meeting of the Youth Devils. It is not often that we gather the young devils together, but recent events have made such a thing yesterday." Sirzechs said calmly as the crowd applauded. "For a long time, our greatest foe was the Old Maou Faction, a group of devils who refused to accept our society for what it is and focused on a past we worked hard to forget. Now we face a new threat that promises to be just as dangerous."

"It doesn't matter who this new threat is. I'll annihilate them like anybody else." Zephyrdor boasted having recovered from Issei's punch quite nicely.

"Didn't you just get knocked out in one punch by a regular guy." Seekvaira spoke up causing Zephyrdor to twitch heavily.

"That bastard caught me off guard." Zephyrdor spoke.

"You looked pretty on guard when he caught your punch, lectured you like a child, and then floored you instantly." Seekvaira smiled.

"That won't happen again." Zephyrdor growled.

"Not that this isn't entertaining but perhaps we could get back to the discussion." Sirzechs spoke up. He didn't really care for Zephyrdor and the story of what happened was something. However, now was time for business.

"Of course, Lord Lucifer. I apologize for the interruption." Seekvaira said politely.

"Yeah yeah" Zephyrdor growled.

Sirzechs ignored Zephyrdor's indifference and spoke again, "The new threat is known as the Khaos Brigade and is made up of not only devils, but rogue fallen angels and rogue members of the church. They've already attacked us once and who knows when they'll attack again?"

"Will we be asked to fight?" Sairaorg wondered.

"No, but we do feel it is necessary to prepare you for events to come." Sirzechs smiled.

"I see." Sairoarg frowned.

"So, what are we going to do instead? Clearly you have something for us to do to prepare" Seekvaira wondered.

"We're going to have a small tournament between the six of you. Seekvaira Agares, Sairoarg Bael, Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas. Rias Gremory, and Diodora Astaroth. Each of you will compete against one another in a Rating game tournament. We wish to see just how powerful you are." Sirzechs explained to the joy of the crowd.

"Sounds good to me." Zephyrdor said confidently.

"The first matchups will be as followed. Rias Gremory vs Sona Sitri, Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas vs Sairoarg Bael, and Seekvaira Agares vs Diodora Astaroth." Serafall spoke up.

"Sounds like fun." Zephyrdor smiled.

"Not that this isn't intriguing, but something doesn't add up." Seekvaira Agares said with a frown on her face.

"What's bothering you Seeky" Serafall said with a smile.

Seekvaira blushed at the use of her old nickname, "Are we going to fight against this new enemy alone. You've mentioned that rogue fallen angels and rogue members of the church were against us. Does that mean we'll be asked to work with fallen angels and members of the church ourselves?"

"Actually, you will be asked to do so. One of my guests this evening is the leader of the fallen Angels Azazel. He's been watching us from the side, and I think now is the perfect moment to bring him out alongside his daughter's Raynare and Valerie." Sirzechs smiled as Azazel Valerie and Raynare walked up to the stage with Azazel taking to the podium and Raynare and Valerie flanking him.

"Thank you Sirzechs for the wonderful introduction. I understand that our races have fought for many millennia, but the Khaos Brigade is a threat to all of us." Azazel said politely.

"What a joke. That old man can't possibly be the leader of the Fallen." Zephyrdor smiled.

Raynare and Valerie were furious but Azazel simply smirked, "So what makes you think I'm not the leader. If it's about looking the part, let me remind you that you have a Maou who routinely walks around in a magical girl costume."

"Hey" Serafall pouted not liking being called out for her way of doing things.

"What it's the truth." Azazel shrugged before focusing back on a now quiet Zephyrdor. "One of the greatest mistakes one can make is underestimating their foe. I heard that you were knocked out in a single punch by a guy who didn't look too intimidating which means you know exactly what I mean."

Zephyrdor twitched at the reminder of his earlier defeat, "So what! That little bastard got a lucky punch in. He won't get me again." Zephyrdor said cockily.

"Is that so." Azazel smiled before turning towards Sirzechs. "Should I tell him?"

"No perhaps that he should come out himself." Sirzechs smiled as he turned towards the side. Everyone looked in wait hoping that somebody would come over.

"So… where is he?" Seekvaira said curiously.

"I said… he should come out himself." Sirzechs spoke up a little louder adding magic to ensure Issei heard him.

Everyone was silent as nobody showed up for a few minutes, "Well this is awkward?" Azazel shrugged. It was at that time that Issei walked in with a bashful look on his face.

"Sorry about that. I was… occupied." Issei said bashfully. He was busy making out with Irina who wanted to 'apologize' for their argument and Issei was more than glad to accept. They were both nearly naked when he heard Sirzechs and had to return to the stage. He made a clone for Irina to deal with while he attended to the meeting.

"Issei. Care to tell me where you were until just now?" Sirzechs frowned.

"I plead the fifth." Issei replied before looking at the confused crowd. "Anyway, I'm Issei Hyoudou and it's a pleasure to meet you." Issei said nonchalantly.

Seekvaira could see his nonchalance and smiled, "So what makes you so special that our Maou thinks you can help us in this fight, Mr. Gentlemen?" Seekvaira questioned.

"I'm pretty sure I answered that question when I knocked out Mr. Glasya-Labolas earlier." Issei smiled.

"I guarantee that won't happen again. Come on big guy. You and me right now!" Zephyrdor yelled.

Issei turned towards Sirzechs with a smile, "Should I indulge Mr. Glasya Labolas."

"That's up to you?" Sirzechs shrugged.

"Don't bother I'll kick his ass and then we'll know he wasn't special." Zephyrdor taunted.

"Alright Zephyrdork. If it's an ass kicking you want. It's an ass kicking you'll get." Issei replied with a vicious look on his face.

'This won't end well.' Rias thought to herself.

'You just messed up Zephyrdor.' Sona groaned.

'I kinda wanted to kick his ass myself but this should do nicely.' Valerie smiled.

"I'll have something set up soon." Sirzechs smiled. Things were about to get really interesting soon.

(Scene Skip)

Issei and Zephyrdor stood apart from one another in the same arena that he fought Riser in. Zephyrdor was as confident as always and Issei was nonchalant.

"So are you going to humiliate him." Ddraig wondered.

"Yes, but not in the way you expect." Issei smiled before focusing on his opponent.

"BATTLE BEGIN" Sirzechs announced.

"So bastard, any last words?" Zephyrdor replied.

Issei looked at him with a vicious smile. "I have a few, but first I'm going to let you in on a little secret."

"What's that?" Zephyrdor said curiously.

"This is about to end very badly for you" Issei smiled as he let his power flow freely.

(Meeting Hall)

"Unbelievable. How can a human have this much power?" Seekvaira gasped. The crowd watching saw a crimson aura surround Issei and could see the ground shake from his display.

"Issei is no ordinary human Seekvaira." Sona smiled as she walked towards the Agares heiress.

Seekvaira looked on in confusion, "Wait. You know this guy Sona?" Seekvaira said in disbelief.

"He's a student at the school Rias and I attend in Kuoh." Sona explained. That was all she was willing to tell the Agares heiress.

"You're joking." Seekvaira gasped.

"Not at all but I suggest you pay attention. This is about to get really interesting" Sona answered as she watched Issei go with a gleeful expression. If she knew Issei, this was about to get very interesting.

"Let's see" Seekvaira replied as she looked at the screen again not missing Sona's expression.


As Issei's power roared in front of him, Zephyrdor was stunned, "How! How the fuck are you that strong." Zephyrdor gasped.

Issei shrugged a bit as he prepared to really give Zephyrdor hell, "By the way, It's time for my last words. BALANCE BREAKER." Issei smiled as a familiar crimson armor surrounded his body.

"No…no fucking way. You're…."

(Meeting Hall)

"You've gotta be kidding me. HE's the Red Dragon Emperor." Seekvaira gawked.

"Yup" Sona smiled happily.

If she was stunned before, now she was in complete shock, "You two have the Red Dragon Emperor in your school and yet you somehow haven't made him a devil. How in Maou's name is that possible?"

"…. It's complicated." Sona answered.

"Okay…" Seekvaira replied. She would table that for a discussion until later. Right now, she was going to watch Zephyrdor get destroyed and enjoy every second of it.


"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Zephyrdor cursed aware of how much trouble he was in. He was face to face with a man who held one of the strongest sacred gears out there and he already crushed him once. This was a disaster waiting to happen

"Shall we begin Zephyrdor." Issei said happily beneath the armor.

Zephyrdor was terrified but he couldn't run now. He had to fight, "DIE!" Zephyrdor yelled before casting a magic circle and firing a blast of energy at Issei.

"Too easy" Issei replied deflecting the blast like it was nothing.

"Bastard" Zephyrdor growled focusing his magic as multiple circles appeared in front of him.

"This should be good" Issei smiled as he braced himself for the new attack.

"Take this!" Zephyrdor yelled as he launched a series of attacks at Issei who didn't bother to dodge. The attacks landed flush and a pillar of smoke surrounded him.

(Meeting Hall)

"Is…. Is it over?" Seekvaira wondered as she looked on at the smoke surrounding Issei's frame.

"Not at all." Sona smiled confidently.

"But how. He just took that attack head on?"

"Exactly. How many people have you ever seen take a direct attack that they easily saw coming like that and not be perfectly okay?" Sona chided.

"Good point" Seekvaira replied as she watched and waited like everyone else.


"Hah. I knew you were nothing." Zephyrdor said confidently as he waited for the smoke to clear to see the crumpled remains of his opponent. That confidence faded when the smoke cleared and Issei Hyoudou stood confidently with his armor as radiant as ever. It was as though the attack did nothing.

"Not bad. Now how about I give you an attack of my own." Issei announced from within the armor.

"Impossible! How can you… be that strong." Zephyrdor gasped. That was his strongest attack and it was brushed off like it was nothing.

"I'm not that strong" Issei smiled before vanishing in a burst of speed. "You're just weak." Issei smiled as he appeared behind Zephyrdor ready to strike. The Glasya-Labolas heir was helpless as Issei's left foot rose up between his exposed legs and nailed him in the crotch to the shock of the crowd in front of him.

(Meeting Hall)

"Did he have to kick him in the nuts" Azazel winced instinctively. That was a pain that no man wanted to experience, him included and Issei put a little force behind it.

"I'm okay with it." Raynare smiled.

"You're not a guy." Azazel groaned as he watched Zephyrdor fall to the ground in agony. He didn't even scream he just foamed at the mouth as his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

As for Seekvaira and Sona both were gobsmacked, "Did he just…" Seekvaira said in shock.

"Yes, Seekvaira he did" Sona groaned.

"But… that…"

"He wanted to prove a point and he did. His method won't earn him many friends though." Sona admitted. If she were alone, she'd probably be laughing, but she had to keep her cool.

"H…. how in the world did none of you add him…and do you think he'd be interested in joining my peerage?" Seekvaira said in confusion.

Sona could only groan since Issei had another fan, "Let's put it this way. He wouldn't mind being under you. But not as a member of your peerage." Sona deadpanned.

Seekvaira blushed at the suggestion but then the announcement was made.

WINNER: Issei Hyoudou"

The crowd could only look on in shock as the two were returned to the main stage. Issei dispelled his balance breaker as a few people from Zephyrdor's party grabbed him and pulled him away yet again. Once they were gone, Sirzechs turned towards a smiling Issei.

"Issei… why did you kick him… there?" Sirzechs asked trying not to wince.

Issei decided to use the microphone and answered, "The guy challenged me after I beat him with a single punch earlier. Confidence is fine, but arrogance is another thing. In this upcoming battle it's okay to want to fight, but some battles simply aren't winnable." Issei shrugged.

"Very well said." Sirzechs smiled as he looked towards the still stunned crowd. "I believe that's enough for one day. I look forward to seeing you all down the road." Sirzechs smiled and the meeting came to an end.

(Scene Skip)

While most of the crowd, left the odd grouping three interested parties stuck around, Rias and Sona's peerage and Seekvaira Agares. The three groups approached Issei who was as relaxed as always. "I hope you're happy with yourself Issei." Sona chided.

"It was an interesting night." Issei replied before focusing on Seekvaira. "I know why these two have come to see me, but what about you Lady Agares."

Seekvaira had many questions but figured that she wouldn't get her answers, "I was curious. Was what happened earlier just you playing a role?" Seekvaira wondered. At the very least Sirzechs and Azazel planned a grandiose appearance.

"Actually no. That guy legitimately pissed me off and I decided to put him in his place. I've never cared for guys like him." Issei said nonchalantly.

"And your flirting with me?" Seekvaira said with a raised eyebrow.

"Genuine, since you actually are a lovely young woman."

Seekvaira smiled at that, "I'd ask you for a place in my peerage, but Sona gave me the impression that wasn't in the cards."

"Afraid not. I can think of many fun activities we could do together, but becoming a devil is something I have no interest in doing." Issei admitted.

"Do you mind if I ask why?" Seekvaira wondered trying to hold back a blush.

"Because my experience with supernatural politics is mostly negative. I'd rather stay the chaotic neutral that I am."

"Of course. It was a pleasure to meet you." Seekvaira smiled as she reached out her hand so he could kiss it.

Issei saw what she wanted to do, and he decided some fun was in order, "I have a better idea" Issei smiled as he grabbed the hand and in one swift motion pulled Seekvaira into his arms.

"Oh my" Seekvaira gasped not expecting this. It didn't stop her from wrapping her arms around his waist since she knew what he wanted.

"So, Lady Agares. Shall we make our first kiss a memorable one or…" Issei stopped because Valerie grabbed him by the ear and pulled him away.

"That's quite enough from you." Valerie growled as she dragged Issei away by his ear.

"Seriously Valerie. You're making me look bad. The Ear! The Ear!" Issei complained.

"You did that to yourself when you came in late." Valerie replied and Seekvaira looked on in confusion.

"Um… what just happened." Seekvaira blinked.

"Don't ask." Sona groaned.

(Scene Skip)

With the meeting over, Issei returned to his old hotel but he wasn't alone. Rias and Sona decided to go back with him while sending their respective peerage back to their households. "Do you have anything you have to say to us Issei." Sona frowned. Issei was sitting on the couch as he looked at Sona being flanked by Valerie and Rias.

"You each look absolutely stunning."

All three blushed but Valerie quickly caught on to his game, "Enough games Issei. We were seriously worried when you left." Valerie said with a bit of concern in her eyes.

Issei sighed because he figured this was coming, "What do you want me to say Valerie. That I'm sorry for leaving because we all know that's a lie. Like I told Seekvaira I'm tired of the devil politics."

"And yet you showed up to a purely political situation." Valerie countered.

"Because as much as I hate politics, I do have to occasionally engage in them." Issei countered back.

Valerie twitched herself since he had a very good point, "Fine so devil politics suck. Why did you have to go flirt with Seekvaira Agares?"

"I haven't had to flirt with anybody in a seriously long time and I wanted to see how it would go."

"That makes way more sense than it should." Sona deadpanned. Most of the girls he was with were handpicked for Issei and he didn't have to do a thing.

"Yep. Anyway, I'm gonna return to Kuoh. I did my part and now it's time to leave" Issei shrugged before activating his magic circle, leaving the three heiresses alone with their thoughts.

"Well that was… depressing." Rias sighed.

"I don't see what's so surprising. Honestly, we should consider ourselves lucky that he showed up at all." Valerie reminded them.

"That's the thing. Why did he show up?" Rias wondered.

"It doesn't matter now. Issei's drawn a line in the sand and we have to respect that." Sona reminded them. Issei was always a strange person and he was going to do as he pleased.

(Scene Skip)

The next day, Issei was out and about ready to handle some very special business, "Here we are" Issei said with a bittersweet smile as he arrived at the gates of Rising Sun Elementary. This was the school where everything began for him. Where he met Irina, and where the seeds for his current lifestyle were planted. Making his way to the back of the building he quickly found the playground and was pleased to see that everyone he wanted was there. Standing in front of the playpen from left to right were five of the six leaders of his harem, Aya Mizuki Momiji Shizuka and Kairi, "This is where it all began huh." Issei smiled bitterly.

Each of the girls was curious about why they were there and Shizuka was clearly nervous, but it was Kairi who spoke up first, "Why did you call us here Issei." Kairi huffed. Kairi was a shorter girl with chin length pink hair and matching eyes. She wasn't as busty as some of the girls Issei knew, but she had a decent size. (AN: Her appearance is based off Arato Hisako from Food Wars)

"I called you because there's something I should've said to you girls a long time ago and now."

"I notice that Momo isn't here. Is that intentional." Momiji wondered.

"It is and it's because I want to apologize to you five." Issei replied.

"Wait a minute? Are you dumping us?" Miyuki said in shock. There were slightly panicked looks from the others which Issei had to address.

"This isn't about me dumping you!" Issei said quickly causing the girls to calm down. "Although if you girls did leave, I would understand it." Issei sighed knowing this would be tough.

Four of the girls looked on in confusion, but one knew exactly what was going on, "Damn it Issei. Now I regret telling you about this." Shizuka groaned.

"Care to fill us in Shizuka? When did you see Issei?" Momiji wondered.

"I saw him the other day when I was walking through the park. We spoke for a little bit."

"And then you had sex." Momiji smiled.

"No. We had a platonic conversation and then went our separate ways."

"No hugging or anything like that." Momiji asked curiously.

"That's enough Momiji." Issei chided. "Shizuka made it very clear that she left because she felt like I was holding her hostage and that struck me quite a bit." Issei replied.

"I see" Momiji replied in understanding and everyone else did as well.

"You really are an idiot Issei." Kairi chided.

"Kairi!" Aya said angrily.

"It's true Aya and let's just skip all the sentimental bull and get down to brass tact. Issei feels bad because he doesn't spend much time with us. What he's forgetting is that it's that way because we loved him! We loved Issei and his radiance, and we hated seeing him suffer after Irina left. Hell, we even made a website to keep things going when we all went to different schools." Kairi complained.

"True but you still left." Momiji reminded her.

"Can you blame me? I couldn't do orgy Saturday's because I didn't really have anybody and for some annoying reason my dates came around during Issei's Hiatus's. I still kinda want to kick Irina's ass for that." Kairi scowled.

"Kairi" Issei said solemnly unaware of that little aspect.

"No Issei don't you even dare apologize. If you want to apologize to me. Make sure to spend more time with me instead of seeing you every few months. Make sure I get to bathe in your light more often and I'm good." Kairi said bluntly.

"Good grief" Issei smiled before turning to Shizuka. "So, what about you?" Issei wondered. Shizuka was the one who initiated their conversation the other day and admitted she still carried a rather large torch for him. If he was getting Kairi back, he should at least try to get her back also.

"I…" Shizuka said bashfully before Momiji and Kairi grabbed her by the arms.

"Get going Shizuka" Momiji smiled as she and Kairi tossed Shizuka towards Issei who caught her in his arms.

"Hello there" Issei smiled.

"Umm… so…." Shizuka said bashfully.

"Oh, just kiss him already. You want him back just as much as I do" Kairi said bluntly.

Shizuka blushed before staring up at Issei with determination in her eyes, "If I do this… I don't want to wait two months to see you anymore."

Issei smiled before pulling her into his chest and looking at his girls, "Seeing as how you girls have made your feelings very clear how about this. The second full week of the month won't feature an orgy Saturday. Instead we'll have a 'SUN-day' where I spend the day with you six doing whatever you want." Issei chuckled.

"So, you'd be perfectly okay if we spend the day hanging out?" Miyuki wondered.

"Screw that! If we're doing this, I expect Issei to rock my fucking world." Kairi said bluntly.

"I agree" Shizuka said happily as she pressed her lips against his.

"There we go!" Kairi smiled as the group watched Issei and Shizuka kiss for a minute before she pulled away. She wasn't even completely mad that she didn't get her own kiss. Issei would make it up to her later as far as she was concerned.

"I missed that" Shizuka smiled.

"I know it's not technically the second full week, but how about we get started on this tradition now!" Momiji smiled. She certainly wasn't doing anything and if it meant having fun with Issei she was game.

"Hell yeah!" Kairi said happily.

"Sounds good to me." Miyuki agreed.

"Luckily for me, Aurorus isn't busy on Sunday." Issei smiled and he picked up his phone to call the love hotel that was quickly becoming one of his favorite places to be.

(Scene Skip)

With his latest orgy over, it was time for the post sex cuddling and small talk. From right to left was Momiji Kairi Issei Shizuka and Miyuki all of them still naked after the craziness they just endured. Aya took the first shower since she had the longest trip back of the group, "Has anybody ever told you that you're freaking unfair Issei. I mean seriously you had five of us and still gave me the best time I've had… well since our last romp." Kairi smiled happily.

"We set up orgy Saturday's for a reason Kairi." Momiji chuckled.

"As I recall, we have Orgy Saturday's because I found out you girls added so many people to my little harem that single dates were impossible." Issei smiled.

"True, but you need to have the stamina to handle a lot of women and you certainly do" Momiji reminded him.

"In the end it was a great move. The Orgy Saturday's made it so much easier to keep the girls in line. Outside of my first one, it has been a roaring success" Miyuki groaned.

"You still won't let that go will you." Issei deadpanned.

"It took me a good portion of the Saturday before, to reduce the number to something reasonable."

"I see" Issei replied.

"So, while he was indulging in Nochizuri's finest. You were trying to figure out how many girls he could handle." Momiji smiled.

"Yep. By some miracle I managed to get it to 20. I was furious when he cancelled." Miyuki frowned.

"How many girls did you do for your first orgy day Momiji." Kairi wondered.

"Mine was only 8. My numbers were pretty low at the time and most girls heard about him through gossip I spread." Momiji smiled.

"I wasn't so fortunate. Issei turned most of our middle school into his playpen and then left. It was a testament to how good you were in bed that you kept as many girls as you did." Miyuki said in frustration.

"Ain't that the truth. The first guy I was with after I broke things off lasted about 5 minutes before he burst his load. He didn't have much of a dick either, so it felt more like a masturbation session." Kairi scowled.

"Mine wasn't much better" Shizuka blushed.

"I don't know how I should feel about that." Issei smirked.

"You should feel pride Issei. You were such a perfect guy that a group of girls willingly made a harem for you and kept it going even if it meant they couldn't see you as much. That takes a special kind of person." Kairi answered before kissing him on the cheek.

"Kairi is right. All it took was one glance and any anger or resentment I had was completely wiped away. You're still just as radiant as you were when this started." Shizuka smiled recalling the conversation that trigged it.

"Well Issei is definitely special." Momiji smiled.

"Not now Momiji." Issei frowned.

"Alright." Momiji replied before rolling his eyes.

"I'm done guys." Aya smiled as she walked back into the room.

"Girls" Issei smiled.

"Got it" Shizuka chuckled as she moved way so Issei could crawl off the bed and walk towards Aya.

"Don't be a stranger Issei." Aya smiled.

"That's the plan." Issei chuckled before pecking her on the cheek.

As she left Miyuki got up from the bed, "My turn next. I've gotta do my last bit of packing for our trip."

"Got it" Issei smiled and he walked back to the bed.

"That's our Issei. Kisses one girl goodbye with 3 more waiting on the bed." Momiji chuckled.

"Yep." Kairi smiled.

"But we wouldn't have it any other way." Shizuka added.

"Thanks girls" Issei smiled as he got back onto the bed and soon, they were back in the same positions as before. It was days like this that made all the nonsense Issei dealt with worthwhile. As he nodded off, he found himself looking forward to their next group orgy.

(Scene Skip)

"I still can't believe you managed to get Shizuka and Kairi back" Momo said in disbelief as she lied in bed snuggled into Issei's naked chest. Momo was furious that she missed out on the initial orgy with the leaders and insisted on getting a date with Issei when he got back from his trip with Miyuki. Issei naturally obliged and they spent that Sunday in bed.

"She and Shizuka kept missing out on time with me. I can't exactly be mad at them for finding somebody else who satisfied them." Issei said nonchalantly.

"Or at least attempted to." Momo smirked back.

"Yep but as much fun as this is. We need to discuss two elephants in the room." Issei said with a serious expression.

"Two?" Momo questioned.

"School starts back up tomorrow which means there's a lot of people who will want Issei time as soon as possible" Issei answered.

"Why'd you have to remind me of that. Do you have any idea how annoying that's going to be?" Momo groaned.

"It's actually pretty easy. Just do what we did just before break." Issei said calmly.

Momo sweatdropped since that was actually pretty easy, "Good point. So, what's the second elephant in the room?"

"That it's time for me to claim Rias." Issei replied.

Momo's eyes widened because that was a major surprise. Issei's issues with Rias were a major talking point amongst the devils of Kuoh. Momo and Sona held a serious grudge over what happened with Saji and it extended to the events around Raynare. "So, you're ready to forgive her." Momo wondered.

"I never said that. I still hold quite a grudge against Raynare for trying to kill me, I just take it out on her in the bedroom. However, Rias was willing to fill out an application to the website which means she's willing to play by the rules that you girls set up. That means…."

"That I can control when she sleeps with you." Momo said happily. Rias would have to do things on her terms, and she could make those terms as strict or loose as she wanted.

"That's right. I can give her a taste and tell her she only gets to enjoy another after she joins via the website. Afterwards you can control everything, or you can give Sona that chance. How much fun do you think that would be for Sona?" Issei smiled.

Momo couldn't hide her grin since she knew her master would love that, "Sometimes I swear you're the devil between the two of us Issei. That has to be one of the cruelest things I've heard in some time." Momo smiled before adjusting her body to kiss his cheek.

Sona would never admit it publicly, but beneath the surface there has always been a budding rivalry between Rias and Sona. They were both siblings of a Maou, but Rias was the one who stood out. She had to share Kuoh with Rias even though she was the one who brought up the idea. She and Rias identified Issei and Saji, but thanks to her superiority in chess, one of the few things she had over Rias, she was able to get Issei and the power she believed he held before Rias betrayed her. Instead of working with her friend to help get rid of Riser, something Sona would've gladly done, Rias gave Sona's circle to Saji and changed things for the worse.

"So, you approve?" Issei smiled.

"Yes, but there's going to be a small caveat. One I think you'll approve of quite nicely."

"Tell me" Issei said happily his manhood returning to full mast at the thought of what he was going to do to Rias.

"I will, but first I need to deal with that boner of yours. I guess the thought of fucking Rias silly got you hard again" Momo smiled as straddled Issei's waist just above his boner which was at attention again despite his exertions over the previous hour.

"Can you blame me?" Issei smiled.

"Nope" Momo smiled as she sank onto his cock and happily rode it once more.

'It's good to be me.' Issei thought to himself as he enjoyed his sixth leader. It was a crazy summer and a lot had happened, but it was ending on a perfect note. With Shizuka and Kairi back the rest of the year promised to be exciting and hopefully the supernatural would stay out of his way. The key word of course was hopefully.