I'm so excited to share with you this story! I absolutely LOVE Leverage and I've been wanting to write this story for a while now, but I could never think of a good character. Well, now I have! Here are some introductions for all of the characters that will be featured!

The Hitter
Elliot Spencer

Ex-army retrieval specialist. Elliot is a southern gentleman who will happily kick your ass if you deserve it.

The Hacker
Alec Hardison

Hacker extraordinaire. Hardison is the best when it comes to computers and how they work.

The Grifter
Sophie Deveroux

A master of the grift. Sophie is one of the best grifters around when she's stealing something. Smart, beautiful, and creative.

The Thief

Parker is one of the best thieves around. She always gets what she seeks.

The Brains
Nathan Ford

Ex insurance investigator with a knack for stealing. Nate is smart and cunning, which makes him perfect for leading this crew of thieves. Also, an alcoholic hell-bent on getting revenge on his own company, who played a part in his son's death.

The Hitter's Girl
Kaira Newton
(I don't have an image for her, just a description. Imagine a girl, 5ft 8. Long black hair, has some curves, but not too much. She has blue eyes and pink lips. She usually doesn't wear makeup and usually in a t-shirt and jeans, unless something else is required for the job.)

A jack of all trades, Kaira can grift, steal, and fight. She was in the army with Elliot, which is how they met. She's a badass with a mouth on her. She's smart and skilled in multiple forms of combat. She's also skilled in interrogation and manipulation.

Backstory for Elliot and Kaira's relationship
Elliot and Kaira were paired up with each other in the army. While Kaira and Elliot have flirted, Kaira never wanted to make a move due to fear of damaging the relationship they had. Elliot never made a move for the same reasons. The story will follow their relationship as they learn that they are better together and it's okay to be vulnerable.

A/N That's all I have for the introduction! Stay tuned for the 1st episode. I will be doing all of the episodes and an epilogue. I'll do my best to get the chapters out as quickly as possible. Once the reboot comes out, I will also be making another book for it. Also, if you haven't already, check out my other book The Scoundrel and the Beauty (A MacGyver reboot fanfiction). Without further adieu, I hope you enjoy this book!