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What was he doing? What had possessed him to come here of all places and think he wouldn't feel awkward and weird?

The almighty monster hunter Dean Winchester was walking around a store with a shopping cart full of Christmas decorations.

Not only that, but he was doing it for an angel! A very slim, muscular, handso-devious angel.

This all started when Cas started moping around the bunker a couple of weeks ago. At first, Dean tried to ignore it and keep living life as if nothing was wrong but after a while he just couldn't bear to see his angel in misery.

So, Dean confronted Cas in Winchester style and demanded he tell him what was wrong.

Cas admitted that he was a little upset because Christmas was coming and usually all the angels celebrated in heaven with a giant feast and crazy decorations.

Of course, Cas had been with the Winchester's for more than a year but he stated this year was harder than the last couple of years because he suddenly realized how long he'd been away from heaven.

Dean nodded and gruffly told him to shake it off before never speaking of it again. Except…

Except that Dean was walking around the store buying whatever last minute Christmas decorations they had because it was Christmas Eve and the store was packed.

Dean knew he was going to do something to cheer him up but this decision was very last minute.

As Dean rushed into a full isle of other crazy shoppers, he managed to knick a nativity set off the shelf before he was pummeled.

It was the last thing he needed before he could leave this dreaded store and he quickly ran into a line.

It was a huge line and he 'tried' to wait patiently and just about lost it before it was his turn to check out.

The total came to quite a bit of money and he had to max out quite a few credit cards, but it would be worth it because he was doing this for Sam too.

Same deserved a good Christmas and this would be the closest thing to it he would get.

Dean hadn't taken Baby this time because he knew he needed quite a bit of room for decorations. So, he stole a pick up truck and quickly loaded all the Christmas themed decor.

Once everything was unloaded into the truck he made his way to the bunker as the time neared midnight.

Cas wouldn't be there because he said something about needing space around this time and the Winchester gladly sent him off due to his moodiness.

It would be easy to get him back, Dean just needed to pray and act like something was going and needed Castiel's immediate attention.

Again, Dean questioned his sanity as he quietly dragged decoration upon decoration into the bunker.

The last thing that needed to be taken care of was the fake tree he had purchased. It was around 7ft and a nightmare to deal with and set-up.

As fake pine needles stabbed him, Dean almost fell down the stairs lugging the fake tree with him.

He would've laughed about the situation if a certain picture of a sad angel wouldn't keep popping up in his head.

Dean carefully set-up the tree and started putting ornaments, garlen, and lights on the overly green tree.

After it was finished he ran around the bunker hanging up lights, stars, garlan, wreaths, and many other small decorations he had managed to snag. He yawned as the time neared 5:30 am.

He was so excited that the Two most important people in his life would get to enjoy themselves on Christmas for once.

As the sun began to rise, the last decorations were put into place and Dean carefully set down two boxes under the tree that said 'Castiel' and 'Sam'.

He quickly changed into his pyjamas and before he went to sleep, prayed to his favorite angel.

Cas! Cas, get your feathery ass over here! The bunker is under attack! Go to the front, quickly!

Dean closed his eyes and smiled to himself inwardly as he heard the distinct woosh of an angels' wings and a prompt:

'DEAN?!? SAM?!? WHAT HA- What happened to the bunker?'

Maybe Christmas could mean a little more to the Winchesters than it did in the past.

And maybe… just maybe… Dean did mean to put mistletoe around the bunker as well hoping a certain angel wouldn't break tradition...

The End!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the story. I wanted it to be short and sweet and show a side of Dean that isn't shown in the series as often as I wished. I hope you thought it was as cute as I did when he said 'handso-devious angel' :D

Hope you enjoyed it and I'll talk to you in the next story!


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