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The wind blew past her in what would be a fateful summer night. The pink haired girl cried as she watched her teammate walk down the only road out of the village.

"Don't leave me!" She screamed and ran after the boy, stopping when she was only a short length away from him. "If you go, I'll scream and-"

The kunoichi was cut off by surprise as Sasuke vanished right in front of her eyes. And just as quickly as he had disappeared, she heard a loud and terrible noise behind her that she was all too familiar with. The sound of a thousand little birds tweeting. Her eyes widened, and, through the chirping, she heard his cold voice which was barely the volume of a whisper.

"Thank you, Sakura. For everything."

Her scream was caught in her throat. The shock at what the Uchiha chose to do far outweighed the agonizing pain. The entirety of Sakura's body went numb as she felt the boy's hand cut through her flesh, the lightning cauterizing everything in its path, until it reached what appeared to be the base of her spine.

Sasuke quickly retrieved his hand after so. All her strength left her body and Sakura collapsed on the ground. Out of fear or just not being capable to, not daring to let another single sound. The girl watched, her tears drying up quickly in her green pupils, what she imagined would be the last image before she died. A calm and handsome raven haired shinobi, walking down a path of darkness.