The King of Fighters

The Lone Wolf Pack / King of Hearts

By MavGunloc

(aka: Luis M. Vila)

Disclaimer:  I do not own King of Fighters, the characters, or premise of the story.  They belong to SNK.  The story will take place from the end of the King of Fighters '99 Tournament through the King of Fighter's 2000 Tournament with some slight variation to the story.  The plot mostly focuses on Team Fatal Fury and Team Kyokugen and their side stories that develop between the two tournaments.  I use both these teams because they were SNK's original fighting teams and lately they've been getting the boot to the slew of new characters showing up in the recent King of Fighters games.  This is my first "official" fic on but hopefully not my last.



"Hey King, pass me another drink," orders a surly old man.  His speech is not completely fallible just yet, easily showing signs of his experience as a drinker.

"No problem," King replies in a mono tone as a cold glass of bourbon slides over to the awaiting individual.

The bar seems to be running smoothly as always.  A few of the regulars hanging out, a couple of new guys shooting pool.  Nothing out of the ordinary.


The entrance to the bar gets slammed hard, violently shaking the walls and allowing the painful remains of daylight to peer into the bar.  At the entrance to this bar is a man dressed in a uniquely colored gi.

"What is the meaning of this?!"  King snaps.  The rude entrance by this stranger was disturbing a perfectly good evening and King wasn't about to stand for this.

"I'm looking for a girl named Yuri!"  Called the orange-clad man.  King examined him thoroughly.  He was fairly muscular man, bleached blonde hair, and obviously had some kind of martial arts background because nobody would carelessly walk into a bar wearing a karate gi as a fashion statement.

"Who the hell are you to make such demands in my bar?!"  King snapped back, not even acknowledging the man's request for information.

"The name's Ryo Sakazaki and I'm looking for my sister Yuri Sakazaki," Ryo replied.  He forcefully grabbed the nearest soused individual with one hand and squeezed his alcoholic reeked shirt tight.  "Do you know anything buddy?"  Asked Ryo while shaking the man back and forth.

"That's enough!"  King snapped.  She quickly jumps over the bar and tightens her gloves.  She prepares her fighting stance and stares down the opponent in front of her.

"You need to be taught a lesson in manners," said King as she waves at Ryo to attack her.  "If you want information, you'll have to beat it out of me."

King almost wanted to lick her lips after saying that.  It had been years since the last time she has fought a real opponent.  The embarrassment Thailand had nearly driven her to quit fighting but the demands of South Town drunks kept her in shape.  She was finally going to be tested after all these years to see if she was as good as she thought she was.

"Ora – Ora," Ryo taunted as he broke out into his Kyokugen stance.  Both knees bent and each arm fully extended and parted.

What kind of karate is this guy into?  King asked herself mentally.  Before she could formulate a list of popular answer, Ryo came out swinging.

"Hien Shippuu Kyaku!"  Ryo cried as his legs sprinted forward attempting to decapitate his opponent.  King avoided the attack but just barely.  She swayed off to the side allowing Ryo to fly right through and give her an opening to his backside.

Just as she was turning to deliver a kick, her knee was met by Ryo's fist as both collided fiercely rattling the tough bones underneath.

King was in awe.  She could not believe this guy was this fast.  Usually a quick thrust kick to the back of the head would disorient a normal opponent and give her time for a knockout blow but this guy wasn't even giving her a chance to breath.  He just kept coming after her with all of the determination in the world and she knew she would have to pull out all of the stops if she wanted to win this one, let alone survive.

"Trap Shot!"  King shouted as she lunged back, hoping to lure the oncoming opponent and finally give her a chance to breathe.

No such luck however.  Ryo easily bounced back avoiding the attack and prepared one of his own.  He threw his fist hard aiming square in the chest looking to knock the wind out of him.

King felt the tight fist of her opponent coming right for her and barely got her hands up to block it.  However, her arms are telling a different story.  There will definitely be a bruise there tomorrow.

Ryo's blonde challenger back flipped away a few steps leaving a distance of only a few meters but by then they were at opposite sides of the bar.  The few drunks in the background kept chanting King's name, encouraging her on but that was easily drowned out by Ryo's passion for finding his sister, this would have to end here.

It was drawing closer now.  King's breathing was growing more heavily than she had ever felt.  There was no way this guy was going to give up.  She had to keep him at bay and there was only one thing left in her arsenal to keep him at bay and hopefully end the fight.

"Venom Strike!"  Yelled the blonde bombshell as she swung her right leg in a roundhouse motion and released a blue ball of energy that shot straight towards the Kyokugen warrior.

Ryo's feet sprung into action and instantly he was airborne.  The attack quickly passed under him and upon his landing he was standing right in front of the uncooperative bartender with enough time to prepare for his best attack.


King flew backwards with a searing pain in her chest.  She had never experienced an attack such as that and her body was paying the price.  The only good thing about it though was the nice draft that was cooling her body as she passed through the air.

No words could escape Ryo's breath at the sight he saw before him.  The guy he just attacked had been exposed.

"A…  A…  A woman?"  Ryo jittered.  And what a woman his brain cursed looking at the size of her voluptuous chest.

The bar fell silent.  All of King's companions and regulars were just as shocked as Ryo was.  Probably even more so.

The fallen woman's arms crossed around her chest, hiding what little dignity she had left.  She was embarrassed once again and she could almost feel a few tears sliding down the front of her face.  It was especially going to get worse now that Ryo was slowly approaching her, probably about to bully the information out of her in her lowly state.

"Here," calmly whispered Ryo as he draped King with the top portion of his gi.  He picked her up from the ground and embraced her tightly with a hug making sure nobody else got a free show and more importantly, keeping her embarrassment to a minimum.

"I am so very sorry about this…"  Ryo proclaimed, "Please, forgive me and my intrusion."  And with that, Ryo took left the bar.  King and the other just stood there watching the scene as if it happened like some sort of dream.  She held on tight to the orange gi still flavored from the warmth of his body.

"King…  King…?"  One of her regulars asked.  Her mind was drifting off, something she's never done before and she kept staring at the door as if she were waiting for something else to happen from the Kyokugen warrior.

"King…?  King…?"


"King…?  KING?!"  Xangfei cried.  King snapped away from her day dream and focused on the present day.  No point dwelling on the past in front of your friends, especially a loud mouth like Xanfei.

"What is it?"  She asked.

"Are you going to finish that?"  The Chinese girl asked while pointing to the single egg roll on her plate.  Not caring too much, King waved her hand acknowledging the hungry girls request and her batter fried snack was quickly consumed by her pig tailed companion.

"King of Fighters is getting crazier every year eh?"  Blue Mary commented.  Kasumi and King gave an agreeing sigh and tried to enjoy the rest of the day without dwelling to much on the past.  But then again, it was itching each of them like the elephant in the kitchen that no one wants to talk about.

"So, did anyone find out who the winner was?"  Kasumi calmly asked.  This caused Mary to turn her head sharply and the uncomfortable silence grew.

"Mrf…  Anal Yuri…"  Mumbled Xangfei while stuffing the quickly diminishing pile of food into her face.

"Who?!"  The other three girls asked.

After swallowing the large chunk of fried pork, she looked at everyone and said, "Fatal Fury won…  I think."

"Where did you here this?"  King asked.

"I heard a couple of guys talking.  They said that the only ones they saw leave the sewer was Andy's team."

"You mean Terry Bogard's team.  I thought he was the leader," Kasumi commented.

"Yea, maybe," Xangfei acknowledged while stuffing another roll into her mouth and quickly consuming it.  "But they say he never showed up after the place collapsed."

Blue Mary's hands began to tighten around the table cloth.  This definitely wasn't an easy subject for her.

"Did you happen to hear anything about Kusanagi?"  Kasumi quickly changes the subject after she notices the change in expression from her silent friend.

Xangfei's only reply was a muffled shoulder toss as she was more concerned with finishing up her dim sum plate that the life of the famous King of Fighters champion.  The remaining moments of the meal were held in silence.  No one really felt like talking and they ended the day a lot quieter than it started.

*          *          *          *          *

"Well, take care everyone," Xangfei waved goodbye as she left the group happy and more importantly full.  Her companion's purses weren't feeling as stuffed as she was.

"Where are you off to Kasumi?"  King asked.

"I think I'd like to rest for a little while.  Then I'll continue my training so that next time I'll be more prepared than I was this year."

"Alright, good bye Kasumi?"  King waved as she walked off.  Now it was just the two South Town citizens.

"Want to share a ride home?"  Asked King.

"Yea…"  Was the only think Mary could say.  She was trying to get over the shock of what Andy told her only a couple of hours ago.  All she had left of him was his right glove that she kept tucked away hoping one day he'll return for it.


"Terry…"  Andy sighed.  He didn't even want to hear the name Japan for a long time.  His plane was cruising over the Pacific Ocean destined for Los Angeles.  King of Fighters ended barely four hours ago and he was already leaving.  Andy was close to his brother but he was used to dealing with these sorts of things alone.  He didn't want to be around Mai because she was always in a cheery mood and he couldn't confide to Joe because he was worse with sorting out his emotions than he was.  Hopefully this trip to America will calm his nerves a little bit and give him some time to think.  The one thing he didn't want in his life right now was company.