Epilogue: Making New Memories

Six months after the end of the King of Fighters Tournament

The sky was clear in South Town. The weather was fair and the sun was shining bright on the calm citizens. Finally, the King of Fighters was over and everything can return to normal. Normal for South Town anyways. The people were still unruly, especially after the fiasco at the end of the tournament. There was no real winner declared. The match between the Fatal Fury Team and the Art of Fighting Team had been declared a draw. Even after the results, the fans still wanted to know what happened after the cameras went out. If only they knew the horror that was below.

That didn't matter now. Everything returned to normal after a few months passed. South Town was still the violent uncontrollable place it always was but it seemed more relaxing after the tournament passed. Most things were going smoothly for the citizens. As for the fighters… That was another story.

Andy Bogard stepped out of the taxi. He was standing in front of the Shiranui School and took a very deep breath. Andy had taken another trip on his own after the tournament ended. Facing another moment with his brother gone was just too much for him to handle in front of his friends, especially Mai. In fact, that is the reason Andy is standing in front of the Shiranui School in the first place. He had received a letter from Mai saying that she wanted to meet with him and Andy immediately obliged. He did in fact promise her that he would make it up to Mai after replacing Mai in the Fatal Fury Team.

Andy walked up towards the front door and sighed again. He had an idea what Mai had in store for him and it made his spine shiver. Andy opened the door. He had a feeling Mai would be the only one here today because the way she probably figured it, she was planning to make a lot of noise.

Sitting before Andy was the lovely Mai Shiranui. She was wearing a very elegant dress shining in a brilliant red color and her hair was glimmering over the dim light. A smile crossed her delicate red lips as she saw the love of her life standing in the doorway.

"Hi… Andy," She coyly said. "Welcome back."

Andy didn't know what to do. He had never seen Mai look so beautiful in his entire life. Andy didn't have to push her away like he usually would. In fact, he didn't want to. Andy stood there waiting for Mai to speak. She was in control as far as he was concerned.

"Did you miss me Andy?" She bashfully asked. It was a rhetorical question but nonetheless, she wanted to make this moment last as long as possible.

"I believe you have something for me Andy… I've waited a long time for this," She said while blushing. Andy knew what he had to do. It was completely against all of his morals but he did promise this to her. Maybe after this she would leave him alone for a while.

Alright! Andy said to himself. Let's do it…

Mai closed her eyes. She knew she wouldn't be able to keep from crying. She heard Andy rustling through his clothes and instantly felt a sign of bliss. Mai couldn't contain herself, she opened her eyes in the hopes of Andy on his knees with a loop of gold in his hands.

Mai was never that lucky. Standing before her was the love of her life, shirtless, and working on his pants. A cherry red blush covered her face. This was not what she expected.

"What are you doing?!" She cried while jumping out of her seat. This was not what she expected at all.

"But… But I thought this is what you wanted?" He replied feeling somewhat relieved.

"This… THIS?!" She pointed straight at Andy's crotch. "What do you take me for?!"

"I – I – I…" Andy was at a loss of words. "But I thought?"

"What do you think this means?!" Mai said while thrusting her index finger into a circle made by her other hand. Andy pulled back a half of a step. There was the impure act being practiced before him.

Suddenly, a thought crossed Andy's mind. Mai had never been kinky enough to ask for something as great as sex before. Maybe she meant… Oh my god.

"You got over a half a million dollars for winning the King of Fighters tournament and all you think I want is – !"

"Shhhhh…" Andy said while placing his finger over Mai's sweet red lips. He had misjudged her this entire time and he truly was sorry for it. All she ever wanted was to be close to Andy, closer than anyone had ever been. She ignored every other guy and only had eyes for him.

"I'm sorry Mai…" He said while making a half smile. Her gorgeous brown eyes stared back at him with a new passion. Andy leaned in to her. Mai could feel Andy's warm breath and allowed him to come. Finally, she had gotten exactly what she wanted.

Mai melted in Andy's arms. She never imagined kissing Andy would be this wonderful. This was something she longed for and now she had it. Andy broke off the kiss slowly and looked back into her sweet brown eyes. They were shivering with passion and happiness.

"Let me make it up to you Mai," Andy stated while standing back up. "Let's go on a trip."

A smile touched Mai's face. She grabbed Andy and squeezed him tight. Mai could stand like this forever and would if time allowed.

"So… Where do you want to go?" Andy asked.

Mai shook her head against Andy's chest. "I don't care Andy… As long as I'm with you. I don't care at all."

Mary busted into the top floor of a high-rise building. She was hired to search out a case of random gang beatings. Most of them were put in critical condition. The guy was identified to be a monster who was on a rampage. He didn't listen to pleads of mercy nor did he care for keeping the buildings he attacked in tact. This guy was wreaking havoc all over the country and now he was finally cornered in South Town.


Mary kicked the door open and rushed in. The horror before her was almost unimaginable. Bodies, piles and piles of bodies were stacked all over the place. They were all beaten and bruised beyond belief. Mary searched the room and found no sign of the attacker. He must be in the next room.

Before Mary thought to kick open the door, she waited. If she could surprise the attacker without alarming him, it would give her the advantage. Mary began to slowly turn the knob and quietly opened the door. There was a conversation going on.

"I – I swear I didn't know anything about it!" One man pleaded. She could sense the fear in his tone. "Please – PLEASE… DON'T KILL ME!"


Mary wasn't watching but she knew she heard a punch. The attack must be the one in control. Mary was about to rush in before the sound of another voice filled the room.


Terry?! Mary thought. It had been so long since she'd heard that name. Just the thought of him made her clasp his famous red and white hat that she kept attached to her belt buckle. She peeked her eye around the frame and saw a small child approaching a larger man.

The kid was young, not a day over ten and he was in an orange shirt and black shorts. The thing that caught Mary's eye was the hair. He was blonde, just like someone she knew. Then it hit her.

Could that be… Rock?! Rock Howard?! Mary shouted to herself. She opened the door wide and stood there waiting to see the man she had missed for the longest time in her life. She saw just that.

There he was, the man himself Terry Bogard. The Legendary Wolf had returned home after months and months of waiting. Mary couldn't believe her eyes. They were starting to fill with tears.

"I'm glad you're alright Rock," Terry stated. He put his arm around the young boy and began to walk to the door. Poor old Terry didn't even realize Mary was watching the whole thing.

Terry froze. Rock felt a weird vibe coming from his protector so he immediately hid behind Terry. He peeked around Terry's waist to see what the girl was up to and if she was going to try to hurt Terry.

Terry walked forward. He motioned for Rock to stay behind. Terry approached Mary, her eyes were still glazed over his figure. It had been months since they'd seen each other and they hadn't really left on great terms. Soon enough, Terry was standing right in front of her. She still looked great. That wavy blonde hair, those deep blue eyes, that wonderful body. Terry was lucky to have someone like her in his life.


"OOOFFFFFF!" Terry cried while taking a blow to the chest. Mary's elbow found its way right into his sternum and he responded by bending forward just a bit. Rock immediately took that as a sign of hostility and ran up to the scene. After running about halfway, he slowed down to a complete stop after seeing something he thought couldn't happen between two fighters.

Mary wrapped herself around Terry and locked her lips on his. She poured the six months of depression and sorrow through her body and into Terry's. Mary rubbed her arms up and down his back and around his messy hair. Something was missing and she knew what to do about that.

Terry couldn't believe what he was feeling. He had missed her, there was no denying it from his end but he didn't realize how much until this moment. She held him tight and he could feel a few tears swimming between their lips.

They broke off after another minute or so. Terry looked at his companion with sorrow filled eyes. She must have gone through hell and back waiting for him and he wasn't Mr. Compassionate about it. Mary stood there inches away from Terry's body and waited for him to speak.

"It's… Good to see you Mary."

Good to see me? Well it's a start… She thought.

"I've missed you."

Missed me?! Mary flustered. Terry Bogard having a heart was a shock to her. She grabbed Terry and hugged him tight. Mary promised herself never to let him go.

Rock walked up to the two lovers. He had no idea what to make of it. This is the first time he saw two people do what they did. He moved himself next to Terry and the Lone Wolf took his free hand and placed it over Rock's shoulder.

Mary looked down at the kid and smiled. Looking at his innocent face made her just want to melt over his little body. She smiled at him and gave a friendly gesture.

"Hey there," Mary said cheerfully.

Rock wanted to pull back and hide behind Terry but he didn't get a weird feeling from her like he did all the other people in his life. He gladly accepted her kind words and hugged her along with Terry. Rock had never felt happier in his entire life.

Terry moved away first. He wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. Mary and Rock followed, Mary took Rock's hand into hers as they followed their companion. Terry stopped by the elevator and turned around. Mary had no idea what he had up his sleeve so she naturally had to ask.

"So… Where to now?" Mary asked. She squeezed Rock's hand to let him know that he was included in the discussion.

Terry smiled. "We'll see…" He said in his regular tone. "Right now, all I'm concerned with is you two."

Mary's emotions lifted as did Rock's. They moved closer to Terry and leaned up against his strong frame. Mary took his hat into her hands and placed it back on his head. She felt like falling in love all over again after seeing him with that hat on. He smiled back at her as the elevator doors opened.

"I guess this is the start," Terry said while entering through the doors.

"The start?" Mary pondered. "The start of what?"

Terry grinned. "Of our Lone Wolf Pack." Mary smiled along with Terry as she held him close. No matter where the road took them she didn't care. As long as Terry was here, she was happy.

"ONCE AGAIN!" Khushnood ordered. Poor Jean had no idea what he was getting into when he asked to learn Kyokugen Karate. And this was just the first day.

Jean resumed his fighting stance and went through a standard volley of kicks and punches in the Sakazaki dojo. It was completely refurbished only a few weeks ago thanks to the funding of their King of Fighters winnings. Takuma was in high spirits and so were all of his students. Kyokugen Karate was the high point of South Town.

King watched her younger brother move around like he never had before. He may have been exhausted now, but he was able to walk and that's what was important. The money from the King of Fighters tournament paid for all of Jean's treatment and they were able to buy the apartment complex above their bar. Her life made a huge turn around after the end of the tournament and it was all for the better.

"Yo King," called Ryo entering the dojo.

"Hey sweetie," King replied. She gave him a peck on the cheek and they both observed the view before them.

"How's he doing?" Ryo asked.

King sighed. "It's his first day but he's moving like it's his first anniversary." Ryo sensed the joy in her tone. He offered to teach Jean Kyokugen after his treatments were over and King graciously accepted. Jean always wanted to learn martial arts like his sister, now he had his chance to learn one of the best.

Ryo turned away from the scene and proceeded into the garage. King thought it was kind of funny that he left so suddenly so naturally she followed. He was standing in front of his motorcycle scratching his head. King had no idea what he was up to.

"Hey King."

"Yea," she calmly replied.

"Want to go for a ride?"

The sun was setting. The view over the mountains was magnificent. King wondered why they stopped her all of the sudden. The rush she got from the motor cycle ride was very intense. They were deep within the forest until Ryo walked her over until they reached the end. The sight was unimaginable.

"It's… It's so pretty," King gasped while looking over the scenery. She turned over to Ryo as he too was glaring over the mountains. "Why did you bring me here Ryo?"

"This was the place where I trained. This was the place where I found the one thing I needed to focus on the master the Kououken."

"Oh…" She sighed almost sounding uninterested. Ryo could feel that vibe coming on full force so he knew he had to finish his story.

"The thing I needed to focus on was… Was you, King."

King turned to him with wide eyes. Ryo in kind, turned to face her. "You know…" He said while gazing deep into her eyes. They were so warm and he could feel that nervous tingle touch his body. Ryo pushed through it and continued, "We've been going out together for six months and… And… And I still don't know your real name."

King smiled. It was true. She hadn't told anybody her real name since she lived back home. It was different times back them before she met Ryo. Men were monsters in her eyes but not this one. He was special.

"Alicia. Alicia Dunstan."

It was Ryo's turn to smile. "Alicia. That's a pretty name."

King was happy to hear that. Now he wouldn't have to refer to her by that nickname anymore. She would be Alicia in his eyes and only his eyes.

"Have you ever thought of… Thought of getting it changed?" Ryo asked. He gave off a small blush. It was now or never for him.

"What?" King asked almost dumbfounded. "Would you rather prefer King?" She joked.

"How about… Sakazaki?"

"What?!" She flustered. Before she knew it Ryo was on his knees with a small box in his possession. He took King's hand into his own and looked deeply into her heart and soul.

"Alicia… Will you marry me?"

Tears began to flow down her face. King had never felt this way in her lifetime. This was the most serene moment in existence and she wanted to treasure it forever.

"Y – Yes!" She jumped. They hugged each other close and King let out a few more tears on Ryo's chest. They pulled back for a second and leaned in to kiss each other. Nothing mattered to them now. They had each other. Their wants, their needs, their desires were tied closely together and that is just how they wanted it. Love is the greatest thing in the world if it is on your side and for the first time, Ryo and King had it as an ally.

See you next year at the King of Fighters Tournament.

(Author notes: WOW! I can't believe it's finally over. What a run it's been huh? I've had my fun, I hope you guys enjoyed it. This was really something. It all started out when I got all pissed off that didn't have very many AOF fan fics especially ones about King and Ryo so I decided to step up to the plate and give it my best shot. I never would have thought it would have turned into this. This is a real long fic and as of this date, July 25th, 2003 I am the longest KOF fan fic [as far as word count] on the site. Although it's not always about quantity I believe the quality is still in there. All of my devoted readers, SilentNinja20, Mallow64, and Gero-A helped make this fic what it was and I'm glad I had their help and support. Thanks too to all of those silent readers who haven't posted reviews. It's cool I know how it is but I hope just because the fic is over the reviews won't stop. I want to thank you guys again for all of your support over these past two months, two months. I wrote this thing in two months. God I must have really been dedicated to it.

Story Notes:

- King's real name: Ok, King's real name isn't Alicia Dunstan. I made that one up. I needed a name for her to make the scene more cute and that came to mind. She kind of looks like an Alicia and the Dunstan came from some random website that displayed French names. That's all I really had to go on and it fit so I'm cool. I hope I don't confuse the hell out of everyone and if SNK does release King's real name, I'd re-edit this fic to put it in there.

- Jean, King's brother: Alright. I made a mistake on this one. I thought Jean was like a teenager but it turns out that he's actually like a 6th grader! I know, big mistake on my part but I think it'll be ok. I like Jean that way. I wrote him like a 15 year old and I think it made him a much better character in this fic. I know as far as continuity goes I should make him young again but hey, he was a 6th grader back in AOF 2 so he must be older now. Right? Oh well.

Well guys its time for us to part. I know it's been fun but all things whether good or bad, must come to an end. Now I know what some of you are thinking. SEQUEL SEQUEL! But I'm not sure. Well, if I get a lot of people, and I mean a lot of people asking for one, I'll do it. I've got a couple of other projects on my mind such as a closure to the Trigun anime series and a continuation of Outlaw Star plus a possible Ryo X Chun Li fic for Street Fighter 3. We'll see what happens. I've got the idea for a sequel but it's not on my priority list as of yet. I know the N.E.S.T.S. saga must continue but it all depends on you guys. Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my fic. I worked my heart out on it and I hope to see you guys again in some of my other fics. Take it easy guys and I'll see you next time around.)