Chapter 1

It's the middle of the night in the Institute. Storm is showing Nightcrawler to his room (which just happens to be right next to hers).
Nightcrawler seems as if he is a little child going someplace new. He seems to be amazed by the least little things. Storm watches Nightcrawler's every movement, and tries not to stare.
Storm is completely in love with this beautiful yellow-eyed mutant. Whenever she looks into his beautiful yellow eyes she yearns to be with him. Nightcrawler is way to shy to approach her, so she knows what she has to do.
Before Nightcrawler can step into his room, Storm blocks his was and says "I want you Nightcrawler" as she stares into his yellow eyes and approaches him.
Nightcrawler is wondering why a beautiful woman like Storm would want to be with an Ugly blue mutant like him. He is too afraid to even move.
While Nightcrawler is unsure of what to do, storm knows exactly what she wants, and she plans to get it. She continues to approach him and says, "We were meant to be together, I know it."
She traps him in a corner and begins to kiss him softly, but before she can do anything he teleports behind her and goes into his room. Unfortunately for him, there are no locks on the door.
Storm comes in shortly after, and says to him "Don't fight it, I know you want me"
Nightcrawler gives up, he can't get away from her, and she just won't give up. Storm walks over to a chair that's in the room and puts it against the door so no one can come in. Then she pushes Nightcrawler on the bed, and gets on top of him. "Talk in your sexy German voice for me" she whispers in his ear.
"Are you sure you want to do this" before he could finish Storm was already kissing him, and somehow his shirt was already off.
Before Storm could remove Nightcrawler's pants, she heard the door open.
"What you two doing in here" asked Professor X.