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Chapter 7: Forgive Me

Kurt's eyes widened. "I don't believe you." He narrowed his eyes and glared at her. "You have no right to say such things!"

Mystique sighed. "You were going to find out sooner or later. Tell me you didn't believe that old German family was your own. You don't look like them; you never did fit in with them. It's time you've come to terms with who you are. I'm sorry, you've been lied to your whole life, but I'm trying to do the right thing here. Even if I can't change my ways and leave Magneto, the least I can do is help you escape." She looked down at the floor.

Ororo kept quiet. This was Kurt's business, and she had no right to speak, but she couldn't help but wonder what Kurt was thinking.

Kurt approached the iron bars that separated him from his mother. This lady wasn't his mother, she didn't take care of him, she didn't kiss him goodnight, and she didn't do anything for him. "I know the family I stayed with wasn't my own, but they did so much more for me that you could ever do. They showed me that being different wasn't as bad, and they showed me how to have faith."

"Yeah, and that's why they took you in to join their little circus. They loved you for the money Kurt. I know this. Although you never saw me, it doesn't mean I wasn't there."

Kurt was silent. He was stunned, his whole life he had been searching for the answer to that question. Who was he, and how did he get to where he was? He always knew he would find out, but never this way.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't have kept you, if I did, they would kill me. If it makes any difference I still care about you and your well being." Mystique said as she entered a code into the lock for the cell, and the doors cell doors opened.

Moments later, John ran into the cell, and there was no one there. "Shit." He cursed under his breath. "Bloody Hell! They were my responsibility." John shuddered and wondered what Magneto was going to do to him when heard that the prisoners had escaped.

John ran down the hall to where Magneto was reading. He looked up. "How are our guests?" he asked calmly.

John gave a nervous laugh. He wasn't sure if he could bring himself to tell Magneto what had happened. By now Magneto had seen the worry in his eyes. He put down his book, stood, and approached Pyro. "What is the matter? Tell me."

"They escaped." John replied.

Magneto's eyes narrowed. He placed his hand on John's head, and ran his fingers through John's hair pulling hard. "How?" He asked pulling harder.

"I don't know." John closed his eyes, and felt lips on his.

Magneto released him, and left the room. John just stood there dumfounded and disgusted. "Bloody hell, I've go to get out of here."

Meanwhile, Kurt, Ororo, and Mystique ran through a metal scrap heap. "This is the quickest way back. Once you get through that door, you will be out of range for the necklaces, and you can safely take them off." She pointed ahead of her. "After that you'll see the mansion to the right." They slowed down as they reached the door.

Kurt and Ororo removed their collars, and thanked Mystique.

Mystique looked down, then she felt a pair of arms wrap around her. "Mother." Kurt said. Tears filled Mystique's eyes for the first time in years.

"I'm so sorry, Kurt." She couldn't stop herself from crying. She saw a huge pole of metal flying towards Kurt's back, and turned so that it was heading for her back instead. "Please forgive me..."

Kurt looked up from her shoulder and saw Magneto towards them. He let go of Mystique and saw her body drop to the floor. The pole had hit her in the back and was now wedged into her about 5 inches deep.

Out of rage, Kurt teleported up to Magneto who was hovering above him on a disc of metal. He kicked Magneto in the face, and grabbed him with his tail and pulled him onto the floor. Kurt looked up and saw all of the metal in the scrap yard raise up of the ground. "Uh Oh..." Ororo said.

Ororo tried to get the Professor Mentally, and in a few moments the door opened to reveal light, and the X-men following professor X. They all looked at Mystiques dead body, and gasped.

"Kurt remove Magneto's helmet." Said the Professor's voice.

Kurt started to remove the helmet, but stopped when two figures came and one of them quickly grabbed Magneto and left. The other was a female. She used her power to stop Scott from firing his optical blasts at them. It looked as if she made a shield between her and them, and Scott's blasts were deflected, and hit a wall and the room was filled with smoke.

When the smoke cleared, the first thing everyone saw was Kurt over Mystique's body. "I forgive you mother." Tears swelled in his eyes, and Ororo came to comfort him.

Everyone seemed to be alarmed at this statement except for the Professor. Everyone's attention was diverted when Bobby yelled out.

"John!" he said. John came walking towards the X-men with his arms in the air.

"What the hell just happened?" Wolverine said retracting his claws.

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