It was hard to believe everything that had transpired in the last several weeks, but the young hunter knew that he would not have changed anything about his decisions if he had a choice. For the last five years, every decision Caleb made had been done in the best interest of the two boys he and Jim had been raising. Their goal had been to raise them as normal as possible, while also being aware they would need to learn how to defend themselves. Dean, at eleven, had proved to be a natural at the skills Caleb had thrown at him, and had even gone on several minor hunts.

Even though Sam had been forced to learn the truth when a freak demon attempted to kidnap him, it had not robbed him of his innocence, and for that he was grateful. Caleb knew Dean was, too. Sam's older brother had struggled with what happened to him, and was even more perplexed about the reason for Sam's sudden display of power that resulted in him getting away from the demon.

Leaning forward, Caleb tried not to think about the predicament he was in. It was bad, and he knew it. Scrubbing away the bricks he felt creeping up behind his eyelids, he knew sleep was a foregone impossibility. He had tried to sleep on the hard bed in the jail, and it was no use. The metal dug into his skin, and the chatter of the guards kept him wide awake. He was a light sleeper from years of hunting, and it did not serve him now. Shaking his head, he glanced at the clock that was positioned outside his cell.

Soon enough, the guards would come around and wake the inmates up-it was still hard for him to think of himself like that-and depending on if they had court or not, get them ready ahead of time. His court hearing was still a few weeks away, and it was only a prelim hearing to determine if the state had enough to go to trial. With his luck, Caleb knew they likely would. Scrubbing a hand down his face, he could not believe he was in the position of having to defend his life because of the actions of one monster.

If there was one bright spot, it was that the boys had been far away from this hunt. Even though he and Jim and Bobby allowed Dean near certain jobs, they drew the line when it concerned anything other than a spirit or a creature that could be taken down easily. This monster was one such creature that he had been training for, but had not gone near. The hunter did not know what he would have done if Dean had somehow been caught in the crossfire of the murder investigation that had taken place.

Thinking about the boys was dangerous, and he tried to avoid it whenever he could. During the daytime, it was much more feasible. Either he was outside during rec time, or having meetings with his attorney, Dawn. If he was not doing either of those things, he was usually in his cell, hoping for an end to the nightmare that had become his life. He missed them more than words could describe, and it had only been a little over a month. He could not imagine what he would do if the case went to trial, and he was forced away from them even longer.

Sam, with his bubbly personality, and intelligence, and his megawatt smile that never failed to charm the people around him. He was only seven, and had seen much more than most people twice his age, but still had retained his innocence. He was never afraid to seek out comfort, and a good cuddle from his brother and adults. That was one big area in which he and Dean were definitely different. Caleb missed it more than anything, and wished he could be afforded another one of Sam's tight hugs.

Getting up, he paced the short length of the cell, and tried to focus on breathing. It was not an easy thing to do when all he had to do was look down and glimpse the orange jumpsuit, but he did his best. Splashing some water on his face from the sink/toilet combination at least made his senses wake up a little bit, and jolt him back to reality. Sitting back down, he could hear the other inmates start to rise. Over time, his body had automatically adjusted to the new conditions it was forced into.

As the springs in the bed dug into his body, he thought about Dean. The kid was only eleven, and had gone through more than anyone twice his age, and yet he still had that ability to love other people, and defend them as though his life depended on it. Over the years, he and Dean had been fortunate enough to share a close bond with the other. He missed Dean's quick wit, his extreme intelligence when it came to almost anything he put his mind to, and his absolute care and protection of his family. He missed their long talks, and the hunts they went on together.

If there was a reason to fight, it was because of the two boys that needed him more than anything. He would not let them lose yet another person in their lives. Not if he could help it. This was a storm, and if he was going to paddle out alive, he would have to stay strong. As this thought wound itself around his soul, a reckless rage permeated his soul as he stood up. It had been weeks of being locked up, and he was exhausted from the strain his incarceration had taken on him.

Shaking his head, his eyes burning with tears, Caleb could feel his muscles coil reflexively as his fist met the cinderblock wall. Before he had a chance to dwell on the pain, a bloodcurdling scream froze his heart in place.

Well, here you have it. This will be a long and emotional journey for our small family, and this will kind of be like Caleb's thorn in his side. This will not be the only legal issue he faces in this series, but this is definitely the first and most serious.