Naruto Uzumaki was the vessel of the Kyuubi and this one fact made his life just terrible. It was made worse by the fact that he was an orphan.

As a young child he would always try to play with the other kids but the parents would keep them away and the caretakers at the orphanage would keep him alone, away from any human contact.

Since young he was taught alone, trained to be alone.

He learned that crying would never get him what he wanted but only make people hate him more. Those eyes, he never understood in the early years but was made clear once he ended up in a fight with a kid trying to save a girl.

Naruto was used to the loneliness and was emotionally stunted so his mind was suited for the ninja business after going through it from the beginning.

He beat the kid to the ground, broke his jaw and smashed him with a brick that he picked up before jumping into the fight.

Those eyes from the kid beneath his feet bleeding from his head and other child peeing his pants, shivering in the snow were similar to the adults and it brought a smile to his face. It was so funny, they feared him, and they feared him.

"Hahahaha" Naruto laughed for the first time from his heart, he finally understood the reason and knew it was just stupidity

"Umm, thank you."

Naruto turned to look at the Hyuga girl, from her body and her background; she could have taken them out if she tried.

"Why did you not fight back? They were weak." Naruto walked closer and stared into her eyes with his blank look, he was curious as to why anyone would allow themselves to get beaten

"I don't like hurting people."

"Then you are willing to die for just anybody, does that not hurt your family?" Naruto asked honestly as he was curious but his words were making the girl think more on this non violence stance


"I will be going now and hope we can meet each other again."

Naruto waved her farewell, she was the first person not to show fear towards him. Naruto walked away from the crime scene and sat down in the park, writing on the ground.

'It feels nice not being feared but those eyes are also fun.' Naruto thought as he randomly drew things in the snow as he liked drawing, reading and training as he had nothing else to do

He was just a 7 year old child and was already living alone on the natural environment. Naruto had been alone since the age of five when they put him in an apartment with barely any knowledge on how to cook the basic things and take care of his need.

Even though the people had been emotionless when taking caring of him, they were at least there for him.

The world was too big for a child so young and Naruto feared the darkness, the loneliness and it ate away at his mind.

Luckily not everyone hated or feared him as he found some solace in the wild children in Konoha from different backgrounds.

He was even friends with the heirs of the Nara and Akimichi clan. Friends in a loose term since they were children and truly they didn't' care about him more than just a playmate.

Living alone did wonders for him as he matured faster but he really didn't trust people at all except the Ichiraku's that had fed him when he was dying of hunger because he couldn't cook anything.

He didn't realize that it had been an attempt to kill him by one of the ninja's that had lost loved one because of the Kyuubi.

Regardless of the assassination attempt Naruto was saved and he learned something's from his new friend. This led to him and living in the forest filled with nature's bounty and lived of it.

No matter how strong he had gotten, the stares annoyed him a lot. In the forest he had everything and was delivered clothes and books so there was nothing to worry about except human contact.

So he stayed in the forest sometime and some time he was in the village handing around with his kind of people, learning different things.

But as years went by and he had joined the Ninja academy because of his desire to grow strong and travel the world, Naruto realized that he was a stray and only stray's could understand him.

Not any kind but those that could follow him.

Konoha saw him as an enemy because of something his parent's did since they could hate him for nothing, could they.

Naruto reasoned he was hated because his parents had released the Kyuubi so they took that hatred to him.

Now if he knew his parents and care for them, he might have tried to cleanse his name or something but Naruto didn't care about such pointless things and it had nothing with him.

4 years had passed since the day he realized the truth of his situation and Naruto had become a lot better at reading people as it was a hobby his along with stealing things for fun.

He was in a ninja village so he picked up the tricks by observing people and taking notes. Even in the forest, he learned from the beasts.

Luckily he hadn't been caught as normal people were not sensitive enough to feel his sticky hands.

Chakra truly was a marvel though he didn't seem to have much talent with control and had to put a lot of time into getting to the level of his own class.

Talking about class, Naruto was put in the normal class of students as he was a son of criminals and just a normal kid. Listening to the gossips of other kids, he understood that the class for elites had better teachers that were retired elders from different clans while they only had some average chunin as teachers.

Now see that was kind of unfair but Naruto saw an opportunity as he realized there were strays among these elites.

His old friends Kiba, Choji and Shika were also part of the group but they had already left him behind so he didn't care about them either.

Living in the world alone was stupidity and Naruto wished to create a team around him of people that could understand each other so that they won't betray him.

He truly didn't want to get stabbed in his sleep by a so called friend.

Finishing up class, Naruto bumped fist with his favorite teacher Iruka and skipped along on his merry way.

Iruka was one of the rare people that ended up becoming his friends and he really trusted the man as he had gone through a terrible life and turned out very understanding.

Naruto even felt bad for the man that his parents caused his tragedy.

Moving on Naruto whistled as he walked on top the rooftops towards his target. His movement was skillful and lacked any sound as he got used to it while hunting while learning chakra control made it even easier.

Finally after a few minutes of watching the usual scenery of the bustling crowds of people moving around Konoha, Naruto arrived at the edge of the village where the Uchiha complex exists.

Entering without a problem since it was a ghost town inside, Naruto found his little target playing with himself.

'Such an apt description.' Naruto thought with a smirk as he looked down from an old style wooden building towards the Uchiha training grounds

There in the middle of the large training ground was Sasuke Uchiha. The kid was one of the prodigy of this generation and the head of the elite class of his level.

Most likely he would graduate the Academy as a chunin and become a jounin within few years unlike him who would only graduate as a genin since nothing that high was expected from people of the normal class.

Naruto was actually the top of his class in everything and could definitely become elite but held back because he feared that by entering that place he was just asking to get killed by the clans.

Stopping his though process about clans, Naruto saw Sasuke practicing his shuriken skills and combat methods as he moved really fast around the place.

Truly he was a genius just from looking at the way he manipulated the thrown weapons to change trajectory and his speed.

His movement was skilled but truly aggressive that it was very easy to guess what he would do next for someone who could read killer intent like him.

"Hey, how is it hanging bro?" Naruto called out as he stood up from his sleeping position causing Sasuke to almost slip on the sand


"It's me, your friendly neighborhood Uzumaki. Here to cheer you up."

"Uzumaki? There are no Uzumaki's in Konoha so stop joking and get out of my property before I alert the police." Sasuke shouted at him as he glared at the boy with spiky golden hair wearing a white shirt and blue pants.

I am a social butterfly was written on his shirt and looking at that grin, he could guess that's what the owner believed.

"Chill bro, nothing to get so heated about. I am here to make friends and help you."

"I will give you five seconds to convince before I break your limbs for trespassing."

Naruto was not expecting such aggressiveness but it seems it was not a good idea to trespass on this property.

'Do or die then'

"How about we have a spar and you decide?" Naruto replied and threw two shurikens in a straight line that converged and split before coming two different direction at the last moment

Sasuke was already in combat mode and easily dodged the shuriken by jumping back as he expected the foe to attack and he wasn't proven wrong as Naruto came at him straight.

Blocking the kunai with his own, Sasuke got a good look of his blue eyed assailant that was grinning from ear to ear.

"You lack creativity and a partner. We can join together and push ourselves to a brighter future. Come on partner, team work is better than going solo in this dangerous world." Naruto muttered as he pushed him back and dodged the kick

Going down Naruto sweeped him causing him to jump and before he could kick his head, Naruto quickly changed his stance and raised his other leg.

Sasuke pushed against Naruto's foot and threw shuriken at him while Naruto smiled and blew wind with chakra enhancing his lungs.

The sand rose up covering up their visions and Naruto added his chilly smoke bomb into the mix while covering his vision with the black and orange goggles on his head.

"Isn't it fun playing with a friend?"

"I am going to enjoy seeing you writhe in agony." Sasuke muttered as he really found that playful tone annoying

It felt like his opponent was taking light of him.

It showed his weak mindset that Naruto was taking advantage of as he had observed Sasuke for a time and understood him.

Talking like he was playing around with the opponent threw them of balance and they were unable to realize his skill level.

He saw the fireball coming from a mile away since it was Sasuke's main attack along with the lightning charge.

Appearing behind him Naruto pushed him into the sand as Sasuke was unable to realize his presence through the sand.

Truly the young boy was slothful to ignore his genjutsu lineage but fortunately he hadn't tried since Naruto was immune to genjutsu while also being very terrible at it since the chakra control requirement was too damn high.

Naruto chalked it up to his bloodline or something since there were so many weird ones around and being immune to genjutsu wasn't even that special.

Sasuke seemed to have some resistance to this spicy mixture as he was still able to operate properly and when he went down with his push, he pushed against the ground with one arm and kicked with both legs.

Sadly he was too aggressive and Naruto was very sensitive to others so he moved to the side before Sasuke even finished his move.

Naruto proceeded to kick sand into his face before shooting a chakra ball at him from his finger tips.

Chakra ball being one of the weakest ninja skills that entirely depended on the quality of the ninja's chakra and control, Naruto used it for distraction or causing minor damage.

Sasuke reacted by covering his body with chakra at those points and rolled with the force before he focused on his feet and dashed at him.

Showing his exceptional chakra control, Naruto was forced to block his attack as he had been one step to slow with his chakra.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, he was too hard.

"I am having fun Sasuke. What about you?"

Sasuke glared at him as he pushed against Naruto's arm with his foot and spun in the air before kick ing with the other foot with increased strength.

"My favorite color is orange, what about you? Is it blue or red?" Naruto grinned as he caught Sasuke in a hold

His legs were caught and Sasuke was unceremoniously on the ground while unable to move as Naruto's grip was too strong on his leg.

'What kind of grip strength is that?' Sasuke was finally feeling calm again and felt so stupid as he was led by the blonde kid

Regardless of his mistakes, Sasuke realized that the kid was very good at fighting and wondered where he came from.

"Who are you?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, from Normal Class 1"

"What?" Sasuke was confused as to how he was not Elite

"I like my privacy."

"You are losing out on resources."

"You got sacrifice something to gain something and we have you for that."

"You want me to share my knowledge with you."

"We are going for equivalent exchange here. We both scratch each other's back and get to the top with a proper team."

"I don't see how that is useful for me. I can easily get a jounin to tutor me for money."

"When people of similar age and level challenge each other they grow faster. I believe in that so I am presenting you with that opportunity."

"Not happening even if you break my leg."

Naruto found the kid very annoying with that glare, 'Why couldn't have just seen my vision? Why are people so difficult some times?'

"Think about it for some time. I will come visit tomorrow and beat you up again." Naruto let go of his leg and quickly jumped away while giving a chuckle

With those words he ran away after throwing another smoke bomb and went towards the easy and friendly target, Rock Lee.

The guy was an orphan like him and very hard working. He was also in the normal class and his senior.

Naruto had seen him practice every day but what got his attention was the fact that the guy was a genius in fighting.

Many people would wonder why the Shinobi serve the Daimyo of their country instead of taking over and the answer is very simple.

Not everyone served under the Shinobi villages. As they got much better benefits by serving under the rich royalties and got excess to resources normally very hard to access.

The Daimyo has a large army of armored samurai that can take out most of the genin and chunin in combat with pure numbers leaving only few Jounins.

It was only a losing battle for the villages if they took the risk and handling so many normal people was hard work especially when the other side didn't trust you.

The Daimyo and Kage may appear cordial but they were in silent combat against each other as they tried to take control of each other's authority.

The offence mostly came from the Kage side since they were the powerful being while the Daimyo was forced to defend with many steps so the balance was kept.

There was also the existence of rival villages that would take any chance to weaken each other.

Finally, not everyone was selfish as there were people that fought for truth and justice. These people were the final reason for the Kages not having been able to take the final step or the Raikage and Tsuchikage would have taken over their nation.

The existence of the Hero Association kept the people filled with hope that good will always continue to exist and fight against evil.

The shinobi were neutral beings and did good sometimes and the next you see them murdering little kids.

People willingly donated to the association to keep the balance in the world and so that the hero's could grow.

But it didn't really affect the ninja business much since there weren't many heroes and they couldn't get to place in time.

Ninja's did everything that anyone wanted and the quality was guaranteed depending on the village and the next would be the dubious mercenaries.

If there was a heroes association then there was also the villains association, which gathered wanted criminals under its hold.

The leader of this association was an S-rank threat called All for one, who had the power to steal bloodlines from anyone.

This monster had managed to gather the most powerful bloodlines in one body and become the most wanted man in the world.

It was just unfortunate that he only came into existence after the death of Hashirama Senju since the world would have been safe from this menace.

For now the world would have to suffice with the Leader of the Hero Association, All Might since the Kages don't bother with community service and even though the bounty was very high they couldn't leave the village.

When one take the mental of Kage then you were tied to the village as the Kage was the strongest ninja available, and the safety of the village was always the highest priority.

These things were taught in the academy and Naruto truly had no idea why anyone would go out of their way to save strangers.

Very weird

He was curious and wanted to meet one of these heroes to ask them about this question on his mind.

Moving on from the info dump, Naruto arrived at his destination and found Lee practicing like always in the public training ground number 11.

It was an area surrounding by trees with soft grass and wooden posts in the middle for shuriken training. The other training equipment was also available for use and could be accessed from the rock formation at the entrance.

Everything was stored inside using the storage seal and using the Konoha ninja identity, the things could be taken out.

Lee was training with his body and wearing weights all over like usual. He had started this practice last year once they learned body training at the academy.

Most of the class was already doing it and Naruto had been doing from long ago as he needed strength to compete with the wild beasts.

He was at the top in physical stats and even his jutsu were than everyone that he knew except the adults.

Regardless of his powers, Naruto was impressed by Lee since the kid training harder than everyone and did without his bloodline ability.

Naruto could heal the damage done to his body so he was never really worried about getting hurt and most people would him crazy for the things he had done to his body.

It was pure madness.

Now his pain resistance was through the roof so he had no trouble walking through fire if need be.

On the other hand, Lee took such difficult goals with an average body. He was literally the average guy if you took out his undying will and combat genius.

These two qualities made the boy survive the academy. Survive being the code word here since the kid could never use any ninja art outside his body.

He was cursed by the world and forced to utilize only skills that could be used by his body.

Chakra enhancement


Mind shield

High speed movement and such kind where the chakra was focused on the body and didn't need to be released outside.

The boy was so focused on his training and goal to become a Jounin ninja that he barely had any friends. Truly these children were short sighted and narrow minded like their parents that they discarded Lee as a cripple.

Naruto didn't need to be careful with Lee so he walked into the field and the noise from his footsteps alerted him.

Lee was 12 year old with bowl cut black hair and bushy eye brows that stood out. His body was lean and filled with muscles.

He was taller than Naruto by a few centimeters as he stood 130 cm while Naruto was 125 cm.

Hearing the sound, Lee stopped his body and looked back to see who had decided to practice in this place.

Looking at Naruto, Lee was curious as he had noticed that people bad mouthed the blonde a lot. He was a person avoided by everyone and even he had been warned to keep away from him if he didn't want to get hurt.

Instead of scaring him, Lee was quite curious as it was nature to find the truth of things unclear to him but he was busy with training so he had delayed this side fancy.

"Hi, my name is Uzumaki Naruto and I want you as a friend."

"Okay, do you want to practice with me?" Lee didn't mind as he was quite friendly himself and decided to ask him the usual question expecting Naruto to decline

"Lee, I don't mean that kind of friend. I meant a real friend, where we can truly trust each other and all that."

Lee didn't know how to feel about those words as he did care for all of his friends the same way.

"What does that mean?"

"Real friends know about each other and care for each other. Do your friends really know you or do you know them?"

Lee looked down as he heard those words as he realized that he actually didn't much about his friends at all.

"But friendship isn't your only goal is it?"

"Yes, I want to make a team of people that I trust and I want you to join as I see potential."

"You speak like the teachers but what gave you authority to decide on such things. Are you good enough to judge anyone else?"

Naruto nodded as he liked that Lee wasn't just following his words and asking the questions since he didn't want a yes man.

"Good question and I will let you decide how you want to get the answer."

Lee saw that confident smile and body language but ninja's were good at bluffing so this could be fake or it could be real.

There was no information backing his strength as Naruto was only top of a normal class and he was the second position for the next year so logically the younger kid shouldn't have chance against him.

'He is just a kid.' Lee thought since Naruto was just 11 years old and one year was enough to create a gap in maturity

"I advise you to stop thinking about what you know about me since the things you know will only lead you astray. Stop the weight seal and fight me seriously, I will keep it fair by not using any jutsu." Naruto saw his eyes moving and the body language to guess his thoughts

Lee was definitely shocked by his words as the younger kid had just guessed what he had been thinking. It made him reevaluate the target as an intelligent and perceptive foe with unknown strength.

"Thanks for the warning. I will respect your honest words with my seriousness." Lee replied as he touched his legs and chest with chakra cancelling out the fuinjutsu seal applied on the jacket and shoes he was wearing.

Fuinjutsu was an art that well respected by everyone and put at the top for the things it has done throughout history.

It is one of the most feared arts and the reason the Uzumaki clan had been massacred. The clan had been the pioneers of this art and led the world by a difference of decades. With their deaths, the fuinjutsu art had become stagnant as a lot of the secrets had been lost.

With the funding to the fuinjutsu dropping and the difficulty of this art, the progress was further declined.

Nonetheless, the ninja in training of today could still enjoy the wonders of this art as the academy provided them basic equipment like these for training.

For higher versions, they would have to buy them as they required expensive materials.

The basic version could produce the total weight of 5 tonnes and Lee was still struggling with 500 kg at the moment while Naruto had already reached the limit by taking advantage of his healing.

He let his body break down and heal, adjusting itself to the weight in just two months but didn't have the money to buy the expensive version so he wore it all the time.

It didn't even affect much so he forgot about it most of the time and training using the natural environment by lifting boulders and trees.

"Good, I am hoping for a good performance." Naruto grinned as he jumped back to take a distance of 10 meters

Lee had learned the basic version of the academy style and even finished up the middle version so his fighting capabilities were higher than normal. The only thing he lacked was versatility so he to make up for all of it with pure stats and skill.

Defensive style was the field of the Hyuga's and Lee was not one, he preferred to take the fight to the foe instead of waiting.

Naruto and Lee thought similarly on that aspect as but Naruto decided to hold back as he did with Sasuke or else he could just overpower Lee.

He wasn't looking for the physical power but his combat style since unlike him Lee was used to fighting but still showed good skills.

Lee dashed around him moving like the wind before he attacked from the side with a punch. Naruto leaned back and pushed him with his palms but didn't feel the damage as Lee actually rolled with the force.

Landed few meters away, Lee pushed against the ground leaving a gash and decided to go with sliding tackle.

Naruto was surprised by the move and unlike Sasuke, Lee lacked any killer intent and Naruto wasn't using chakra to enhance his body while Lee went with it.

Lee almost passed him by as Naruto had jumped to the side but the older boy pushed against the ground and spun towards his direction.

One after another, Lee seemed to be intent on using on using some new moves that were not known by most people.

Naruto was forced to block the attack and the force pushed him back for meters as his feet left a trail in the ground.

It was good move but the force wasn't enough to damage his bones or arm nor was the pain enough to break through his resistance.

'He is so good.' Naruto couldn't help smiling and giggle nonstop as he decided to act now or Lee would actually look down on him or feel dishonored

"This is going to hurt." Naruto muttered using chakra so that Lee heard it because he moved faster than the normal sound and smashed Lee into the ground holding his right leg

Lee heard the words but was unable to react as his back was smashed into the ground. The impact was heavy handed but he was still fine but the next one rattled him and the next one had his head spinning.

"Good endurance, guess all that bone breaking training is doing something useful for you." Naruto said as he let go of the leg and Lee faced the blue sky with pain all over his body

'How can he be this strong?'

'This is too much for someone so young. I doubt the elites have this much physical strength.' Lee was completely in shock as he knew Naruto wasn't using chakra to amp his stats when his leg had been caught


"Do you want to know?"

"Yes" Lee replied with painful gasps as his body had been rattled too hard

"Then join my group and we can work together to improve ourselves. To have the ability to move unhindered in this land and see the vast world is my goal. Our team will have the ability to live freely."

"You are taking crazy for someone in walking distance of the Hokage."

"I fear no one so it doesn't matter if the old man is listening or not since to him it would just be the sound of an ant. Nothing to take seriously."

"You aren't wrong." Lee muttered as he thought about the invitation for a moment and decided to try it out since he had nothing to lose

'If it was useless than I go back training solo.'

"I am willing to join."

"Great, you are the first one to join this group so you can call yourself the senior brother."


"I just started gathering the team now so you are the first member."

"At least tell me you are going to show me how to get stronger."

"Of course, we are going to gather members as we go along but we don't have to stop our training. Practice makes perfect and without it our bodies will get weaker." Naruto replied with chuckle and picked him up

"Please gentle"

"What did you say? Harder"

Lee stopped speaking to avoid getting more pain as his new friend seems to be intent on starting the training from this moment.

"My training methods are crazy but very affective and I am the living proof of that." Naruto said as he dashed towards the clinic near the training grounds for healing purposes

These kinds of problems didn't require extensive care so the clinic was enough and within few minutes, Lee was up and walking.

Naruto guided Lee towards the forest where a black bear, a jaguar, a python, an eagle and large centipede surrounded them.

All these animals were the special kind as they lived in areas with higher concentration of nature energy. The largest monster lived near Mt. Infinity, the tallest mountain on the continent. Continent since the other continents hadn't been explored yet.

Lee stood combat ready as he saw the beasts towering over them with their giant bodies of 6 meters.

"Relax guys, he is a new friend." Naruto laughed as he walked forward for the beasts to tackle him

These were the beasts that Naruto had adopted since the age of seven and they had followed him from that day as he fought against other beasts, and lived on the bounties of nature.

They were a lot smarter than normal wild beasts as he had been using his chakra on them for so long but the affect wasn't that good like the Inazuka clan since he was just using chakra without any proper intent.

Regardless, they were the strongest of the beasts in this forest and Naruto also had an alligator that was in a lake deep inside the forest.

These beasts treated Naruto as their master or parent and he understood them clearly after spending so long inside. He was quite good at interacting with beasts and usually played around with them for fun when he spent time in the forest.

Lee watched his new friend get covered by his pets and understand how he got strong.

'If he spent so long inside this place then of course he will get strong.' Lee hadn't thought of this place because it isn't a good place for training for someone his age unless you have some supervision

There were many poisonous insects and plants in this place.

The deeper you went the worst it got and the Forest of Death was supposed to be worse than this because the First Hokage had actually created it personally to train people.

It was filled with trees that were at least 100 meter tall and monsters that ranged from 5 meters to 100 meters.

"I don't think I can train here. You must have a strong poison resistance to train in this place but mine isn't that good yet." Lee spoke up after understanding what might happen

Poison resistance was build up slowly as time went by since one mistake and they could die. It was the basic build of a ninja and Lee hadn't tried messing with something that dangerous. For this he was content with what the teachers administered.

"Don't worry I am not about to dump you here like that. I want you to fight these guys with your weights on and improve your fighting instincts while I go and talk with the third person. After that I will spar with you again before you finish up your training schedule." Naruto explained as he sat on top of his bear and conveyed the message to them

"Oh almost forgot, there are traps inside this section of the forest so fight with caution. If you get hurt too bad, don't worry they will send you to the clinic as they are registered under my name." Naruto was about to leave but stopped to give this warning and jumped away, gliding through the trees

Only the jaguar was registered under his name while the others were a secret.

"How did things go wrong?" Hiruzen muttered with exhaustion as he looked at the crystal ball showing Naruto

He could read the lips so he knew what the kids were talking about.

It was never supposed to go like this. From what he had observed, Naruto didn't have much loyalty for Konoha and would leave once he graduated.

He didn't seem interested in staying in this place where everyone hated and feared him.

It was never supposed to happen but somehow the secret was spread by someone.

This was really dangerous and Hiruzen was forced to use his force to keep watch on Naruto since it wouldn't be out of the realm to guess that some spies had already sent the information back home or were watching Naruto every day.

It was quite common for each ninja village to try and one up each other inside and outside the field. They targeted each other's future generation all the time except Konoha on the surface since Danzo was operating completely in darkness while acting like a senile old man in retirement.

Even his old buddy Hiruzen didn't suspect that Danzo was still up and running since he looked like a cripple.

The only way to fix the problem would be to tell them that Naruto was the son of the fourth Hokage but that would mean more enemies.

Minato had a lot of dangerous enemies so he would become a bigger target with that knowledge as only villages would target Naruto as a jinchuuriki but others would go for him if they got the info about Minato.

If that wasn't bad enough, the clans were divided on this issue and making it difficult for him. They had lost too much in the Kyuubi rampage and didn't want Naruto to get stronger since a strong base meant a strong monster when the Kyuubi took control.

That cut away his option of having a clan adopt him and he couldn't personally adopt him as his children always got too much attention from the outside, which would make the situation worse.

The only option would be sending him to the Fire Daimyo for a good life and protection as that place was the most protected in this country.

The pillars crafted by the Uzumaki clan stood tall and mighty around the palace, keeping it safe from all danger.

But there was a problem; the fire daimyo would most likely make Naruto his pawn and Hiruzen couldn't allow it.

With all the reasons in line, Naruto ended up alone with shadows watching over him every day for a few hours to ensure that he doesn't get hurt.

The only thing he could hope for was that these kids managed to liven up his life as there was no way that Hiruzen could allow Naruto to travel further than the border of the Land of fire.

He was the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi and no matter how much he cared for the child it was too dangerous to let him go.

'I am too old for this shit.' Hiruzen took a puff from his smoke pipe and leaned in his chair watching the portrait of Minato glaring at him

'You shouldn't have died that day, you little shit. Making an old man go through this pain, your soul is going to suffer.' Hiruzen complained as he remembered asking Minato to let him do it but the young man wasn't thinking right that night

The nicotine calmed his nerves and Hiruzen saw that Naruto was close to Iruka.

"Call Iruka to my office"

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The Strays:






















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Harem: Ino, Hinata, Himiko, Tsunade, Konan, Fu, Mei, Shion, Kurostuchi, Samui, Shouten Douji, Shirahoshi, Nami, Jasmine, Little demon empress, Delta, Android 18, Brandish, Irene, She Hulk, Magick, Yoruichi, Tier, Yoda, Xylene, Morrigan, Chun Li, Mei Shiranui, Leona, Laura Croft, Domino, Gwen Stacy

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