"Master, where are we going?" Lee asked as he followed behind Gai, they had left Konoha for training but he didn't know where

"It's a place sacred to my family and one of our training regions." Gai replied as he ran on the road with lee following him, they were moving at an adequate pace that neither too fast or too slow

"Is that really okay?" Lee was touched by Gai's words but he felt like he was intruding on such a sacred place

"Don't let that youthful smile slip Lee, a master and disciple are family so this is where you need to go."

"Master Gai!" Lee exclaimed happily and he couldn't stop smiling

Life had become so much better since the day Naruto approached him and when Gai entered his life, it was like he had been reborn.

Gai smiled seeing his expression and felt a desire to protect that smile with all his heart. Lee was like a son he never had.

They were so alike no one would think otherwise. Lee was almost a perfect copy of him except for his chakra problem but it didn't matter since Gai also didn't train in those arts and just focused on his strength.

Hard work and dedication had never failed him as he had beaten his rival years ago and stood at a stage where he was only below the clan heads. Even this was a thing because the clan head during the fight won't allow him to reach seventh gate or he would demolish them.

The eighth gate was forbidden and a death wish, only necessary when everything was over and no other choices were left.

During the three months they had gotten very close and Gai was ready to teach Lee about the Hard Fist to prepare him for the eight gates since that was the only way he could ever keep up with his friends.

It was the sad reality that genetics a big part in the future of someone. It would have been a different thing if they were lazy but they were also hard working and increasing your work wouldn't help that much since they learned what they needed in that time.

Gai had gone through suffering throughout childhood, always looking at the back of others because of his weak origins. He was born to be just another chunin and nothing more.

The Might Family's ninja career started with his grandfather who couldn't even graduate the old academy because of his chakra level being too low.

His father then continued and he became a ninja but never surpassed the level of genin. Nothing special would have been known about the Might Family but then his father showed his true power one day and defeated the Seven Swordsmen of the mist alone.

He left his name engraved in history that day and everyone knew the name of Might Dai.

Obviously no one believed that some weaklings could create the eight gates art especially not Dai, who had barely any knowledge of the body and its mechanism or about chakra.

Guy didn't hide the origin from Konoha as he didn't want his family targeted. His father had been roaming the land once Guy got busy and one day he fell off a cliff.

Usually the drop wouldn't be a problem for any chakra user but this place was special, the drop was 2 km, it was foggy and worst of all chakra got blocked.

Dai barely survived by catching onto the cliff side, sliding down his nails broken and bled but he held for dear life and luckily there was a cave where he landed.

It was here that he found the knowledge of eight gates transcribed on the surface of the walls while a skeleton with rags sat in the middle.

Dai couldn't tell how long it had been here or who it was since there were no clues but felt that it was definitely connected to the mysterious Sage and his sons.

Ignoring the skeleton he had managed to stop his bleeding but he realized that he had been stuck in a worst situation.

Unless some miracle happened he was dying from hunger in a week.

His chakra could only support him for that long before his body started shutting down. Dai didn't give up and whine.

He focused on the walls and learnt what was inscribed as that was his only hope.

On the last day he managed to finally open the first gate and Might Dai was reborn with great power. With the new found strength, he scaled back to the top and got some food before continuing his study.

He stayed in the cave for two years to learn all the secrets.

Guy remembered his father telling him that this wasn't the end. Death was not the end.

Death was just another beginning and there were more gates to pass to achieve another level. These gates were not actually complete.

No user could keep them open not even one all the time as the body got damaged since they were supposed to be limiters but according to the words by the ancient being, to truly succeed in this art they need to open them permanently while the following gates were still a mystery.

Gai's dream has always been to improve the condition of his family, surpass Kakashi, find a wife, find a perfect student and finally improve upon the fighting arts.

The Hard Fist was not something they got from others, it was a genuine Might product and they had been improving upon it for 5 decades now.

For a young martial art, it was considered one of the best as it was meant to counter everything and even cover for the weakness of not having the conventional ninjutsu.

Many of his goals had been completed except for improving the Eight gates, he just couldn't find a way even after learning so much about chakra and the human body.

He was one of the main researchers in the study of the human body making him equal to the best of doctors but this field had escaped everyone involved since even the professor had nothing to add.

Hiruzen knew how to use the gates as well just like all the jounin in Konoha but they could barely go above the first gate.

His weakness was considered a strength when mastering the gates since having too much chakra like the rest of the ninja made it worse. Anyone with too much chakra couldn't even open the first gate before it damaged their body.

Someone like Kakashi could only open the first gate for five minutes before it became too much because of his high chakra levels compared to other Jounins except some of the high rank members from the big clans.

Third Hokage could barely open the first gate for a few seconds because of his large chakra levels even when he had been younger.

Not being able to open the gates made it harder for Hiruzen to give any input on the topic at hand and could only give out theories for Guy to act upon but that was good enough for him.

It was just sad that not many people wanted to train in this path seriously even though Guy had opened his dojo to everyone.

They learned from him and understood the gates, and left after reaching the first gate with no interest in going above because of the risks and pain involved.

Then came Lee, he was the hope of Guy because his condition was even worse than him and he held the gaze of undefeated tiger king.

Maybe when his son became older then Lee could teach but his son was just two years old now. Yes, Guy had gotten married two years ago an enemy ninja.

It was tale to be told about her charms working on the icon of masculinity and how he broke through her cold heart filled with deceit.

His wife was a grave robber and they had met when her group had targeted the graves of the previous guardians of the Fire Lord for nefarious purposes.

She was a seductress with the power to suck out chakra and great ninja skill but none of them could match the Green Beast of Konoha.

Taking them down, Gai demanded for her ownership instead of letting her getting executed.

She had become his slave but Gai just talked to her and slowly she melted, giving into his charms. Her name was Fuka most would confuse her for an Uzumaki but sadly she wasn't one.

At the moment she had integrated into Konoha and was a citizen but wasn't allowed into the ninja force yet so she was handling the family business while taking care of their child, Karma.

Arriving at their destination, Lee was taken aback by the beautiful area. There was the well known waterfall with the force of thousand of tonnes and it would crush anything that fell under it.

There was the area they were standing where there was a lot of vegetation and clear place with flowers.

"Are we training here?" Lee asked with excitement in his voice, he wasn't even worried about the waterfall

"Yes but you see there is a secret area behind the waterfall. That's where you will stay most of the time."

"Ooh" Lee felt so thrilled when the duo's attention was taken by a mysterious girl sitting in the middle of the flower field

It was like she just appeared out of nowhere and Lee thought the scene was really enchanting. The girl looked so sad as she held the paint brush and drew the beautiful scenery.

He had never heard the song that was being playe but he knew she was feeling alone and wanted company.

"Lee" Lee was about to go towards her when he felt Gai's hand on his shoulder as the older man looked at the girl with a serious look

'Yakumo Kurama'

I won't lose to anyone in my class. Aren't I a lovely good kid? (Hey)

More than that kid, more than any kid. Everyone come and look at me

Behind the gymnasium, my confession to you

Doesn't it seem like a lie? I like you, you who are so filthy

Love me. Love me. Love me, I'll give you everything

I'll have you, I'll have you bear everything for me

It's not enough, you're not enough. I won't let go

Listening to the song Gai remembered it as it was one of the songs he knew by heart since he was there with the singer as a body guard and knew the meaning behind it.

It was about Good Child Syndrome and the borderline personality disorder, and the necklace was a metaphor for the girl'S parents. Her parents wanted her to be the best at everything or else she gets ignored or abused. The only time her parents "love" her is when she does something good, like being the best in her class. Then, her parents praise her, say that she's the best, congratulate her, etc. This makes her actually believe that she is the most special person, leading to the borderline personality disorder.

Her parents want her to have a partner, and since she thinks only obedience can lead to love, confesses to a kid in her school, even though she doesn't like them. And because of the BPD, she thinks the kid is nothing special, hence the line "I like you, you who are so filthy". The line "No matter how big your body, your body grows, this necklace remains small" is about how some people who have the Good Child syndrome, even after becoming an adult, have to go to therapy because they still act like the kid their parent wanted them to be.

It was about mental problem and it was a common among many of the high members of the society as they pushed their children too much. Not everyone could take it and mental diseases had been increasing over the years, it was lucky that the Yamanaka clan existed or else so many people would have killed themselves from depression.

Gai knew why Yakumo actually listened to the song more than the girl knew. She was the hope of the Yakumo clan, the blessed child of Yin.

Her powers of Yin was miraculous as she could make her thoughts reality but she had no control over it as a child and now it had been sealed away since the threat was too much.

The pressure from the clan and her parents drove her into the double personality problem. The other personality killed her parents and almost destroyed the clan when none of them were prepared from an insider attack.

She was safely taken down by Kurenai Yuhi but Yakumo doesn't remember anything about that day and thinks a monster killed her parents while her powers were sealed leaving her with bare minimum.

This song resonated with her because it defined her old life before the incident taking place three years ago.

Not many people knew about this fact nor did they know about the wonderful powers held by Yakumo as she is supposed to be a secret too powerful to be let out.

'Her powers might be leaking.' Gai thought because he hadn't seen her there nor heard the voice

Just like they had expected the seal might be weakening and he needed to contact Inoichi about it since he was the only one who could handle the mental world monster.

"Master, I think she needs help."

Gai looked at Lee and at Yakumo, he was scared for Lee's life as the girl was an enigma and the reason only her entourage followed her along and no one wanted anything to do with her.

She was too dangerous to be around as everyone had gotten nightmares that even affected the body slightly.

These people could take her mental attacks so they had no problem but Lee only had a basic mental shield, he was not resisting the mental attack anytime soon.

Seeing his strong expression, Gai nodded, 'If he can show such a face than how can I feel fear.'

"Okay but be careful, she is very dangerous person and the current leader of the Yakumo clan."

Lee looked at Gai with a shocked expression as he didn't he was looking at a clan head but he now knew why she was sad.

It was common knowledge that the previous Lord of the Yakumo clan had died in his sleep along with his wife.

This was the thing spread to keep the reputation of the clan intact or others would consider them weak especially since the strongest two members had died that day showing how strong Yakumo truly was.

None could understand how a little girl could be this powerful. It was illogical and people that knew about her feared her greatly.

They didn't how powerful she had become in three years. Killing two jounin level ninjas even in their sleep wasn't something a kid of eight years should be capable off unless they used a powerful weapon.

According to the predictions, Yakumo was the strongest naturally born ninja in the world and the potential to unravel everything.

It was just expectations because there was also the thought process that she just showed so much power at the start and won't grow much at all.

Just like how the tailed beast had a fixed amount of power and never grew stronger, she might be a similar case.

Lee didn't care about such things as Yakumo was one of them and she needed someone to talk to her, to help her through this problem.

"I will keep that in mind Master and show her my youthful grace." Lee answered and walked towards the clearing

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