Ezra groaned as he was shaken awake. He squinted as he opened his eyes, pleasantly surprised to see Sabine's naked breasts dangling in front of him as she stood over him. His cock twitched upwards at the sight, the movement catching Sabine's eye. She looked down at his hard cock with a playful smile, her eyes twinkling as she looked back up to him.

"I'm going to have a shower," she announced. "Would you care to join me?"

Ezra almost sprang from the bed at the invitation. They'd been sleeping together for a while now, but this was the first time Sabine had invited him into the shower with her, and the teasing promise in her smile had his mind racing.

Sabine's hand brushed teasingly over Ezra's cock as she left. "I'll be waiting," she said.

A moment later Ezra heard the shower turn on. He could barely contain his excitement or the stiffening of his cock as he practically leaped from the bed, rushing into the bathroom after Sabine.

The room had already filled with steam, partially blocking his view of Sabine's naked body in the shower. Ezra watched through the haze as Sabine put on a display for him, running her hands all over her body.

"Are you just going to stand there?" said Sabine. "Or are you going to join me?"

Sabine pulled back the screen and Ezra was quick to accept the invitation to join her. He stepped into the shower, the warm water running over his skin. Sabine pushed him up against the wall, her lips forceful as she kissed him. She steadied herself with one hand braced against the wall, the other running down Ezra's chest.

Ezra's own hands roamed over Sabine's soft, wet skin. He gripped her firm ass, but then his hands moved upwards to squeeze her small, perky breasts. Sabine moaned into his mouth as he fondled her breasts.

"I want you inside of me," said Sabine, her hand moving down to tease his cock.

The water acted as a lubricant as Sabine stroked Ezra's cock, so slowly that he groaned with a desire for her to stroke faster. Sabine bit her lip at the sight of his arousal, but her strokes remained slow as she teased him.

Sabine pressed her body into him and leaned in close to whisper in his ear. "Fuck me, Ezra." She turned around and leaned forwards, presenting herself to him. "I'm all yours."

Ezra gripped her hips from behind and his cock slipped with ease into her tight slit. "This feels so good," he said, pushing the full length of his cock into her pussy.

"Yes," said Sabine, moaning with pleasure. "Right there." Her arms were braced against the back wall, her back arched as Ezra pushed his cock inside her.

Ezra thrust his hips as he fucked Sabine from behind. They were slow at first, but the pace built as he developed a fast, powerful rhythm. Sabine's body rocked with each thrust, a moan escaping her lips every time Ezra's body pounded against her ass.

"Don't stop," she said. "Don't you dare stop. I'm…I'm getting close."

Ezra tried to put more energy into each thrust as Sabine's orgasm built. She let out a cry as she came, her juices squirting over Ezra's already soaking wet cock.

Ezra was content to keep going until he built up an orgasm of his own, but Sabine, panting from her orgasm, made him pull out.

"I was just starting to enjoy myself," complained Ezra as Sabine straightened and turned back around to face him.

Sabine ran her hands over his chest as she said, "I didn't want things to end too quickly. I have a treat for you."

She crouched down in front of him, her head level with his wet throbbing penis. Sabine smirked up at him before she licked the precum clean from the tip of his cock. Her tongue slowly teased the sensitive head of his cock, and Ezra let out a moan as her lips finally wrapped around his shaft.

Sabine sucked his cock slowly, one hand massaging Ezra's balls as she used the other to fondle her breasts. That second hand slid down to her exposed pussy, spread open from the way she was crouching with her legs spread apart. Sabine moaned onto Ezra's cock as she began to finger herself, slipping her wet fingers into her even wetter pussy.

She pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy in time with the bobbing of her head along Ezra's shaft. Her pace increased, but it still wasn't fast enough for Ezra. He needed more. Ezra grabbed a section of Sabine's short, brightly coloured hair and pushed her head into him. She gagged as the full length of Ezra's shaft was forced into her mouth, but then she increased her speed, her head bobbing faster and harder as Ezra felt an orgasm building again.

Sabine continued fingering her pussy as she sucked Ezra's cock, and from the sound of her moans, it seemed she was building to another orgasm of her own. She reached her climax before he did, trembling as she came.

"I'm getting close," said Ezra, and he saw Sabine's eyes light up with excitement as she continued to suck his cock.

Ezra's cock pulsed as the built-up pressure finally released, but Sabine quickly tore her mouth from his shaft so that his cum shot over her face and onto her breasts. She licked the cum off of her lips, wiping some from her cheek so that she could suck it from her fingers. She rubbed the rest over her breasts, letting the water from the shower wash it over the rest of her body.

Then Sabine stood and wrapped her arms around the back of Ezra's neck. "We should do this more often," she said, once again pushing her naked body into his.

"We should do this every day," replied Ezra, murmuring into Sabine's neck as he kissed her.

"We'll see," said Sabine, grinning as they remained locked in an embrace as the warm water continued to wash over them.