The courtyard was normally a peaceful place where many shipgirls would normally just relax by the fountain or on benches beneath the shade. But unfortunately a crowd had gathered around two Ship Girls in particular.

One of the girls, who hailed from the Eagle Union and was named Hammann, had ash-grey colored hair and wore a maid outfit that was similar to the Royal Navy's Maids. Though there were two key differences. The first being that she wore a red and white striped tie that was also blue at the bottom with three stars decorating it in reference to her home country. The second being the cat ears that were atop her head, which while common among those of the Sakura Empire, was rare to be seen among those of other countries.

"What are you talking about?" Hammann couldn't help but shout in anger to the one across from her. "Hot dogs are clearly better than bratwurst. Especially when you add ketchup to them."

Opposite of her was a young girl hailing from Iron Blood by the name of Admiral Hipper. Name aside, she was a fullfleged ship girl. Her one piece uniform was similar in coloring to those of her sisters from the same nation, primarily grey with red accents, with her naval hat loosely sitting on the crown of her head. A light cloth choker was decorated with the Iron Blood symbol of a black cross that rested right on, and slightly below, her collar bone.

"Haaaaah?" Hipper couldn't help but place her hands on her hips and lean forward with a confused look on her face. "What are you talking about? Everyone knows that bratwurst are better than your Yanks' hotdogs. And that mustard is the superior condiment rather than ketchup."

"What was that you Krout?"

Normally these two were like two peas in a pod but when it came to certain subjects, like their Commander or in this instance hot dogs and bratwurst, then it was when the two seemed to argue to no end like cats and dogs.

"What's going on here?"

At least until she arrived.

"Mom?!"/"Mama?!" They both seemingly explained at the same time. As they both turned toward the source of the voice, many of the Ship Girls who aromed the circle around them parted to let a beautiful woman, who looked older than any other ship girl on base, through so that she could talk (question) the two younger girls.

"Are the both of you arguing again?" The much older looking woman asked as she placed a hand to her chin and sighed in exasperation.

The both of them started to break out in a cold sweat because they just knew that the both of them were likely to get in trouble. Neither one could remember how the fight (argument) started but both knew that with her here neither one of them were going to get off scot free.

"N-no," Hammann slightly struggled to get out. "We were just... talking."

"Y-yeah. That's right," Hipper said as she swung her arm around Hammann's neck in a friendly fashion, with Hammann quickly doing the same. "We were just talking about-"

"Hot dogs and bratwurst?" The woman asked as she walked closer to them. The both of them froze upon her saying that. "Fervently and loud enough to draw a crowd?" Their cold sweat started to poor down their entire bodies as she drew closer. "I believe that the Royal Maids would say that it's an 'inelegant way of speaking.'" The sound of her combat boots stopping right in front of them made the both of them look in any direction but the woman in front of them. "But if you insist on talking about hot dogs and bratwursts, then.." she leaned down slightly and whispered in the middle of them softly enough so that Admiral Hipper and Hammann were the only two that could hear her.

Both of their faces instantly dyed red and steam came out their ears as they heard what the older woman had to say and instantly ran away while covering their own faces.

"Ufufufufu," the older woman couldn't help but chuckle to herself. "Please continue to get along!" Although it wasn't much louder than that of her voice when she first spoke up, in the defending silence around her, the two who were running were able to hear her perfectly clear. She truly did want the two to get along but she couldn't help but tease them a bit in this particular situation. And almost no one on base could stand up against her.

She was the woman that everyone, including the self proclaimed 'Big Sisters' like Atago and the ones with a screw loose like Akagi & Taihou, all called 'Mom.' The 'Mother' of all Ship Girls, so to say.

She was the colony ship retrofitted Phoenix-class support vessel, the UNSC Spirit of Fire.

So this is very much a teaser, much like it says in the chapter name, just to see how interested people are in a story about the Spirit of Fire as a Ship Girl... or should I say 'Ship Mom?' I've seen people comment on other Halo x Azur Lane stories saying how they want the SoF as a Ship Girl and this one is exclusively that. A proper prologue and more actual chapters will come after this. I aslo didn't describe SoF mostly because I wanted the Commanders/other Ship Girls reaction to her.

Now I won't reveal all the details for this fic that I have in mind, mostly because I'm still working on them, but I will say that SoF personality will derive more from the fact of being a Colony ship and Captain Cutter, hence why she is more of a 'Ship Mom' than a 'Ship Girl' in this fic.

Either way, read, review, and enjoy.

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