Hey guys here is my OC Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Now unfortunately I don't have much in terms of appearances, so I need help on that. Also, I am planning on writing some Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics and I need help on Bastion's Decks. I know his Water Deck is based on chemical and his Earth Deck is based on magnets, so I need help with his Dark, Light, Fire, and Wind Decks. I think his Decks are based on science. I am giving Jasmine a "Gem-Knight" Deck and Mindy will have a "Melodious" Deck. I am planning on Bastion, Jasmine, and Mindy to have more of a role. I'm not sure how I'll do my OC or the seasons yet. I could have my OC be Jaden's twin brother, cousin, childhood friend, or just have them meet for the first time at the entrance exams. If I do the first two Yubel will be likely kept and I do want Jaden to have the "Evil Hero" cards (I love the Supreme King and the "Evil Hero" cards). Childhood friends will either result in Yubel staying or my OC will be brought in after Yubel is sent to space. The fourth will have no effect on the Yubel case till the third season. If I choose to have Yubel stay I will need to have a new bad guy. I am replacing Banner as a Key holder and have my OC be the new Key holder. I am adding 2 more Keys and Shadow Riders. Jasmine and Mindy will have the two extra keys. I am adding some stuff from the Manga. My OC will have multiple Decks like Bastion does. Archetypes Decks. I'm not sure what Decks to use yet. If anyone wants to use my cards please credit me for them. Also, everyone's Decks are getting upgraded. I am going to put up 5 for now and add some more cards in later chapters later. I am doing Summon Chants. Please check my Bio if you're looking for some HP challenges.

"Advanced Dark Fusion"

Normal Spell

"Fusion summon one "Evil HERO" Fusion Monster, using monsters from you hand, Deck, or field as Fusion Materials. The Fusion Monster cannot be destroyed by battle. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon with "Dark Fusion.") you can banish this card and 1 "Evil HERO" Fusion Monster from your GY: Add 1 "Evil HERO" or "Elemental HERO" monster and 1 "Dark Fusion" from your Deck and/or GY to your hand.

"Evil HERO Renegade"

Level: 4: Attribute: Dark: Monster type: Fiend: Card type: Effect:

ATK: 2000: DEF: 500:

"Once per turn you can change this card's type or Level until the End Phase of this turn. You can banish this card and 1 "Evil HERO" Fusion Monster and draw 2 cards (draw 3 if you have no Monsters on the field and no cards in your hand).

(Renegade has a snake motif)

"Discard Draw"

Normal Spell

"When this card is discarded from your hand and sent to the GY; draw 2 cards. While this card in in your GY; you can banish this card and add 1 spell card from your Deck to your hand (you can only activate 1 effect once per turn. You can't add another "Discard Draw" using the second effect).

"Dark Justice"

Normal Trap

"When a "Evil HERO" Monster destroys an opponent's by battle, halved it's ATK until the End Phase of the turn, and it can attack again this turn. You can banish this card from your GY and Special Summon 1 "Evil HERO" from your GY, ignoring summoning conditions, with its effects negated and its ATK and DEF at 0."

"Evil HERO Dark Beyond"

Level: 4: Attribute: Dark: Monster type: Fiend: Card type: Effect:

ATK: 1800: DEF: 1000:

"If a "Evil HERO" Monster you control (except "Evil HERO Dark Beyond") is destroyed (by battle or card effect) you can Special Summon this card form your GY or Banish Zone. If this card is destroyed (by battle or card effect), target 1 card on the field and destroy it."

(Think Batman Beyond but fiendish.)