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Aleister Crowley was forced back, skidding against the Demon God covered floor. Blood trickled from his lip, as one would expect from receiving a heavy blow.

The battle was fierce. King Solomon, in accordance with his legend, received ten magic rings from God, and form that he developed the entire magecraft system for the ages to come. Nearly every magical capability that could be called magecraft was at his disposal by proxy of being the founding father for the entire system. Even with just nine of those almighty rings, his power over magecraft was unmatched without exception.

That is, until he encountered the Most Powerful Magician in History. Though from another world, Aleister Crowley held a remarkably similar distinction, single handedly creating the system of magic used across Europe. Moreover, he did this entirely on his own, and was not above pulling other systems into his own to create something truly unique. He fought using Abracadabra's nature of curse reversal to capture and release them upon his foes, a blend of western and eastern spells to create Karma magic, and his most infamous of techniques, Spiritual Tripping.

King Solomon behaved in a way akin to a mirror, reflecting his opponent's actions, personality, and even mood. This made him especially vulnerable to the aforementioned Spiritual Tripping, a technique that conveys his meditation to the target by connecting his body to them akin to a voodoo doll, affecting their perception, and creating illusionary weapons to assault the target that cannot be seen by anyone else, but can cause very real damage to the victim.

However, this mirror-like quality did have one upside in counteracting Aleister Crowley's staff, the Blasting Rod. A magical artifact that prey's upon the target's perception, making his spells hit with the force ten-times more than they anticipate it to without exception. While this normally would endlessly accumulate in the targets mind, as they would anticipate a heightened impact after the first assault, the Grand Caster's mirror-like quality made it so he could only envision Aleister being as strong as himself, and this prevented from his opponent's power from going overly rampant.

Although it was still a sizable increase in power. In fact, it allowed him to kill the King of Magic, blasting apart his body with a well-placed Big Bang Bomb, the body being incinerated in and instant.

But in this realm, his death was irrelevant.

"That actually stung, Magician!" Solomon bellowed upon his return. "To think I could actually die here! That alone was a discovery worth making! For that, I must thank you for aiding me in such a way."

"…I suppose magic tied to an individual is irrelevant here," Aleister stated. "As long as even one Demon God survives, they will revive… and that applies to you too, doesn't it?"

"Preceptive," Solomon replied. "Indeed; I am just as immortal as my subordinates. Although I am quite curious about that attack; I figured it'd have enough power to destroy this whole realm, but it truly only obliterated me. You are most interesting, Aleister Crowley."

"In other words, killing you is pointless unless I wipe the slate clean, is that right?"

"Correct. You must kill all of us at once if you wish to truly end us, but you're incapable of that, aren't you?"

Aleister glanced around. "I suppose complete annihilation of all seventy-two, plus you, it's a bit of an ask. Infecting them all at once is difficult since some aren't even here in this exact space."

"Exactly; your power is fearsome, but not something that can ever truly reach me. Surrender and accept your demise, and I shall make it quick."

Truthfully, he had much more fight in him. His existence was not limited to being "one or a zero," after all. One another Crowley might have a method to destroy this being, but he had little time to dig around and find out.

"…I think I have a solid grasp on you now, Grand Caster." Aleister stated.

"Realized your folly? It is too late for anything akin to begging for mercy, Aleister."

"If that's what you gathered from that, then you're even more of disappointment than I thought."

Solomon raised an eyebrow. Him? A disappointment?

"Either way, if you cannot die, then I shall take the small victory I have claimed here and be on my way."

"Surely you jest," Solomon remarked. "You come here, attack me openly with intent to kill, fail, and call that a victory?"

"Of course," Aleister remarked. "That mathematician likely has taken the bait by now and attacked in earnest to destroy the Holy Grail. I'm certain he's been dealt with."

Bait? What bait? What was he-

"…Your coming here was not to kill me, was it?" Solomon narrowed his eyes.

"If it was possible, I intended to, but that was more of a side objective that'd just make things far easier. I thought you'd have countermeasures in place to prevent me from ending you, but I never thought it would be to outright nullify your own death. While we clashed, I'm sure Chaldea had ample time to defeat him by now."

This was more than just luring Archimedes into play, but a method to keep his eye focused on something else, Solomon thought. Their grand, magnificent battle was nothing more than a diversion meant to distract him while Chaldea dealt with the last of his forces he had deployed.

"I will not stand idly by and let you destroy both our worlds, you menace!"

"Then fret not; I am done here, completely and totally," Aleister remarked. "As I said, I have an understanding of you now, but I also have a grasp of those of Chaldea as well. Three of your Demon Gods, the minions you called forth, and even one of my own espers; you've been rather busy, but they've been able to handle it without a hint of my support. I'm actually a little impressed."

He then turned and grinned mockingly at his opponent.

"If they can handle all of this, I need not raise my hand a moment further to impede either you or them. I can let Chaldea do my dirty work of killing you."

"You…!" Solomon's anger flared. "You speak as if you could!"

"Ah, you are right. This realm you've set up is quite the problem; not one without its solution, but I'm sure you're already working on a method to remedy the ills my presence is causing as well. I see no reason why I should die trying to kill you when they appear perfectly capable of doing it in my stead"

"Them? Kill me?" Solomon scoffed. "Fool; the only time where they are an even remote threat is if they manage to clear the impossible challenge of ancient Babylonia. And even then, should they find their way here, they will face the same challenge you have and failed!"

"Call it a hunch, your majesty," If there was a way to use such an honorable title as a word of ridicule, Aleister Crowley succeeded. "Their challenges will be great, I'm sure, but one thing I'm certain of… if they reach you on this throne, you will die."

"Enough nonsense!" Solomon held out a hand, and bright lights from every direction fired upon the area. Red blasts of all shapes and sizes rained down upon his enemy, blanketing the entire area in a raging inferno.

When it ended, Aleister Crowley was gone. Not that he was killed, but rather he ceased to exist. There was no corpse to kick, or a barely living man to mock for his failings. One moment he was there, and the next he was gone.

"…So, he has returned to his rightful place," Solomon scowled, but only momentarily before returning to a more neutral expression. "If they reach my throne, I die? Such foolishness: They will never have the opportunity."

He then marched back up the steps of his throne, his mind returning to a much more subdued state. Still, that thought stayed with him, even as he reached the very top and once more seated himself.

After the battle with the Most Powerful Magician in History, even if such a title only belonged to that specific instance of Aleister Crowley…

…He grinned a little. Maybe he was looking forward to Chaldea's arrival after all, if not for the chance of an exciting battle should Aleister's warning prove truthful, but to prove the man wrong in every sense of the word.

"…Very well, let us just see, Chaldea," He remarked to no one particular. "Your next challenge will be the last before you face me directly. Let us see if fate is on your side, after all."

Thus, with little else, he once more shut his eyes, resting upon the throne in the Temple of Time awaiting his next visitor.

Ritsuka blinked for only a moment, but in that moment, EMIYA had charged toward Archimedes, and in the next, only the red Archer remained. He looked around, seeing the various creations of the Wizard of Balance fade away without a trace, regardless if they were intact or otherwise.

"…EMIYA?" He called out, catching the Servant's attention. "Is it done?"

EMIYA was slow to turn. "…Yes. The man known as Archimedes is no more. His days of terrorizing Academy City are over, Master."

"…Thank god!" Ritsuka fell onto his butt with a long sigh. "I was worried there was another boss or something!"

"Please don't tempt fate, Master…" Mashu stated. "Although, that was very impressive, Queen Medb! I knew you could wield Caladbolg, but that strike reminded me of Fergus from back in America!"

"Good for you…" She groaned; laying sprawled out on the rooftop. "My arms and legs feel like jelly. I think me doing that shook my whole spirit origin…!"

"Well, I can cut them off and see if a healing spell gives you new ones; want to try?" Cú joked. The pink haired queen shot right back up.

"D-don't you joke about that! Don't you know how painful it is to lose limbs!?"

"No shit," He fired back. "But… god damn; being saved by you puts a bad taste into my mouth. Can we get a do-over?"

"No! No, no, no!" Romani shouted immediately. "I am not up for dimensional invasion two, electric boogaloo!"

"The fact you said that worries me…" Mashu stated.

"Then let me give you some good news!" Da Vinci chimed in. "The Demon Gods are on their last legs, and it looks like they'll be repulsed momentarily."

"…Hold on, we still have to fetch the Holy Grail!" Mashu called out. "Without that, the worlds will destroy each other, right!?"

Romani slapped a hand to his forehead. "Ah crap; that's right! Maybe one of the surrounding Servants can get us inside somehow, and- …huh?"

"What's wrong?" Ritsuka tilted his head.

"T-the Holy Grail! It's on the rooftop!"


"Yeah! Just look around and you should find it! It's either just under the ceiling below your feet or it's just lying around somewhere!"

He had to have been kidding, right? It's just on the roof top? If it was, it wasn't sticking itself out or anything.

"So, we won, right?" Touma stood up and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I guess this all works out- gufah!"

He started walking and almost immediately tripped and landed on his face. Rubbing his now sore head, he sat up to try and find out what got in his way.

"…What's with this golden cup?" He remarked.

The Holy Grail was at Kamijou Touma's feet, placed there as if he was supposed to trip over it. If someone was responsible, the teen wanted to slug them.

Mashu quickly ran over and grabbed it. "Found it! Holy Grail has been recovered!"

"Fou!" Now that the fighting was over, Fou has popped out from the space in Mashu's shield, giving her room to place the golden cup within.

"And… secure!" She smiled. "Recovery, completed. Mission complete!"

Suddenly, a strange feeling swept over the area, both above and around the Windowless Building.

"…Huh?" Hector blinked, feeling a little lightheaded. "The heck?"

"Good work on the last weird tower-fleshy-thing, lance-guy!" Lessar popped in. It seemed like the Hero of Troy's battling led him over to the west side. "Why, it makes me want to- bfah!?"

"Bfah? Is that even a word!?"

"L-Lance guy! You're going all see through!"

Hector blinked a few times before looking at his hand. He was starting to fade.

"…Well then," Rather than be afraid of whatever was happening to him, Hector chuckled "I'll be! I guess that's the end of this, huh?"

"The end?" Kanzaki Kaori had landed near him. "What do you mean?"

"Means my job's done," Hector grinned. "And here I was just getting into the swing of things, too! But it's time for this old dog to hit the sack, I guess."

Beetle 5 landed nearby. "If you wished to remain, I could try registering your existence within my Dark Matter network, friend."

"…Eh, tempting, but so is my bed back home, if you catch my drift."

"So, when your job is done, you just… poof away?" Lessar tilted her head.

Hector nodded. "Yeah, that's the long and the short of it. Don't mind it too much; I knew what I was getting into when I signed up."

Another individual approached with his massive blade heaved over his shoulder. "…Hector of Troy, huh?" Acqua of the Back questioned with a plane expression.

"That's my name!" The old Lancer laughed. "Been wondering what some of the big-time heroes of this era were like… gotta say; I'm kinda impressed! We might have only just met, but I already feel like we're old friends," He paused, frowning slightly. "…Hope those Skill-Out boys are alright. I don't blame them for not jumping into this fray, but I can't help but worry about them a little after everything they went through. I know Hamazura was hurting to see his girl…"

"Eh; that boy is like a roach," Leivinia commented. "Pretty sure through some form of dumb luck, he'd survive a nuclear blast."

Hector laughed. "I'll take your word for it!"

He grinned wide, feeling his body give its last.

"Well, it was a short time, but meeting you lot was grand! Take care now! Let's meet up under some kinder circumstances next time alright!?"

"…The time has come, huh?" Robin Hood checked himself. He had holed up in a building about a kilometer down the road. He found a small clinic upon his retreat; he knew it wouldn't be able to do much for Accelerator, but he figured it was better than nothing considering he might have needed to jump into the fray himself.

Still, it looked like he got off easy this time. He even made it to the end.

"Some might say I lucked out, others might cry that I didn't do enough," He commented. "…But that's just survival for you, sometimes what you need to do isn't be the hero, just the guy who can make it out alive."

He then turned toward Accelerator, starting to rouse despite his condition.

"…And sometimes, you just need to make sure a certain someone makes it out alive."

"Hey, you ok down there, Babbage-san?" Mikoto called out. "Power levels are dropping hard. You didn't power down yet, did you?"

"No… but it seems like the power core is going." Charles replied.

"Idiot; Don't make jokes! You're the power core!"

"I know what I said."

She blinked. "…What?"

"Babbage-san! What's happening?" Uiharu called out. "You're getting all faded on my monitor; is everything ok?" Charles Babbage opened his mouth to speak but found it difficult to do so.

"…Going, huh?" Saten remarked. "All that stuff you were saying about being dead…"

"I'm sorry," The King of Steam stated. "I have a problem with single mindedness; tunnel vision if you will. The aftereffects of the incident's resolution was something that escaped me."

"Are you going to be alright?" Mikoto asked.

"Depends on the sense that you use. Here, I leave. Where I go?" He paused briefly. "…I'll be fine. I promise you. Had I thought about it, I would have informed you all properly."

"…Its ok, Babbage-san," Uiharu stated. "You genuinely didn't know, did you?"

"I genuinely am sorry for my suddenness; this place is meant for the living. The dead can only interfere briefly, I suppose. Even still, I…" He trailed off. "…Never mind."

"Go on, say it," Saten encouraged him. "Give us a big line to go out on, would you?"

He thought for a moment, but only for a moment.

"…Being a kid again wasn't so bad with good friends like you to make it worthwhile."

"Ah crap; game over already!?" Elizabeth remarked. "Damn; I was hoping I could stick around for a bit after this!"

"Seems like we don't even get an opportunity to clean up shop… leaving such a mess puts a bad taste in my mouth," Tamamo-no-Mae sighed. "Well, as long as our customers are fine, we can always just do this again."

"You got a way for us to make it back here from the throne, woof?" Tamamo Cat tilted her head.

"I have a trick or two I can try to pull. Nothing definite… and it might end up causing one of these cataclysmic events again…"

"Then, as much as it pains me to see us all part, perhaps it is best we hang up our hats," Gawain stated. "It's been quite the unique little adventure, I must admit."

"Considering how we all came together this time…" Elizabeth shook her head. "No; the how or the why doesn't matter. I feel like we pulled off something really special!"

"I agree, woof!" Cat wagged her fluffy tail. "Gawain's advice for you to sing on behalf of the audience and not for yourself did wonders for your singing!"

"Ha! As if it was ever bad," She scoffed. "…Though, I suppose that advice did help me a little bit."

The knight in silver played along. "They say that life is a game of inches; even small improvements can go a long way when they all stack together."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Thanks, big guy; never really been a fan of big macho types, but you've been a delightful little sweetheart. I can totally see why all the waitresses wanted you so badly all the time."

"Is that so?" He smiled a little. "I suppose I did notice; it made keeping up a professional relationship difficult at times, though."

"Our little lady killer got us plenty of girls, and the girls brought in plenty of customers," Tamamo-no-Mae remarked. "It was a system, alright!"

The corporeality of their bodies began to wane over time.

"…Hey, fox." Elizabeth called out.

"You know I don't like being called that, you lizard!" Tamamo fired back.

"I know, I know… but I had a thought. These Chaldea people summon Servants all the time, right? How about if they called us, we try this again? Let's see if we can make it even better next time!"

Tamamo-no-Mae thought for a moment, but the approving glances from the other two swayed her decision.

"…Ah, what the hell! The next time we see each other, let's remake Tamamo and Eliz's maid café!"

"Hey, are you ok over there?" Yomikawa called out.

"Could be better; feeling a bit- oh, that explains it," Fergus frowned when he gave himself a once over. "…Damn, that was the last one then."

"Is that a good thing?"

"No… for I haven't acquired my mark yet!" He suddenly announced. "A beautiful woman to share a night with; a lovely girl to call my own, even if it be for a single evening!"

"I… what?"

"Don't mind him; if dying couldn't curb his sexual appetite, then likely being mid-death wouldn't do much either," Nursery Rhyme spoke with a sigh. "It would seem the old Celtic people across the sea are a bunch of sexual deviants. I'm glad Alice didn't have to see it…"

Yomikawa raised an eyebrow. "You know, a kid like yourself talking about that doesn't sit well with me…"

"Oh! I-I'm sorry!" Nursery Rhyme bowed. "I didn't mean to be vulgar! Please forgive me!"

"F-fine, but what's going on with you two?"

"Us?" She blinked. "…Our task here is done, so we are returning to the Throne of Heroes from whence we came."

"Throne of what-now?" The amazon woman scratched her head. "You're not making much sense."

"Think of it like we're going home after a long day's work; it's something similar to that!"

Fergus abruptly spoke up. "…You said your name was Nursery Rhyme, right? Are you sure you wish to depart so soon?"


"I don't know how long it would last, but if I give you what remains of my mana, you should be able to remain manifested for some time. I recall you mentioning that you have family in this city, yes?"

Nursery Rhyme's eyes widened just a little before she rested on a sad smile.

"…You might be a tad lewd, but you are a kind man in your heart," She replied. "Thank you, but no. I've already made my goodbyes; to see them again only to vanish right before their eyes… I'd dare not break their hearts twice. Even if…" She trailed off. "…Papa was a good papa, and Marie was a delightful sister. I'm sure Alice would have loved them very much."

Yomikawa frowned. "…It's not that you want to go, it's that you have to, isn't it?"

"…Yes, I would love nothing more than to remain here myself, but it is not my place to do so. It was never even my place to invade their lives like I had… so I'm happy that I could help protect them and brighten up their lives, even if it was but a temporary miracle."

The Anti-Skill officer eyed her for a moment before kneeling down to her.

"Know their names? If you'd like, I can deliver a message to them."

"…You'd do that for me?"

"Have some faith in us adults. Not all of us are sex-crazed loons like the big guy over there."

"S-so you were aware of my advances the whole time!" Fergus roared.

She laughed as Nursery Rhyme looked down for a moment before speaking. "…James Addington and Marie Addington. I never got to see their real house, but I know they live in the city."

"That's enough; we'll find them," Yomikawa smiled. "And what would you like to say to them?"

She thought for a moment, speaking with a joyful smile.

"Tell them that Nursery Rhyme might not have been a real part of their family, but she loved them as if she were. I love them very much!"

"Ah damn, the fighting was just getting good too!" Beowulf growled a little.

Kintoki shrugged. "Eh; fight's a fight, and they gotta end some time."

"I know, but I feel like I really only popped up in the end!"

Martha stretched. "I wouldn't be too worried; I think you'll get some special attention someday."

"Think so?" Beowulf rubbed his chin. "…Guess I shouldn't be bitching. I did have some fun, I guess."

"Exactly; count your blessings," Martha pet Tarasque a little. "Our time has come, and we shouldn't tread on this world any longer."

Beowulf shook his head. "Man, I know I'm a bit of a frightening brawler kind of guy, but you wanna know what's real scary? How you can turn from a pure saint to a beast at the drop of a hat."

"…I'm sorry, what was that?" Martha glared, popping her knuckles.

Kintoki steered clear of the near-death beat down that was inbound but felt a chill up his back as he stepped away.

"Did you have fun, boy?" Shuten Douji was in the same state as the rest of them but didn't care in the slightest. "I'm a little disappointed; I never did get that big chance to fight at your side for a change. Pity."

"Well… that's life, I guess," Kintoki shrugged. "Can't say I was exactly looking forward to it, but… oh well. Maybe next time."

"Next time, you say?"

"Depends on if you're being nice."

"I am always nice! When I debone people, they don't feel a thing!"

"Just because it doesn't hurt doesn't mean it's good!"

Ibaraki, who stood at the alcoholic Oni's side, grumbled. "Do we really have to speak to one of the cow's men like this!?"

Shuten shrugged. "You don't have to; you can leave if you want."

"But I want to leave with you!"

"Then you'll have to stay."

The banana Oni growled but relented. Kintoki found her amusing like this, as if Ibaraki Douji was just a puppy. She must have picked up on this wavelength and immediately growled at him.

"Hey! Kintoki!" The soft but commanding tone of Hippolyta called out to him. "Having fun with your girlfriend!?"

"She's not my girlfriend!" Kintoki roared back.

"But what if I want to be your girlfriend? Would you really say no to me like that?" Shuten grinned wide.

"Oh, don't you start!"

Hippolyta laughed as she strolled up. "Just wanted to talk to you one last time. Not used to working with men, so I just wanted to thank you for a good first experience with that."

"Ah, right; Amazons were literally just a society of women, right?" Kintoki smiled. "That's pretty golden! Though I'm a bit more of a fan of a mix, myself. If you got a bunch of guys together, we really don't get shit done, so having some girls around to keep us on track is a good thing in my book."

"I mean… hey; you said it, not me," She joked. "Still, it was a pleasure to work with you, Sakata Kintoki of the Four Heavenly Kings."

He grinned wide. "Right back at ya, Great Queen of the Amazons!"

The two didn't shake hands, rather hitting their forearms together to celebrate their relationship during their final moments.

A dull yellow light could be seen from a section of the Windowless Building rooftop. It reminded those who saw it of the various Servants who had died and faded away.

In the heat of the final confrontation, they had briefly forgotten about one last Servant that was fading away.

"…So, in the end, I actually got involved for nothing," Kakine remarked, laying where he landed from blocking the satellite's attack. "Talk about a waste… I couldn't even stick with it until the end, damn it."

Touma noticed the downed man and made his way over. "Are… you ok?"

"Of course, I am; I'm laying on the concrete floor because it feels nice on my back," He growled, sarcasm dripping from every syllable. "I've run out of steam; I'm dying, you ignorant shit stain."

He wanted to say something but stopped himself. He remembered something from his last chat with Queen Medb.

Once the singularity was resolved, all Servants related to it would return to the throne without exception.

"…It feels weird." Kakine suddenly spoke up.

"What does?" The spiky haired teen knelt next to him.

"I've felt this unquenchable burning rage in my heart for a while now," The blond explained. "No matter what I did, it never left. I've even tracked down people who had betrayed me in the past and dealt with them to fulfil my role as an Avenger… but nothing ever changed. I've always wanted more. But…"

He tilted his head to the side to look straight at the unlucky Kamijou.

"…It's gone now. When I stepped in to stop that person, when I caused his plan to fail and landed here… my heart was finally at peace. Or at the very least something like that."

"I don't know much about this whole Servant thing, I really don't," Touma remarked. "…But you did a good thing here. Maybe that's related to it somehow."

"I'm not so sure," Kakine turned back toward the sky. "I'm a disgusting person; rotten to the core. I shouldn't be able to manifest as a Heroic Spirit. The most I have is a footnote in other people's stories… mine is so ungodly common in this city, that I'm hardly anything special. Another esper with ties to another organization in Academy City's dark side. Yet here I am; an Avenger. Meant to represent those who despair at those treated only as tools, only to fall into the same trap as those people."

"But you found your way out, didn't you?"

"I guess, but it's not like it matters too much in the end after everything I did. But I just can't help but feel… satisfied for some reason."

Touma paused for a moment. "…Still, thank you for-"

"Save it," Kakine shook his head. "I'm not worth the words. I'm one of the people who put you in this position in the first place."

"But you also helped us out of it, too," The spiky haired boy replied. "So, thank you, Kakine-san."

"…You're too nice," The blond countered. "Someone is going to take advantage of that kindness someday. They'll tear out your heart and laugh about it as you crumble. They won't have remorse, and you won't be able to even point a finger at them; the only person you'll be able to blame is yourself."

"I know… but to do anything differently would mean not being myself, and that's one thing I won't compromise on. I'll live and die as myself, otherwise there isn't much point in living to begin with."

"…What is your name?" Kakine, in all his research, never once tried to learn the spiky haired boy's identity. He was scum, negligible at best. But now, in his final moments, one final curiosity struck him.

"Kamijou Touma," He replied. "I get involved in a lot of stuff here and there, but other than this right arm of mine? I'm just an average high school boy you can find anywhere."

"I'm not sure if you're lying to me, yourself, or both," Kakine managed to chuckle. "…Oh well, not like it matters," He grinned a little. "I'm at my limit. I'm dying in Academy City again… but it feels a little different this time."

"Goodbye, Kakine-san. I'm sorry you were forced through this… and I'm sorry for what this city did to you."

There were no more words to share. Kakine vanished into golden dust that fluttered away into the air, gradually fading away completely along with the rest of Academy City's Heroic Spirits.

It was finally over.

"Eh? Eh!?" Cú's voice reached Touma's ears. "The hell, woman!? What are you still doing here, you god damn cheater!?"

He turned to see Medb shrugging her shoulders. "What can I say? I have my ways! Fufufu!"

"…Master, permission to deploy Noble Phantasm."

"H-hey! Wait a second! I have a reason! A reason, I say!"

Touma came running up shortly after. "S-sorry! T-this is my fault!"

"Your fault?" Cú raised an eyebrow. "…Ah shit; Geas seals, right?"

"Yeah! Don't worry about it!" The teen tried to reassure the blue Lancer. "She explained everything up front and I agreed outright! No manipulation!"

"I highly doubt that!"

"I'm serious! No drugged mead, no special charms. We just had a long, kinda personal talk, that's it!"

EMIYA raised an eyebrow before glancing at him and then over towards Medb before landing back on the spiky haired teen. "…That's hell your walking into."

"I don't need commentary from the peanut gallery!"

"Be that as it may," Romani cut in. "…Are you absolutely sure about this, Kamijou-san? You'll be responsible for Queen Medb, and I doubt we'll be able to intervene should things turn for the worse."

Touma turned toward the doctor but managed to smile. "Well, I already have one bottomless pit in my care, so what's wrong with two? At least Medb can take care of herself."

"...I am not a bottomless pit." Index pouted.

"You kind of are." Othinus tacked on.

"I don't mean to interrupt the post-victory pow-wow, but I have an update," Da Vinci chimed in. "The two worlds are starting to separate. We don't have much time, unless you wish to take up a permanent residence, Fujimaru!"

"…I guess this is goodbye then." The Chaldea master stated.

"It was really nice meeting you, Kamijou-san!" Mashu smiled wide.

"Fou!" Fou seemed to agree, crying out in kind.

Touma smiled. "Yeah… it's been a blast. Next time you guys drop by, maybe we'll be able to catch up without something death defying right around the corner!"

"I'd like that a lot," Ritsuka smiled back, holding out a hand. "It's been an adventure, Kamijou-san. Thank you for all your help."

Touma reached out and shook it. "It's no problem at all; what are friends for, right? Besides… I think you guys helped me out a lot more than I helped you."

"Well, if you insist on dealing with that woman… I suppose all I can do is wish you luck. Take care." EMIYA walked over to stand next to the Chaldea master.

"Keep that queen in check, and you'll do just fine. Keep your nose clean, kid!" Cú did the same.

Heracles simply offered him a thumbs up before taking position. Medea wasn't much for goodbyes, especially since she didn't get to know the spiky haired boy as well, but still offered a smile toward him. What little interaction they had was positive, after all.

"Well! This is it!" Ritsuka let out a goofy little grin. "Farewell, Kamijou-san! Tell Index-san and Othinus-san we said goodbye!"

"Will do! Take it easy, everyone!"

And in a flash, Chaldea was gone. Returned to their home after such a long campaign. Though they had little time for rest, as the next singularity was on the horizon.

But even after all their adventures and trails, their highs and lows, they still had positive memories of a certain spiky haired boy and the Norse god and English nun who lived with him.

Foreign Singularity

Humanity Foundation Value: Unknown

A.D. 2015 Realm of Entwined Science and Sorcery

Academy City

A Certain Unknown War

Order Complete

-Foundation Restored-

And here we are at the end! Might have been a quick wrap up, but them's the breaks!

Still though, this was a fun little mix. Something about combining the worlds of Fate and Index always just seems to click really hard with me. There are a lot of similar themes, even if they touch on different things respectively.

Now, we have some reviews to respond to in order to hopefully wrap up any loose ends!

Qrow454: Would be fun if I was going for the Servant Kamijou angle! Nice idea!

D N Works: Kakine finally acted on his role as an Avenger, and just had to turn his back on true revenge to do it. And the true revelation as to how all of this came about is revealed, but only to these two titans of magic.

KingAllen: Enuma Elish is a supernatural attack, thus, Imagine Breaker would nullify it. Whether or not Ea could outpace Imagine Breaker's negation rate is an unknown factor though.

GG Vegito: There probably wouldn't be too much shock in there for him, sadly.

Guest (1): Hah... maybe I got a little too cliff-hanger-y towards the end.

ActionTReaction: Glad you had fun!

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MrQuestionMark: Well, it sounds like it all made an impression! Yeah, I get the feel of "Too many characters," But for something like this, it felt like something that needed to be tackled in order to make it really work. I'm really happy that Kakine was bale to shine; this was what I was building up to for a while! Thanks for sticking with this for all this time!

mchin3g: Currently, no. I think the only place such a thing could fit would be in Epic of Remnant; I don't think something of this nature would really click with Cosmos of the Lost Belt, you know?

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craytherlay: Glad I could throw you for a few good loops towards the end!

Sora with an S: ...Looks like a few rogue typos made it through, even after giving it another read before release; it's a curse. The line should "Nothing short of a Noble Phantasm or Medea's beams of light." Classic case of me randomly omitting words I really wish I could stop doing. You should see these before they get put proofread; you might have a heart attack!

Anime-ted Life116: Well, I'm sure glad you had a lot of fun here, my friend! Sadly, what will come out of the mystical power that is my brain is totally unknown; I can't say for certain what I'll release next, but I think this one is best served as it's own self-contained scenario. I do have something in the works, but it's more of a solo-Index thing. Whatever comes after that is anyone's guess, and I have no idea if it'll stay where it is in my production schedule. The fickle nature of my brain, I swear...

freddy lane 1: Magi-babble has it's place though! It wouldn't be magic if it was so easily understood!

Cygfried: Sadly, the end comes for all things. I just hope it was an enjoyable ride!

Mr. X: 1) I hope the encounter was satisfactory. 2) Nope; sorry! No magical friendship/love power-up here! 3) Eh; Touma punches people, but this wasn't a thing for him to really solve by punching it. And as Touma has a somewhat strict no-killing policy, not much can be done. 4) I don't think it was that predictable... though my action sequences are still lacking, I think. 5) Hopefully this resolved itself to your liking. 6) We'll see.

Windraider: Let's just say there is plenty of reasons for Aleister and Solomon to have beef and leave it at that. The Magic Gods could return, but they'd need a reason to... and by that point, who knows how powerful Solomon would have been. If Anna had been around when I first started writing this one (I started this way back in 2019, before NT22R was even out), maybe she could have wormed her way in as a reference or two. Hard to say how Solomon would react to her.

5had0wHand: I wouldn't say masterpiece, but thank you for your kind words!

Ihaxlikenoob: Well, you sure waited a long time to say "Thanks, I hate it!" Joking aside, I'm sorry that this part of the story didn't click with you. Gungnir and Kakine was something a little touch and go, I'll admit; it was something related to his status as an Avenger, and the last person to use him was Othinus to help with the forging, even if it was ultimately foiled, so I can understand not being super too into the idea; I just felt that something like "Avenger-Class Servant Kakine" needed some more "omph!" then just his usual Dark Matter shenanigans. I will defend the idea of him being summonable Servant Kakine though; he was technically killed by Accelerator, and that is enough to be registered in the Throne of Heroes, even if he was later brought back. And even then, Servants from the future can be summoned as well, they just normally aren't due to the past lacking catalysts to do so (This is the entire reason why EMIYA is a thing; he's from the future), so unless you'd want to make the argument that it's impossible for him to die ever under any circumstances, Magic God world-wipe or otherwise, it is entirely possible that a Kakine could be summoned using Academy City itself as the catalyst with an updated variant from a "second death."

That said, I'm sorry you didn't dig that part of the story; maybe you were after someone else from To Aru to appear as a Servant instead (or maybe you didn't want one at all; no judgment here), but I really wanted to touch on Kakine and have him interact with some folks he normally didn't. How was the rest of the story besides that?

Dog: Did you like the story? I hope you did!

Meep fanmeepster: Nah, no Servant Kamijou Touma here in this story; figured it'd be best to go with someone else rather than someone already living and alive in Academy City; no need to involve past or future selves. I think that'd just complicate things. The part with me feeling that The Illegal Grail War and The Empty Solution are dated is more of a me thing; I feel like I've grown as an author somewhat, and I have trouble looking back on my past work with the skill-set I currently have. It's a "me" problem, basically, and I'm sorry if that disappoints you. Hahahaha; if a character death hit you that hard, then I'd say I did a good job, honestly!

Masterx01: This is actually the very first I've heard of the Limit-reaction function on Accelerator's reflection, actually. If that really is the case... then I guess I screwed up? All I can do is apologize; this really is the first time I've come across this. I know I wanted to give some reason for Accelerator to be absent from the climax based on how I had this set up, and figured exploiting a weakness in his reflection with a logical reason behind why Archimedes would use it. Otherwise... I had very little aside from King Solomon showing up himself from stopping Accelerator from just steamrolling the entire climax, and considering what we know Accelerator's Vector Change can mess with, I'm not rightfully sure that would change much, either. Seriously, Accelerator breaks this whole thing wide open, and finding reasons for him to NOT break it wide open was pretty difficult, because aside from Aleister, he is the most powerful person in Academy City.

Although, I do believe I am correct with Servants only being harmable via supernatural abilities, magic, or objects with a sufficient level of Mystery; it's one of the reasons Servants are difficult to deal with in the first place.

cat: Good kitty!

AkumaESPer: The title was actually a Fate/Extra Reference! I'm glad you caught that! I feel like it fit the final battle in addition to it being a nice reference to a good game (That's getting a remake too! Super excited!). Haha, it seems like You've figured out most of my design secrets behind placing stuff where I did! There was a method to my madness, and it is nice to hear you were able to figure it out. Thanks for reading, my friend; your theory crafting was a joy to read every single week; it still shocks me just how much you got right!

cbustroyer: 1) I am taking something of a Hiatus; more details later. 2) Not quite sure... an Origin for him would probably somehow be "Fist," but I don't know how that'd help him. 3) Probably; vessels to house spirits are a thing. 4) My guess is that it'd fall under the same rules as Magic in To Aru, as in an Esper using it would backfire quite horribly. 5) My guess would be Touma, because he went out of his way to learn how to keep his budget low; necessity over curiosity! 6) Accelerator definitely... probably Misaka... for the magic side, I can definitely see Acqua of the Back in there.

And with that done... fufufu... I have a confession to make; we're not quite done.

Those of you familiar with Fate/Grand Order proper have known for a while that I've modeled this story after an event styled in it. For specifics, it was geared toward what typically comes with Collaboration events; usually mission based to unlock the next chapter. But there was one part of it I've been overlooking for a while now...

Who would the Welfare Servant be for the event?

And to answer that... we have just one more interlude!

Interlude: A Slight Departure From the Norm

It hadn't moved. It wasn't event damaged in the attack.

The Windowless Building still stood, just as much as it ever did. Even as his city slowly returned to normal after the end of King Solomon's invasion, this site was unchanged.

Aleister Crowley had returned to his post, pondering what would happen next. Would Lola Stuart make her move? Or would that Kamisato boy strike again? He didn't know, but he had his contingencies for each option.

Still, there were thoughts related to everything that had transpired. The information he gathered on that world, Chaldea, and yes, even King Solomon. He had to admit, there was a possibility of failure.

He smiled for a moment, feeling a little devious.

"…Maybe I'll lend them a little bit of an insurance policy."

Such as it was decided. With the knowledge he had gained, Aleister Crowley could recall his gift whenever he felt it necessary. In fact, the world would likely would not even progressed forward before his delivery returned.

Though when he did, he'd surely have a story or two to tell.

"Oh lord, it feels so good to be back in the command room again!" Ritsuka stretched when he got out of his coffin. "Academy City was nice, but it really wasn't Tokyo!"

"I think it was a nice outside experience for me," Mashu stated as she got up, now back in her normal attire. "But this place is home, I suppose."

"Welcome back you two!" Romani greeted them. "Archer, Lancer, Berserker, and Caster have already come to and are being debriefed by Da Vinci. You two must have been tired!"

"That last stretch was something else," Ritsuka stated. "I feel like I'm going to crash the moment my head hits the pillow!"

Romani laughed. "Well, you've certainly earned it! Good work: You've saved two worlds this time!"

"Eh, it was nothing! Just another day on the job!" Ritsuka grinned.

Footsteps came from behind the Chaldea master. "…Ohhh! Is this that Chaldea place where we're at!? It does have a certain supernatural appeal!"

"Hmm?" Romani blinked. "Q-Q-Queen Medb!?"

"Yeah, it's me; what's the big deal?" The pink haired queen raised an eyebrow while everyone else stared in disbelief.

They did so for one excessively huge reason; the Chaldea master hadn't yet been able to summon her properly through their summoning system. How the heck did she find her way here!?

Then, another coffin opened.

"Ah, crap… I suddenly got a massive headache…!"

Chaldea's already wide eyes widened even further.

"K-K-Kamijou-san!?" All three spoke in unison. The unlucky Imagine Breaker himself pulled himself out from a coffin with a clear look of bewilderment.

"Eh? Fujimaru-san? Kyrielight-san? And… Roman-san?" He questioned. "…The doctor is looking a lot more physical, all of a sudden… where am I? I thought you were heading home?"

"I… uh…" Ritsuka smiled nervously.

"W-well, you see…" Mashu didn't look much better.

Touma raised an eyebrow and looked around. "Uh… you guys didn't accidentally break into the Windowless Building and take me with you, right? I mean, it looks futuristic enough, but still…"

"Erm… Kamijou-san…" Romani tried to smile but couldn't manage it. "I'm afraid that you've found yourself… in Chaldea."


"As in, the place where we came from," Ritsuka added. "I don't really know how, but…"

"S-so when you guys went home, I got dragged along for some reason!?" Touma started freaking out immediately. "W-well! Send me back! You can do that, right!?"

"Well, you making it to us at all means that there must be a way to rayshift you… and I bet Da Vinci is going to have a field day figuring that one out," Romani's expression was grim. "But I'm afraid we've already separated from your world, Kamijou-san. Even if we could just send you back, I'm afraid we don't have a connection necessary to do it."

"S-so… I'm stuck here…!?"

"Look at the bright side!' Medb grinned. "I'm right here with you! That counts for something, right?"

It probably did, but right then, Kamijou Touma didn't care. He fell to his knees, overwhelmed with despair, and uttered a familiar phrase.


It would seem that Chaldea's adventures with a certain Imagine Breaker were just getting started.

Haha! That's right! The welfare Servant for this event would be none-other than Kamijou Touma himself! As if there would be anyone else who'd fit the bill! (Maybe Index, but that's not really what things were being geared for.

But this time, it really is the end of this little tale. It was a fun one to make, let me tell you! Even if it's far from perfect in places. As said, these two worlds seem to click really hard for stories... maybe it has something to do with the fact that Fate and Index both started in the same year? Hard to say.

But for now, it's time for me to take a step back. Due to changes in my life situation, I can't accurately tell when I'll be releasing my next story or what it'll be about. I am working on something behind the scenes here, but it'll take much longer; a lot of my writing time has evaporated due to personal issues, and I was able to get all of this finished just in time before it'd really affect me, and by god am I happy I was able to do so. So for a while, I may just be another reader on the site, but when my next story drops, I'm sure you'll see it!

Oh! And since this is finishing up in December and I just missed the date for it, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! I hope this month has a few good things in store for you!

I hope you all enjoyed. Please, review at your leisure; I still enjoy feedback.

Have a good day, my friends!

ArmoredCoreNineBall, your friendly (not)robotic (not)overlord (possibly)person who occasionally writes things.