a/n: a loosely rhymed tale of hurt and comfort in 15 sets of 100 words. A bit of an experiment, inspired by a previous whump challenge.

I own no aspect of the series...borrowed for fun not profit.

Empty Space


Roll call;

Leaden skies,

Chill wind,

Men standing silently in place.

No cat calls,

No jostling,

No one even attempting

To conceal the empty space.


Schultz sighs

And speaks slowly:

"...sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn,

elf, zwolf, dreizehn..."

And stops.

He holds his rifle

In an almost soldierly fashion,

Salutes his Kommandant;

His face drops.


A nod,

A return salute;

Wordless acknowledgement

Of thirteen men counted;

An incomplete list.

No rebuke

Is necessary.

He turns on his heel

With one inevitable command;

"Prisoners dismissed!"


The unusual nature

Of the encounter

Is evident.

Two men missing from roll call,

With consent...