Disclaimer: I own nothing except for my OC Mirai Hamada and any alterations to the original storyline plot her presence creates to various readers amusement everywhere across the globe during these dark and gloomy days.

Big Hero 6: Mirai Hamada Prologue

Humanity has come a long way since its primitive beginnings. Now years into the future technology has continued to steadily advance to a pinnacle of civilization that it is today.

The evolved City of San Fransokyo is no exception to this with a pinnacle of this success being the Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

Various promising young inventors from far and wide come here in order to mold their gifts to the height of their peak.

Two of the most promising pupils to have ever walked in through those doors are 18 year old twins Tadashi and Mirai Hamada.

Things really heat up when Tadashi's and Mirai's 14 year old brother Hiro is admitted to the university.

Things really start to get interesting then in more ways than one.

Authors Note:

I already have the ending figured out. Oooh! You guys are gonna love what I have in store for you there guaranteed.

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By the way, U.A. High Schools Own Blue Eyes White Dragon, Reira Todoroki: Daughter Of Fire And Ice, Morning Star, Crown Jewel Of Gongmen City, Fifth Turtle, The Emperor's Daughter, Rorschach's Legend, Sayuri Wren, Bianca Robbins, Aunt, Glenstorm's Daughter, Mandalorian: The 2ndFoundling, Eira Byrnison, and Watchmen Meets Avengers: The Newest Defender, Rava's Journey, Princess Of The Forest, Green Lantern Odette Dupree: First Flight, and The True Catwoman Of Gotham, are some of the best newest additions to my profile. If you're a fan of the Golden Compass and Watchmen which are the new series on HBO then you will love these. Then if you haven't saw them yet then I recommend that you check it out. Since there are still just recently uploaded I really would enjoy hearing other peoples thoughts on the subject matter so far. So feel free to do so if you have the time.

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