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Big Hero 6: Mirai Hamada: Chapter 1

Late at night at the Ito Ishioka Robotics Lab at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, many of the students are hard at work with their own various projects.

Mirai Hamada is currently in her lab hard at work on her own. It's something she's been working on for a long time. Basically, it's high-tech body braces for those who are paralyzed and unable to move properly. It doesn't matter if it's from the waist down or from the neck and below. It kind of resembles an exo suit. She got her inspiration from a homeless woman trapped in a wheelchair that used to live in their neighborhood. The woman lived in that chair till the day she died without being able to maneuver easily over the steep streets and sidewalks. She was so sweet and it broke Mirai's heart that it was mostly the lady's pride that prevented others from assisting and supporting her. In these modern times, Mirai wants images like that to end.

Mirai pauses when she hears the door to her lab open.

Turning around she spots her brothers.

Both of them.

Pleasantly surprised since Hiro has told his siblings numerous times that he wants nothing to do with the college, Mirai said "Hiro, what are you doing here?"

Arms crossed over his chest sulkily, Hiro said "Tadashi dragged me along."

"Don't pay any attention to him. He's just miffed because I didn't take him to a bot fight, he wants to participate in," said Tadashi, wrapping an arm around his sister's shoulder and giving her a side hug.

Mirai returns the gesture.

"Bot fight? Hiro, you promised me you weren't going to do those anymore," said Mirai, reproachfully disappointed, spotting the small robot Hiro is holding.

"He was at one tonight. Cops ended up picking us both up when I went to get him. Aunt Cass had to bail us out," said Tadashi, smirking at Hiro, leaning against a table.

"Hiro," admonished Mirai.

"It's not a big deal," said Hiro, shrugging it off.

"It is if you were arrested. You're lucky you weren't charged. Next time you might not be so fortunate," scolded Mirai.

"Whatever," said Hiro, half-heartedly.

"Anyway, I brought Hiro here to show him around. He's gotten a look at a lot of the other projects going on here," said Tadashi.

"Did you show him Baymax yet," said Mirai, excitedly.

Baymax is the personal health companion her twin invented alongside her exo suit braces.

Nodding, Tadashi said "Yup."

"It was alright. What are you working on," said Hiro, pretending not to be interested in her station.

Smiling at Hiro, Mirai goes on to tell him about her exo suit along with her plans for it. In the middle of the explanation, while Hiro is inspecting her tools, the three of them receive a visitor.

"Burning the midnight oil, Hamadas," asked Professor Callaghan, stepping partially inside after knocking on the door to announce his presence.

"Hey, Professor. I was actually just finishing up and Mirai was telling Hiro about her exo suit braces," greeted Tadashi.

Smiling kindly at Hiro, Professor Callaghan said "You must be Hiro. Bot-fighter, right?"

"Yes," said Hiro.

Clarifyingly, Professor Callaghan said "When my daughter was younger that's all she wanted to do. May I?"

Hiro hands over his robot.

Inspecting it closely, impressed, Professor Callaghan said "Magnetic-bearing servos."

"Pretty sick, huh," said Hiro, obnoxiously, moving into the hallway. "Want to see how I put them together?"

Mirai chuckles at his cluelessness.

Elaborating to clear up Hiro's ignorance, Tadashi said "Hey, genius! He invented them."

Doing a complete switch, realizing he's standing in front of his idol, stiffening in embarrassment, Hiro said "You're Robert Callaghan? Like, as in, the Callaghan-Catmull spline, and Callaghan's 'Laws of Robotics'?"

Hiro's admiration and hero-worship of the man are more than apparent.

"That's right. Ever think about applying here," said Professor Callaghan, returning the robot to Hiro. "Your age wouldn't be an issue."

"I don't know," said Mirai, teasingly, exiting her lab with Tadashi. "He's pretty serious about his career in bot-fighting."

"Well, kind of serious," said Hiro, following behind all of them.

"I can see why. With your bot winning must come easy," said Professor Callaghan.

Uncertainly, Hiro said "Yeah, I guess."

Opening the elevator for them, Professor Callaghan said "Well, if you like things easy, my program isn't for you. We push the boundaries of robotics here. My students go on to shape the future. Nice to meet you, Hiro. Good luck with the bot fights."

One by one the siblings head into the elevator to leave for the night.

If either Hiro or Tadashi had been paying attention at least one of them would've noticed Mirai and Professor Callaghan's fingers lightly grazing as they walk past each other.

Authors Note:

For Mirai's project think of it as the braces Rhodey wears in the Avengers that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down.

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