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Chapter 9

Prompto knelt beside Sire's chair, he couldn't move but that didn't bother him. He felt her fingers run through his hair and wanted to press into it but couldn't. He was aware of everything, he just couldn't react, staring straight ahead. He knew the people were bad, they wanted Noct, he knew he had been made in their country but he didn't care. They couldn't have Noct, he belonged to Sire, they all did.

She technically wasn't his Sire, not yet. He was too useful to turn, he could feel the wonderful sensation of the egg developing within him. He craved it and wished he could always have one within him, to give Sire hundreds of children, but she said he couldn't, that his body could not take it. She had promised to turn him before he got much older, so that he wouldn't look older than Noct.

He worked to focus on what was being said, able to see the guy about his age and the way he stared towards where Noct was sitting. How dare he look at him like that! Paying any attention to what they were saying was hard, his programming trying to list them as unimportant since they weren't users.


Regis sat on Noctis' bed, holding the old stuffed animal his son had been utterly attached to as a young child. On the bedside table was a photo of the four boys, taken at Gladio and Ignis' graduation.

The search had officially been called off but his people were still looking. Without any bodies, he refused to believe they were dead. Someone had taken them and he would find them. He had to find his son.


Luna stared at the self-important brat holding out the contract, demanding that Noctis sign it. Did he really think he could force her to hand over her Mate?

"There is no record of the Nox Fleuret estate ever purchasing an MT unit, how did you acquire that one?" one of the older men in the group asked, eyeing Prompto.

"I acquired it in Insomnia, not that it is any concern of yours," she answered, petting Prompto.

"If it is stolen property it is."

"Take that up with the authorities in Insomnia if you wish compensation. You will not be taking any who belong to me, either my Mate or our MT."

"And how would Insomnia react if they knew what had become of their 'Prince' and his companions?"

"He is mine by contract! Before he ever met you," Loqi spat angrily.

"You have no authority here child," she warned him, and he glared at her. "But don't worry, you shall return home quite satisfied that my mate is not Noctis Lucis Caelum and never was," she smirked as she spoke, earning angry mutters from the group.

"One vampire against a group our size? Your Childer are too young."

She laughed. "Who said we are alone?" she waved her hand and they were surrounded by members of the Highwind family, all old enough to do what was needed.

Once they were secured she rose to her feet and walked down to young Tummelt, taking the contract from him, destroying it.


Noctis watched from the window as the group left the grounds, all believing that he was not who they had thought. He was just glad it was over. They had threatened to tell his Father and the government. What did they think would happen if they did? His Father…Dad…he didn't want him to know, he knew it would hurt him, despite how happy Noctis was.

"Are you alright Noct?" Iggy asked, and Noctis leant against him, smiling when Iggy kissed the side of his head.

"Very glad Sire found us before I ended up tied to that…creep," he admitted, turning to nuzzle at Iggy, seeking comfort.

Ignis wrapped his arms around him, stroking his back, and Noctis relaxed against him. When he lifted his head, Iggy smiled but leant down and kissed him. He whimpered softly, pressing closer, feeling Iggy tighten his grip.

"Please," he begged, and Ignis moved back, taking his hand and leading him to the room Iggy and Gladio shared.

As soon as they were inside, Iggy's hands were on his clothes, stripping him, and then Noct was falling onto the bed to lie on his back. He watched Iggy strip and then he was crawling towards him on the bed. He was breathing fast in anticipation, despite not needing to breath at all. Ignis kissed him, hands caressing his body, and Noctis held on tight to the sheets. It felt so good, different to when he was with Sire or Prom, Iggy was just as forceful and commanding as Sire but like Prompto he carefully pushed inside Noct's body. He loved it all.


Luna smiled at Aranea who smirked, the older vampire had been eager to help. She had no love for the Empire and had leapt at the chance to send them packing and to help Luna.

"They shouldn't be back, but if they do, just call."

"I will," Luna promised.

"You picked a troublesome Mate but I don't blame you. I've seen pictures of him and even human he was a pretty boy. He good in bed?" she teased.

"Aranea!" Luna laughed, and her friend winked before she left with her family.


Clarus nodded as Iris lowered her sword. He had failed once child, he would not fail the one he had left. He had never planned to teach Iris, thinking they were safe in Insomnia, and his arrogance had led to the four boys being taken. Gladio had been good enough not to be taken by surprise, he must have been overpowered. By now, his son was dead…or worse.


Gladio reclined on the couch, Prompto curled up half on top of him, dozing lightly. He slept a lot to allow his body to conserve the energy needed to nurture the life growing inside of him. Having been kept kneeling while they dealt with those idiots had taken a toll on him. Sire had gone to get him a warm drink and a light meal, leaving Gladio to watch over him. He gently stroked Prompto's back through the shirt he'd put on once they were gone, although the collar had been left on and…it looked good on him.

It had taken longer than he'd thought it would for Prompto to come out of the state he'd been in during the meeting. Sire hadn't seemed worried though. He didn't like see Prom like that, utterly blank like he had been before Sire had fixed his memory.

Prom sleepily lifted his head and smiled at him, Gladio smiling back, gently drawing him into a soft kiss.

"You okay?" he asked, and Prompto nodded.

"Comfy," he mumbled, putting his head back down, and Gladio kept stroking his back.

"Did they scare you? When they asked where Sire purchased you?" he asked.

"No," he rubbed his cheek against Gladio's shirt covered chest. "Knew you keep safe."

Prom still struggled with speech, often leaving words out which sometimes left them trying to work out what he was trying to say. They were just happy he could speak at all without being ordered to.

"Of course we would," he whispered, kissing the top of his head. "We love you Prompto."


Ravus giggled as Gladio tickled him. "Da no!" the toddler complained. He saw his Papa and reached for him. "Help!"

Papa laughed but scooped him up and he cuddled into his arms, sticking his tongue out at his Da who laughed. "Didn't you like that Ravus?" Papa asked, and he shook his head, wrapping Papa's long light hair around his fingers.

Ravus lunged forward, "Mama!" he called, seeing her appear in the doorway.

"Good evening Ravus," she picked him up out of Papa's arms and he snuggled against her.

He loved his parents even if Dada was different, he didn't talk much or play with him, but he gave great hugs. He grinned when Dada and Father joined them, Father ruffling his hair, making him giggle.


Luna cradled little Sylva in her arms, her daughter named for her long dead Mother. She was such a beautiful baby and Ravus was utterly fascinated. Prompto was lying on the nearby couch in Ignis' arms, still a little weak even three months after the egg had left his body.

That worried her, he should be recovering quicker. Unless whatever he had missed in the MT process had left him far weaker than she'd originally assumed? She'd known he was less durable but maybe he body could not handle the normal routine either. If he didn't begin improving soon, she may have to attempt to turn him far earlier than planned.

She smiled as Noctis very carefully ran his finger down Sylva's cheek, obviously as fascinated as Ravus was by their daughter. She offered the baby and Noctis swallowed nervously but very delicately cradled her in his arms.

Prompto began to cough and Ignis began to sit up in alarm, moving to support him even as Gladio quickly poured a glass of water for him. She got up as well and went to the couch, pressing a hand to his forehead, finding his skin warmer than normal.

"Sire?" Ignis asked, obviously alarmed but trying not to let Prompto know.

Prompto whimpered, slumping back against Ignis, and she frowned, stroking his hair. "Hot," he mumbled.

"It's alright Prompto," she soothed. "Get some sleep," she pushed, and his eyes fluttered before falling shut, body limp.

Gladio lifted him out of Ignis' hold, Noctis hovering with Sylva clutched to his chest.

"Sire?" Noctis called, fear in his eyes, and she smiled at him.

"It is probably just a virus," she answered. "We did have some humans here last week, one of them may have been carrying something."

Noctis nodded, still worried, but not as much.

Gladio settled Prompto's sleeping form on the bed and then left to get more water for when he woke.

Luna began examining Prompto, taking in everything she could and…she was worried. She went to the bathroom and opened a cabinet in there, looking through the contents before removing a bottle. She took a syringe and drew out a dose, going back to the bedroom to inject Prompto. If he was ill, then the potion within should heal him within a day or two. If it was just his body becoming weak, then it might give him a boost but would not fix the problem.


Prompto sat against the pillows, little Sylva lying in his lap. He knew she didn't actually carry his DNA, his body merely served as an incubator, but she had blond hair and blue eyes, making it easy to pretend, her hair a few shades darker than Sire's, closer to his own. He raised a shaking hand to gently stroke her cheek, hearing her babble.

He couldn't stop shaking anymore, he kept getting fevers, and he was always tired. He knew there was something wrong with him, even without Sire saying anything. He could tell she was worried, they all were. He wasn't scared though, they would look after him.


Gladio grinned and showed Sire his completed work.

"It's very good work Gladio," she praised. She set the knitted pink hat on Sylva's head, the baby reaching up to see what it was.

Gladio was happy, it seemed he'd found a hobby he was good at. He knew it wouldn't be seen as very 'manly' but he didn't care and he knew no one else in their home would either.


Ignis and Gladio had Noctis between them, driving him wild, doing everything they could to take his mind off what was happening in Sire's room. If things went wrong, she would come and get them…to say goodbye.

The children were fast asleep in their rooms and unaware of what was going on. Hopefully, the news they would be given would be good.


Luna cradled Prompto in her arms, he was deeply asleep unlike the others who had been awake for the process. She had asked Prompto which he would prefer and he had agreed to sleep. He was too weak for the normal method of distraction after all. If...if things went wrong she would wake him to say his goodbyes. She had found no record of an MT ever being turned, then again there was no record of one like him, ever.

"I've got you Prompto," she whispered before sinking her fangs into his throat, drinking.


Noctis sat on the bed, holding Prompto's limp hand in his. He looked a little paler than normal but not a lot, more importantly, his breathing sounded better than it had in weeks. "It's okay Prom, you're safe, we're home," he whispered.

Prompto began to stir, whining softly, and Sire stroked his cheek to sooth him. Dazed blue eyes slowly flickered open, moving between them. His lips parted, revealing baby fangs, and he swallowed heavily.

"Childe?" she called, and Prompto's gaze went to her. "Can you understand me?"

He whined softly, licking his lips, and Noctis picked up the cup of blood, pressing it to Prompto's lips when she nodded. Prompto drank eagerly, even trying to lick the cup. He was less enthusiastic about the sandwich but did eat it.

"S….ssss…ire," he managed to say, and she smiled at him.

"Prom?" Noctis called, and he focused on him, looking confused. "Do you know me?" Sire had said he might not, that it was normal to recognise only his Sire during the change.

"N…" he frowned, whimpering. "No't?"

He laughed and nodded, leaning in to kiss him, feeling Prompto respond eagerly.


Luna smiled when Prompto recognised and responded to Noctis. He really was unique. Once sure he was calm, she called the others in to see him, though he didn't seem to recognise them.


Ravus clapped happily as Sylva sat up on her own, babbling away. They hadn't seen all of their parents together for days, Mother said that Dada had been 'sick' and was getting better. He didn't know what sick was but he hoped Dada was alright.

"Good work!" Papa praised and Sylva squealed even as Ravus scrambled up and ran to him, being picked up.

"Dada?" he asked.

Papa sat down, holding him in his lap. "You know how Dada was different to us?" he asked, and Ravus nodded. "Well, your Mother is making it so that he will be like us. It takes time though and while it's happening he is sleeping a lot and when he's awake he's…confused. It's better if you stay away until it's over. Understand?"

"Dada will be alright?"

"He will."


Ignis ran his fingers through Gladio's hair, feeling sleepy with the approaching dawn. They'd been so busy looking after the children and ensuring the others remained well fed while they watched over Prompto, that they needed the time alone.

It didn't help that Sylva was teething badly. Ravus didn't fully understand what was going on but he was still being great at playing with her and even helping find things for her to chew on to ease the pain. He was even sleeping in her room to make sure she was okay!

Ignis kissed him and Gladio grinned at him. "Good morning," he murmured.

"Sleep well Iggy," Gladio returned as they fell asleep, curled together.