Ashley Q was sitting in the playground, hoping Randall or T.J and his friends didn't tell anyone about her date with Randall.

"I swear if Detweiler or his loser friends told anyone about that little "date" I'll freak" Ashley Q thought to her herself.

Various kids walked near her, saying things like:

"Is it true Ashley Q went on a date with Randall?"

"Randall is going out with Ashley Q"

"The snitch is dating an Ashley?"

Ashley Q could hear what everyone was saying, but she ignored them and walked straight to the other three Ashleys.

"Congratulations, jerks, everyone, like, believes me and Randall are, like, dating" Ashley Q scolded her friends.

"Like, sorry Ashley Q, but with these rumours going around, We can't afford to be seen with you" Ashley A said.

"But you were the ones who forced me to ask him out in the first place"

"We know, But still, We got a reputation to uphold" Ashley B said "So, Ashley Q, you are out of the Ashleys"

"But, you can't do this to me" Ashley Q cried "It's your fault I went on that date"

"It's, like" not our problem" Ashley A said before she and the other two Ashleys walked off.

Ashley Q couldn't believe this, the other Ashleys, her best friends since kindergarten, have abandoned her over something they made her do. However, she knew this rumour had to come from someone other than them.

T.J and his friends were sitting at their usual spot.

"Well, T.J, that was a rather uncomfortable experience we had at Kelso's the other day" Gretchen said.

"I just want to forget that we ever saw those two together" T.J said.


Ashley Q stomped over to the six friends, she grabbed T.J by the shirt collar.


"We saw it only briefly, Plus, we know you'd come after us if we told people, so we didn't" T.J said.

"If you didn't tell anyone, then who did?" Ashley Q asked, before realising the only person who would have the audacity to tell anyone.


Randall turned around and was grabbed by the throat.

"Why did you tell everyone I went on that date with you?" Ashley Q yelled through gritted teeth.

"It was the first time anyone has asked me out on a date, I had to tell someone" Randall said.

Ashley Q raised her fist to punch Randall before a shadow loomed over here.

"Ashley Quinlan, out of all the people to assault Randall, you were on the bottom of the list" Ms. Finster said, before dragging Ashley Q away to detention.

In dentention, Ashley Q cried into her arms, her best friends completely abandoned her over something they made her do and her reputation is now ruined.

"Hey, Ashley, you okay?"

Ashley Q looked to her side and saw a girl with brown hair, blue shirt and black pants sitting a couple of chairs away from her, this is Joanna, a part time member of Lawson's gang and a fifth grader.

"What do you want?" Ashley Q wiped away a tear.

"Usually, girls like you don't end up in detention" The fifth grade girl said.

"Well, i'm only in detention because Randall told everyone about a date The other Ashleys forced me into asking him and I tried to give him justice"

"So, the rumours were true"

"Regrettably" Ashley Q mumbled.

Joanna walked over to Ashley Q "Listen girly, I have an excellent idea to extract vengeance on that weasel"

Joanna whispered something into Ashley Q's ear, it was so disturbing, that Ashley Q pushed her away in disgust.

"Ew, no"

"Fine then, then we'll think about something else" Joanna said deviously