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Chapter 1

3 Months Later.

"Alright fellas listen up, we don't have much time before the bug gets here. Keep an eye on your hostage while the others work on breaking the safe, we will be out of here in no time. "

The leader looked around as his men held the hostages at gunpoint, he smirked, clearly very happy with their work. If they managed to pull this off, they would all be able to retire peacefully. He started to walk around surveying the ceiling or any entrances the bug could come through. satisfied that he couldn't see anything, he walked over to one of the hostages who was quivering in fear. He kneeled down in front of them and pressed his gun to his head.

"Are you the manager of this bank?" The leader asked, receiving a nod in return from the shaken man.

"Good, get up and come with me, we need a little help getting into your safes. " The hostage slowly stood up and followed the leader towards the safe room. Once they were inside the leader demanded the combination after pointing his gun at the manager again. The man spoke with a shaky voice.

"uh yes.. the combination is 1-2-1 - 1-2-2" The manager let out a sigh of relief once he heard the safe pop open and the leader lowered his gun. The leader started to load money into the bags along with the other gang member who was unlocking the safe. It took a couple of minutes but finally, the bags were full and they started to head back to the main area of the bank, the manager in front of them. When they reached the main area, the leader and the other gang member started to panic at what they saw. All they saw was all of their men webbed up and hanging from ceilings, while all the hostages were gone. The leader began to sweat slightly and turned to his last remaining guy.

"The bug is here, we need to get out of here!" The guy nodded and started to run for the entrance they used to get into the bank unnoticed but he was stopped suddenly when a flashbang exploded in front of him. He started to fire his gun randomly due to being blinded by the grenade. Eventually, he ran out of bullets and that is when it went black for him. The leader of the gang watched as his last guy dropped to the feet of the one and only Black Cat. She turned and gave the leader an evil smirk and started to slowly walk towards him.

"They always forget about me don't they darling?" Black Cat said out loud, confusing the leader who now had his gun pointed at her, not realizing that something was slowly lowering behind him.

"What are you blabbing about, bitch?" The leader demanded nervously.

"Oh, bad idea to call me such a mean name in front of my boyfriend. " Black Cat replied with a smirk.

"What do you mea... " He didn't get to finish his sentence because his body was now wrapped in webbing and his ability to speak was taken away because of the webbing covering his mouth.

"Nicely done, " Spider-Man said to Black Cat as they let the manager free from the bank leaving them on their own. She turned to him and smirked as she ran her hand down his chest, her claws gliding over it gently.

"Thank you handsome, but let's be honest, that was all you. " Black Cat looked up at his masked face, feeling very amused with the whole situation.

"That is a lie and you know it. Besides, this is your first time out since healing from that leg injury, I think you did amazingly " Spider-Man wrapped his arm around Black Cat's waist and fired a web towards the window they entered through. Both smiled as they saw the cops go inside the bank and start to take away the gang members.

"So what's the plan then?" Black Cat asked her boyfriend as she cuddled into him.

"Well, I think we should head home and relax for the rest of the day. Its Miles turn to patrol tonight so I am all yours. " Spider-Man turned his head and kissed Black Cat's forehead through his mask.

"Lucky me then" She titled her head up to look at him again and lifted his mask slightly to give him a proper kiss on the lips, causing his stomach to do flips.

"If you play your cards right I may even cook my famous dumplings. " Spider-Man said after breaking the kiss for a moment, however, this caused Black Cat to pull back and start to giggle. "What is so funny?" Asked Spider-Man who was confused.

"Oh no dumplings for me, MJ told me all about the great dumpling disaster " Felicia was trying her best to control her giggling but it was no use.

"Oh of course she did, wait until I see her again.. "Spider-Man himself was trying to hold in his laughter but failed, causing both of them to burst into hysterical laughter. Eventually, they got themselves under control and started to head for home.

Just The Facts With J. Jonah Jameson.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have returned and I am proud to say I am in good health without spending a lot of money on the silly thing called our healthcare system. I am sure you all have missed me and are eagerly waiting to hear how much the rest of New York has missed the best show on the web, let us get to the calls so we can hear from my I mean our loyal fans. Speak.

"Hi Mr. Jameson, it is so nice to have you back. I have had this date marked on my calendar since you announced your return! I just wanted to say that Spider-Man has been doing a lot of good since you were last here..."

"SKIP THAT CALL JARED!" Jameson screamed at his intern who quickly done as he was told.

"Hi Jonah I wanted to remind you to take your medication, we both know how high your blood pressure gets when you are angry!" His wife scolded him down the line.


End of podcast

Peter and Felicia were now sat on their couch in their home. Peter had moved in a month ago and they couldn't be happier. They were sitting watching TV and just enjoying their downtime instead of having to worry about crime for tonight, they trusted Miles to have it under con

"So what do you want for your birthday Peter asked out of the blue, causing Felicia to look at him. She smirked slightly at the possibilities and kissed his neck softly, whispering into his ear.

"I don't need anything too big, I have all I need right here. Besides, I don't want you to make a big deal about my birthday. "

"Of course I am going to make it a big deal, Its your first birthday since we got back together so I want to make it special. " Peter said softly as he kissed her lips.

"Peter, as long as I get to spend my birthday with you, it will always be special. " Felicia cupped his cheek in her hand and proceeded to kiss him deeply, trying to pour all of her emotions into it.

"Damn, after kissing like that, I feel like it's my birthday," Peter said with a smile as he adoringly looked into Felicia's eyes. She blushed slightly but quickly got her smirk back.

"It can if you play your cards right " She leaned forward again and ran her lips down his chin and onto his neck causing Peter's heartbeat to quicken.

"I like the way you think.." Peter gasped as she started to unbutton his shirt.

"I know you do " She replied with amusement.

Osborn Penthouse

Harry sat staring at a photo of his Dad, his hands shaking as he let his tears of grief fall. He thought about calling Peter but he didn't want Pete to see him like this. The voice in his mind began to speak.

"Let out your sorrow now, Harry.. Your father was taken from you by a monster. A monster that we will soon get our revenge on. "

"I want to but how am I going to beat Spider-Man?" Harry said through his low sob.

"Well you aren't alone Harry, you have Venom, with us together, we cannot be stopped. Spider-Man has never faced us before, he has no idea what we are made of.

"What would you have me do?" Harry asked the voice.

"We need to hurt the Spider in 2 ways, mentally and physically. Once we have broken him, we shall kill him and reveal to the world who that monster truly is. You will have justice for your father and the people will look at you as the hero your father only dreamed of being.

"Okay... I trust you"

End of chapter 1

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