Hi everyone, I'm back with Chapter 22 of Marvel's Spider-Man 3. I have to apologise again for such a long wait for this chapter but I have been struggling a lot mentally recently and have been busy with just life in general that the story had to take a break for a few months. It has been hard reading all the recent reviews of people asking for a new chapter and that is what has kept me going, I have been trying to figure out if I am really happy with the direction I have been taking this story and honestly I am. I have a massive plan to end the series with MS4 which involves a cast of new characters and returning ones as well, I hope you will stick with me for that as it will for sure be a rollercoaster.

Chapter 22

"Felica, MJ let me introduce Nelson and Murdock," Said Peter

MJ and Felicia looked up at the group approaching. Felicia was the first to stand and she shook the hand of Karen Page first.

"Nice to meet you, I am Felicia Hardy, I am the daughter of Walter, the man you are representing in his will reading. Thank you so much for coming" Said Felicia, causing Karen to smile.

"You are very welcome, Miss Hardy, congratulations on your engagement, Mr. Parker told us you recently got engaged. " Replied Karen with a smile as she went on to shake Mary Jane's hand allowing Matt and Foggy to shake hands with Felicia and then finally MJ. After the introductions, they all sat down and got comfortable.

"So Miss Hardy," Said Foggy as he placed a piece of paper on the table in front of everyone, "I have the will of your father here, as you are his next of kin, the contents of the will shall be read to you and you will then be able to access what has been left in his estate. Does that sound good to you?" Asked Foggy as Matt faced in the direction of Peter, his attention never leaving the man that has peaked his attention since he walked in the door. Peter and Felicia both noticed this but Felicia quickly changed the subject.

"Yes, please I would like to hear what it says," replied Felicia as she soon gripped Peter's hand for support.

"Okay here goes," replied Foggy before taking a deep breath. " The will states as follows, This is the last will and testament of Walter Hardy, who hereby leaves everything that he owns to his one and only daughter Felicia Hardy and her partner Peter Parker. These things include art that I have collected over the years as well as a sum of 2 million dollars. The last thing I leave is the wedding rings belonging to me and my deceased wife Lydia Hardy. These rings are to be given to my daughter and her future husband who I hope is Peter Parker so that they can continue the Hardy legacy through them and any future children they may have on their own. These rings are not to be sold or given away."

"Miss Hardy your father left a message both for you and Mr. Parker. Would you like me to read them?" Asked Foggy as he noticed Felicia was now openly crying in Peter's arms.

"Yes, please read them both." She said through quiet sobs.

"Felicia, my beautiful baby girl, You have grown up to be an amazing woman like your mother. You have her beauty and her brains and I could not have asked for a better daughter. You are my perfection, you and your mother are the ones that kept me going through all those years and I am sorry that I wasn't the best father all those years. You have found a terrific young man in Peter and I trust him to keep you safe, live life sweetheart, have a family, and continue the Hardy Legacy and use our money for good instead of what I did. I love you, Felicia, you will always be my wonderful daughter."

Peter wrapped his arms tighter around Felicia as she started to sob harder, she was never going to get over her fathers, death, it was just about living with it now. He ran his hand through her blonde hair, trying to ease her pain as Foggy gave them all the time they needed.

"Sshh it's alright baby I am here, let it out, it's okay to cry." Peter continued to soothe Felicia as MJ watched on with a sad look on her face.

"I love you, Peter, please never die" Felicia whispered into his shirt which made Peter's heartbreak at the sound of her voice.

"I love you too Felicia, I can't promise that I won't die because you can't stop it but I am going to do everything in my power to stay with you for as long as you will have me.

"Can you continue to read please?" Felicia asked Foggy who nodded his head and started to read again.

"Peter Parker, I never thought you would be the one to steal my daughter's heart but you surprised me, son, you showed devotion to her even when you weren't together, you cared for her and were always there for her and as a father, I couldn't ask for anymore. You have a good heart son and you have a gift that can help a lot of people so continue to help those who can't help themselves, they need you just like my daughter does. Please take care of my little girl."

Peter smiled softly at the words of a man he had grown to respect no matter what his past was like, Walter gave up his life to protect his only daughter and that deserved respect that Peter will never forget.

"Miss Hardy we mentioned art that your father has left for you. I am afraid that wasn't his to give away so we must return it to its rightful owner if that is okay with you?" Asked Foggy, Felicia looked at him and just nodded her head.

"The 2 million dollars that were left for you now belong to you as they were his assets to giveaway, do you have an account we can arrange transfer to?" Asked Foggy?

"I want you to donate 1 million dollars to F.E.A.S.T" Said Felicia

"Okay, said Foggy taking down a note, and for the other million?"

"I would like to use that money and request your help in starting a new nonprofit organization."

"Yes of course Miss Hardy, who would this foundation benefit?"

"The homeless people around the world. I want to name it in honor of May Parker" Peter turned to Felicia in shock as she finished talking.

"Are you serious?" Peter asked as Tears started to build in his eyes. "Yes I am serious, Pete, May always says if you help someone, you help everyone so why don't we?"

Peter buried his face into Felicia's chest and gave her a bone-crushing hug as Foggy put down the last of the notes he needed.

"Well, that will do I reckon" Said Foggy as he turned to Matt and Karen who quickly jumped apart from each other as they were sitting rather closely.

"Yes, thank you for your time Miss Hardy, Mr. Parker and of course Miss Watson, I am sure we will see each other again soon," Matt said while he smirked directly at Peter, who was rather taken back but returned it nonetheless.

"Of course, thank you for helping us today. We would love for you to attend our wedding if that is alright?" Asked Peter

"Yes we would love to attend, please call Karen when you have all the details and we will continue this conversation another day once we are up and running with the requests your fiancé has made. Have a wonderful day.

They all shook hands again and exchanged a hug before Nelson and Murdock left the house, leaving Peter, Felicia, and MJ with a lot to contemplate.

"I wonder why that Matt guy was so interested in you Pete, said MJ breaking the silence.

"Yeah me too, I will figure it out eventually I guess," said Peter

Well, there is chapter 22 finally! I am sorry it wasn't very action-packed but sometimes a chapter is needed to tell a deeper and more interesting story. We have new developments to look at though, Does Matt know who Peter is? Do you think Peter and Felicia will have their wedding to remember or will Cletus somehow get involved and ruin the day? find out as we near the middle of ACT 3!