"Hokage-sama, we have a problem." said an anbu appearing in front of Hiruzen.

"Let me guess, Naruto-kun and Anko-chan." the sandaime responded, receiving a nod from the anbu. The hokage just rubs his face before speaking. "Ok what did they do this time? Did they paint the monument?"

"Well, no sir. It seems Naruto replaced all the milk in a civilian market store with white paint, and Anko hid multiple snakes in fruit and vegetable carts." the anbu answered. The hokage chuckled a bit under his breath before coughing in his hands.

"May you call them to my office so I may have a word with them?" the anbu nodded before shushin out the office. Hiruzen stood up from his chair and looked out the window smiling at the thought of his surrogate grandson and granddaughter. They were both orphans and outcast of the village for something out of their control, Hiruzen was disappointed in some of the villagers in how they treated two children like plagues. While he was in the middle of his thoughts the door to his office bursted open.

"Hi jiji!" two forced greeted simultaneously. The sandaime turned around to see a spikey blonde with cerulean blue eyes wearing a white short-sleeve shirt with an orange swirl and orange cargo pants. Next to him was a girl with violet hair and a spiky ponytail with brown eyes. She was wearing a black short-sleeve shirt, a tan skirt and black leggings.

"Ah, Naruto-kun and Anko-chan, glad to see you arrive, but where is the anbu I sent to retrieve you?" the hokage asked looking around the room. He turned to the two eight years old to see them grinning mischievously.

"Come on jiji, you know we can never be caught by anyone other than you." Naruto answered.

"We just had a feeling after our little prank you would have called us in here sooner or later. When we saw an anbu joining the chase, we figured you had sent him for us, so we made our way here." Anko added chuckling along with Naruto, then an anbu suddenly appeared in front of them with his back turned to the kids.

"Sorry sir, but we lost track of the de- I mean Naruto and the sn- Anko sir." The hokage caught what he was about to say but before he could respond. He felt the temperature of the room drop and he started to feel cold. He looked at the anbu to see him holding his throat gasping for air. Then he realized someone was releasing high killer intent that rival his own, but where was it coming from? He looked behind the anbu to see Naruto and Anko glaring at the anbu.

"What did you say about Anko-chan/Naruto-kun? I don't appreciate people saying something they don't understand and especially saying bad things about my best friend like Snake-whore/demon!" the two kids yelled simultaneously raising their killer intent higher. The hokage understood why they were so defensive over the other, they practically grew up together and their personalities weren't so different either. Snapping out his thoughts he decided to put an end to this.

"Naruto-kun, Anko-chan stop this immediately!" the hokage yelled out causing the kids to calm down a bit. Hiruzen breathed out a sigh of relief before turning to his anbu who was slowly getting up. "Dog! Please take a pig to Ibiki. I trust you know why." Then an anbu with a dog mask appeared and nodded before picking up pig and disappearing before waving goodbye to Naruto and Anko.

"Sorry about that jiji, I don't mind people talking about me but it really bothers me when people talk about Anko-chan. If people knew how great and fun a person Anko is then they would know how wrong they are about her." the blonde started causing Anko to blush and smile at her best friend. She then grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her and kissed his cheek causing him to blush harder.

"You know I couldn't have said it any better myself about you, I'm glad I mean so much to you Na-ru-to-kun" Anko said teasingly. Hiruzen smiled at the affection of the two, no matter how cruel the world was to them, they still remained positive towards the world.

"Now then, may I ask what the reason behind those pranks?" the hokage asked. The two kids turned their head towards the old man before looking down in anger.

"They wouldn't let us buy food because they'll lose customers if people find out they're selling food to a demon and a traitorous snake." Naruto answered with venom in his voice.

"So I suggested Naruto-kun and I teach them a lesson about mistreating customers. So I summoned some snakes and hid them in the fruit and vegetable" Anko finished.

"And I painted a certain picture from a book scene you're so fond of." Naruto said, making the hokage giggle in thoughts of the picture.

"I see, I guess I understand considering the situation. I'm sorry how the village is towards you two. Anyway is there better luck at the academy?" Hiruzen asked but looking at their faces he got his answer.

"It would've been better if we're treated the same, but as you know it's pretty much the same as the villagers." Anko answered.

"But don't worry me and Anko-chan will become the strongest of the whole village, and then gain some respect. Right Anko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Right Naruto-kun, we will never give up"

"Well you two better, scadalel out of here, and please stay out of trouble" the hokage asked.

"Hai" they yelled in unison before leaping out the window.

Forest of death

Naruto and Anko were sitting on top of the fence surrounding the forest of death. They sat next to each other holding each other's hand, kicking their legs. They were looking at the sunset, thinking about how to get stronger. Anko leaned her head on Naruto's shoulder, surprising the young blonde causing him to blush. She smiled teasingly and decided to break the silence. "Naruto, what are we going to do? I want to get stronger but I don't know how to start. No one will help us and jiji is too busy being the hokage and all."

Naruto put his head on hers and sighed. "I don't know, I mean we have stamina and speed, we trained with shurikens and kunai, but that's not enough. I need to get stronger."

"Yeah I know, for your dream to become hokage." Anko responded.

"Yeah for that, but that's not the main reason." Naruto said, shocking the violet haired girl.

"Then what's the main reason?" Anko asked curiously. Naruto took his head off hers and turned to face her.

"It's you Anko-chan, you're my best friend and very important to me." Anko felt blood rush to her face and her heart skip a beat after what her crush just told her, but before she could say anything Naruto cut her off, "And if I'm being honest, I really like you Anko-chan, we've been through everything together and you are very fun to be around unlike those annoying fan-girls 'Oh Sasuke-sama you're so cool blah, blah, blah.' I swear they need to take a page from your book and train." Naruto said chuckling with a giggling Anko who was still blushing. "Still I guess what I'm saying is would you like to be my girlfriend, I really like you, dattebayo?"

Anko smirked teasingly then wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck before answering, "I don't whisker-kun, do you think you can handle me. There might be times when I'm a little rough." she whispered seductively before kissing his cheek.

"Bring it Anko-hime." the blonde said before crashing his lips onto his new girlfriend's which she happily returned. Unknown to the new couple, everything around turned to a rainbowish color but they were too busy with their makeout session to notice. It would've gone on longer if it weren't for a new voice.

"I hope we aren't interrupting." The two kids stopped making out and turned to see a golden dragon, a slightly smaller blue dragon, a glowing fire color bird, a black turtle and a white tiger. "Welcome little ones, I hope we didn't startle you but we were hoping to speak with you on a certain matter." Said the golden dragon.

"Nice to meet you, M-my name is.." the blonde started.

"We know who you are Naruto Uzamaki, Anko Mitarashi we've been watching for sometime, allow us to introduce ourselves, My name is Kinryu and I'm the king of the divine beast." said the golden dragon.

"I'm Seiryuu the azure dragon, the guardian of spring. It's a pleasure." said the blue dragon

"I'm Suzaku the phoenix, the guardian of summer. And no I'm not really made of fire but I'm still hot in more ways than one." the phoenix said jokingly.

"I like you." Anko said, grinning at the giant bird.

"I'm Shijin the sea-serpent, and the guardian of winter." the black sea-serpent said.

"I'm Byakko the white tiger, and you guessed it, the guardian of fall and the best prankster ever." the tiger roared. Anko and Naruto smirked at the comment.

"Challenge accepted." the kids said in unison causing the tiger to laugh. Kinryu was impressed with these two, standing in front of them were giant beasts that can kill them in a second and here they are acting like it's another day.

"Anyway to why we have called you, you see we've been watching you two for a while now and I must say we are impressed with you two." the gold dragon said.

"Huh? What did we do to impress you?" the blonde asked. Suzaku had spread her wings and surrounded everyone in flames. In the flames we're images of Anko and Naruto living in the village.

"As you're living in the village, you were insulted, beaten, hunted and injured by other people, and despite the fact, you two remain positive and strong with very little hatred carrying a burden and a curse." the phoenix stated.

"Well of course, after all I'm going to become the hokage and protect the whole village. And plus I wanted to live in peace with a family one day." Naruto said at the last part glancing at Anko causing her to blush.

"And what about you Anko-sama?" Shijin asked.

"Me? I just want to be with Naruto-kun." Anko answered, making Naruto blush as well.

"That's adorable, anyway we wanted you to sign a guardian summon contract, with this contract you'll be able to summon us to aid you in tough situations. But right now you're unable to sign it." Seiryuu said.

"Huh why not? Is there something we need to do?" Naruto asked.

"You need to prove you are worthy, and you two are too young to be shinobi's, and from what I've been seeing, your teachers have been sabotaging you. So we decided to train you ourselves. Each of us represents some form of strength, Seiryuu is power and earth, Byakko is agility and wind, Suzaku destruction and fire, Shijin is Defence and water, and myself I'm representing thunder and speed. But first Naruto we need you to talk to Kuruma and ask him to teach you to control his chakra" Kinryu finished.

"Oh, I already asked him a long time ago, but he said I'm too small and weak." the blonde replied.

"Don't worry we're going to train you after you let your leader know but don't tell him who's training you, we will summon and train you in this void realm. Here time moves 10 times slower, so one day here is ten days outside and by the time you two take the genin exam. You should be ready to sign the contract." Byakko added.

"So cool, so are we going to be badass ninja's, dattebayo?"

"Better we want to turn you to the first guardian sannin of Konoha, now how does that sound?" Seiryuu asked, but they were even more confused. "The sannin were the 3 strongest ninja in the elemental nation being trained by the hokage of this village, right?" the two kids nodded. "Sannin are strong because they are masters of sage art, toad, slug and snake." Anko flinched, which didn't go unnoticed. "and we guardians are considered gods of nature, so we're going to train you to be guardians."

"And how are we supposed to learn sage training, are you going to help us?" Anko asked

"We can only go so far with that, but don't worry, we have someone who can assist us and Naruto. We may need your help to convince her." Kinyruu said.

"Why do you need my help?"

"Because my boy, you're the reason she left in the first place." Kinyruu answered.

"Me?! What did I do?"

"It wasn't you're fault, the stupid civilian council intercepted her on the day of your birth using their root ninjas and spout lies to her saying you were dead. She then gave into her grief and vowed to never come back, so we thought before she could fall any deeper you could meet her."

"Why would she care if I was dead or not? It doesn't make sense to me."

"Because she's your god-mother, she cared for your parents like they were her own, but when they died you were all she had after her brother and fiance died, that blasted council." Byakko growled. Naruto started to cry a bit, he has a family, he felt very happy that there was someone who actually wanted him, the guardians and Anko was happy for the blonde. Kinryuu decided to continue.

"Naruto, this person always wanted a family of her own and a kid so maybe.." Kinryuu was cut off by the happy blonde.

"Don't worry I'll help kaa-chan with her broken heart, you can count on me, dattebayo."