-3 years later-

-academy classroom next day-

"Alright class, before I announce your teams, we have two returning and one new student. Please welcome Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Anko Miterashi and Shizune Kato" Three students walked in, one have blonde spiky hair, wearing a gold open jacket with black cargo pants with a silver and gold longsword and a white tiger on his head. Next to walk in was a lavender head, spiky fan ponytail, she wore fishnet stocking, with an orange skirt, a fishnet shirt and a black sports bra underneath, with a trench coat over it, she had some chains wrapped around her right arm, with a cobra wrapped around the left. The last person had black short hair, she was wearing a black kimono, with a fishnet shirt under it, with a sash wrapped around it, and black ninja heels. She had twin daggers on each side of her waist and an orange yellowish bird on her right shoulder.

"It's this a joke?" Everyone turned to the Uchiha who was the source of the remark, "you brought back the deadlast and his pet snake whore. I don't know why they're here but if they want to get themselves killed.." Sasuke stopped talking as the air became dense around him embedded with killing intent. Soon everyone started to feel it, and turned to the source, which surprised the new genin, Shizune.

"Can you apologize?" Shizune demanded with a smile on her face in a cold tone. "I don't appreciate you talking about my friends, so may you apologize?"

"F-fuck you bitch, I' m a Uchiha I don't.." Sasuke fell towards the ground clutching his neck.

"I won't ask a second time." Shizune stated, her hands started to glow green as she lined her fingers up. "Or you'll be unable to produce an heir."

Sasuke paled at thought while Shizune slowly started, but before she approached the row his seat was on, someone grabbed her left hand, she turned to see Naruto smiling at her. "It's ok Shizune-chan, I don't give a crap what the emo thinks, but thanks anyway." Naruto then gave her a small kiss on the lips, stopping the killing intent causing everyone but Naruto and Anko to regain their breath.

Sasuke was glaring at three. 'How dare a nobody like her do this to me, and why weren't those two losers affected?' Naruto and the two girls walked to the back of the class as Iruka started to call out names. Sasuke was still glaring daggers at the three until he noticed the weapons, especially Naruto's sword, he approached them while they were playing with their animals causing the three to give him a confused look. "Hey, dope give me your sword, they're useless in the hands of a loser like you." the emo stated. Naruto, Anko, and Shizune looked around the class aggravating the Uchiha.

Naruto turned to Anko, cocking his head to the side. "Do you know anyone by the name of 'Dope' Hebi-hime.?" Anko smiled and played along.

"Can't say I do, how about you Shizune-chan?" Anko asked, looking at the raven-haired girl from the other side of Naruto. But before she could answer, Sasuke cut in.

"I'm talking to you loser." Sasuke said, glaring at the blonde. The small tiger and cobra began to growl and hiss at the Uchiha until Naruto and Anko calmed them down before turning their attention toward the Uchiha.

"As much as I want to grant your all so lovely request, I'm afraid I have to deny it emo-san." Naruto answered, causing the class to chuckle besides the emo loyal fangirls.

"You will listen to you better, I'm an Uchiha, an elite and you'll do well to listen to me. Now I demand you to hand over that sword." Sasuke ordered. The tiger cub on Naruto's head started to growl a bit more, but before Naruto could try to calm it down, a un welcome party interfered.

"Yeah, you better listen you baka, Sasuke-kun is from the.." Sakura started but she didn't get to finish when the white tiger jumped off Naruto's head slowly approaching the pinkette, causing her to laugh. "What's this stupid little cat going to do?" Sakura taunted.

"Sakura and Sasuke behave yourself!" Iruka yelled from the front of the class.

"Iruka-sensei," the chunin turned his head towards the purple head girl on Naruto's left. "I wouldn't interfere if I was you, Don't worry though, whisker-kun will make sure nothing happens." iruka was confused until the tiger started to grow causing everyone except Naruto's group to quiver out of fear. Sakura slowly sank to her knees in fear of the angry tiger. "Watch how you speak to me, human, no one talks to me like that except Naruto-sama or his Mistresses, because the next time you do." the tiger slowly licked her lips.

"Shiba." the white tiger turned to her master. "She's not worth your time, she all bone no meat and she not worth your time." Naruto said.

"Yes, Naruto-sama." Shiba then jumped in the air and shrunk back to chibi size and landed on Naruto's head. Everyone was shocked at the event and made a mental note to not piss Naruto off, well all except a uptight Sasuke.

"Dope you will give me that tiger, and your sword. I deserve and will use them better." Sasuke demanded. Naruto lost his patient with the emo prince. "Listen here you self-absorbed prick, you don't demand anything of me, you are not my better, this sword is mine, and more importantly, Shiba is not a it, she's a her and my friend, not owned. So why don't you fuck off before things get ugly like half your fangirls." Naruto answered.

"You better watch how you speak to me you clanless nobody, and I control everything, I'm a noble, you are for the last time you will." but Sasuke didn't get to finish when he was suffocating from the ki he felt earlier. Turning his head slowly to Shizune whose eyes seemed to be glowing, he began to shiver as he was about to approach death's door.

Shizune turned her head towards a nervous Iruka who seemed to have lost all control. "Iruka-sensei, from what Naruto-kun had told me, you let the class compete in sparring matches, correct?"

"That's right, why do you ask?" Iruka responded with his own question. Shizune gave a small devious smirk.

"Because I would like to request a spar against the prince duck-ass and all his glory with ninjutsu allowed." The whole class gasped at someone challenging their best student, who was also a Uchiha and it was a girl no less.

"You sure you want to do that? You just play with your make-up and your dolls, after all, only a Uchiha can beat a Uchiha." Sasuke warned.

"Wow, coming up with excuses already? I didn't take you for a coward emo-san." Shizune retorted with a smirk. Sasuke was seething at the humiliation and agreed to the spar. The whole followed the two outside to witness this unusual match. Kiba, Hinata, and Shino approach Naruto and Anko who was giggling.

"N-Naruto-kun we she be alright?" Hinata asked shyly. Naruto and Anko looked at her and laughed, confusing the other three

"Ah, that's a good one, but the teme most likely going to end up in the hospital at the end of the day, the poor prick has no idea what Zune-chan is capable of." Anko answered. Anko saw the doubt in their eyes. "Well watch and see." she said with a smirk clinging onto Naruto's arm. Shizune and Sasuke walk across from each other and then turn around to face the other, one with a smug smirk, and the other with a serious expression, While Shizune bird flew onto Naruto shoulder.

"You should be proud, no matter the outcome you won't lose face considering you're against a Uchiha. If you give up now, I might consider letting you birth my kids and help restart my elite clan." Sasuke offered. But to his dismay, he was ignored. "Hey bitch?! I'm talking to you." Shizune had eyes close, but when she opened them, Sasuke felt fear.

"You know I hate arrogant people like you. You think you're superior because of your name, power hungry, selfish and don't for get cold hearted." Sasuke was seething at Shizune's words. He charged in first cock back and the moment he closed in, he threw a punch towards her face, smirking to himself thinking he had the victory in the bag, but to his shock, Shizune caught his fist with ease while having a monotone look on her face. "Is that all?" Sasuke gritted his teeth and unleashed a barrage of attacks, which Shizune didn't even bother blocking. When he went for a roundhouse kick, she ducked, so he tried to follow up with an axe kick, and she jumped back and after he threw multiple punches, which she practically danced around. Naruto and Anko were laughing their asses off at the fact Shizune was just toying with the Uchiha, while the rest of the class was in awe.

Sasuke jumped back and flew through a couple hand signs. "Fire style: Fireball jutsu!" Sasuke shouted as he unleashed a big fireball towards the raven haired girl. Iruka was worried for his new student, while the rest of class besides Naruto and Anko, was on the edge of their seats. Shizune didn't seem worried and put her hand on the ground after doing a couple hand signs with one hand "Earth style: Earth Wall!" a huge wall raised up from the ground blocking the attack. She then went through a couple more hand signs one handed again. "Fire style: Fireball jutsu!" Sasuke and everyone else's eyes (except you know who) when Shizune shot a fireball twice the size of Sasuke's towards him. Sasuke jumped in the air, successfully dodging the attack with a smirk until he looked straight and saw Shizune in the air with him. Shizune had her foot stretch out and then her axe kicked the Uchiha on the back of the head, sending him crashing to the ground. When he crashed into the ground, he was unconscious, while Shizune landed elegantly across the field. After breaking out his awe, Iruka announced Shizune as the winner.

"She cheated, there's no way that bitch beat Sasuke-kun." Sakura screeched, then she felt something wrapped around starting from her legs. She looked down and saw a cobra slowly coiling her, tightly wrapping around her body. After she felt someone put their finger under her chin forcing her to look forward and that person was Anko. Everyone was surprised because they didn't notice her until now.

"Sorry, but i don't like no one insulting my friends pinky and next time you do, you will get the same treatment as prince duckass. Now nod if you understand." Sakura nodded. Anko smirk then called her cobra. "Good, now come along Jasmine." The cobra let go of Sakura and went up the Anko sleeve. The cobra mistress then walked back to naruto twirling a kunai. Iruka just signed and told the kids to return to class.

'This is going to be a long year.' the chunin thought.

-1 hour later-

After Sasuke woke up, Iruka and Mizuki took the class out for shuriken practice. "Ok class is going to practice shuriken throwing. I'll give each of you twenty shuriken and score you based on performance. You will throw it at twenty feet away." Iruka explained he started with the girls, after a few civilian names, Sakura went and got 15 out of 20. Then Hinata went and made 17 out of 20. Soon Shizune went up when she heard her name, receiving glares from the Uchiha and his fans.

"Excuse me sensei but may I back up a few more feet to challenge myself?" Shizune asked, shocking Iruka and earning a chuckle from Naruto and Anko. Iruka nodded and Shizune moved further back. But instead of shurikens, she pulled out two senbons. Sakura started to laugh.

"Are you an idiot, Iruka said shurikens and you pulled out senbons! Plus you forty feet away." Sakura taunted.

"It's fine." Shizune replied in a monotone voice. She then threw the two senbons and did a hand sign making the two senbon multiply to ten, hitting the target dead in the center. Everyone but Naruto and Anko was shocked at the performance, while the former was laughing their asses off.

"P-perfect score." Iruka stuttered. Sasuke was glaring at the raven-haired girl in jealousy.

'What was that, how did she multiply the senbons? Must be some kind of jutsu, i'll get her to tell me later." Sasuke was cut out from his thoughts when he heard Anko being called.

"Anko Mitarashi." Iruka called. Anko took out a stick with dangos on it and proceeded to the same distance as Shizune, high fiving her as they walked past each other. When she made it to her spot, she ate the dangos and held the stick between her fingers. She then turns to Sakura and smirks.

"What, no comment from little miss loud mouth?" Anko made Sakura go red, but before she could say anything, Anko pulled out a sealed scroll and unsealed a box of dangos. She then ate one of the dangos on a stick and after eating the food, she threw the sticks towards the target and did the same hand signs as Shizune making the multiply. When the stick landed on the target it was a heart shape with N+A in the middle. This in turn made the blonde jinchuuriki blush, making Shizune giggle. Anko got a perfect score and went to sit on Naruto's lap, feeding him some dango.

Soon it was the boy's first was Shino with a score of 18 out of 20, then it was Chouji with a score of 15 out of 20, a few civilian kids then Kiba with a score of 16 out of 20, after it was Shikamaru with a score of 10 out of 20 because he found it to troublesome to try. Finally it was Sasuke who stepped up with an arrogant smirk and proceeded to throw the ninja weapons scoring a 19 out of 20. He walked past Naruto as Uzumaki was getting ready to take his turn. "Beat that dobe." Sasuke taunted with his fangirls in the background screaming how cool he was.

"Fine, teme I'll do you one better." he turned to Iruka. "Excuse me Iruka-sensei, but do you have any rusted kunai and shurikens?" Iruka looked at Naruto confusingly but handed him some. Naruto then turned to his girls and smiled. "Anko-chan, Shizune-chan. Trust exercise number 6."

"Haiiii." they both got up and stood between the target and Naruto in a straight line smiling. Naruto then took out a blindfold and put on a smile, while everyone else was wide eyed at what the blonde was attempting.

"What a baka, he blinds himself, puts his two followers in his way, and uses old ninja tools. He's just trying to look cool." Sakura practically yelled, with the rest of the fan-girls agreeing.

"While I don't agree with the insult, Naruto this is dangerous, Anko and."

"We'll be fine Iruka-sensei." Iruka turned to Shizune, who had a calm and confident grin.

"Yeah, this is going to be so badass." Anko added. Iruka wasn't sure if they were crazy or if Naruto was just that good. Meanwhile Naruto got ready to throw, and unknown to everyone else but Anko and Shizune, Naruto started to send out a pulse of chakra and when he was done, he threw all the shuriken and kunai laced with wind chakra towards the target, to everyone else amazement it looked like the weapons danced around Shizune and Anko while both still had smiles on their faces as the weapon twirled around and between them all landing on the target.

"How did I do?" Naruto asked in a modest voice, making everyone else's jaw drop to the ground, while Anko was holding her stomach laughing so hard.

"P-perfect score." Iruka muttered.

"HE CHEATED!" everyone turned to Sakura as she was pointing to Naruto. "There is no way he could've done that without cheating."

"Well then pinkie, tell me how did foxy-kun cheat, I'm all ears?" Anko asked, giving the rosette the spotlight. Sakura was about to retort but shrunk, in embarrassment, back down when she couldn't think of anything to say.

'How did the dobe do that, him and his bitches should not be stronger than me! I'm an Uchiha, I should have that skill and power.' Sasuke seethed in jealousy. After the performance Iruka took the class inside for a lesson.


Hokage was reorganizing his paperwork getting ready for the team selection for tomorrow, he was getting ready to call all the jonin for them to decide but before he made a move, a knock came from his door. "Come in." he replied, standing up from his seat, but the person entering the door caused his face to turn pale.

"Hello sensei, we need to talk." Tsunade said, smirking, closing the door slowly.