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Chapter 10 - Deception

Kia pressed herself against the door as Nakago walked toward her, wishing with all her might that she could turn invisible just this once. She glared at him as he walked into a patch of moonlight, she could see that he had no armor on and was dressed in a simple tunic and white pants. Kia looked around nervously as he drew nearer, trying to think of something that could save her.

"Don't look so frightened," Nakago smirked, reaching for her arm, "You act like I'm going to bite you. If I ever do I promise it won't be hard."

Kia screamed as he jerked her forward causing her to stumble and fall to the floor. She stared at it shivering slightly when he chuckled. Kia reached up for the table that was in front of her dragging herself up on her elbows, her body felt like it had three hundred pounds sitting on top of it.

"What's wrong priestess? Having trouble standing?…Here…Let me help you…"

Kia screamed as she was thrown roughly against the wall, gasping as the wind was knocked out of her. She whimpered softly looking around to find Nakago still standing by the door, he smirked and walked calmly over to her, with each step he took it seemed like more weight was added to the suffocating pressure on her body. When he was standing directly in front of her Kia drew in a ragged breath trying to clear the black spots that were dancing in front of her eyes.

"What…are you doing--going…to do to me?" she whimpered when Nakago placed his hands on either side of her head then let them trail down her arms to her hands, roughly pulling her arms out so they were pointing straight her body forming a cross. Nakago then let his hands travel slowly down her sides, his thumbs brushing past her breasts down her stomach to her hips, stopping to look at the short pleated skirt Kia wore.

"You may be young but your body is that of a woman…"

"Stop…Please…," Kia pleaded softly, squeezing her eyes shut as Nakago's fingers trailed up her thigh pushing her skirt up in the front. He stopped before he actually touched her, smiling sadistically at the new plan forming in his head.

"Ah priestess, do you actually think I would force myself on you? No…by the time I'm done with you you'll welcome me into your arms…From fear."

'…Help me!!!'

Rae sat down on Chichiri's bed, this was the third day she had been asked here. Each day he asked her a few questions while she snapped answers back at him. She didn't need to be here, she needed to go after Kia before that bastard Nakago did anything to her. She even offered once to become the priestess of Suzaku in place of Kia so she could wish both of them back to the real world but that plan didn't seem like a good one to the others.

Chichiri walked in, placing his hat on the table in front of him as well as his staff and cloak. He didn't look at his room because he already knew Rae was there, sitting on the edge of his bed. Chichiri turned then, leaning back on the table crossing his arms as he faced her. He studied her so intensely that Rae felt herself blushing.

She bit her lip, tilting her head to the side she broke the silence, "Chichiri…Why won't you let me become the Priestess? I am still a virgin…And contrary to popular belief around here I am not the Priestess of Seriyuu. I never agreed to it so I don't see why I can't be your Priestess."

"We don't choose our Priestess. The god's choose which girl would be their Priestess not us. Kia was brought here like you was taken to Kutô." Chichiri said simply, walking over to the window noticing the dark gray clouds on the horizon.

"Well…What am I supposed to do then!? Sit here and let Kia go through Nakago's sadistic whims!? I've already been through that myself and I won't let her go through it!" Rae stood and walked over the table emphasizing the last part of her sentence by slamming her hands down on the table. No one but Genrô knew about her torture, he still helped her with her bandages too, though her back was nearly healed over by now, though she new the wounds would leave scars.

Chichiri's eyes widened as he looked at Rae, if he had just heard correctly this girl said she was tortured. But why would Nakago do something like that to his own Priestess? Unless Rae had actually refused to be the Priestess of Seriyuu like she had said. Chichiri walked over to her, circling her slowly.

"But why…Would your refuse to be the priestess?" Chichiri raised an eyebrow as Rae just shrugged.

"I got a bad vibe from that place…And everyone was so rude. The emperor acted like I was a piece of property. I mean, would you like to be treated like that? Then Nakago acts like something crawled up his butt and died." Rae crossed her arms grumbling the last sentence; she really hated that bastard and even if she went alone she was going to Kutô and she was going to get Kia back. It was a promise.

Chichiri rubbed his forehead, then gently started peeling the mask from his face. Rae watched as he did so, never having seen his real face. When he finally removed the whole mask Rae just stared at him, though not in disgust but intrigue.

"I think…We need to go see Taiiskun about this." Chichiri tugged his cloak off the table and threw it up into the air waiting until it settled on the floor before stepping on it with his staff and hat in place.

"Who? Wait…Where-" Rae stuttered as Chichiri tugged her onto his cloak, tapping the end of his staff on the floor causing them to sink into his cloak, disappearing.

Rae clung to Chichiri as they emerged on the other side of the cloak, her eyes squeezed shut, the magic tickling over her skin. It wasn't until Chichiri gently pried her hands off him that she opened her eyes, looking at the change of scenery. They stood at the foot of a mountain, steps leading up to palace Rae supposed. When she turned she noticed Chichiri had already started walking.

To be continued…

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