He was running so fast he thought his heart would burst, although for some reason that didn't alarm him. Why not though? Why didn't it scare him that he could feel his heart pounding against his rib cage like it was a prison cell it wanted to escape? Who was he that he wasn't scared to die?

That was the million dollar question.

'Who am I?'

'Who am I and why am I running?'

He nearly toppled a woman over running on a small town sidewalk but she looked too stoned to care. He had to force himself to stop running, to breathe, to think. He skidded to a halt under an orange street lamp. He could see his breath but he wasn't cold, maybe that was because he was running. Or maybe it was thanks to the big trenchcoat he was wearing, he didn't know.

He fumbled around his pockets, looking for anything that could identify him. He found a couple dollars, a long shiney-stabby-stick, and a cellphone. For some reason, he could remember how to use it, although he didn't know the names in his contacts list. The top of the list under "favorites" was the name 'Dean'. This meant nothing to him however, in fact, he couldn't even read it. He couldn't read any word he had seen so far, he had been relying on only the applications icon art to get him this far.

After exhausting every idea he had, he got up the courage to call the stranger. Maybe they had answers. He nervously pressed the green phone button and put his cellphone up to his ear.

"Cass? Where you man, we've been looking everywhere!" said the man on the other end almost angrily.

'Cass. Am I Cass?' he thought.

"Cass, Cass you there?" said the man, interrupting Castiel's thoughts. He had no idea what he was saying, but he had said "Cass" three times now, so he assumed that was him.

Cass took a deep breath, trying to form a sentence in his head.

"Ds i oi? Ds zir ol?" he said. It sounded nothing like what the man on the other end was saying and Cass knew he wasn't speaking the right language.

Cass could practically hear the confusion from the stranger. "What?" said the man.

Castiel hoped that if this man was at the top of his contacts list that he would understand at least some of his language, whatever that may be.

"Ol- ol gnay ge om ds ol ol zir." said Cass. He listened as the stranger communed with someone else. The other voice was further away, he must have been on the other side of the room.

"Its Cass, he's speaking jibberish." said this 'Dean' man, however that name was pronounced.

"What, like enochian?" asked the other man.

Castiel kept listening to them, hoping that they were figuring it out.

The other man's voice was loud and clear now as he took the phone from the Dean man.

"Cass, it's Sam. Tell me what you told Dean." he said. His voice was soft and much kinder than the Dean man's.

Cass just wished he knew what it was saying.

"Ol gnay ge papnor g. Ol gnay ge papnor ol. Ol gnay ge om darsar ol zir." said Cass as calmly as he could. He could hear the soft boy mumbling something quietly over the sound of pages turning. "Okay, um... he said he doesn't remember anything." said the boy. "He what?" said Dean man, so loudly he either screamed it or was holding the phone again. Maybe both.

"He doesn't remember anything, Dean. He doesn't even remember himself. I'd assume that means he also doesn't remember how to speak english." the soft boys voice was fainter now, confirming that he no longer had the phone. "Okay Cass, hold on. We're gonna find you." said Dean-man. He seemed almost scared.

The soft boy took the phone now and Cass could hear a car starting. After a long pause and some page flipping, he heard something he understood. "Paaox da, ge geh niis de arp g." said the soft boy. He stumbled over the words, but Cass had never been more grateful. Or maybe he had, he didn't know.

Those words, he knew what they meant.

"Stay there, we're coming to get you."