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"I don't know how you eat that." Gajeel says. Whenever Metalicana made him the feed, he would dread it. Metalicana wasn't much of a cook.

"I know how to properly make it. Here." Mirya shoves a spoonful in his mouth. He was about to smack her when he tasted the feed. He chewed and pondered.

"Not bad. But I'll stick with iron." Gajeel says. It could've been much worse.

"I didn't have time to eat breakfast, can you blame me?" Mirya says conversing with Gajeel.

She felt a little conflicted. She hoped that those royals would listen to her, nothing good could ever come from that Gate. She understood that it can accomplish a lot, but the cost was rarely worth paying.

"Well, let's see what they announce. It's bound to be interesting." Mira says with a smile.

"It won't start for another half an hour. I'll just do something else." Mirya says, pulling out the Law of the Eternal Star. She already translated the other two and took notes on it. But she wanted to place every bit of attention on this book. It was interesting and gave her another perspective on celestial, heavenly, and spatial magic. She wasn't too worried about her teammates asking her too much about the book. They were used to Levy's habits, it wouldn't be too far-fetched for her to do it as well.

"What are you reading?" Jellal asks. He looked at the book to see that he couldn't read it.

"Just reading a book." Mirya says, nonchalantly. She was jotting notes down in Draconic. She wouldn't write these notes for regular people to understand. Too many questions would be asked.

"I can't read this. Where did you get it?" Jellal asks. He looked at the book curiously.

"I got it on my travels." Mirya says, not lying.

"What is it about?" Jellal asks, looking at the pictures that detailed the page. Some of them reminded him of his own magic.

"About celestial bodies. I'm reading it to see if there's anything new I can learn. And to refresh my knowledge." Mirya responds. She wasn't lying, but it was weird saying these truths that feel like lies. It was also disconcerting how skilled she had become in answering risky questions. She hardly lied, but never answered with the whole truth.

The other four mages left her alone with her book. "With enough magic and mastery over any Celestial magic, you can become capable of controlling the celestial bodies and time. You can fast forward and backward in time with your power alone. Stopping time is different in which the mage forces time to stop, they are not actually controlling time, they influence it to stop. That art is difficult as well, but not as much as controlling time. It is incredibly taxing, the only mage ever known to do it is Lior Maga. It's worth noting that she was a Celestial Dragon Slayer, the first of her kind. It is believed that because she was a dragon slayer, the powers of a dragon were enough to provide her with the power necessary to control time." Mirya read.

The only experience she had with time being controlled was with the Eclipse Gate. And that was more of opening a door. The Gate required vast amounts of magic, and needed Celestial magic.

"Can I do that with enough training?" Mirya thought. "But I wouldn't know where to begin… And do I even have enough magic for it to work? I can keep reading to see if there's instructions on this." Mirya thinks. She jumped when Mira shook her shoulder to catch her attention.

"It's starting Mirya." Mira says, pointing to the arena. Mirya nods and goes and sits on the barrier, staring at the arena.

"Welcome to the second day of the Games! We have an exciting day planned out. The special judge for the second day of the Games is none other than Jason, from Sorcerer Weekly! Jason, how do you feel about today?" Mirya heard Chapati announce.

"Today is going to be so cool!" Jason yells, ready for today's scoop.

"Excellent! Now, if you would look at the lacrima screen, here are the current rankings for the eight teams." Chapati says, drawing the collective attention of the audience to the lacrima screen.

1st Sabertooth- 18 pts.

2nd Raven Tail- 16pts.

3rd Lamia Scale- 14 pts.

4th Blue Pegasus- 13 pts.

5th Fairy Tail Team B- 10 pts.

6th Mermaid Heel- 2 pts.

7th Quatro Cerberus- 1pt.

8th Fairy Tail Team A- 0 pts.

Mirya winced when she saw Team A's score. Yesterday was tough.

"Man… I do not want to lose to Raven Tail or those flirts." Mirya says. She would probably level the Colosseum if they didn't win.

"I don't want to lose in general." Laxus says.

"We ain't going to lose." Gajeel says, certain in their victory.

"That's the spirit!" Mira says, looking forward to the second day.

"We ask for the contestants of the day. They shall participate in the event, Chariot!" Chapati says.

"I'm not doing this." Mirya immediately declines and steps away, shaking her head. Just the title of the event made her queasy. They looked to see who would participate and Mirya saw Natsu's face. Then she saw Sting's.

"Those idiots… " Mirya says, drawing Mira, Laxus, and Jellal's attention.

"If the Salamander is doing it, then I'm going." Gajeel says. Mirya looks at him with a disbelieving look. He left and the eight participants were in the arena.

"Mirya, what's up?" Mira asks.

"Sting, Natsu, and Gajeel chose to do this event. I think they forgot that they have motion sickness. And this event is called 'Chariot'." Mirya explains, causing Mira and Laxus to look at the arena with exasperation. Mirya shook her head.

"We'll just pick up points in the battles." Mirya says, looking at the event. The contestants start at the opposite end of Crocus and have to make their way back to the Colosseum. They could use magic, and had to remain on the interconnected chariots. It was a race.

"There's no way in hell I would do that." Mirya says.

"From Mermaid Heel, we have Risley!"

"From Lamia Scale, we have Yuka!"

"From Fairy Tail Team A, we have Natsu!"

"From Sabertooth, we have Sting!"

"From Fairy Tail Team B, we have Gajeel!"

"From Quatro Cerberus, we have Bacchus!"

"From Raven Tail, we have Kurohebi!"

"And from Blue Pegasus, we have Ichiya!"

Mirya had mixed feelings about some of those competing.

"Why do you look pale?" Laxus asks her.

"Do you see the people down there? I don't know whether to laugh or to throw up." Mirya says.

"Why?" Mira asks. Jellal also looked interested.

"I'll start off. I've got no problems with Lamia or Mermaid. But we have three dragon slayers in an event that you're supposed to be on transportation." Mirya says, the others understand. "Then we have that guy from Cerberus." Mirya says.

"What about him?" Mira asks.

"I don't like him. He tried to take Cana's bra yesterday. So I threw him out of the bar." Mirya says. Jellal knew he recognized him from somewhere, now he knew from where.

"I don't like Raven Tail in general. And then there's Ichiya." Mirya says with a sigh. She didn't know where to start with the little troll.

"I mean, he's funny." Mirya says. There were plenty of things to say about Blue Pegasus' 'most handsome man'.

"Are you laughing with him or at him?" Laxus asks, hitting a bullseye.

"How can you not laugh at him?!? Especially when he hits on Erza. The last time that I remember, Erza was holding him off with a spear." Mirya says laughing. Mira began to laugh too. Even though she was seen as a sweetheart, she still loved to terrorize Erza.

"What if he turned his attention to you?" Laxus asks. Mirya snorted at him.

"It would be more likely that I marry Hibiki than Ichiya hitting on me over Erza. I don't see that troll stopping anytime soon. And I would knock Hibiki out before he even asks for my hand in marriage." Mirya says. She had nothing personal against Pegasus, it was just they annoyed her with their countless flirting attempts.

"Well look at that." Laxus points to the screen. Mirya went green and held her stomach. Even the thought and sight of transportation made her sick.

"You're sick by just looking at it?" Jellal asks, incredulous.

"That looks like a death trap." Mirya says, glaring at the chariots.

"And look at the last three." Mira says, smiling. Mirya looked to see Natsu, Gajeel, and Sting in the back.

"I told you." Mirya says. If she didn't know those dragon slayers, no one did.

They continued to watch and see the results of the second event. Mirya grounded her teeth as she saw Bacchus take the first place. She was snarling when she saw Raven take the second place. Her teammates looked at her warily. She had no problems with the third, fourth, and fifth place.

"Why are you guys fighting for the points?" Sting asks, confused as to why Natsu and Gajeel didn't accept defeat like him.

"We are doing this for the guild who waited seven years for us!" Natsu yells, making his intentions clear.

"Don't be crying over a point later." Gajeel tells him. Both dragon slayers cross the finish line. Natsu in sixth and Gajeel in seventh. The crowd looked moved by their comments.

Mirya raced onto the arena and picked up both Natsu and Gajeel. They were too tired to even stand.

"You idiots. You should know better than to compete in an event called Chariot." Mirya berates them as she takes Natsu to his box. She passed him off to Lucy.

"Thanks. He's so dumb." Lucy says, trying to lift Natsu.

"I had to raise him for like seven years, don't even start." Mirya says, remembering the pains she had to go through to keep the fire dragon slayer alive.

"I'm so sorry." Lucy says. Erza, Gray, and Elfman nodding beside her. Lucy walks off to the infirmary with Natsu in tow.

"Thanks. Now I have to go take care of this dragon slayer." Mirya motions to Gajeel. She leaves with a wave and heads back to the box with Gajeel.

"Set him down over there. Raven is going up against Lamia." Laxus informs her. Mirya nods and sets Gajeel in a corner. She looks below her and sees the two mages wager. It was Toby from Lamia Scale and Kurohebi from Raven Tail.

"If I win, you have to tell me your real name!" Toby says.

"And if I win, you have to tell me this big secret of yours." Kurohebi says in return. Toby agreed and the match in between the mages began. It went on for a short while, but Kurohebi emerged victorious.

"Now, what's this secret?" Kurohebi asks.

"I cannot find my other sock." Toby admits causing the whole stadium to go silent.

"You have got to be kidding me." Mirya says, looking at the dog like man. The rest of the audience agree with her.

"Right here." Kurohebi points to Toby's sock, where he had it around his neck. Toby looks at it and begins to cry.

"My sock!" Toby cries as he was just reunited with his sock. Kurohebi had other plans though. He grabbed the sock and ripped it to shreds in front of him.

"The more precious something is, the more I want to destroy it." Kurohebi says, horrifying the dumbfounded audience. While many wouldn't lament and mourn over a sock, they all thought it was cruel of Kurohebi. Toby was crying over his destroyed sock. Lamia Scale looked furious, but couldn't do anything.

Fairy Tail's disgust with Raven only increased. But both Fairy Tail teams were experiencing a problem. Mirya and Erza were trying to attack Kurohebi. Gray and Jellal were holding off their teammates. Erza was a sucker for dramatics like this and Mirya was holding a grudge against Raven Tail.

"Let me at him!" Mirya says, trying to claw her way to the Raven Tail mage. She and Ezra's eyes met and they began to fight with even more ferocity. Eventually Gray and Jellal managed to calm the female mages down.

"And now for our next match!" Chapati announces, trying to get over what just happened. "From Fairy Tail Team A, Elfman Strauss!"

Mirya and Mira perked up. Mira because her brother was fighting, Mirya because she wanted to see who he would get to beat.

"Vs. Bacchus, From Quatro Cerberus!" Chapati announces. Mirya looked at the drunkard and knew that Elfman had to beat him or she would do it herself.

"Let's go Elfman!" Mira cheers on her brother.

"Go Elfman! Beat him up!! Take that drunkard down!" Mirya cheers. She really wanted to see Bacchus eat dirt. The others sweatdropped at her cheers.

"Hey big guy. Let's bet like the others did." Bacchus says, addressing Elfman.

"What did you have in mind?" Elfman asks.

"One night with your sisters." Bacchus says, making the arena look on in disgust. Mira wrapped her arms around her and looked unnerved. Mirya looked to see Lisanna look the same. Mirya snarled. She went to comfort Mira.

"No dice." Elfman rejects his offer. Mirya nodded in approval.

"Come on. I'm a growing man." Bacchus says. Elfman thought about it and said,

"If I win, your guild has to go by Quatro Puppy for the rest of the Games." Elfman says.

"WHAT!??!" Everyone yelled.

"If Elfman doesn't win, I'll kill him and Bacchus." Mirya says, developing a threatening aura. She knew that Mira could take care of herself just fine, but it was the matter of principle.

"You're on." Bacchus agrees and they start the match.

Elfman was taking a beating from Bacchus. And Bacchus hadn't even taken a drink from his gourd. But Elfman was taking the beating and still in the fight. Eventually it came to the point when Bacchus drank from his gourd. That's when Elfman busted out his Lizardman take over.

"That's Lizardman." Mira says, looking at the match. "It's scales are impenetrable by hand to hand combat." Mira says.

"And Bacchus' magic heavily relies on martial arts." Mirya says, looking at the smart move that Elfman did.

"Let's see who breaks first." Elfman challenges.

"You're on." Bacchus says, attacking Elfman with Drunken Falcon.

The whole audience watched as the fighting match became a test of endurance and stamina.

"You're a real man." Bacchus says, as he falls down exhausted.

"And the winner is Elfman!" Chapati announces. Cheers come from the audience. Mirya and Mira were some of the loudest there, along with Team A.

"YES!!! Someone beat that rude ass drunk!" Mirya yells, revealing her priorities on this match. While she worried over the Strauss females, she really wanted to see Bacchus in the dirt.

They cart Elfman off to the infirmary with Natsu and Wendy. Mirya wanted to go, but she stayed to watch the matches.

"For the next battle, we have a very lovely matchup." Chapati says. Mirya and the rest looked confused.

"What's he talking about?" Mirya asks, receiving no answer.

"From Fairy Tail Team B, Mira!"

"Vs. Blue Pegasus' Jenny!" Chapati yells.

"Ahhh, I see." Mirya says, paying attention.

She was then horrified to see that the fighting match turned into a beauty contest. With the two of them being pin up models, they changed the rules slightly.

"What is this!?! Why are they not beating each other up?" Mirya asks, looking dumbfounded. The girls modeled swimsuits and different categories of clothing. They appealed to the male audience, and some females.

"Look at Gramps." Mirya points to the master. Laxus looks and is somewhat embarrassed to see his grandfather gawking at the models.

"I didn't think you would agree to this." Jenny says, looking at Mira.

"Oh, I'm fine with this. I prefer this over a slugfest." Mira says with a smile.

"Who is she and what did she do with the real Mira?" Mirya says. She did not believe any word of that. Teenage Mira would be the first to throw hands. Laxus nodded alongside her. Gajeel started to stir.

"Who's fighting?" He asks, looking at the arena.

"The she devil and that one chick from Pegasus." Mirya says, paying attention. After she adjusted, she started to cheer Mira on.

"Come on Mira! Looking good by the way!" Mirya wolf whistled, attracting attention from the crowd but continued to compliment Mira.

"Thanks!" Mira waves at her.

"Really?" Laxus pulls on one of her braids. Jellal nods, agreeing with Laxus

"What? You can't deny that Mira is hot." Mirya says.

"Are you attracted to Mira?" Gajeel asks, joking. He was surprised to see her actually consider the question. He wasn't the only one, Laxus and Jellal looking at Mirya incredulously.

"Well she is attractive. I think I can appreciate looks. But to answer your question, no." Mirya says. She looks back at the match.

"We can not stand by and allow these two to steal all of the attention. Mermaid Heel is full of powerful and beautiful mages as well." Three of the Mermaid Heel members enter with swimsuits on. The crowd looks shocked and all for this interruption.

"What is this? Mermaid Heel has entered the arena." Chapati says, looking at the descending Blendy cousins.

"These girls don't know what love is."

"And we're full of it." Sherry and Chelia enter the arena.

From there female mages entered the arena.

"This is so cool!!" Jason yells, already thinking of headlines.

"Come on, let's go down there." Mirya hears Master Mavis say to Team A.

"You can't expect us to do that." Lucy says, pointing at the other females.

"We can't let them outdo us." Mirya heard Erza say. She was in agreement with Master Mavis.

"I brought swimsuits for everybody!" Master Mavis yells. Swimsuits galore start to rain down.

"Listen wisely men. This is why you should never doubt the first master." Mirya hears Master Makarov say. She shook her head.

"Let's go Mirya." Mirya gets lifted off the barrier by Erza, who is accompanied by Mavis.

"Hey let go!" Mirya struggles. "HELP ME!!!" Mirya says to Jellal, Gajeel, and Laxus. They looked at her with amusement. "I'll get you back for this!" Mirya yells.

"Here." Erza and Mavis use magic to change Mirya into a swimsuit. She now wore a dark red halter top with a dark red high waisted bottoms. It was cute, but she did not want to model for these perverted men. They modeled school swimsuits, glasses, and cat ears.

"Remember that the only ones being judged will be Mira and Jenny." Chapati says.

"Then what are we doing down here?!?" Lucy asks. Mirya was mentally cheering Lucy on.

"Laxus, help me!!" Mirya yells, dramatically crying. Laxus chuckles and leaves her to suffer.

"Bondage gear!" Chapati yells, sweating.

"Nooo!" Mirya yells. She was in a small red corset that made it difficult for her to breathe. She was wearing a small skirt that thankfully had safety shorts underneath. She wore thigh high heeled boots and had a whip in her hands.

The audience, more particularly the males had blood running down their faces.

"Lucy!!" Mirya ran to Lucy for comfort. Lucy did her best to comfort the younger girl.

"I'm only 16!" Mirya says, crying for her dignity. "If Aella saw me now, she would kill me."

"Ladies, get yourself a partner because it's time for the wedding dresses!" Chapati announces. Mirya was then in a wedding dress resembling Cinderella's. Except her's was ivory and had thin straps. Her hair was let down and on top of her head was a star tiara. She felt like a princess. "This one isn't so bad." Mirya looked at the box to see Jellal. He looked at her and shook his head. She nodded and looked around her to see Hibiki.

"Do you need a partner?" Hibiki asks Mirya. He held out his hand and she had no choice but to accept. There were tons of his fangirls out in the audience and if she rejected him, it would look bad on her. He was also asking politely, it would be rude to decline. So they walked around the arena together.

"How have you been? I haven't actually talked with you since the coalition." Hibiki says, striking conversation.

"Well, I'm alive and kicking. My family is healthy, that's all I could ask for." Mirya tells him.

"I couldn't imagine the ordeal you all went through. I've heard the rumors, Grimoire Heart, Zeref, and Acnologia. All in the same day to boot." Hibiki says, looking at her.

"Yeah… It was tough." Mirya says. She really didn't want to think about Tenrou.

"Where are my manners? You look enchanting." Hibiki compliments her.

"Thank you." Mirya says. She really wished that a certain someone would be her partner instead of Hibiki. Mirya began to laugh as she looked at the others. Levy looked put out because of Gajeel. Lucy and Natsu were in a pile because Loke and Lucy had landed on Natsu. Wendy and Chelia were observing Sherry and Ren. Carla accepted Happy's offer.

Hibiki looked at the scene in front of them and started to laugh with her.

"Now onto our next round-" Chapati was cut off by the master of Lamia Scale.

"It's time I show these girls what a real woman is!" She yells as she jumps from the top of the Colosseum. She then begins to shake her hips in a bathing suit. Everybody went pale and the males who were enjoying the show, passed out from horror. The whole arena was silent and you could hear the flies from those who went brain dead.

"Shows done folks. All of the ladies are leaving the arena." Mirya returned in tears.

"Are you okay?" Gajeel freaks out. He didn't know how to deal with a crying woman, much less a crying dragoness.

"What I have seen cannot be unseen!" Mirya yells. She was back in her normal clothes and relished in the baggy hoodie. Mirya returned to watching the match.

"How about we make a bet? Everyone else before us did." Jenny suggests.

"I'm game. What did you have in mind?" Mira asks.

"The loser has to model in nothing but their birthday suit." Jenny announces, causing fresh nosebleeds.

"No way. If it was a brawl with that on the line, then I would do it." Mirya says. She would not be confident in a beauty contest, but a fight with fists and magic, sign her up.

"Alright." Mira agrees.

"WHAT!?!" Everyone cries in disbelief.

"The last category is battle gear." Chapati announces, sweating buckets now.

"Can you handle my battle form?" Jenny asks, confidently.

"Since we're wagering something like everyone else did, then let's also end this match with a test of strength." Mira says.

"Wait what?!?" Jenny asks in disbelief.

"Now I agreed to your terms, so you better agree to mine." Mira says, transforming into her Sitri form.

"Are you serious?!?" Jenny asks.

"Yes." Mira says as she annihilates Jenny in one move. She looked vicious and was merciless. Flames rose from her demon form and she raised her fist in victory. The members from Blue Pegasus malfunctioned from Mira's show of power.

"YES!!! GO MIRA!!!" Mirya was laughing and enjoying the outcome. There was the devil she knew and loved.

"Sorry! But I look forward to the next edition, I'll even buy a copy." Mira says as she walks back into the box.

"Nooo!" Jenny was left crying and holding herself.

"This is a win win." The whole male audience agrees.

"Nicely done Mira!" Mirya was the first to congratulate Mira.

"Thanks you guys. But that was a little embarrassing." Mira admits with a blush.

"And this is why you don't anger her." Laxus warns Jellal.

"Understood." Jellal says. "Fairy Tail women are some sort of different." He thinks. He looked at the bluenette in front of him, she was a prime example of different.

"Now we have another lovely matchup, but I have a feeling we are in for a different type of treat. Next up is Sabertooth's Yukino! Vs. Mermaid Heel's Kagura!" Chapati announces. Both female mages come out, serious and walking out with grace.

"This is certainly going to be different from our last match." Chapati says.

"They are so cool!" Jason yells, looking at the cool headed mages.

The two mages in question look at each other. "Would you like to wager, just like the others before us?" Yukino asks.

"I'm not interested in such matters." Kagura says.

"Shall we wager our lives?" Yukino asks, confident in her victory.

"If you wish, then we shall." Kagura agrees, stoically. Everyone else watching was shocked.

"They're betting their lives? That's crazy!" Mirya says, looking at the female mages.

"Open Gate of the Two Fish, Pisces." Yukino says, summoning Pisces. Mirya had sensed her keys, but had no idea that she held one of the Zodiac keys.

"It's been a while since I've seen them." Mirya says, catching her teammates attention.

"You know the celestial spirits, right?" Mira asks, surprising Jellal. He didn't know that she was so personal with the Spirit World and those who inhabit.

"Yeah. That's why I'm glad that Lucy holds most of the Zodiac keys. I can visit them whenever here in this realm, or in theirs." Mirya says, looking at Kagura dodge Pisces' attacks.

"Open Gate of the Scale, Libra." Yukino summons another spirit. Mirya was shocked, all twelve keys were in the same place. The closest they've been in fourteen years. The last time they were this close was when Layla opened the Gate.

"Libra, alter her sense of gravity." Yukino says.

"As you wish." Libra responds. Kagura felt a difference in her mobility and saw that Gravity magic was at use.

"Hmm." Kagura mumbles. She countered with her own magic. While her sword was her only thing needed, her magic was support for her. It was like a tank. She reversed the gravity back to normal. She took down Libra and Pisces.

Mirya wasn't too shocked. Kagura has great amounts of magic in her. Yukino has a lot too, but not enough to properly supply the spirits with the magic needed to take Kagura down.

"I never thought that I would have to use this. Open Gate of the Snake Charmer, Ophiuchus." Yukino summons another spirit with a golden key.

"Ophiuchus!" Mirya yells, looking at the familiar snake that appeared in the Colosseum.

"What's wrong? And that snake is huge!" Gajeel yells.

"Ophiuchus is the thirteenth gate of the Zodiac." Mirya says, paying full attention to the match now.

"Thirteenth? I thought there were just twelve." Mira asks.

"Nope. Well, technically there is. But Ophiuchus is the King's right hand." Mirya says.

Kagura looked and decided to end the match before she lost control. Faster than most could perceive, she took down Ophiuchus and Yukino. Mages like Mirya, Erza, Jura, Jellal, and Laxus were just examples of who could see her finish the match.

"You should not have been so confident. Remember your life is mine." Kagura says, walking away. Yukino was sprawled on the ground. Mirya felt pity.

"That was something." Mirya says, feeling the tense atmosphere.

"You said it." Gajeel says. He wouldn't be one to wager his life. He knew what his life meant, with the amount of times he almost lost it, it would be hard not to know.

"And that concludes the second day. Return tomorrow for more magical battles and the mages who fight in them." Chapati announces. He was also affected by the previous display, visible in his announcements.

Mirya and Team B get up and make their way back to the inn.

"Erza wants to meet up to discuss the magic in the Games. So I'll be leaving." Jellal says. Mirya waves him off and grabs her lyric sheets and continues with practice.




"So the magic hasn't appeared?" Erza asks. She wants to help her childhood friend in whatever way she could.

"No, not yet. I am unaware of why." Jellal says, telling Erza of their progress.

"So… what has happened with you and Mirya?" Erza asks, curious. She knew very little and she could probably ask Mira, but she wanted to hear from one of the two blue haired mages.

"Umm…" Jellal says, going slightly pink. "I don't know what you're talking about?" Jellal lies.

"You are a terrible liar. Always have been." Erza says, calling him out.

"Well, I don't know exactly. We never made anything official, but I'll jump at the chance to be with her." Jellal says, speaking honestly. Erza nodded.

"Does Mirya reciprocate your feelings?" Erza asks, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, she does." Jellal says.

"Then what's stopping you two?" Erza asks.

"We can't start anything serious, what with me being a fugitive. I also have to pay for my sins." Jellal says. He wished that he could just be a regular mage.

"Well I don't know about her feelings, but I can assume that she said that she'll wait." Erza says, seeing surprise cross his face.

"How did you know that?" Jellal asks.

"I am close with Mirya. I can at least guess with some certainty about what she'll do." Erza says. She wasn't as close to Mirya as Natsu and Wendy are, but she was in the bluenette's inner circle. "What did you think about that display today?" Erza asks, referencing the modeling at the Games.

Jellal stiffened and looked at Erza, who had a mischievous glint in her eyes. He gulped and said, "I don't know what to think." He took the easy way out. "I must go and look at more leads with Ultear and Meredy." He left before he could be asked more.

"That's no fun." Erza says, looking at his retreating form. She shook off the small hole she felt in her chest.




Jellal walked away and pondered his thoughts. "That's not what I envisioned." Jellal thinks. His thoughts wander back to the last thing he and Erza discussed. "Definitely not what I expected."


"Help me!" Jellal looks at Mirya's desperate expression. He was amused at the sight.

"I'll get you back for this!" Jellal hears Mirya say.

He watched as she wore a two piece bathing suit. He felt his face grow hot underneath the mask. He stayed silent and still. He watched as she modeled with most of the female mages.

"Ghhg…" Jellal chokes as she unwillingly changed into bondage gear. That led to some erotic thoughts. He felt a little annoyed at the thought that he wasn't the only one to be seeing her in that state.

He smiled as she went to Lucy for comfort. Her wailing only added to her charm. "I'm only 16!" She cries.

That put things into perspective for him. If they didn't include the seven years she spent on Tenrou, then she would be 16 and him 26. That was an age difference of 10 years. Oddly enough, he didn't feel as awkward as he thought he would.

"Ladies, get yourself a partner because it's time for the wedding dresses!" Jellal hears being announced. He saw as Mirya was transformed into a bride. She looked more at ease than the other ones. He saw as she turned to look at him. He shook his head. He really did want to go out there with her, but it would go against the image he had to follow and would cause suspicion.

So he was filled with envy when he saw Hibiki ask her as his partner. He remembered that it was the same member from Blue Pegasus that tried to claim her for his guild, if they won the Games.

So when the spectacle was cut off by Lamia Scale's master, he felt relief. While he felt a bit revolted to see the old lady's display, he was glad that it sent Mirya back to the box with her team.

He was concerned when she came back in tears. "Did she actually like modeling?" Jellal questions.

"What I have seen cannot be unseen!" Mirya yells, dramatically. He was relieved to see her back to her normal self and in her normal attire. Although he wondered where she got her hoodie. It looked too big for her to choose to buy.

"What's got you thinking so hard? You want to see Mirya in another one of those getups?" Gajeel teases Jellal.

Jellal's face was pink, but he shook his head and asked, "Do you know where she got that hoodie?" Jellal asks.

"Not really. But if it counts, I smell a little bit of Ice Princess on the hoodie. It could have been his." Gajeel says. Jellal nodded and remained silent. He was confused as to why she would have Gray's clothing.




"My plan is almost complete…" A voice said.

"Let's just hope that the mages won't get in the way." Another voice said.