Tea walked into her class, while chattering with Serenity, Isis, and Mai. It had been a few years, and she had given up hanging around with the guys. She had also stopped ranting about friendship. She tried her hardest to stop looking at the guys, she couldn't even remember the last time she saw one of them. She hated them, they had tried over and over to contact her, but she kept her distance. Tea regretted ever hanging out with them. When she did they were always making fun of her, her being the worst duel monster player, and they always insisted that she liked one or more of the guys in the group. That day, they pushed me too far, Tea thought as she walked into the class. She sat down in the back with her girls, and looked around. She saw familiar faces all around. When she entered the class, she had heard some gasps, but she brushed them off. But now that she looked at it her class was made up of every person she didn't want to see. There was Yami, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Kaiba, Duke, Marik, Malik, Bakura, Ryou, and some other people, she really couldn't tell who they were..

Suddenly the teacher entered the class and wrote his name on the board. " Hello class, I'm Mr. Sakamoto, please sit anywhere because I'm going to rearrange you're seats tomorrow." A groan went through the class, especially from Tea. " Stupid, dumbass teacher," Tea muttered under her breath.

" Now we won't be together, " Serenity whined, in a whisper.

" I know everyone knows whoever they sit by on the first day are who they'll be separated from," Mai whined as well.

" Maybe I can persuade the teacher with the help of my brother's millennium rod," Isis said in a whisper. The girls silently giggled because they knew that wasn't going to happen.

The teacher walked around the class and passed out bio sheets. " Well class, I want you to feel like you're in one big family, so please fill out this form and tape it to the front of your desk, then get up and look at everyone's info. sheet, get to know them, " Mr. Sakamoto said as he sat in his chair and put on his headphones, connecting to his CD player.

Tea looked at her sheet and quickly filled out the answers, after she was done the paper looked like :

Name: Tea Gardener

Hobby: dancing, dueling, malling, ect.

Fav. Color: Black

Crush?: Maybe, why would you care?

I Hate: whoever reads this

My friends are: Isis, Serenity, Mai, and maybe a few more...

Do you want to let anyone know anything?: I do have a boyfriend, so don't hit on me! And don't ask who he is, cause you'll never find out......

Tea smirked as she looked at her last question, it was all a lie, she didn't have a boyfriend, but then the guys would possibly stop flirting with her. Tea taped her bio sheet at the front of her desk and walked over to see how her girls were doing. As soon as she got up the guys walked over to her desk and looked at her bio sheet. Tea kneeled on her knees and looked at Serenity's sheet. Isis and Mai were all crowded around Serenity's desk, but Tea was the only one without a chair. " Oh, guys I forgot my chair, I'll be right back," Tea said happily. " Okay, but try not to get mobbed over there with all of those guys hanging out at your desk," Mai teased. " Don't go there Mai," Tea said seriously with her eyes narrowing.