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" Hey, I love your dress!" Serenity, Mai, Isis, and Tea said when they saw each other.
Serenity was wearing a black dress, with a pink skirt under. It had thin straps and went down to her thigh, then there was the hot pink skirt, making the dress go down to her knees. Along with that, she wore black revealing high heels. She wore two pink bracelets, and had left her hair down, but she strung beads through her hair.

Mai wore a red dress that had no straps, showing half of her back, before the bottom came up. The dress went down to her ankles and she had on red heels. She had red elbow length gloves, and she had red highlights throughout her hair.

Isis had on a dark blue dress that went to her knees. It had no sleeves, but it went around her neck and tied there, showing all of her back. She had blue highlights in her hair, and she had blue sneakers on. She also had a few bracelets and anklets on.

Tea had a pink dress on. It had a strapless top, a backless, and a puffy bottom that went down to a little above her ankles. She had a pink highlights going all around her head, and in the front pieces of hair, she wore gold pieces, that she borrowed from Isis. Tea had ballet slippers on and she wore a few pink, silver, and gold bracelets and anklets.

" So, were you supposed to be picked up?" Mai asked the rest of them.

" Nope, meeting my date there, on the balcony with the fountain and the lights, with the white building thing that you always see in gardens," Tea said while smirking.

" Oh, man I wanted to see who you were going with now!" Isis whined as she threw a fit.

" Well, that ass Devlin said he'd meet me there, so I guess I'm stranded," Serenity told the rest while balling her fists at the mention of Devlin.

" Yugi said he couldn't, he had to help Yami pick out which tuxedo made him look the best with you, Tea," Isis told them as she saw Tea pop a vessel.

" And Joey didn't want to see me until the prom.. something about bad luck," Mai told them.

" Damn, I don't want to ruin my shoes.." Serenity said.

" Unless...." Mai smirked as she thought of their choices.

" You could always call Kaiba.." Isis said while nudging Tea in the arm.

" But...that's be using him.for his money, and you know how he hates that, and... good idea," Tea said while smiling in the end. ' That ass shouldn't have told me that crap about taking me to the prom.'

Tea picked up her banana phone and dialed Seto Kaiba's cell phone number.

" Hello,?" Kaiba asked while drinking his coffee, which he drank to calm his nerves.

" Hey, Ka-...kind sir I was hoping you could give me and the rest a ride to the prom," Tea asked him, while getting hopeful glances from her friends.

" Tea? Well, I'll pick you and everyone else up in five minutes then," Kaiba told her, before walking to his limo, and ordering Walter ( : P ) to drive him to Tea's.

" Oh, and Kaiba I'm not going with you so don't think you can score since you gave the ride." Kaiba was met with the dial tone after her little statement.

The four girls piled into the limo and started to chat away, as if Kaiba wasn't there.

" Hey Kaiba, does this thing have a sun roof?" Serenity asked.

" Yeah you push the blue button wh-." Kaiba was interrupted because he heard screams of ' faster faster.'

He looked up to see Serenity with her head sticking out of the roof. " YAY! FASTER!" Serenity screamed as ' Walter' drove faster and finally slammed on the brakes, as they arrived at the prom.

" Whew that was fun!" Serenity said as she swayed out of the limo.

" Yeah, that was kewl," Isis admitted before she entered the school prom.

" See you guys I gotta go meet my date," Tea said, before brushing past Kaiba, Isis, Mai, and Serenity, towards the secluded balcony.

" Man who gives a fuck about our dates lets see who Tea went with!" Mai said before chasing after Tea.

Tea arrived at the balcony and looked around. There was a marvelous fountain, with silver lights all around, giving the garden a mystical look. She saw him, he was sitting on a bench, facing the fountain, away from Tea.

She could see him, he had kept his hair, as he usually did. He wore a black tuxedo, and tie, not a clip-on. ( ^O^ LOL ) He didn't seem to notice Tea had arrived. He sighed and kept on looking at the fountains' lights.

The rest had all been on-looking, around the corner. " Man, from here I can't make out who he is," Serenity whined.

" You shouldn't, he's facing the other way," Mai informed her before going back to staring.

" Hmm, I think he's going to turn around," Isis urgently told them, because she was choking Kaiba as she said this.

" OMFG, he's going to turn around !" Kaiba said, causing Isis to let go of his throat.

" WHERE?!" The three girls yelled while looking around frantically.

"*cough* I just *cough* said that to *cough* stop Isis from killing me," Kaiba said while he sat on the floor, trying to maintain his breathing.

" Hey, guess who," Tea aid while putting her hands over his eyes.

" Hmm, very amusing, Tea," He replied while smiling happily.

" I know, now turn around so I can see what you look like, with your tux on," Tea said while smirking.

He rose from the bench and he seemed to glide over to the front of the fountain and he faced Tea, who was right next to him.

" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Mai screamed with happiness surprise as she saw who Tea was with.

" YAY! GO TEA!" Isis screamed over to them, before waving her arms frantically, to show where she was.

Suddenly Yami, Bakura, Joey, Tristan, Yugi, Marik, Malik, Devlin, and Miho arrived. ( Did I leave anyone out?!?!?! ) They stood next to Kaiba, and everyone who liked/loved Tea was staring at the sweet boy who Tea had in her arms.

" *wolf whistle* GO TEA! YAY! GET THAT DROP DEAD SEXY, SO DAMN FINE, EXTREMELY DREAMY *..*," Serenity yelled.


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