Prologue: Into a New World

The world of Pokémon. A land only inhabited by mystical creatures of power and dexterity. Among this planet lies five continents home to the world powers of the land. One of these five superpowers is the Sand Continent to the south-west, home to countless unrest and war. In spite of it all, one young warrior would amass an army of soldiers to fight for his cause and save the unruly continent from its tyranny. His journey would not begin on the mainland, however, but rather at a lone island to the east owned by the continent known as Fire Island, where he had suddenly awakened with no memory of his past life. This is the tale of the leader of Team Valiant.

"Ugh… Where… am I…? Everything is all one big blur…"

The lead of our tale awakens to find himself on a fiery island with no one in his vicinity to reach out to. Incredibly dazed and blurry for some odd reason, he examines his surroundings and himself to try to get his bearings. What he is initially surprised by, however, is that his body is that of an insect larva - he has a grey head with silver hair and five orange, whorled horns on the sides of his head; his arms and legs have become six tiny little stubs and his now segmented backside has become a shade of brown.

"W-why am I a bug!? Am I dreaming!?" he thought out loud.

There was not much time to get his thoughts together, however, as before he could assess his current predicament, a fearsome volcanic beast approaches him. This monster does not seem pleased by the insect's presence.


The bug is understandably scared of the beast that lay in front of him, only amplified by his weak mental state. "Huh-wha…!? What kind of… who even are… you?" was his response to the monster's question.


Still convinced he is dreaming, our hero does not recognize the name of the creature in front of him. His horror is only getting worse in his current state. "E-Entei…? Never heard that… name before… Must be a nightmare… I need to wake up, fast…"

This does not impress Entei more than it does insult him, and he proceeds to threaten the intruder once again. "HUH? DO YOU NOT FEAR ME!? WHAT KIND OF DISRESPECT DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DEAL TO ME!? ENOUGH TALK! YOU SHALL PAY DEARLY FOR YOUR FOOLISHNESS!"

"W-Wait!? I don't even know where I am…! This must all be one big bad nightmare." is said intruder's response.

Offended and enraged, the Entei prepares to strike down the disrespectful bug in front of him. "PREPARE TO FACE DEFEAT AT MY WRATH!"

"Oh no… Someone please wake me up.."

As the insect worries, however, a mysterious voice responds inside his head, offering her support to him. "This is no dream, lost one. This is reality. I will give you the strength you need to reach victory!"

The insect then notices a glowing aura near him and looks to find he is wielding a sword with a red spiked handle. The sword is glowing, presumably from the power flowing into it, and our hero draws it out, hoping it will get him out of his predicament. "Huh… This sword I wield… Maybe I can… use this…"

"I AM THE RULER OF THIS LAND. LEAVE AT ONCE OR I WILL MAKE IT SO YOU NEVER SEE LIGHT EVER AGAIN," shouts Entei as he lunges at the bug in an attempt to get the fight over with immediately. In spite of this, the sword does live up to the mysterious voice's words, as in a single swing, the bug is able to knock out the fearsome Entei. "WHAT!? WHAT IS THAT POWER OF YOURS!? GAAAAAAHHHH!"

"W-what was that…? I guess I'm not fully awake yet…" Lost on what just happened and still feeling drowsy, the hero contemplates his situation, only to be greeted by the same voice from before.

"This is no dream, young one. This is your new reality," says the voice.

"Huh…? W-who are you…?" asks the insect in response.

The voice realizes that the figure she is talking to is still in a daze, responding with " Heh. It seems you're as good as lost. As to be expected."

"Okay, I am… very confused… What exactly is going on right now?" asks the bug in confusion.

The voice then answers the insect's initial question of who she was. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Victini. I bring victory to those who seek it."

The bug responds: "V-Victini…?"

Victini reassures her identity and informs the insect of his current situation. "Yes. I can tell from your aura that you are an ambitious person. You were called to this world to bring victory to those who are suffering, just as you were against that monster," She then asks him about something she is curious about, "Tell me, do you have your memories intact?"

The insect thinks long and hard, but is unable to come up with much aside from one detail. "… Dang it, no… It's all a blank for me… All I remember is my name, Larvesta."

Victini seems curious about Larvesta's name. "Larvesta, huh? A young warrior with the vigor of the goddess of hearth herself. A fitting name for someone with as important a role as yours."

This intrigues Larvesta. "You think so? Guess I have a lot to live up to, then."

Larvesta starts to come to his senses, and notices that the sword he used against Entei had broken during their last battle. "Wha-? Oh no, my blade's a ruin… I made this thing when I was young…" Suddenly, the realization of what Larvesta said triggers another memory from deep within his mind to resurface. "Actually, that's another thing I somehow remember of my past. This sword, Solaris, is my own creation."

Victini seems surprised at Larvesta's revelation, but is nonetheless glad to see that he has remembered another detail of his past. "Oh, you made that? Looks pretty flashy to me. I helped increase its power when you fought that Entei, but it seems my help also damaged it as a side effect."

Larvesta does not respond, instead looking at his broken blade in shame.

Victini tries to reassure him that his sword isn't broken beyond repair, though. "Not to worry, though. A bit more of my magic should be able to patch it up." With a bit more magic and energy, she is able to repair Larvesta's sword to a working state again. "There you go. Though not infused by my omnipotent power, your blade will never break, even against the most dangerous of adversaries."

Larvesta thanks Victini for her deed. "Th-thank you. So, you say I have big things in store for my future? Seems this place is in great peril."

Suddenly, Victini's tone darkens a little, describing the sorry state the world is in at the moment. "True, true. The creatures of this world are in an endless cycle of suffering. Wars are held left and right, tyrants abuse and harm their underlings, crime is rampant, and more atrocities plague this world. It needs someone as passionate and valiant as you."

"Valiant…" Larvesta thinks out loud. "That word has a nice ring to it. Suits me pretty well. In any case, where should I start with my quest to save the world?" he asks.

Victini informs him of one such offender. "To the west of this island, the citizens of the Sand Continent suffer under the rule of a narcissistic tyrant named Lady Lilligant. She resides in a fortress on a nearby island, but it is heavily guarded by powerful soldiers and dangerous threats. You would never be able to topple her forces by yourself. You will need to unite many allies and soldiers of your own under your cause if you wish to triumph."

This gives Larvesta cause for concern. "It seems this Lilligant is a dangerous threat, indeed. In that case, I'll have to take her on with a team. A valiant team… Team Valiant…" Suddenly, he gets an idea. "I got it. In that case, I shall travel to the Sand Continent to find companions and resources to join my cause. We will become Team Valiant, and together, we will become champions to protect and defend this world from peril!"

Victini joins Larvesta in his passionate response. "You took the words right out of my mouth. I hope to see much from your future endeavors. Also, one last thing before you set off." Victini gets out a green and blue-striped scarf, presumably as a gift for the young insect.

Larvesta asks her, "What's this?"

Victini tells him that, "This is a Harmony Scarf. It is a symbol of triumph and valor. Think of it as a good luck charm while you go out on your conquests." Immediately afterwards, she gives Larvesta the scarf and he puts it on. "It looks great on you!"

Larvesta thanks her for her gift, and proceeds to set out on his adventure to set things right. "Very well. I will treasure this gift dearly. In any case, I've spent enough time here. I shall head out to the Sand Continent and begin my journey to bring peace and prosperity to this world. Time to ignite my flames!"

Thus begins Larvesta's journey to form Team Valiant and bring justice and peace to the world of Pokémon. This is his legacy of the valiant.