By Wolf O'Donnell

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* * * * *

Transmission 15: Beat Hit!

"Takato! Takato, can you hear me?"
Slowly, Takato began to stir, but he found himself unable to open his eyes.
"Who's there?" asked Takato, as he tried his best to open his eyes. "That voice... it sounds so familiar. Gallantmon, is that you?"
"That's right, Takato, it's me, Gallantmon," replied the voice. "You blacked out when you were shocked by the computer system. Are you okay now?"
Takato tried to move, but the brown-haired youth found himself unable to do so. It was as if his limbs were made out of concrete.
"I can't move," the youth told Gallantmon. "Gallantmon, I can't move!" he cried out more worried than before. Had he been completely paralysed or was it the weird warping effects that the Gear Fusion was causing? "I'm sorry, Gallantmon, I won't be able to help you battle against Malo2."
"Takato, remember what Dr. Lee told you about me?" asked Gallantmon in a caring tone of voice.
"Yeah, you used to be my brother once," replied Takato and he would have nodded his head in reply, if only he could. "We used to be twins, identical twins. My parents called me Takato and they named you, Grani, but you didn't survive. You had a heart problem and then..." He trailed off sadly. Sometimes, he wished that his Digimon was real and in his world, so that they could be together. He would have loved having a twin brother that he could share things with and could have played with.
"Don't be sad," Gallantmon told Takato. "I'm still here with you, but as your Digimon." There was a silent pause. "Takato, I'm going to put my 'heart program' in full synch with your heart. It won't matter if you can't move then. You'll be able to help me beat Malo2, as if we were one."
For a while, Takato didn't say another thing. He was just merely silent, as if in deep thought.
"Okay, let's give it a shot," he agreed. "Let's defeat Malo2 and destroy the Dragon Syndicate."
"Grani.BAT execute! Biomerge activate!"

* * * * *

Gallantmon began to change. His armour became red and he sprouted white wings that glowed like that of pure angel. He unsheathed a sword, a blade that glowed brightly like the sun. Gallantmon had become a Mega level, Grani-style Digimon, one of the most strongest Digimon ever created.
"All right, Malo2, you're going down!" he cried and his voice sounded like a combination of Guilmon's and Takato's voice, as if they were speaking together at the same time.
Malo2 lifted his head and roared, all three of his mouths roaring at once.
"Must avenge OOKAMI!" he screamed. "Must avenge OOKAMI and destroy all Digimon!" He lashed out with his arm, nearly crushing Gallantmon, had the Digimon not leapt out of he way.
"I don't think so, pal!" retorted Gallantmon, his voice sounding like Takato and Guilmon's combined. He flew up into the air.
The mouth on Malo2's head opened.
"Screaming Darkness!" roared Malo2, before he fired a wave of dark energy, which surged out from the mouth on his head and spread out towards Gallantmon.
With the agility of two people, Gallantmon flew over the attack and flew in to attack. He swung his sword at Malo2, only for the sword to clash against the body as if it had struck stone.
"What?" exclaimed Gallantmon in surprise. "That should have wounded him!" The Grani-style Digimon couldn't understand why it hadn't wounded Malo2.
Suddenly, one of Malo2's arms swung round and crashed into Gallantmon, striking him down. He fell to the floor and crashed into it with a heavy thud.
Takato cried out in pain. After all, that was the side-effect of becoming one with Gallantmon. His Digimon's pain became his pain.
"Man, that smarts!" cried Takato, as Gallantmon got back up to his feet. "Why didn't that hurt him?"
"I'm not sure," replied Gallantmon. "It's as if his hide is impervious to any attack." The Digimon began to wonder if there was any way that he could harm Malo2.
"Crimson Mist!" screamed Malo2, as its two mouths on its shoulders opened up. Each one spewed out a blood red mist that drifted towards the armour-clad Digimon.
Gallantmon quickly leapt over the mist and floated high above its reach. He saw the mask and began to wonder. Did it hide a weakspot? He flapped his wings and flew straight towards Malo2 in the hope that he would somehow be able to defeat the mysterious creature. Gallantmon flew sideways to avoid Malo2's flailing arms. He roared out and fired a white beam of pure energy straight at Malo2's red mask in the hope that it would break it apart.
The beam hit Malo2, but it didn't do anything.
"What?" cried Gallantmon in disbelief. "This can't be! Nothing I've tried works against this guy!"
Malo2 glared up at Gallantmon with a smug toothy smile. It opened its central mouth and inhaled sharply, before a huge powerful beam of black energy flew out of its mouth. This time it's Screaming Darkness attack caught Gallantmon and flung him backwards.
"Must destroy!" roared Malo2. "Must destroy all that spurned OOKAMI!" It rushed across the floor towards Gallantmon, eager and impatient to tear the Digimon to shreds.
This was not how Gallantmon had pictured going, to be torn apart by a dead program's lackey. There had to be some way of getting past its thick hide.
"Got any ideas, Takato?" asked Gallantmon weakly.
"Nope, but I sure wish that Malo2 would just shut its big mouth," replied Takato with an exhausted sigh.
"Big mouth?" exclaimed Gallantmon, as Malo2 closed in on him. "That's it!" He got up and waited for the right moment to attack. With his new plan, patience was key and he could always dodge any attack that Malo2 could throw at him. It was esy for him to outpace such a large and bumbling creature. "That's right, say, 'Aah'," he said, as he saw Malo2 open its mouth to perform another Crimson Mist attack. "Eat this!" he cried, before firing another pure white beam of energy.
It curved upwards and past Malo2's open lips hitting the back of the monster's throat. The other mouths opened wide and roared out in pain. Malo2 stumbled backwards, its arms flailing about aimlessly in agony. It opened the mouth on its right shoulder and fired a black ray of energy straight at Gallantmon.
The Mega level Digimon leapt backwards, and a split second later the ray hit the floor where he had just been moments earlier.
"Is that the best you can do?" taunted Gallantmon and Takato together. He spread his arms out. "Come on and do your worst, Malo2!" The taunt didn't work. Malo2 had learnt its lesson and that was what made Gallantmon despair. "Hey, wait a minute! Don't UltraBomb Combos work well against viruses with impenetrable hides?"
"You're right!" cried Takato in sudden realisation. "Hang on, while I get the DMDs."
"Take your time," said Gallantmon, "I can always outrun this guy." He ducked underneath Malo2's right arm. "That missed me by a mile!" he taunted Malo2, although whether that was such a good idea remained to be seen.
"Okay, I got it!" announced Takato. "DigiModify– Smiley bomb activate! DigiModify– Big Smiley Bomb activate! DigiModify– Energetic Bomb activate!" The three DMDs all appeared in Gallantmon's left hand and merged into one special DMD. "DigiModify– UltraBomb activate!"
Malo2 roared out and swung his right arm out at Gallantmon. It missed. The monstrous creature growled angrily and then lashed out with its scorpion-like tail. This was much faster and it caught Gallantmon in the head, just as the Digimon was about to throw his UltraBomb Combo at Malo2.
The bomb fell out of Gallantmon's hand and crashed into the floor. It exploded with such force that it cracked the floor.
An arm lashed out at Gallantmon and Malo2 grabbed the armoured Digimon. If the creature was intelligent enough, he would have laughed at Gallantmon's misfortune, but it wasn't even smart enough for that. All Malo2 knew was rage and revenge. He would do everything in his power to destroy the Digimon and that included Gallantmon. The mouth on Malo2's right shoulder opened up and the creature lifted Gallantmon up towards it.
"Let go!" cried Gallantmon angrily, as he tried to pry himself out of Malo2's grasp. "Let go of me, you freak!" He charged up a powerful attack of pure white energy in his hands. "Take this!" Gallantmon fired a powerful ray of pure light straight at Malo2's open mouth.
Gallantmon was suddenly flung away by a raging Malo2 in pain. Just before he hit the ground, Gallantmon stopped himself and flew back upwards. He looked for another opening but found that Malo2 had already closed its mouth.
"Now how are we going to fight this guy?" asked Gallantmon.
"What we need is a DMD that can pierce any form of hide," was Takato's reply. "A Wreckball DMD might just do the trick. Let's try it. DigiModify– Wreckball activate!"
A metallic sphere appeared in Gallantmon's hand. This would take some good timing and good aim.
Malo2 lashed out with a claw, only to miss the more agile Digimon. He lashed out with his tail and missed again. The two mouths on either of Malo2's shoulders opened up and out seeped a red mist that flew at Gallantmon with an amazing speed.
The Digimon quickly threw the Wreckball at Malo2's head, before he resorted to flying down underneath the Crimson Mist and landing back on the floor. As he did so, he heard a crunching sound as of rock breaking and then a scream of pure agony. Gallantmon smiled. He knew he had made a direct hit. He landed on the floor and looked up to see the Crimson Mist following him down.
Gallantmon was about to leap out of the way, when Malo2's tail struck him and pinned him down to the ground. Despite his struggles, Gallantmon could not break free. The Crimson Mist closed in on him and engulfed his body. It started dissolving his very armour and attacking at his very digital data. Gallantmon did his best to break free, but he couldn't do so. The tail pinned him down too firmly. All he could do was let the mist choke him and dissolve him away into nothing.
"I have been waiting a long time for this moment," said a voice that echoed all around Gallantmon and Malo2, "a moment when I could finally have my revenge. Now I shall destroy those that dared to cross my path." The voice laughed. It was a mysterious voice that neither Gallantmon nor Takato recognised. It didn't sound like Oikawa at all, so who could it be? "And I shall start with you, Matsuda. Through Malo2, I will have my revenge!"
As Gallantmon stewed in the Crimson Mist, his thoughts turned to all those that he cared about. He began to think about his friends, Cyberdramon and Dobermon and Terriermon. He began to think about Leomon and how he had come to save them. He thought of their Operators and how they were friends with their Digimon. Gallantmon thought about Taomon and Ruki. He thought about Ryo and Jenrya and Alice and Juri. More importantly, he thought of Takato and how the brown-haired youth loved him like a brother.
He realised that his pain was even now being felt by Takato. What would happen if he was deleted now that his heart program was in synch with Takato's heart. Would Takato die with him? No, he wouldn't let that happen. They all depended on him pulling through, Takato more so, as the youth was now a part of him.
Gallantmon realised that he was the only one that could destroy Malo2, not just because he was the only one to get to it.
"I won't lose to you!" roared Gallantmon, as his body began to glow with a bright energy.
Malo2 cried out in surprise, as Gallantmon spiralled out of the Crimson Mist. Through its cracked red mask, its eyes showed a look of shock.
"Must avenge OOKAMI!" roared Malo2. "Screaming Darkness!" Malo2 opened its central mouth and let rip with a black wave of energy.
Gallantmon flew above it and plunged down towards Malo2's face. He struck the red mask, that had been cracked by the UltraBomb Combo. It shattered into a million pieces to reveal the face underneath.
"There's a piece missing!" exclaimed Gallantmon in surprise, as he saw a gear-shaped hole in Malo2's forehead. Of course! That piece was the one he had shattered back in the traffic signals. "So that's why OOKAMI hasn't been reborn yet." He then fired a ray of pure energy down towards the hole in the Black Gear-born monster.
The Digimon was surprised to see Malo2 block the attack with an arm. Gallantmon tried to fly back and retreat, but the arm rushed out and he was gripped by Malo2's black claws. The monster's other arm rose upwards and then descended down towards Gallantmon.
"Takato, I won't let him hurt you anymore!" promised Gallantmon, as he wriggled around in Malo2's grasp. "I promise you that! I won't let him hurt you or your friends!" He wrenched his hand free and fired a ray of pure light at Malo2's other arm.
Through his pain, Takato managed to get a DMD loaded.
"DigiModify– Hyper Jet activate!" announced Takato.
Gallantmon's energy attack pulsed forwards and grew in intensity. It smashed against Malo2's arm, preventing it from moving close enough to hit Gallantmon. He roared out and put more effort into the energy beam, making it pulse forward and pushing back Malo2's arm.
A tail like that of a scorpion's suddenly lashed out from above and struck Gallantmon. It hurt, but he knew that he couldn't let up his attack. He put more energy into his energy beam. Eventually, one of them would give in and Gallantmon was determined to ensure that that one would be Malo2. The tail lashed out at him again and Gallantmon caught the tail in his other hand.
"Now let's see how you like a taste of your own medicine," he said, before stabbing Malo2's tail straight into the white hide of Malo2's arm.
That did the trick. Malo2, blinded by the pain, let go. His arms flung to his side. The white beam of energy rushed up and smashed into Malo2's face and some of the energy hit the hole in his forehead. Malo2 staggered back in pure agony, clutching at his forehead.
"Useless! Worthless!" cried the mysterious voice. "Destroy him before he gets another shot in!"
"I don't know who you are," shouted Takato, "but your Malo2 won't be able to do your bidding for long. You've lost! DigiModify– Hyper Speed activate!"
Gallantmon flew straight towards Malo2. He drew his sword and flew up towards Malo2's exposed forehead.
"Take this!" he roared, before thrusting the sharp blade into Malo2's hole.
There was a look of shock on Malo2's face, as Gallantmon pulled the sword back out and floated back. The monstrosity didn't move. It just stood there as if it had been frozen into a statue. Suddenly, the entire thing began to shudder. Cracks appeared all over Malo2's surface, as its structural integrity began to weaken.
"No! You'll pay for this!" roared the mysterious voice. "I will get my revenge!"
Malo2 exploded in a huge burst of black smoke. It billowed outwards and upwards like a mushroom cloud from an atomic explosion, but then at the top it began to take on a form. The smoke billowed out, until it was shaped like that of a wolf's head.
The floor that had been cracked by the failed UltraBomb combo suddenly broke apart to reveal nothing underneath it. If Gallantmon fell through that, he would be instantly deleted. The bits of floor flew upwards and began to congregate around the wolf shaped mist. The bits of floor reformed Malo2, but this time the right hand was replaced with that of a wolf's head and the wolf's head seemed to be missing its left eye.
Malo2 laughed this time, but this time, he sounded like the mysterious voice.
"Now behold our true might!" chortled Malo2. The monster aimed his wolf's head straight at Gallantmon, before it shot out straight at Gallantmon.
The speed of the attack caught Gallantmon completely by surprise. The force of the impact knocked the wind out of him and nearly made him fall into the opening below and into complete oblivion. When he looked back up, he saw that the wolf's head had returned to Malo2's arm. Before Gallantmon could react, Malo2 rushed forwards and slashed at the Digimon with his tail.
"Screaming Darkness!" A huge wave of black energy hit Gallantmon and blew him back, damaging him.
Gallantmon was now hurting badly. He was feeling weak as well and felt as if he would topple into the pit below him and into oblivion. The Digimon felt as if there was nothing he could do. After all, Malo2's hide was tougher than that of anything he had fought before.
"Gallantmon, I know we can do this," gasped Takato through the pain that filled his every muscle. "We're merged together, right? We've got the strength of two now." There was a pause, before Takato continued, "We've faced tougher guys than this. Remember the Juggernaut Virus? Its UltraBarrier was far tougher to crack than this guy's hide. This Malo2's a pushover compared to the Juggernaut Virus, so let's get him!"
The Digimon nodded.
"Right," he agreed with Takato and summoned up all his strength and courage. He would need it if he was to finish Malo2 for good. Gallantmon charged up his most powerful attack. "You think you're so tough, Malo2?" he shouted at the monstrosity. "Well, let's see you withstand this!" He then fired the most powerful beam of white energy he had ever created.
The beam of white energy struck Malo2 and the impact sent winds flying in all directions. There was a blinding flash and then a huge explosion as the energy tore into Malo2's tough body. Dust flew up into the air, as the explosion ripped at the floor underneath Malo2's feet and at the monster's tough hide. It obscured all vision.
As the dust began to clear, there was an evil laugh.
"Is that the best you can do, Digimon?" asked Malo2 curiously.
Gallantmon couldn't believe it. Malo2 was still intact and so was the floor it was standing on. That was his most powerful attack and yet the monster had withstood it. Yet, as he looked more closely, it seemed that he had managed to wound it slightly. There were cracks all over its body.
"All right!" exclaimed Takato all of a sudden. "I've got it! Malo2, try this on for size! DigiModify– Flamedramon activate! DigiModify– Seadramon activate! DigiModify– Raidramon activate! DigiModify– Rock Punch activate! DigiModify– Poison Ivy activate!"
This was the most complicated Combo Takato had ever attempted in his own life. It involved using data from several Digimon and it ended up in causing one of the most powerful Combos he had ever seen in his entire life, the Elemental Blitz.
Malo2 opened the mouths on its shoulders and let rip with a powerful Crimson Mist attack. It was far faster than it had been before and engulfed Gallantmon completely. This was followed by a Screaming Darkness and then the wolf's head. Both attacks smashed into Gallantmon and the pain it indirectly inflicted on Takato was immense.
Takato could hardly concentrate. Though he wasn't in the Digital World with his Digimon, he could feel every blow. His teeth was gritted and his eyes were screwed shut, tears streaming down his eyes. He felt as if he would die, the pain was so great. Yet he knew that he had to be strong, like his Digimon was being strong for him.
"You're going down!" he cried out. "DigiModify– Elemental Blitz activate!"
The Combo activated and Gallantmon felt himself splitting apart. He could now see and think with the minds of five... no, six! Gallantmon split into five differently coloured versions of himself. It was like the birth of an army of angels. There was one of each element– fire, aqua, electricity, earth and wood. All five versions of Gallantmon teleported around Malo2 and began punching away at the monstrosity.
With each punch, the data that made up Malo2's body began to weaken. The cracks began to widen and bits began to fall off of Malo2's body. There was nothing that the creature could do, though, as it was assaulted from all sides.
"No, stop it!" protested Malo2, but the Gallantmons wouldn't heed his cries.
Once started, the Elemental Blitz combo could not be stopped.
The five Gallantmons then teleported back to their original position and merged back into the one Gallantmon. In doing so, they created a devestating explosion that engulfed the entire arena and blasted Malo2 to bits, sending fragments of the monster flying all over the Digital World.

* * * * *

"Takato! Takato, wake up!"
Slowly, one eye opened and then closed back again. Then two eyes gradually opened again and Takato saw a face looking back at him. Whose face was it?
"Ruki?" he muttered weakly. The battle had pretty much taken it all out of him and made him incredibly tired, but he was a flexible lad and headstrong.
"Are you all right?" asked Ruki concernedly. She could see bruises and cuts all over Takato's body, as if he had been in the Digital World, battling against Malo2 himself.
"Yeah, you feeling okay, Takato?" asked Gallantmon.
"Yeah, I'm fine," replied Takato with a nod of his head. "Gallantmon, what happened to Malo2 and... and..."
If Takato could have seen his Digimon, he would have known that Gallantmon was smiling.
"Malo2's history and the Dragon Syndicate is as good as gone," replied the Digimon. "Thanks for all the help, Takato. You really helped me out back there, more than you even know."
"Really?" asked Takato curiously.
"Yeah," replied Gallantmon briefly.
Jenrya laughed and went over to help Takato up to his feet.
"It looks like you and Gallantmon have saved the day again," he stated. He was proud to have Takato as a friend, to have such a caring kid as a friend. "And it seems that, as in your typical fashion, you don't even know how you did it. If I didn't know you, I would have said you got by through that fight through sheer dumb luck."
"Hey, don't say that about our Takato," said Ryo, as he clapped a hand on the brown-haired youth's shoulder. "You know he's a great Digimon Operator."
"You know, Takato, for a while, I thought you were a goner," said Ruki. "Then again, I should have known you'd pull through. Oh, Takato!"
Takato suddenly found himself being hugged by Ruki.
"Oh Lord," he sighed.
"Oh my," exclaimed Gallantmon in an embarrassed tone of voice, "I'm turning all red..."
"You are all red," retorted Takato. "You know what would be really good right now? One long night in front of the telly, doing absolutely nothing but watching my favourite shows." He looked at his D-Tector and called up the clock function, so as to look at the time. "Say, do you think we can get back home in time to watch Digimon Frontier?"

* * * * *

The paths were made out of a smooth blue metal, as were the terminals. This floated in a white sky in which the Hypnos Symbol floated. It was the old HypnosNet, still abandoned and still functioning. No one had been able to find the servers that powered the HypnosNet and as such, no one had been able to dismantle HypnosNet.
A black figure floated across one of the paths. This black Digimon wore a tattered brown cloak and had black boots and black leather trousers.
"Insolents," he growled to himself, as he floated across the pathway and towards a lone Black Gear, lying on the terminal floor. "Rotting weakling." He extended a clawed hand and the Black Gear rose up into the air and into the palm of his hand. "Manipulating others as if I could care less!"
The black figure lifted the Black Gear and opened his mouth, swallowing it whole. His pointed teeth crushed the Gear into smithereens and he swallowed it, his pale throat bulging as each piece went down.
"Fool! How dare he think that he could create a copy of me?" cried the lone black Digimon angrily. "There is only room in this Digital World for one Beelzemon!" He grumbled under his breath. "Humans... such worthless creatures. One day, they'll face my judgement and then... bada boom! All of them will be gone!"
A data stream then struck Beelzemon and he was spirited away from HypnosNet, leaving only his laughter to echo all around him.

The End?
To be continued in Digimon.EXE 3.