It's a brand new year at Pacific Coast Academy. The gang (except Dustin who is in the 9th grade) are all seniors now. It's going to be filled with tons of adventures. Bit little did they know is that an old friend of theirs is coming back to PCA

We cut to room 101 where Zoey, Quinn, and Lola are unpacking their stuff

Zoey: It feels so great to be back here at PCA.

Quinn: I can't believe we're seniors now.

Lola: We got to make it the best senior year ever.

Coco walks in

Coco: Hey girls your getting a new roomie.

Zoey: Again?

Coco: It's been finalized.

Coco leaves

Lola: Hopefully the newbie will be normal.

In the boys cabin, Michael, Logan, Chase, and James unload their stuff as Dustin walks in

Dustin: Hey guys.

Chase: Hey Dustin.

James: What are you doing here?

Dustin: I'm in your cabin now.

Michael: Wait are you in high school now?

Dustin: Yeah.

Logan: So you're one of us now.

James: I forgot you're 3 years younger.

Chase: You're going to have so much fun with us.

In the hall, Nicole Bristow is shown walking in

Nicole: This place hasn't changed much.

Dean: Nicole welcome back.

Coco: We missed you.

Nicole: Coco you're still the dorm advisor?

Coco: Yes I am.

Dean: You'll be staying in your old dorm. Room 101.

Nicole: I wonder if Zoey is still here.

Coco: She is.

Dean: Stacey take Nicole to room 101.

Nicole: Who's Stacey?

Stacey: Me. I came here shortly after you left. I heard about you.

Nicole: So you're the weird girl Zoey told me about.

Coco: Nicole don't be rude.

Stacey: It's fine. I'm used to it.

Back in Room 101

Zoey: Coco said our new roommate is here.

Quinn: Well let's hope she's nice.

The door opens and the girls are shocked to see that their old friend Nicole is back

Nicole: Hey guys.

Zoey: Nicole?

Lola: You're back?

Nicole: Yep.

Quinn: We missed you so much.

Zoey: How was the all girls school?

Nicole: Boring. It was so weird. So I came back here to PCA.

Zoey: We're glad to have you back.

Nicole: So Quinn I heard you and Logan are a thing now.

Quinn: Yeah we are.

Lola: Zoey is dating Chase.

Nicole: You and Chase finally got together?

Zoey: I heard him saying he was in love with me so after I left for England, I came back.

Lola: Only for Chase to go to England and couldn't come back.

Nicole: I missed out on a lot throughout one year.

Quinn: We got to get the boys.

Zoey: They will be proud to see you again.

At the lunch hall, the boys (except James) are shocked to see Nicole

Logan: Nicole?

Michael: You're back from the all girls school?

Nicole: Uh huh. And I'm staying here forever. Well until we graduate.

Chase: It's so great to have you back.

Michael: James this is Nicole. Nicole this is James.

James: Sup.

Nicole: Hello.

Nicole sees that Dustin has gotten older due to puberty

Nicole: Dustin is that you?

Dustin: Yeah.

Nicole: You gotten older since the last time I saw you.

Zoey: He hit puberty.

Lola: He's in high school now.

Nicole: When did that happened?

Destiny: How does everyone forget Zoey and I are 3 years apart.

Nicole: I haven't been here in a long time.

Zoey: So tell us.

Quinn: What was it like at the all girl school?

Michael: Did you have fun?

Nicole: Let's just say it was a little weird.

Logan: Well did they cure your Obsessed Male Gender Disorder?

Nicole: If they didn't, I would still be at that school.

Lola: I have a boyfriend now.

Nicole: You do?

Chase: You don't know him since he showed up after you left.

Zoey: His name is Vince Blake.

Michel: He beat me, Logan, and Chase all up.

Nicole: I think Zoey told me this.

James: Didn't he beat you guys up because you turned him in for cheating on a test?

Chase: Yes.

Dustin: Well you're not supposed to cheat on a test.

Quinn: How could Dean let him back?

Zoey: He probably forgave him.

Logan: Big mistake.

School bell rings

Zoey: Come on we got to get back to our dorms.

In Room 101, the girls are happy to have Nicole back

Quinn: It's so great to have you back Nicole.

Nicole: It's great to be back. So when did you and Logan get together?

Logan: The same time she and Mark broke up.

Nicole: Why did you guys break up?

Quinn: He found a different girl who he feels has more in common with her.

Nicole: Oh. Now you Zoey.

Zoey: I know. You're mad that I didn't tell you that Chase and I are a couple.

Nicole: Of course I am. How could you not tell your best friend.

Zoey: Well you were away at the time plus there wasn't time to tell you.

Nicole: I always knew you two would get together.

Lola: Everyone knew. You two are the most popular couple at PCA. Followed by Quogan.

Quinn: Is that what people call me and Logan?

Zoey: Yes. Once we all found out you were a couple.

Nicole: So Lola what do people call you and Vince?

Lola: They call us Vola.

Zoey: It feels great to have us all back together.

Quinn: It feels so good.

Nicole: I missed you guys.

Zoey: We all missed you too.

Lola: This is going to be the best senior year ever.