The episode starts off in Room 101 where the girls are packing up to go home for Thanksgiving

Zoey: I can't believe Thanksgiving is already here.

Nicole: I know. Soon it'll be Christmas.

Lola: I'm going to miss all of you.

Quinn: Lola it's only for a day.

Zoey: Yeah. It's not like it'll be a week.

Lola: Well it feels like it.

Dustin and the boys walk in

Dustin: Hey we're done packing our stuff.

Zoey: That's nice.

Logan: Quinn I wish you could come with me to my family for Thanksgiving.

Quinn: I know baby but my parents want me to spent it with them.

Michael: Lisa's spending it with me.

Lisa: Like I've been doing for 3 years since that's how long we've been dating for.

Logan: Well good for you.

Nicole: You don't need to be a jerk.

Chase: Zoey one last kiss before we head out?

Zoey: Certainly.

Zoey and Chase kiss for about 15 seconds

Lola: Aww!

Nicole: Isn't that cute.

Coco walks in

Coco: Thank goodness you guys haven't left yet.

Zoey: Coco what's wrong?

Coco: Didn't you hear? A nasty storm is coming.

Michael: Are you serious?

Coco: Look outside.

Michael opens a curtain and sees lighting and huge dark clouds

Michael: Holy molly!

Coco: You all have to stay here until it blows over.

Dustin: I guess we can't spend Thanksgiving with our parents.

Stacey: Why don't we spend it here instead.

Zoey: Stacey you're a genius.

Logan: But we don't even have a turkey.

Lola: True. But we do have mac and cheese.

Nicole: Stacey go to the cafeteria and get some macaroni. Along with a pot, a jug of water and some milk.

Stacey: Kay Kay.

Quinn: Well Logan it looks like we're spending Thanksgiving together after all.

Lisa: Coco you wanna spend Thanksgiving here with us?

Coco: You're asking me?

Zoey: Sure.

Michael: You may not be the best dorm advisor.

Dustin: But that doesn't mean you can't spend Thanksgiving in Room 101 with us.

Lola: So what do you say?

Coco: Okay I'll spend Thanksgiving here with you.

Stacey comes back with the stuff

Stacey: I'm back.

Lisa: That was fast.

Stacey: Well there's no line so.

Zoey: Thanks Stacey. I'll fire it up and we'll eat around 4ish.

Dustin: I told our parents and they understand.

Zoey: I know. They texted me too asking if we're safe.

Nicole: Wait where's Dean Rivers?

Lola: I think he left already.

Logan: Lucky.

Quinn: I hope it's not like this for Christmas.

Dustin: I don't want a huge snow storm for Christmas.

Lisa: When does it ever snow in California?

Dustin: Oh yeah. We're in the warmer state.

Stacey: Is the macaroni ready? I'm starving over here.

Zoey: I put it in the pot 7 minutes ago.

Stacey: If I knew this was going to happen, I would have went to the store and buy microwaveable macaroni.

Nicole: You can microwave mac and cheese?

Lola: You didn't know that?

Nicole: No I didn't.

After the macaroni is done, the gang starts eating it

Chase: Wow this is good.

Coco: Really good.

Stacey: Zoey Brooks you are such an amazing cook.

Zoey: Aw thanks.

Dustin: Mom and Dad would be proud that you cooked this very well.

Zoey: Yeah I but they would be.

Lola: Well even though we aren't with our families this year, this is still better.

Nicole: Lola's right.

Michael: Yeah. We're kind of like family.

Logan: And family is forever.

Lola: Just like our friendship.

Dustin: This has actually been a very nice Thanksgiving.

Lisa: Happy Thanksgiving you guys.

Everyone (but Lisa): Happy Thanksgiving!

The End