Darcy Hanning, 18

Co-Victor of the 118th Games

It was a beautiful wedding. White was everywhere, and the guest were all dawned in their Sunday's best as Shelby and Princeton's big day was unfolding. Everything had to be perfect, and Darcy Hanning refused to let anything go wrong.

And boy, was there a lot that could go wrong.

With the explosion of District 1, the country of Panem was in a great deal of Distress. Darcy was unsure of how she felt exactly, but what she did know was that the country was rebelling. Each of the Districts sat in fear that they could be the next ones to go up in flames, and because of that, a lot of Peacekeepers were sent out to some of the more rowdy Districts.

One of those Districts being District 2.

"Darcy, the flowers are not the right shade of purple!" said McKenna as she stormed into the room with a look of ferocity on her face. "This is a disaster. My brother is getting married, and the flowers don't match with the theme-"

"Can you please go back to doing your Matron of Honor duties and let me do mine? Synth and I have this, mom. Also, it isn't the wrong shade. Princeton picked these out. You can't give the man one job and then complain when he does it."

McKenna opened up her mouth to speak, but instead of words coming out, she just huffed and stormed out of the room. Synth laughed under his breath as Darcy rolled her eyes. She walked over to her friend's shoulder and laid her head down on it.

"She's unbearable when she's stressed."

"Do not get your make up on my suit," said Synth as he lightly picked up Darcy's head and began to brush off the nonexistent dust. "I spent a killing on this."

"Yes," said Darcy sarcastically. "We have so much to worry about financially. What with our unlimited funds from winning the Hunger Games and the apartment we share we live in rent-free? The horror!" said Darcy as she chuckled. "Relax, you look great. You always look great."

Synth smiled. "I know," he said as he turned around and flaunted his maroon suede suit. It was a little too flashy for most people, but Darcy thought he pulled it off nicely. "Way better than that ugly bridesmaid dress Shelby picked for everyone."

"Oh my gosh, those lavender dresses are awful," said Darcy. She sighed in relief as the catering company finally showed up, and she rushed to the van in the heat of frustration. "You were supposed to be here an hour ago!" she hissed at them. "Get your asses into the reception room! You have thirty minutes MAX before everyone starts coming in."

The caterer sighed and ran off with their crew to the reception hall, and Darcy and Synth breathed a sigh of relief. "What were they thinking of putting us in charge of their wedding?" asked Synth.

"I think we did a damn good job," said Darcy as she anxiously walked back to the chapel area. She was excited to see all their hard work coming into fruition. When they got to the front door of their chapel, Synth's and Darcy's phone began to ring. The ringtone sent chills down their spine. Every time they heard it, they knew exactly who was on the other end of the call.

Darcy looked at Synth, annoyed. "Again?! Today?! On their wedding day? I swear I'd try and kill Eden if I didn't think she'd blow up District 10."

Synth pressed the answer button on his phone, and a similar picture of Eden Grant sitting behind the screen appeared. She was in her traditional hooded mask, and Darcy came around the corner to show that both Synth and her were there, and she didn't ignore the call.

"Oh, perfect," said Eden. "You're together."

"What do you need?" asked Synth in a braver tone that Darcy could have ever mustered when talking to this woman.

"I have a critical mission for you that you need to take care of right now."

"Can it wait until after my mother gets married?" asked Synth, annoyed. "This is only going to happen once, and I'd like to be there for it."

Eden threw her head back in annoyance and then rolled her eyes, the only descriptor they had of her. Those grey-blue eyes. "Fine," said Eden. "No staying for the reception, but you're welcome to the ceremony. They'll hold off until you're done," Darcy felt Synth's breath slow dramatically as Eden agreed to let them go. "However, you need to get to the conference building lab right when you're done. Today is the day she's getting rebirthed."

"Who?" asked Darcy, confused. "The new tributes aren't due to come for another few months. Selections haven't even taken-"

"The new mentor," said Eden, annoyed. "Go! Enjoy the ceremony. Then do as you've instructed. The people of Panem are counting on you. Quite literally," she said with a sinister laugh, and she hung up the phone.

"Well, today just got a shit-ton messier than I anticipated," said Synth as they walked into the chapel right before the harps started playing the traditional wedding music. "I wonder who the new mentor is."

Synth Greene, 18

Co-Victor of the 118th Hunger Games

From what he saw of the wedding, Synth was amazed at what he and Darcy pulled off. The wedding was a nice distraction from the game, but now that it's done, it's back to the real world where Synth and Darcy are the winners of a Hunger Games.

And like other winners that included: waking up to night terrors, trusting no one, and feeling guilt for the things you did in the arena.

Synth wasn't proud of what he did to survive, but at the end of the day, he did what he had to. And if he had to do it again, he most likely would. However, Synth didn't consider himself heartless. He mourned for Vritra nightly as he looked back on his time in the Hunger Games. Yes, it was a needed decision at the time, but he cared for her. The sound of her asking for help still sat with him when he closed his eyes at night.

"I wonder who we're reviving today," said Darcy as they walked along the hallway to the lab.

Synth couldn't believe that just under eighteen-years-ago he was the one brought back inside of the very lab that he is about to walk into. It's almost poetic that he gets to see the new mentor get picked. He was just relieved he or Darcy didn't have to take on the role.

"Hello?" he called as he knocked on the door to the lab.

A moment passed, and a scientist in a white lab coat answered the door. He had a scar running down his right eye, and nodded politely as Darcy and Synth entered the room. When Synth entered the room, the hair on the back of his head stood up when he saw a woman in a black hooded mask sitting at a desk inside of the room.

"Perfect," said Eden Grant. "You're here."

It was the first time that anyone had seen Eden in person. She was so protective of her identity with the mask whenever she called them or interacted. Synth longed to know who was under the hood. Though, he did feel like he could identify her on the street if he saw those grey-blue eyes. "Please stand to the side and allow the new mentor to be rebirthed. I don't want her seen in public quite yet, so I need you to take her back to your apartment and keep her there until further notice."

"How are we supposed to keep someone that is detrimental out of the way until then in our tiny two-bedroom apartment?" asked Darcy, confused. "This is really-"

"An honor is what you were going to say, right?" asked Eden as she flicked her head at Darcy. Synth shivered. Those eyes are not something that he'd want to have staring at him. He isn't easily intimidated, but he felt as though Eden was on a different playing field. She body napped her granddaughter after all.

"Yes, mam," said Darcy as she looked at the floor. Synth reached out and grabbed her hand, and she squeezed it appreciatively without looking up.

"Now, meet your newest member of this twisted little family we have going," said Eden as she typed in the last of the code to bring them back.

Synth and Darcy looked at the tube filled with bright green liquid. They squinted as they saw the body of a woman appear. Her back was to the group of people, but her brown hair floated gently in the tube as the machine tilted her to the side and placed a chip into her neck. The machine drained the container of liquid, and the woman landed on her feet. A blast of gas filled the tank, and then the glass started to rise.

Synth squinted his eyes to try and see who the new mentor was, but the smoke was way too thick. A man with a robe ran into the smoke and quickly exited without it, and when the smoke finally cleared, Synth's eyes practically popped out of his head.

"That's-" he began.

"Oh my gosh," said Darcy as she looked at the woman in shock.

The woman looked around and then saw Eden and the kids and instantly started to go on the defense. "Where the hell am I?" she asked. She ran over to the man with the robe on and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "Tell me where I am!"

"You're-" he began to say, trembling in fear. "You're-"

"You're in the Capitol," said Eden as she stood up. "You died a good seventy years ago, and you were brought back to help us with a vital mission. You accomplish and thrive during this mission, and I'll give you your family back. You throw a fit, and I'll make your life a living hell."

"Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Eden Grant. I run Project Rebirth. An elite experiment that allows for past tributes to come back to life and compete in the Hunger Games for a second chance. Why don't you tell the two mentors and latest victors who you are so they can stop having their mind turn."

Synth felt chills as he watched the woman turn to them and wave. "Hi," she said. "My name is Katherine Farrow. I'm the Victor of the 17th Hunger Games."

And also the greatest rebel this country has ever seen. Thought Synth as he stared at the woman, terrified.

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