Chapter 4 Under the Hood P3: Some Past

Hood's Penthouse

Red Hood hummed in thought as he held his radio that listens in on Black Mask bitching and his business for a weapon shipment coming in tonight. He narrowed his eyes on this information, happening much quicker then he thought but works in his favor.

"Sounds like a plan," Red Hood commented with a smirk before turning his radio off and get his gear ready for his next mission.

It's time to get lucky ladies in play on this mission as they will be a great help to the new hood.

"Hey ladies, you up for a job tonight?" Red Hood asked, walking into the living room and saw the Sirens trun their attention to him.

"What kind of job?" Selina asked.

"Piss off a crime boss by taking away his special items and later his tools," Red Hood replied as he walks over to his table, loading up his pistols for the mission.

"Ohhh, one of those kinds of missions. How do we do it?" Harley asked, getting very interested.

Red Hood chuckled at Harley's excitement and said, "I will tell you on the way. Get dress and meet me on the rooftop."

The Sirens got to suit up for the night and meet with Red Hood on the rooftop who was playing with his knife. He then starts with his plan for the night and tonight would be interesting indeed.

Time Skip

On one of the rooftops had three members of the Bat-family patrolling for the night and gets some clues onto who is this new Red Hood.

Batman had been looking in. He first tried at Arkham to question the Joker but no luck and had almost lead to a beatdown for the clown when he mentions his former partner. He drops the subject and went back to work on stopping Black Mask's operations which would lead him to Red Hood as he put it.

Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin III were on patrol but had stopped on a rooftop that was familiar to them in more ways than one which caused some old memories to flash up. Memories of someone they lost years ago. The second Robin, Naruto Uzumaki, a member of the family and one that everyone mourns for.

It was a mission that went wrong, a mission to stop arms shipments of nuclear weapons and bombs being sold to terrorists. A mission that the heroes have done a lot, nothing new but this one was different and changed for the worse.

Naruto with his team known as Titans that he formed in Jump City, Dick (Nightwing) with Young Justice, and Batman head out to stop the shipment of nuclear weapons and bombs. The terrorists put up a fight but nothing the heroes couldn't handle. However, something happened and the second Boy Wonder fails to report in which never happen before.

Everyone was high alert when they found Naruto's ear-com and unity belt on the ground with a good amount of blood in the area. Panic and tension were in the air that night than the cold of winter.

Batman had gone alone and when he came back, it was too late, Naruto Uzumaki, the second Robin was dead in his arms.

Everyone came to the funeral, including members of Titans, Young Justice, and Justice League to pay their respects. Everything was different and everyone was in pain on losing one of their own like that. It comes with the job, but not like this, not too Naruto, not too him.

The Titans decided to keep the team running for a while until going their ways but keep in touch and hang out in Jump City before heading to their friend's grave to pay their respects every year.

Young Justice older members missed Naruto as he was like a little brother to them and saw that he had promised to be a great hero someday. A few members have left because of the blonde's death and some blamed Bruce for what happened.

Justice League had to mourn the death of the young boy and give Bruce his space to mourn for the death of his son.

Dick had a hard time moving on as Naruto was his little brother and he felt like he failed him but vowed never again and make sure his other little brother is safe.

Barbara had a hard time too but got herself back up and pushing foward. She knows that Naruto won't want anyone he cares about him in pain or slowing down in life.

Tim knows Naruto for a little awhile but looks up to him like an older brother that always cares about family and never breaks his promise to people he cares about or anyone he believes that needs help. He vowed to become the next Robin to help Bruce heal and give Batman his light back, a light that was stolen from them.

It has been five years since that day and a lot has changed as the years went by.

Before anything else, Dick, Tim, and Barbara recently got a message from Bruce of a Black Mask's weapons shipment coming in tonight and need to suit up which they grabbed their gear and get ready for tonight.

Gotham's Factory Rooftop

On a rooftop of a factory was upfront for arms shipment for Black Mask had armed guards wearing grey jackets and black skiing mast but one had their hood up for some reason but could see a red mask shining and this was in fact, Red Hood.

Red Hood had the Sirens help in taking over the guards which were easy as pie or taking a piece of candy as Harley puts it. He then picks press a button on the side of his helmet and calls the lovely girls.

"All set?" Red Hood asked, seeing the helicopter coming in.

"Yes, we are all set, Red. Harley and Ivy would meet you at the location you requested. But may I ask why you are having me at this lookout, all myself if I add?" Catwoman asked on the other end of the comm line.

"Trust me, kitty, I got a big surprise for you and I love to give lovely ladies great surprise," Red Hood replied.

Catwoman giggled on her end and said, "I can see why and I look foward to this cat getting her surprise, maybe a treat to go with it."

"I might surprise you even more. I will meet you at the lookout after I'm done here," Red Hood said, ending the talk as he saw the helicopter landing in and make his move.

"What are they waiting around for?" One of the pilots asked, not seeing them move.

"Idiots!" The other pilot cursed before seeing one of the men walking in.

"Hey, protocols says we are only on the ground for six minutes!" The pilot informed before becoming frightened when seeing a pistol pointing at him and his fellow pilot.

"It's okay, I won't be staying that long," Red Hood said, taking his cover off and reveal himself to the scare pilots before kicking them out of his ride.

The pilots crash into the cuffed men, showing that was knocked out and tied together to make it look like they are standing on guard.

However and before flying away on his helicopter, something hit the side of the copter and started to have the whole thing fired up. Red Hood kept his grip on the controls, not falling onto the building, and know who it was.

"And I almost thought you won't show up," Red Hood commented before looking out to the side and saw the Bat-family themself, Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin.

He noticed that the toy they shot at the copter was a high wired missile that causes any machines to freak out once in a good spot or better word EMP missile. It was not over yet.

"You wanna dance? Let's dance!" Red Hood shouted, turning the controls that had the helicopter land to the side of the building and towards the streets below. He knows the Dark Knight will follow and stop the copter before going after him.

As the helicopter falls down, Red Hood jumps on time and saw Batman going after the fallen copter with some caples in a plan to stop it from hitting the streets. He also looks up to see Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin falling behind with one of them to pick the Dark Knight and find him which they did.

"Okay then...nice night for a run," Red Hood dry commented before making a break for it.

Naruto would fight them but not now, not yet. First, a chase to get some good old memories kicking in for the Dark Knight and his family to relive.

"Hey Harley, kick the van ready for a quick escape," Red Hood mumbled into his com, making sure the four that are following didn't hear as he keeps on running.

"Will do Red!" Harley happily said.

Red Hood would comment or chuckled but not now, now he was running and making a break for it as the Bats were following him.

Time to see if his training pays off.

Red Hood soon jumped off the rooftop, landing on his right shoulder on a platform which in trun broke it and caused him to roll onto the lower level. He then jumps kicked and got his balance back before running again.

The Bat-Family follow him which Batgirl was ahead and grabbed a handful of batarangas which she threw them at the hooded person.

Red Hood narrowed his eyes as he dodged all five of the batarangs flying towards him while catching the six one before running the next corner.

This surprised Batgirl and nearly dodged the upcoming Batarang that Red Hood throwback, leaving a scratch on her shoulder.

The rest of the Bat-Family noicted that, seeing it very familiar but couldn't figure out as their minds were on the case more than anything.

Red Hood then took a left trun into the unfinished building while dodging a Batarang that was thrown by the Dark Knight. He kept running as he broke wooden pillars and grabbed a gas can for a smokescreen to make.

Robin decied to cut Red Hood off but was seen and dodged a bullet on time.

Red Hood then used the gas can to break the window and jump out while throwing the can back at the heroes and shot the gas can to blow up in their faces.

Batman and others were lucky to take cover on time behind wooden crates.

Red Hood landed on the rooftop with ease and kept running, not looking back as he knows that the Bat-Family was after him. He then cut conors and jumped on a blimp which he landed on his knees and draw out his pistols. He aimed at the opening and open fire which Batman took cover and pulled Robin back before getting hit by the bullets.

"He's good," Nightwing commented.

"Yes, he's putting on quite a show," Batman agreed as he presses a button on his cowl which made his lens shine red for a second and started to record upcoming events for information.

The Dark Knight then saw Red Hood leaving the area which he followed and the rest of the family did as well.

Red Hood cut corners on the rooftop again before jumping off.

Batman saw this which he launched a Batclaw at the hooded person which got his ankle.

However and before the Dark Knight could pull back, Red Hood pulls out a knife and slice the caple off his ankle before it went toss which shocked the whole Bat-Family of such quickness and training. And that the knife cut the line with no trouble.

"He's very good," Nightwing commented being impress by the new Red Hood's skills.

"Yeah, very good," Batgirl agreed with Robin nodding his head on that.

The Bat-Family kept following Red Hood which they found him landed on a close edge and think they got him but not quite.

Red Hood jumped off the rooftop before grabbing a rope and use that to swing himself into the train station unharmed.

"That's impressive," Nightwing dryly said.

"Nothing we have seen before," Batman said as he glides down to the train station.

"If you say so," Robin commented.

The whole family lands in the train station and looks around for the new Red Hood but no luck and no signs of him.

"Think we lost?" Nightwing asked.

"I don't think so. No trains are coming here at this time," Robin said as he checked on his wrist computer.

Batgirl looked around and said, "Agree but these always more than one way out."

Batman didn't pay any attention to them as his mind was focused on something else and heard a odd beeping sound coming from other side of the station.

Then he saw it! A bomb counting down to blow.

"MOVE!" Batman shouted which the others saw what he saw and get out of the way but the impact on the explosion sends them crashing into the ground hard.

Nightwing grunted in pain as his right leg was broke in two.

Robin coughed a bit and was sore but will live.

Batgirl rose up on her knees and whip the smoke out of her eyes.

Batman was fine but heard the sound of a motorcycle's engine running and saw the Red Hood on a bike.

"You haven't lost you touch B-," Red Hood said but the train got him off and caused the heroes jumped out of the way.

Once they have done that, they trun back to find Red Hood gone like the wind, disappear out of nowhere.

Batman narrowed his eyes and felt that something was up. And he is going to get the button of this.


Naruto's Harem: Talia al Ghul. Catwoman. Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn. White Rabbit. Donna Troy. Ravager (Rose Wilson). Lady Shiva. Starfire. Raven. Cheshire. Tigress (Artemis). Artemis of Bana-Mighdall. Huntress (Helena). Supergirl. Powergirl. Few More TBA

Other Pairings:

Batman x Wonder Woman

Nightwing x Batgirl

Robin x Wonder Girl

Red Arrow x Blackfire

Rest TBA