"But there won't be another one." Sandra exclamied at him. She was angry and she really didn't want her thoughts of leaving to come out in an argument.

"What?"DAC strickland replies.

"Sir. I..." She stutters.

"Your leaving." He says. She thinks he looks

"I don't know yet. I'm looking at my options. Murder squad want me and that case with Max landed me with a job offer too."

"Does your team know?"

"No... I'm keeping it that way until I make my mind up."

"Okay... Well let me know and I'll do the paperwork for you and get your move sorted." Robert says as he walks to her office door.

That conversation happened over a week ago and she had declined murder squad but the offer with Max is tempting, it could be fun and it will most likely pay well. But will she actually be happy? Sandra can't answer that question.

"Hey Gerry. Come here a second?" She shouts.

"What's up?"

"How are we getting on with our leads?"

"We've got something. Why?"

"Go home. Go get a pint or something."

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. You can work your lead tomorrow morning with Brian."

"Are you sure your okay?"

"Yes. I need to fix something and before you ask, I don't need help doing it."

"Okay. Good night."



"Would you be hurt if I left?"

"Nobody can do your job like you Sandra. Good night." Gerry says walking away.

With what Gerry said in mind, Sandra calls Max.

"Hi Max. It's Sandra Pullman.".

"Superintendent. I hope this about you working for me."

"Yes. It is. Listen Max I'm sorry I'm going to have to decline your offer."

"Okay I understand. May I ask why?"

"I just think I need to take a risk. I love my job Max. My team are amazing I have a good boss. I have a good unit around me."

"I understand. Thank you for considering it."

"Goodbye Max."

She packs up her stuff and grabs her jacket. She walks up to DAC Robert Stricklands office before she knocks on the door she takes a deep breath.

Knock. Knock.

"Come in." He shouts. Sandra walks in and Robert isn't looking up at all. When he does look up he says a soft "hi" before gesturing for her to sit down. She does sit down and Sandra tries to read his feelings. He looks defeated. No, he looks angry. No... she finally works it out as she's sitting down. He looks... sad. She wonders why and wonders why he's been acting like a lost puppy ever since their argument.

"When do you need the paperwork done?" He sighs.

"Do you want me to go?"


"Do you actually want to go?" Sandra asks after he doesn't meet her gaze.

"Sandra... I want whats best for your career." He says as he gets up from his desk and walks over to her, like he is trying to close the distance between them.

"Not what I asked. Robert I asked if you want me to stay?"

He's liked her for years now. He would say since the moment he met her however that's far too cliche for him. Her eyes drove him crazy. Her voice makes his heart flutter. The way her heels can be heard from a mile away, makes him hope she doesn't have to sneak up on anyone. The thing that he loved the most is the way his name sounded coming out her mouth. She hadn't called him Robert in a long time and it was just as sexy as the last.

"Your silence answered my question. I'll confirm it with Max tomorrow." She says getting up.

"Sandra... wait."

"I've been doing that for over a week. I have a million reasons to go. Spending my career with pensioners going over cases that lets be real. Nobody gives a toss about unless they are dodgy."

"Then why did you ask me what I think?"

"I want a reason to stay." She says, still turned from him. She put a hand to the door knob.

"Are you not even going to give me a chance to be your reason?" He asks. He is stood behind her now. His hand was about to take her off the door knob she answers him.

"Your silence answered my question." She stays turned away from him.

"Well... I was just thinking about all the things I'd miss if you left."

"Like what? All we do is argue."

"But there's a passion behind it. There's a drive behind it. If it wasn't for your 3 pensioners we wouldn't need to argue. There's something else I'd rather be doing with you."

"If the answer to that is golf. No." She says and he laughs.

"Sandra take your hand off the door." He whispers softly almost in her ear.

She turns to face him. He runs his fingertips down her arm before cupping her cheek. His touch is unforgettable. "Sandra. I'm going to be honest with you. I don't want you to go. You are the best cop I've ever met. You are a talent and although most of the time I hate being your boss because of your team finding ways to get us to argue. But I'm totally honest with you. I feel stupid. I've kept you at a distance. I've kept you away from me. The arguments are just a way of physically doing that. Sandra... I don't want to hide how I feel about you anymore and if you don't feel the same way... I can live with it. I love you."

"I've kept you away too. When we fight I'm always thinking about just getting up and kissing you. I want you. I want this. I want... I want us."

"Good. For the record... I think about it too. Sometimes I've been so close to doing so. Then one of your team finds some evidence and I have to go so you get back to your job."

"Deputy assistant commissioner. Are you trying to tell me that you have thought about having sex with me whilst we fight?" She asks with a playful smirk and a slight lick her lips.

"Yes. I am."

"You are so infuriating at times." she says and smirks as she grabs him by the lapels, pulling him roughly against her body and kisses him, pressing her lips to his in a bruising kiss. She lets out a growl as her lips claim his, ending anything that was to come next. He opens his mouth, inviting her in and letting her tongue slip into and explore his mouth. Robert wraps his arms around her waist. She in turn snakes one arm around his neck, her hand grabbing a fist full of hair at the base of his head. With her other hand she grabbed his ass causing him to moan into her mouth as a deep, low growl of pleasure emanated from her throat. Need and desire fuelled both of them as their mouths moved together wildly, tongues battling for dominance. They are lost in the sensations as the heat of their bodies radiated through their clothes drawing them even closer together. It is a messy kiss, one that was full of tension, passionate but animalistic, and just pure desire.

When they eventually break apart from one another they are both out of breath, breathing heavily and almost dizzy with want and desire. Robert is the first to speak and his only words were, "your place or mine?"

"Mine," was all she said in reply before they turned to leave the office together.

She lays in his arms. Her pillow is on the back of her head. The duvet over the both of them. She looks to see Robert open his eyes and he kisses her sofly. "Hi." He says, his voice is just as soft as his kiss.

"Hey." She replies her voice is softer and usual. "I can't leave now."

"Well... If i leave now we won't be able to have that sex on my desk that you were talking about. Plus I would have to give up on seeing you everyday which i am totally against. Thank you Robert."

"What for?"

"For being my reason to stay."