If you haven't read my two others stories, Good In The Radio Demon and Stuck With You, I highly suggest that you read those stories first so you can get all caught up. If you have, then please enjoy Unexpected Chemistry.

Sevanthian is patiently waiting in a room with a fireplace, holding a framed picture of the royal family. A demon walks into the room. "So youse said you had a plan to defeat Lucifer," asked the demon with an Italian accent.

"Indeed old friend, indeed," replied Sevanthian. "And the princess is the key to all of this."

"What do you want us to do to her?"

"Nothing harmful. Just spy on her for now, then when the time is right, we'll make our move."

"I see, and what about The Radio Demon?" Sevanthian growled at the sound of that name.

"I will deal with him personally. Now, send your best spies after Charlie."

"On it," said the demon turning around walking out of the room. Sevanthian took the framed picture of the royal family and threw it in the fire.

"You will be proud of me Dad."