Meanwhile, Vaggie and Angel were walking around Pentagram City, looking for more employees for the hotel as instructed to do by Charlie. Finding very little success. "Ugh, who are we gonna hire who's willing enough to work at a "rehabilitation hotel"?" Angel groaned, about to give up searching.

"We have to at least try, for Charlie," said Vaggie. As she said that, a flyer on a wall caught her eye. She stopped and got a closer look at it. The flyer said "Free cleaning lady for sale! Really loves cleaning! A really fast worker! Get her at this address". "Huh. Hey Angel!" Angel stopped walking.


"I think we should try here." Angel went over to Vaggie and looked at the flyer she had in her hand.

"Free? Oh fuck yeah!" Vaggie and Angel looked at the address. "That's five blocks from here."

"Guess that's where we're going." Vaggie and Angel walked the whole five blocks until they got to a porn studio. Angel was out of breath.

"We should've... found a shortcut or something, I'm... fucking tired. Well... at least... we're here."

"A porn studio?" said Vaggie confused. She looked at the address, then at the building, then at the address again. "It's the right address, but why would a cleaning lady want to work here?"

"Who knows toots. Probably wants to get some action while she's cleaning," Angel said with a smirk. Vaggie groaned in disgust. They walked over to the entrance and knocked on the door. Immediately, someone opened it. It was a female imp demon wearing black make-up and a black dress.

"Hi, we saw your flyer about a cleaning lady?" said Vaggie.

"Oh thank goodness!" exclaimed the imp, literally pulling them inside. "It's about damn time someone showed up! Another minute and I would've had to throw her out on her scrawny ass!"

"Geez lady, what's your deal with that cleaning lady?" asked Angel.

"She won't stop cleaning my studio, and my actors!" the imp shouted. Vaggie had a look of confusion on her face.

"Really? I don't see the problem, isn't it a good thing to have everything clean?" Vaggie asked.

"Honey, it's a porn studio. It's supposed to be filthy," said Angel.

"Exactly!" exclaimed the imp. "You know I saw my actors come back all sticky and caked in what I was sure was from 21-gun salutes!" The imp then pulls out weapons. "This is my rifle and this is my gun and all that. It was just wax! She's all yours, just take her before she sterilizes the entire place!" said the imp pointing to a small cyclops demon wearing a dress zipping around the lobby before storming off down a hall. Angel and Vaggie looked at the small demon.

"Huh, who knew something as small as her could cause so much trouble," said Angel. The two walked over to the small demon.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man! You're all so filthy! Lucky for you, my lingerie has built in scrub brushes! Just lie back, and let me clean you all up from head to toe." she said giggling uncontrollably and salivating. "I'll even apply extra polish to your swords! You can use my sheath any day of the week!"

"This lady is wearing scrub brushes?!" said Vaggie surprised.

"Damn, for a cleaning lady she sure is dirty," said Angel.

"Um, hey. My name is Vaggie and this is Angel," said Vaggie introducing themselves to her. The little cyclops turned around. "We require your cleaning services at our hotel. We heard you were a really fast cleaner and-" Vaggie said but was cut off by the cyclops.

"Services? Why? I'm not needed, I work here! There's no shortage of filth and no shortage of bodies for me to get my hands on!" She said giggling once again.

"Then why were there flyers all over hell that said to come get you?" asked Vaggie handing the little cyclops the flyer in her hands. The cyclops quickly read over the letter, and was taken aback by what it said. She read over it once more, slower this time. Her happiness and energy seemed to disappear, and she frowned.

"This can't be right. Madame Josiah has been looking out for me and... and..." she said, the tone of her voice more deep.

"And is 100% ready to toss you out. Sorry sugar," said Angel.

"She... She... She wants to get rid of me? Why, what did I do? Is it because this place isn't clean enough? Are the men not clean enough?!" the cyclops said, the speed of her speech returning to normal. "Brutus, your not clean enough!" she yelled at a male bird demon passing by. He saw her and quickly ran away. She went to chase after him but Vaggie stood in her way.

"No, it's not that! It's the complete opposite actually, which I'm still confused about," said Vaggie. "But, we can still offer you a job. All you have to do is clean up our hotel. You'll get a bed, free meals, and you can stay as long as you want."

"Oh, that does sound really nice. They don't really feed me here, and I always have to sleep in the storage closet. Will I make some new friends? I love making new friends!" the cyclops said, her happiness returning.

"I'm sure you will. There's lots of demons for you to meet at the hotel, and who knows. They might consider getting to know you better," said Vaggie with a smile.

"Where do I sign! Where do I sign!" exclaimed the cyclops jumping up and down excitedly.

"No contract necessary. Just follow us, and we'll bring you to the hotel."

"By the way, what's your name?" asked Angel.

"I'm Nifty!" the cyclops happily exclaimed.

"Welcome aboard Nifty. Let's go back so you can meet Husk," said Vaggie. She and Angel walked out with Nifty hopping behind them.

I'm so happy that I made two new friends, even though they're both ladies," Nifty giggled to herself as she hopped along.