Heartless to Heartfelt

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Chapter Seven

"Kol told me that Finn was dead."

Caroline took in Davina's words, noting that she was right. Finn had been dead, killed by Matt back in Mystic Falls. "Yes," She turned to Bonnie. "A dead original would stay dead, right?"

Bonnie's mouth twitched slightly. "It's possible that he escaped during the whole other side fiasco." The whole time had been traumatic to say the least; it was unknown if anyone else escaped; which meant that it was possible Finn had reemerged undetected.

Davina frowned, not understanding to much of that since she had never heard anything about that topic. Other side. She'd have to ask Klaus about it. "So he is alive?"

"You saw Finn?" Although the words escaped his mouth, Klaus had a hard time comprehending them. Of all the people that Bonnie could have mentioned, he did not expect that name to come up.
God, damn; of course his brother would come to back to haunt him. Out of all his siblings Finn was the one he knew the least of; that was not because of any choice they had made. It was their mothers doing, she kept Finn close to her side at all times which left him little opportunity to form bonds with anyone in the family but even less of an opportunity for them to form a bond. His mother had not wanted him to taint Finn in any way.
It seemed all that she had one was create a distance that seemed irreparable. "He never should have been undaggered to begin with." He certainly did not enjoy daggering his siblings, but sometimes it was a necessary evil. The last thing he needed was Finn out in the world running some scheme because he had believed in their mothers cause. "You saw Finn?" He repeated the question. "Did you speak to him?"

Bonnie let her eyes flicker to Klaus; only to divert them, his pacing would only make her dizzy. "Yes Klaus; I approached him. I thought we could have a lovely little chat." Her sarcasm was thick.

"You didn't talk to him?"

Bonnie rolled her eyes. "Have I broken you? What would I have asked him? Excuse me, Finn; yes darling, it's me Bonnie, how lovely to see you but I thought you were dead...Listen could you clear something up for me, just a small tiny detail...are you attempting to kill your family again A simple answer will do. Yes or No?"

Caroline couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips. "I for one probably wouldn't have called him darling."

The sarcasm however completely flew of Klaus's head; as he came to a small stop in the mid of his pacing. "Finn is not hunting the family." He dismissed the thought, turning to walk another four steps then spinning on his heal and walking four more back in the other direction.

Davina leaned forward in her chair. "How could you know that?" This person could be absolutely anyone; Finn was in the area of possibility, the most solid response they had. From what Kol had told her, Finn was nothing like this siblings.

"He might despise us; but he wouldn't eradicate us from exist. We are still blood."

"I beg to differ; he did try to kill you all in Mystic Falls."

"Under the guidance of our mother; and that crazy bat is dead." Klaus countered Bonnie's claim. "He wouldn't be after them. I might not be fond of Freya, but from what she did tell us, Finn and her had a bond. He wouldn't kill her."

Caroline stood up; making her way over to Klaus who's expression was faltering. More he paced, the more thoughts that entered his mind. She could see that he was beginning to be lost in them. "Klaus, are you alright?"

"No love, not quiet. Can you track him?" He looked towards Bonnie.

"I can give it my best shot. Do you have anything that belongs to him?"

Klaus gestured to the rooms above. "His belongs are in his room, something in there should be of use."

"We don't know how long Finn has been alive, or where he has been all this time. Where did you see him?" It was important they knew his most recent location.

"I was in Tennessee close to the border of Georgia doing some digging;"
When Caroline told Bonnie that she would be moving to New Orleans permanently with the girls, Bonnie had taken that as an opportunity to focus more solely on the merge and she was following a lead on a book that lead her to Tennessee.
"There were lots of vampires moving through obviously coming up from Atlanta, then he was there, on the corner of the street."


"I swear Caroline, it was freaky; like some kind of fate. All the space in the world, and he happened to be standing on the corner of the street I was in? To good to be true; but weirder things have happened."

"It's to close to Atlanta," Klaus mumbled; he could have been there for the meeting, or was it just a coincidence? He wasn't sure he believed in coincidences.

"Okay, let's think. Stefan was bit in Washington so let's say the family wanted to put a lot of distance between that incident, they could have moved right across country to Georgia. The meeting was in Atlanta, so whoever held the auction, may have thought the family was close. Easier to enact the kill."

Klaus tilted his head back, gazing up at the ceiling. "Who is the auctioneer?"

"Someone who wants them dead." Bonnie sighed at the look Caroline shot her. "What? They sold the stake knowing what it could do."

Caroline shook her head, grabbing Klaus by the arm. "Stop pacing, you'll wear a hole in the floor." Caroline glanced at her best-friend. "Bonnie, can you start with tracking Finn?" She needed a moment alone with Klaus, to gage where he was at.

Bonnie stood up. "I'll observe," She turned to look at Davina, from what Caroline had mentioned, it was clear that Davina held great potential and a massive amount of power. She just needed someone to mentor her, and help her to find balance. "You can track Finn."

Davina looked surprised that the witch was referring to her. "Uh," She glanced between Caroline and Klaus, her eyes settling on the latter. Her mind was still reeling not only from all the knowledge Bonnie was providing but from the fact that Caroline had stuck to her word and called her.
The blonde had done as she promised. It shouldn't have been so shocking, in a normal world people kept there promises all the time. In her world though, it was rare anyone did.

Klaus could see the excitement dancing in Davina's eyes, and he found himself slightly surprised that Davina was looking at him for conformation. "Go on," He tilted his head; she needed this, he knew that.

"Where do you start?" Bonnie questioned.

"I'll need something of Finn's,"

Bonnie nodded. "I'll follow you up in a moment,"

The teenager was about to hurry out of the room, only pausing at the last second to double back and gather Caroline in a surprising hug. "Thank-you, Caroline." Davina's words held a huge amount of sincerity. "You kept your promise."

"You're welcome, Davina." Caroline returned her hug. "You'll keep yours won't you?"

"Yes ma'am." The fact that Caroline had kept hers, gave Davina a strong will to uphold her end of the deal. Not wishing to break the trust the blonde was placing in her.
She tilted her head slightly in Klaus direction making eyes contact as she pulled away from Caroline. "I really like her,"

Klaus smirked slightly; sensing the approval from the teen. "Good to know." He watched Davina hurry out of the courtyard, a small bout of relief embracing his body. Though no one would ever know it, the teens approval of Caroline meant something to him.

Bonnie picked up a glass off the table and held it out to Klaus. "Your blood,"

He didn't hesitate, biting into his wrist, letting the blood drip into the glass. "That should do it." He past it to her. "Bonnie, thank-you for making the trip. Not just for the knowledge regarding Finn, but also for the help you are going to provide with Davina."

Bonnie raised her eyebrow, that was a different comment from Klaus. He never openly shared gratitude with anyone, still she merely nodded. "You're welcome," And she meant that, he was welcome to her help for as long as he and Caroline were together. If the blonde was happy and content then Bonnie would do her best to ensure she did not disrupt that.

Finn entered the little shop; pausing in the entry way. He knew the risks each time he came to this place but he had no choice.
He'd heard her using magic to send thoughts through to Hope; he'd heard what she had said. The standard he's evil. He had to make sure that those weren't the only thoughts the girl was hearing.

"Miss Heather;"

"Back again so soon?"

He didn't react to her sudden presence, just simply nodded. "I must make contact once more before I leave town."

"Very well. Come."

The only reason Heather had agreed to help was the because of the risk to another witches life. Hope's life. How she had told him there was easier ways to go about this, the people he could have told. He knew it all. He could have told Elijah who was hunting them. He could have told Klaus what he knew. Yet either of those options would have jeopardized his position, his true agenda would be revealed and it was far to early for that. At this point in time neither brother knew he was alive. It was better that way.

"Same as before?"

"No, this must be done differently. My voice cannot be in the open."

"A note?"

Finn nodded, pulling the piece of paper from his jacket pocket. "I need this to appear in her pocket, sealed so that only she can see the words." He produced a second note along with it. "And this to appear in a different location."

"For the same person?"

"No. A small step to hopefully discourage any malicious intent."

She nodded briefly, taking both the notes into her hand. "Has the difference been noticed?"

"No. She completed the task as instructed; it will be harder for anyone to find her now."

"Blood magic is a dangerous tool."

"Necessary in this case."

"Your sister is a powerful witch."

Finn could not deny that statement, alone in her power Freya was rather powerful.
"Whether she is aware of her magic being tapped is unknown. There is a need for precaution. Freya's magic if not at full strength would be harming the spell, the cloak would have weakened over time. They would have been easier to find. Hope's power is at full strength, her cloak bound with blood magic will withstand anyone attempting to penetrate it."

"Would it not be easier to confront your family?"

"My family and I have little in common. They do not trust me, and I struggle to maintain faith in them. I only have one goal."

"To save her life?"

Dying had certainly given him a prospective on life, one that he had never thought to acknowledge and a few wise words from a witch had him acknowledging bits of his past he tried to bury. "That is payment for a long standing debt."

"Mama. Mama."

Finn felt himself being yanked back by his mother, stopping him from tending to the crying toddler who was sitting in his bed, red faced and crying. "Mother; Niklaus is upset."

Esther turned him in the direction of the table. "Set the table for supper."

"Niklaus is upset, mother."

"Leave the boy be, he must learn to sooth himself."

Finn frowned, not understanding. When Elijah was a babe his mother had never let him cry for long. "Mother,"

"That is enough, Finn, the boy is fine."

Finn cleared the thought from his mind, that was the very first indication he had that their relationship was not normal. That his mothers treatment of Niklaus had been different to the rest of his siblings. Yet he couldn't dwell on it any longer, all he could do was try to protect Niklaus's daughter. Payment for a debt that Klaus didn't know existed. He may have lost his way; but this was a small task he could achieve.
He was in the best position after all. He was the inside man, one with a lot of the answers.

It hadn't been easy for him to find a witch that was willing to work with him, knowing who they were attempting to protect but he had found her and his gratitude was there. "I thank you for this." He told Heather.

You know I'll lose Stefan to these books, right? I swear Bonnie; out of all the libraries in this world, you had to send us to one that has a million books. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack.

Bonnie rolled her eyes, looking down at the text message. It was a possibility though, if Stefan found something good to read he would have Katherine stuck there in that library.
Katherine in a library. Bonnie had to stifle a laugh at that. What she would have paid for a photograph of Kat's face when she entered the building and saw all those books.
She hit the reply button, glancing up for just long enough to make sure Davina was still working on the spell correctly. The kid had good knowledge; a foundation which would be easy to work with.

Suck it up, Kat. I need that book.

She hit the send button before sighing and opening up another one.

Keep Stefan away from old romantics and comics. Do that and you might be able to salvage your sanity.

The reply was almost immediate and Bonnie had to stop herself from laughing.

Old romantics? Comics? You have got to be kidding...Please tell me your kidding? Oh fuck; he looks like a giddy teenager. What did he find...

Looks like you already lost him. Get digging, Kitty.

The things I do for you Bonnie Bennett.

For our nieces, Kat. You got this; I have faith.

She quickly pulled up Stefan's number, shooting him a quick text.

Don't be a dork. Start searching and take Kat to lunch before she has a mental break down. I'll imagine I would hear her temper tantrum even with all the distance between us.

Davina shifted nervously; this was her very first spell in front of Bonnie, and she was failing. Nothing was showing on the map. There was no indication that it had worked. A simple locator spell.
She was supposed to be powerful; but all she had felt from the moment the twins woke Klaus was weak.

"Davina," Bonnie noticed that the girl was staring at the map in frustration. "Everything okay?" She placed her phone into her back pocket, taking a step towards the table.

"I can't seem to track him,"

"Not your fault," She knew what it felt like to fail but most failures cannot be avoided. "Finn most likely has a rather gifted witch cloaking him. The likely hood of us pin pointing his exact location is slim."

"You told Klaus,"

"That I would give it my best shot; best advice I can give you is to never promise to deliver results. Magic is a complicated art; and although we aim to have control over it, magic will always be superior." She lifted the glass with Klaus's blood off the table. "We aren't aiming to pin point the location, merely the vicinity." She slowly poured Klaus's blood onto the map. "Who has taught you what you know?"

Davina blushed slightly, she had never had anyone who had properly guided her into magic; her mother hadn't much interest in teaching. Most of what she learnt she knew off friends before she transitioned, or had read in books. "Um, I'm self taught for the most part." The insecurity she felt enveloped her body when Bonnie raised her eyebrow in surprise.

"Interesting." Bonnie had to admit for someone who didn't have any guidance Davina had done very well in performing the spell, regardless of the fact it didn't work. Given when she had first started out her Grams had been her guidance; her mentor up until she passed. Having Grams had given her a foundation. Davina's foundation was built on what she had taught herself. "You did well, Davina." Bonnie reassured. "Have you tested your abilities to full capacity? Found any weaknesses?" All important questions in their future working together. Lizzie and Josie were a blank slate; everything they did was for the time where as Davina already had some skills and some knowledge of her power.

Davina hadn't tested the existent of her abilities, but she had certainly pushed some boundaries when searching for a way to wake Klaus. If anything she knew more about her weaknesses then strengths and despite sensing within herself that Bonnie was trustworthy and loyal. Her magic dancing in recognition of another good witch. It didn't change the fact that she didn't know Bonnie, not personally and if she told her the truth, then it was possible Bonnie would tell Klaus.
And the very last thing Davina wanted was to be added to Klaus's every growing list of things to worry about. His priorities had to be Hope, his family and Finn. What was occurring within her could be dealt with at a different time.

Bonnie could sense the teenagers hesitance to speak, and it was clear that she was hiding something but if there was one thing Bonnie knew from experience it was that pushing would only cause her to clam up more, to raise her guards. A simple reminder that she was here to help her would be enough to get the teenager thinking. "Caroline called me to help you; I cannot help you to the best of my ability if you hide things from me."


"You don't have to reveal everything to me now, we only just met. I just need you to know, when you are ready to unburden yourself I will be here to listen." She looked down at the blood on the map. "Let's get on with this. This particular spell isn't one you'll find in any book. Ready?"

Thankful that Bonnie did not push the subject but instead just let her know that she would be able to speak about it when she was ready, it was enough to start the foundation of respect. "Yes," Excitement crept through her body at the knowledge that she was about to learn something that wouldn't be in any book, something completely new.
God, she knew she had a lot to thank Caroline for.

"Talk to me."

Klaus took the drink from Caroline's hand, meeting her eyes with his at her demand. "You were there for it love; do we need to have your hearing tested?" He teased lightly, trying to take some of the tension he was feeling fade away.

Caroline rolled her eyes. "My hearing is fine. I don't need a repeat. What I need is for you to tell me how your feeling?" She followed him over to the french doors. "It must be overwhelming to find out one of your brothers is alive after all this time."

Overwhelmed was definitely something he felt though it was not the only emotion he was feeling. Despite what he had thought downstairs about Finn, he was pleased by the knowledge that his brother had escaped the other side and was still breathing. He never wanted Finn to die, that would defeat the purpose of his vow to protect his family.
It was just the knowledge that Finn was being given a second chance but Kol would have been trapped on the other side when it went it destructed, it hurt. The brother whom he was closest to, the brother he vowed to protect no matter the cost was gone, unable to come back.

"Nik, what are you thinking?" Caroline tried to pull his focus back to her, knowing that she was loosing him to his thoughts.

"Finn escaped the other side but Kol," He didn't finish the sentence, taking another gulp of his drink. The thought of his brother just ceasing to exist was to much to bear.

"Niky, you found me."

"I'll always find you, Kol."

"Will we always be together, Niky?"


He frowned, the thoughts stumbling through his mind. He'd promised Kol always and now he had to live with the knowledge that he'd lied.

"How do you that Kol did not follow Finn through?"

"If he escaped, then he'd be here in New Orleans or with our family but to simply disappear...he didn't escape Caroline."
He closed his eyes leaning against the door frame that led to the balcony, he knew that if Kol had escaped the other side then he would be here. They would be together. Kol would never put Klaus through the torment of believing he was dead.
"I cannot help the guilt I feel," He wasn't accustomed to this, feeling guilt for his thoughts. The dagger had messed with him, changed his emotions and the way he processed things. "For wondering why it is Finn that is among us. Why not Kol?"

Caroline could easily sense that this thought brought him distress; though she couldn't quiet grasp his reasoning. Finn had tried to kill every member of the family. Kol had never done so. It was only a reasonable question. Why Finn? Though she didn't have any siblings, so she couldn't truly withhold understanding; only what she believed it would be if Finn and Kol were Elena and Bonnie. She could only assume that this was a natural reaction that was occurring. "Klaus,"

"They are both my brothers, I should be grateful that at least one of them lives."

"You weren't close with Finn; but Kol obviously means a great deal more to you." She turned his face towards her; though she had always thought it was Rebekah whom he was closest to. It seemed this was tearing him up. "I would have the same reaction if it was Bonnie and Elena; it's not that I don't love Elena, I do and I would wish to see her live...it's just that Bonnie is my person and I don't know what I would do without her in my life." She gave him a small smile. "It's okay to be grateful that Finn is alive, and mourn that he isn't Kol."

Klaus dropped his head slightly, leaning his forehead against hers. "What would I do with you?"

"Go crazy." She murmured, pecking him quickly on the lips. "We'll find him,"

Klaus pulled her into his embrace, holding her to his body. "Are you sure you wish to be involved in Mikaelson drama? All the pain that comes with being a part of this?" The betrayal. The threats. He thought to himself.

"I wouldn't wish to be anywhere else." Caroline told him, her voice held nothing but honesty. "You should call Marcel, let him know about Finn."

"I will." He made no move to release her instead holding on a little tighter; it had been on his mind, the entire time since he had awoken. Caroline had to know that this was a choice; that she could leave his side at anytime if she felt it unsafe because whether either of them admitted aloud, the fact still remained. He was an original, the original hybrid, those around him would never be completely out of harms way. "Caroline; being involved in my life brings many risks to you and your girls. I do not wish any of you any harm." He felt her try to pull back from him but he wouldn't allow it, knowing that he could not look into her eyes and say this. "My siblings and Hayley took Hope from me; and I may not agree with all they did, but they are right in the instance that my enemies will stop at nothing to hurt those around me. You will forever be free to leave; if your life is in danger then you must know you have an option. Whatever you decide; I'll always love you."

"I've made my decision to stay, Klaus. Not for a day, or a week but forever." Caroline pulled away from him; leveling him with one stern glare. "And I never wish to hear you agree with your siblings. You deserve to be Hope's father. Yes your enemies may be dangerous, but you and I both know you will do whatever it takes to protect her." She placed her hands on his cheeks, holding his face steady to look into his eyes. "I make the choice to be here with you, to bring my girls around you. Their safety is my top priority; but I know Klaus, that there is no place safer then by your side. You'll protect us; you'll love us. That is all that matters to me."

With every fiber of his being he wanted to believe her. That with him was safe...but he just couldn't. "You deserve more then me."

"No," Caroline shook her head in disagreement. "I deserve you."

Few Hours Later

Hope huddled down in under the covers, her little torch bringing just enough light that her parents wouldn't be alerted.
Her eyes were focused on the three underlined words. He's not evil. Did this person mean Klaus? The person her family was afraid of. She'd heard their quiet conversations, the things they had said. He was evil he had to be, didn't he?

Her eyes flickered back to the top of the letter again.


This is the last time I will contact you. I know this must be concerning; you do not who I am. Just know that your safety is a priority to me.
Since you have cloaked your family, you are safer and I must continue on a different path.

My parting advice to you. Mikaelson's are inbedded with drama and chaos; but even then we always protect our own. You must always remember that Klaus is your family; he's not evil; despite what others will tell you.

I wish you happiness for the future, Hope. You'll be safe now.

Until we meet again.
With love.

Hope frowned; her brain trying to process what the letter said. Did this person understand that she was nine, that this a lot for her? What did he mean that Klaus wasn't evil?

Maybe she needed to tell her mom and dad; but if she did that then she had to tell them about the spell and what she did.
They'd be angry with her.
Dad always said she was smart, smarter then any other nine year old but he wouldn't think that if she admitted to doing what a voice told her, especially when she was the only one who knew the voice existed.

Her eyes were drawn back to the family name; what confused her was we...did that mean this person was a Mikaelson?

Hearing footsteps outside her room, she switched off the torch and shoved the note beneath her pillow.
She tried not to move when her mom opened and closed the door, it was only a few moments later she crawled under the covers; just like she did every night.

"Goodnight, sweet girl." Hayley wrapped her arms tightly around Hope, breathing in her scent.

Hope bit her bottom lip; her momma spent a lot of time with her since she came back and it was nice to have her but Hope still didn't understand why she had turned into a wolf. No one had tried to explain it to her and she didn't ask because every time something about it came up, Hope could see the tears and she didn't want her mom to cry.
Wriggling back, she felt her mom grab her tighter. "I love you mommy."

"I love you, Hope."


Hayley frowned into the darkness, sensing her daughters hesitation. "What's wrong?"

"How big is our family?"

Hayley attempted to conceal her flinch; Hope had never brought up a question like this before. "Where is this coming from?"

Hope shrugged her shoulders just a little. "Is this all the family I have?"

"Um, no. You have two Uncles, Finn and Kol;"

Hope rolled over, turning to face her mother in the darkness. "Where are they?"

"They died, sweetie. I'm sorry." Hayley leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "I'm certain they would have loved you."

Hope leaned her head on Hayley's shoulder. "Is that all our family?"


Hope did her best not to flinch; she could feel it, the tug inside of her. Liar.
The place in chest ached sometimes; as if it was pulling her towards something. Someone.

He stood in front of the canvas, with a vacant expression. His phone pressed to his ear, having taken Caroline's advice and called Marcel. He knew the vampires age, and how much time had pasted. He was strong and capable he had become, fall from the version of the little boy he rescued. Yet Klaus still felt the tug inside his body, the slightly nag of worry. His son was in a place that Klaus did not want him to be. "Bonnie, Caroline's friend, saw Finn in Tennessee." Klaus listened to Marcel's sharp intake of breath.

"He's alive?"

"Apparently." When he had adopted Marcel into his life, Finn had already been daggered in a casket. The two had never met; but Klaus had told Marcel of Finn's place in the family. He wanted his son to be aware of his Uncles, all of them; regardless of how close they were. "You need to return."


"He was on the border, just a short distance from Atlanta. You're to close, Marcel."

"I can take care of myself."

Stubbornness. Why did his children possess the same trait? Was it karma for his own stubbornness? "Be that as it may. I would sleep better knowing you were back home where you belong. We are strong together, Marcellus."

"I've never laid eyes on him, Klaus; he wouldn't know me if he saw me."


"I only just arrived back here and there is a high chance he already moved on."

There was no certainty of that. Bonnie had tried a number of spells with Davina; yet they had not been able to narrow the location. Finn could have be anywhere. "I am not asking. I am telling you, as your father, you are to return home. Do you understand?" It was not as though he had never been firm with Marcel. He had. It had just been a long time since this side of him had come out.

Marcel's sigh rang though the phone. "I'll get in my car."


"Hmm; I thought Finn died? What is it with you originals?"

"It's a long explanation."

"Do you believe he is the one? He was never close with your family."

"He wouldn't hunt them; but it begs the question. What is he doing?" It had been on his mind since the moment Finn's name had been brought up. His brother was not the one going after his family but it certainly left a number of possibilities open. Finn could have been conducting any plan. The uncertainty rattled Klaus a little.
He turned at the sound of the door to his studio opening, unsurprised by the sight of Davina. "I'm needed, Marcel. I will see you when you return."


Klaus paused at the sound of his sons voice. "Hmm?"

"You good?"

That brought a slight smile to his face; he could hear the hint worry in Marcel's voice and while it certainly did make him feel good knowing that his son still cared for him, he was also left with a feeling knowing that he didn't want his son to worry, he was child in this scenario. Klaus was the father. "I'm fine and I will continue to be fine as long as you return soon."

"I'll see you in the morning."

"Marcel's on his way back?"

Klaus nodded. "He is. Shut the door will you, love."

Davina pushed the door shut behind her; taking a step further into the room. Klaus had requested her presence which made her slightly nervous since usually he would seek her out.
She briefly wondered if Bonnie had said anything, but it didn't make sense since technically Bonnie knew nothing. "Klaus,"

"Come," He motioned her forward; gesturing to the canvas. "When was the last time you drew?" He knew she had been into her art quiet a bit just after Kol's death, but since he had awoken, he had not seen her draw anything.

Davina stared at the canvas before her; but she made no move to pick up the any of the art supplies. She couldn't remember the last time she had drawn anything, there was just no desire to do any of that. "It's been a while."

"I see." He sat on the arm of the couch. "Drawing used to be your emotional outlet; much like it is mine."

Davina shrugged. "I've been busy,"

"Using magic to hide your emotions." Klaus finished for her; watching her head snap up to meet his eyes. She had substituted drawing for magic, using the latter as an outlet.

"I'm fine."

"I don't accept that answer. You aren't fine, Davina; and I failed to pay attention."

Davina sighed, turning her back to him, unable to look him in the eyes. "I'm not using magic to hide; I'm trying to..."

"Find a way to protect me? To protect our family?" He stood up, walking over to her. "Little witch,"

Davina spun around, almost colliding with him. "Is it a bad thing? I just want to make sure we don't lose anyone."

"We don't lose anyone or that you do not lose anyone?"

"Same thing."

"Different." He countered; not failing to notice the way her shoulders tensed. "It is not your responsibility to ensure this families safety; at least not alone." He saw her jaw twitch; a clear sign that an argument was burning within her. "My safety shouldn't be reliant on you."

Davina raised her eyebrow. "Why not?"

"Your the child, Davina; it is not your responsibility to protect me, to save me."

Davina huffed; taking a step back from him. "You asked it of me before; why was that okay? Why is this different?"

Klaus took a step towards her, placing his hands on her shoulders to keep her in place. "I'm different. I spent nine years in a casket thinking Davina; and although many people would like to believe the dagger worked to the full extent, it did not. It didn't render me deaf."

"I can't do this."

"Klaus, please!"

"I'm not strong enough."

"Why did you trust me?"

"How could you leave me?!"

"What will I do if I lose you?"

The thoughts swarmed into his mind; her pleading, her tears...he could still hear her sobs ringing in his ears. "I never should have burdened you with the responsibility of my life. It was not your weight to carry."

Davina attempted to blink back the tears that were threatening to spill down her cheeks. "I failed you. I don't want to fail you again."

"No." He tilted her chin up. "You did not fail me, sweetheart. I failed you. I never should have asked you to restore my life; it was not your burden." He held her gaze, though he found it incredibly difficult to watch the tears that rolled down her cheeks, the sheer vulnerability in her expression. "This family isn't your burden; our protection is a goal that we all share. We will all participate, but it will never be your responsibility alone."

"I don't want to lose you." Her bottom lip trembled at the thought of him disappearing from her life again, and she found herself wondering when he became this important to her, unable to pin point the exact moment in their relationship that it moved beyond mutual understanding.

He pulled her forward, wrapping her in his arms. Caroline's words ran through his mind, forcing him to remember what she had said. No promises. "Davina, I will always do my best to ensure that you don't lose me. I'll fight with all I have to be here for you, for Marcel and Hope, for Caroline and her girls."

Davina held onto him tightly; Klaus was the only parental figure she had left, if she lost him, then who would she turn to? She was scared; scared to lose him again. Terrified that if his family daggered him again, that even the twins magic wouldn't be enough to wake him.

"We've had this conversation once already;" He rubbed a soothing circle on her back. "This time I need you to listen very carefully to my words, Davina. You are my child; my responsibility. I made a mistake placing such pressure on your shoulders, all that weight that you bore alone,"

"I had Marcel and Josh," Davina sniffled.

"The magic, sweetheart; only you had magic." He knew that Marcel and Josh helped; their contribution did not go unnoticed, but rescuing and waking him, that task had relied solely on her. "Things are going to be different now. I intend to protect you; to help you, and to make sure you live a very successful life."

"I'm alive for eternity."

"Then I'll spend an eternity ensuring those things."

Davina swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat. The knowledge that she was keeping a secret from him made the guilt swarm in her body. She wanted to tell him; but refused to add to his list of problems. Instead she held onto him, letting the insurances that he gave her wash over her mind and body. "I love you." Her head was pressed into his chest, the words muffled but she knew he would understand her.

Klaus squeezed her a little tighter, the sound of those words, they had his heart dropping into his stomach. "I love you too, sweetheart." He meant it.
Though he never pictured this to be his life, and wished that some aspects could be different. He wouldn't change this. He wouldn't change her. "Promise me you'll slow down; listen to Bonnie..."

"I will,"

"Good." He kissed the top of her head. "I have no intention of leaving you, Davina, and I want you to hold onto that."

"Hey JoJo;" Bonnie patted the bed when the door opened to reveal the little brunette. "Everything okay?" She closed the book she had been reading, placing it on the night stand.

Josie shut the door behind her, tucking her favorite stuffed bear under her arm and running across the floor to climb into the bed beside Bonnie. "I missed you, Auntie Bonnie."

"I missed you too, sweetie." She rolled onto her side, placing an arm over Josie and pulling her close. "New Orleans is pretty cool, huh?"

Josie shrugged her little shoulders. "It's better when your here."

Bonnie brushed some of the dark hair out of Josie's eyes. "Talk to me, what's going on in that little mind of yours?" She could sense the tension in Josie, had been able to feel it the moment she arrived at the compound. "A lot of big changes are happening, aren't they?" Josie nodded, turning to bury her head in Bonnie's shoulder, the older witch moving to run her fingers through the dark hair of her niece.

"You didn't come; and Auntie Kat left...and Uncle Stef..." Her words were muffled but Bonnie heard them all; Josie had rarely been parted from any of her Aunts or Uncle in the last few years.

"When you came to New Orleans, I had to stay with Uncle Stefan, to make him well again. Aunt Kat had to bring come back to us to so I could make Uncle Stefan better and they'd be here now but they are on a top secret mission."

"What kind of mission?"

"The kind that involves saving lives." Bonnie answered truthfully; Katherine and Stefan were digging into research to save the twins. If Bonnie couldn't be searching for the book herself, Kat and Stefan were the two of the best people for the job. "We can call them, and face time."

"Not the same."

"No it's not; but it will be enough until we can all be together again. It won't be forever." Bonnie kissed the top of her head, she knew that Katherine and Stefan would return to them. "Sometimes things change JoJo; I know it's hard but I love you. Aunt Kat and Uncle Stef love you. And you and Lizzie are your mommas whole world."

Josie pulled away slightly, looking at Bonnie; the vulnerability sparkling in her eye. "Momma loves Klaus."

Bonnie wriggled her nose, seeing the little girls lips twitch. "She does." This was yet another big change for the twins, they had never experienced their mother being with a man who she loved. "But never more then she loves you. Has momma talked to you about Klaus?"

Josie nodded. "Mommy said she has loved him for a really long time."

"Yeah she has." Bonnie smiled a little. "She's loved Klaus since she was teenager; and he makes her very happy. What do you think of Klaus?"

"Lizzie really likes him."

"Lizzie likes everyone," She heard Josie's little hum of agreement. "But I want to know what you think, Josie?"

"He seems nice. He makes momma happy," Josie paused, leaning back into Bonnie's embrace. "But I can't help it Auntie Bonnie I'm scared."

Bonnie held her a little tighter at that statement; inhaling her scent. "Klaus isn't like him, I promise." Despite what she knew about Klaus; she also had faith that he would never bring any harm to Lizzie and Josie. They were children. Caroline's children. And that would mean a great deal to him. "No one is going to hurt you or take you away Josette; I would never let them."

"I love you, Auntie Bonnie."

"I love you, sweet girl."

Kol's eyes focused on the figure across the parking lot, not needing to see the face clearly, he knew who it was. "Father,"

Mikael smiled, not a gentle smile like the one a father should give his children. This was a smile of victory, this meant that Niklaus was close by. "Kol, my son; where is your bastard brother?"

Kol hated to hear the word bastard fall from his fathers mouth. Klaus was his brother, his savior. Hearing his father bad mouth the only person who cared about him stuck him in a way that radiated pain. "Father, I beg you, leave him be. Nik is my brother."

"He is nothing more then an abomination. You will do well to remember that, Kol."

"He is my..." Kol gasped, his father had flashed toward him, gripping him by the throat and slamming him into a brick wall. "Father," The word was strained, his vampire strength was no match of Mikael's.

"He is a beast. An abomination. Not. Your. Brother."

"Get your hands off him!" Klaus's voice roared through the empty parking lot, he used his vampire speed to flash forward and all his strength to fling his father away from Kol. "Do not ever dare to lay a hand upon him, father." Klaus spat he term as if it burned him, fighting to ignore the words that he had heard spoken about him, they were the words he had been hearing since he was a child.

Mikael chuckled, a darkness around him. "He is my son, boy."

"Biologically." Klaus felt his eyes on Mikael, studying every move, hoping he would be able to predict the outcome of any attack. Kol was Mikael's son, but he wasn't the one who had been with and raised Kol. Mikael had no interest in any of his children; though he devoted the most time to Elijah and from what Niklaus did know Freya had been his favorite while she was alive. "Leave Kol."


Klaus tensed; he was used to Kol's stubbornness but when it came to Mikael, Kol always listened. "I cannot be distracted, leave! I'll find you."

"Nik, I..." Kol's were drawn to his father, watching as he produced a stake from under his coat. "Nik!"


Kol shouted his brother's name, bolting upright in his bed, his breathing rapid as he squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head from side to side, trying with haste to shake the memory from his mind. Every since he had returned, the past haunted him in his sleep. Most of them were nightmares in which his father appeared. In some of them Nik would suffer or die.
Kol hated them, waking up to realize that his brother was gone, and would never be able to comfort him.

He had not been able to protect Klaus from Mikael, never able to kill their father but he could defend his brother now.

Opening his eyes, taking a quick peak to see if the bullets still lay beside him on the table, safe and ready for him to use.
He noticed the paper, sitting beside them and he reached for it, his fingers held it tightly as his gaze flickered across the words.

They're gone. Running from you.
Take this time to reflect. Do not place yourself on their level.
He would not want you to this, but you already know that don't you?
Family meant everything to him; he wouldn't approve.

Kol scrunched up the paper, throwing it across the room. Whoever had written the note had been in his room. He wondered would could have crept past him without him waking. He had vampire hearing, it would have alerted him to someone.

Whoever this was knew of his plan, they wanted him to stop but he could not.

This was his mission now, to hunt and kill those who wronged Nik.

"How was your chat with Davina?"

Klaus titled his head. "The little witch told me she loves me." He was still wrapping his head around it, though he shouldn't have been that surprised since he loved her too.

"How did you respond?"

"I told her that I love her too."

Caroline smiled, that was progress; immense progress for Klaus. "Something is bothering you," She could tell by the way his shoulders were straightened, and the slight crease near his eye. "What is it?"


They paused outside the bedroom, Klaus diverting his gaze away from hers and down at the courtyard. He couldn't help the guilt he felt; not guilty that he loved Davina like his own...he didn't quiet know how to describe it.
He felt guilt that he couldn't spread his love to Hope, to let her know that she was his daughter and he loved her. That how he felt about Davina, didn't change that she was his daughter too.
He could acknowledge within himself that he felt guilty for sharing these moments with Davina; knowing that he would not get a chance to express himself this way with Hope.
If he ever did meet her, he couldn't bear the thought that she would feel replaced.

Caroline placed a hand on his arm. "When you meet her; you'll share moments, you'll tell her stories and let her know you love her. And that love will be different from the love you feel for Davina." She noticed the way his lips spread into a line, clearly not happy with that thought, different love, she knew how it sounded. "You won't love them any less or any more then each other. It'll just be different, Klaus. I wish I knew how to explain it better."

"I don't want her to feel as though Davina has taken her place." He paused. "But I do not want Davina to feel as though she will be pushed aside." He stopped to think of Marcel, that was a completely different aspect, Marcel had been his first adopted child; the first one to depend on him in this role.

"When the time comes, there will be feelings and changes. All of which we will front together. Hope is your daughter, your blood but Davina and Marcel are the children you chose. Love is love, Klaus; they'll all feel it."

He grabbed her wrist, pulling her into his embrace, letting her words wash over him. Front it together. That gave him a sense of reassurance. "I think I'd lose myself in my thoughts if not for you."

Caroline's eyes twinkled a little. "Looks like I am needed here."

"Hmm," He kissed her cheek, then dipped his head to place a kiss on her jaw line. "Everyone is sleeping," He whispered, placing another kiss against her skin.

Caroline felt her skin tingle where he placed his lips, lighting a fire inside of her that only he could tend to. "It's quiet," She agreed, tilting her head as he placed a kiss to her neck. "We should..." She pulled out of his embrace, grabbing his hand to pull him towards the bedroom door. "Make the most of it." Caroline held her bottom lip within her teeth, biting just gently as she noticed his eyes darkening at the thought.

Klaus smirked, reaching behind her to grab the door knob. "Yes, we should." He pushed the door open, then in a swift movement, he picked her up and had her in his arms, her legs wrapping around his waist.


He couldn't help but smile at the giggle that broke through her lips, and the small shiver that ran through his body when she said his name. "Sweetheart," He spoke softly; his lips moving in to kiss her again and it was kiss different from the pecks moments ago, this was a I need you kiss.


Klaus startled; dropping Caroline who just managed to remain on her feet.

"You just dropped me!" Caroline hissed half heartedly. "The original hybrid just dropped me after being startled by a little girl. Nice reflexes." She rolled her eyes.

Klaus shook his head, he couldn't remember a time in his vampire life that he had ever been startled by a child. "I don't expect to be interrupted by little children."

They both turned around just in time for Lizzie to stumble into the room.

"Honey; what's happened? Was it a bad dream?"

"Josie's gone." Lizzie's bottom lip trembled.

"What do you mean? She's in her bed." Panic immediately rose within Caroline's voice.

Klaus placed a hand on her shoulder. "Josie's with Bonnie; I saw her enter the room after my chat with Davina. She's safe." He watched Caroline's shoulders sag with relief, and Lizzie threw herself into her mothers arms.
It was the first time he had seen the little firecracker look so vulnerable. It was an unusual sight.

"See honey, Josie is fine."

"She's not in our room." Lizzie mumbled, gripping onto her mothers shirt.

Caroline hummed softly; even though they could technically have their own rooms, they had chosen to share. Just as they always had. It was a comfort tool they both had grown accustomed too. And the last time Lizzie had awoken in the middle of the night to no Josie...well, Caroline couldn't bring her thoughts to that night. "Lizzie,"

"Can I stay with you? Please momma." Lizzie pleaded. "I don't wanna be alone. Mommy, please..."

Caroline raised her head to look at Klaus; their plans at a complete halt. "Um," She wanted him, that was undeniable but her children were her world; he had to understand that. "We can go lay in your bed, honey."

Lizzie bit her bottom lip; did that mean that Klaus didn't want her to be in his room? "I'm sorry, maybe I can go to Aunt Bonnie..." Lizzie mumbled, her momma had always said it was rude to interrupt.

Caroline frowned, unsure of what was happening. "Lizzie," The last thing she would ever do is make her sweet upset child leave her and go to another person.

Klaus crouched down, though he felt as though he was imposing. "I have a huge bed; why don't you go cuddle with your momma."

Lizzie stared at him eyes filled with vulnerability. "But,"

"Go on." He encouraged, eyes turning to meet Caroline's. "If they are scared, they need to know this is a safe place. Anytime Caroline, day or night; they can find you here and they can climb into bed. You don't need to take them from this room."

Caroline tilted Lizzie's head up. "Go lay down. I'll come snuggle you." When Lizzie was running for the bed, she turned her head to Klaus. "One in million, that's you."

Klaus merely shook his head. "Those girls are your world, which means they are apart of mine." He leaned down and kissed her lips briefly. "I need to take a shower."

Caroline laughed slightly. "We have the rest of our lives."

Klaus's lips quirked slightly. "I intend to make the most of it." There was always tomorrow night.


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