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A Reflection on 2020: This year started with me sleeping over my friend's house, she had been caring for my cat while I visited family. That night, the second day of the year, th four of us, plus the cat, watched our two countries nearly go to war. A month later I had two deaths in the family and Italy went into quarantine. This is what prompted me to pick up the Master and Apprentice book by Claudia Grey as an escape, which was the start of me writing these eight Star Wars fics. What followed afterwards has been a test on everyone, despite losing my jobs and mental issues, I consider myself to be very fortunate. My heart goes out to everyone, whether you have been directly affected or skated by, these are scary times and across the world, we are grieving. In the States, it seems as if we are falling apart as misinformation and fear turn us against each other.

So for 2021, I don't know that things will get better, but I know we can be better. Remember to be kind, not just to others, but yourself. In the face of darkness, have hope.

The Force is with us.


Dooku and his apprentice Barriss Offee were never heard of again, but it is rumoured that at the furthest reaches of the Unknown that a New Order was started that was neither Jedi nor Sith. Yet thrived in the darkness as they gazed at the lights of distant stars.

Asajj Ventress and Feral Oppress became full citizens of Mandalore, managing the underbelly of Mandalore, or in other words, causing chaos among Mandalorian bounty hunters who strayed from the Creed. Did they become Mandalorian warriors? Not so much, but they did become the living embodiment of why Force sensitives were so often disparaged on Mandalore.

Asajj and Feral Ventress became known as the Witches of Mandalore. The pair did, in fact, become a mated pair, finding themselves far more suited to each other than either expected. Feral always taking her lead, and Asajj finding a partner who would never betray her.

Their son, Wrath Ventress, returned to Dathomir and united the two clans between female and male together. Dathomirian witches (males and females), started using lightsabers, and the Jedi Order found that if they stayed out of it, the Dathomirians kept to regions outside the Republic. Dathomirian witches and the Mandalorians became the bane of the Hutt's existence.

Mace Windu became one of the finest Chancellors of the Republic.

Luke and Ahsoka were wedded on Mandalore, however, their homes became Coruscant as both Ahsoka and Luke joined the Jedi Council. Many years later, so did Aashmi Skywalker, Luke's Padawan and youngest sister.

Luke Kenobi would one day become the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.

Ahsoka and Luke's daughter, Sona Kryze Kenobi, was raised a Mandalorian and left the Jedi Order after receiving the rank of Knight under her grandfather, Obi-Wan Kenobi, to become Duchess Sona Kenobi of Mandalore.

Anakin Skywalker permanently moved to Naboo with his wife, Padme Skywalker, but was known as one of the greatest Jedi Masters of his time.

Leia Amidala Skywalker, their firstborn (discounting Luke's time displacement) was born without Force sensitivity, or at least not on the scale that becoming a Jedi knight was a desirable path. She became Queen of Naboo at age thirteen, and like her mother before her, became the Senator of Naboo. She was elected as a wartime Chancellor for a brief dispute before returning to her position as Nubian senator until her own daughter came of age. Many account the New Republic's ability to prevent slavery in its entirety within their borders and directly outside of them to Senator Leia Skywalker's efforts.

Anakin and Padme also had twins, Aashmi and Anita Skywalker. Both were Force Sensitive and frighteningly powerful. Aashmi became Luke's first Padawan and Anita became Ahsoka's first Padawan.

It is said no two Padawans had ever caused the Jedi Order more headaches, and some even blame Anita for Yoda's willful death, cough-cough, joining with the Force.

The clones basically took over the Republic in every other sense, becoming the heart and soul of the Order and humanity as race and people. Cody had many babies with the beautiful Mandalorian with golden hair and rifle. Rex followed his example with woman Coreilla who had a thing for dragon tattoos. It would be impossible to cover all their destinies, all their linages, but being descended from a clone was known as something to be proud of.

Obi-Wan and Satine lineage was no less disastrous; they had one biological child who was born blind.

She was named Tahl Kenobi, and she became the next Mandalorian.

Whether or not she became a Jedi, historians have been debating for centuries, though her accomplishments and reputation as a bounty hunter and vigilante were the stuff of legends.

Both Tahl Kenobi's children, however, became Jedi Knights, Ben and Rayna Kenobi Djarin, as well as their adoptive son.

As for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Duchess Satine's final fates, well, they lived very long, very happy lives together, seeing the birth of their great-grandbabies.

In all the galaxy no two people were ever so grateful or content with their lives, nor did two people inspire quite as many revolutions in the greater galaxy.

It was many thousands of years before the tales of General Kenobi and his Duchess were forgotten.


Significant Brain Damage:

Luke in the Clone Wars with Legends material utilized. On going.

The Making of Mavericks:

Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Rex, Cody, in pre-Phantom Menace timeline. On going.

The Darkness Between the Stars:

AU, my only non-time travel story, Featuring Christopher Lee as Dooku, an Intelligent Villain. On going.

The Monarchs of Alderaan:

Basically, a crossover between the Prequels and Original Trilogies, where mostly everyone survives until 13BBY before things start imploding and is very Mark Hamil focused, very AU, and my most original plot and characters. On going.

You May Conquer the Land:

Anakin/Padme Centric!(For once) following the idea of what if Anakin had remained a slave and his mother had gone free. My romance genre novella that has mature themes like sex and slavery. Major AU. An Ode to Ben Hur (1959). On going


I wrote these stories to wage war against the demons in mind; I hope they have proved as a distraction from your own battles.

Thank you to the reviewers and to the friends who have fed and fostered my muses.